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    One strikingly hot lady in a white wedding dress and a shotgun to hand, a band of rednecks and bikers, the army and a mutated virus and oh the undead is the recipe for this fun fully loaded brain entrails explosion of a high octane charged zombie story.The lady in the white wedding dress on the book cover is the best hope for humanity enough said enjoy and savor.The story has some real good characters that shine and make it an interesting read I love the gal in the white dress she kicks ass and frequently says k duck lovely, if you ever happen to come across her and decide to hitch up together don t take her home to meet the parents I would love to see her in the movie Meet the Zombies starring de Niro and her as his new daughter in law The cruiser hit the first zombie, a soccer mom in a t shirt and skirt She flew wide of the speeding car, pin wheeled through the air and knocked over several other zombies They fell like a formation of undead bowling pins A nun slammed face first into the hood and flew over the roof of the cruiser A little boy in a baseball uniform made Miller cringe After that, it became difficult to sort out what happened The car crashed through rows and rows of the creatures in slow motion, sort of like a plane flying through a flock of birds, only everything was a lot louder than that and much bigger stuff than bird and bug guts got all over their windshield Things Miller didn t choose to identify Review also here on webpage From left to right Steven W Booth, Gillian Shure, Harry Shannon

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    If you like your heroine in the superhero mode lugging heavy duty weapons, wearing a blood stained wedding dress, and saying stuff like Fuck a duck, every few minutes then Penny Miller is your kind of gal Now why would a hot sheriff be wearing a wedding dress throughout the entire story That happens to be one of the best running gags in the book.The character of sheriff Penny Miller is the best thing going for this hack and slash zombie book She is sort of a female version of Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness, Yet despite this and the authors hard edged imagination and wit, the novel boils downs to being a fairly formulaic zombie tale complete with the obligatory military bad guys That doesn t mean it isn t fun In fact, it is a e ticket ride of the R rated variety But as much as I enjoyed it I expected The cliff hanger tease for a sequel didn t help to boost the rating either So if you love zombies, go for it Or if a hot sheriff with sidearms in a wedding dress gets your motor runnung, definitely go for itand hide the cover from your wife Three and a half stars.

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    What makes this book a fun read is just that It s fun It s also full of action Steve Hockensmith says in the first paragraph of the afterward What you hold in your hands is an adrenaline fueled sprint through an obstacle course of horrors, and if you weren t totally spent by the time you reached the last page of the story, you have stronger nerves than I I cannot agree I finished reading The Hungry a few days ago or , but I had to wait to write my opinions of this story At first I was a little disappointed, because the story is an expanded version of a short story found in Harry Shannon s marvelous collection A Host of Shadows , so it felt like I was reading familiar material Yet, once we got past the original short story, things blew up.Literally.And it never stopped.The Hungry is like a punch in the face It s as though Romero s Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead got married and had a baby and named it 28 Days Later The story, in fact, was one of the most fun zombie stories I have ever read I do not say this lightly.Does it Involve a bad ass woman wearing a wedding dress as the cover suggests Why, yes it does Not only that, it is very interesting and somewhat comical as to why this woman, the story s protagonist, is wearing a wedding dress, and why she continues to have to wear the thing Not only is the action jaw dropping and terribly fun to read, the banter between characters makes this crazy ride even fun.This is my third book that I ve read by Harry Shannon, and I am quickly becoming a fan If this book is any indication of Steve Booth s writing as well, I can t wait to see what he can do on his own So, really, just get this book and read it If you like fun and fast and action packed, you will not be disappointed

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    wow, what a book, starts off with a bang and doesn t let up A different take on a zombie apocalypse A failed experiment gone wrong off it goes Bang really grabs you by the throught A nice change to see a strong female lead character even if her dress sense is weird no spoilers Really the pace does not let up till the end and you feel quite cheated as you are desperate for Hope book 2 will not be long, bloody loved this book

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    I can t remember where I found out about The Hungry, I believe it was from a link on facebook for a free copy of Jailbreak Jailbreak is a short story co written by veteran writer Harry Shannon and newcomer Steven W Booth, is a briskly paced weird western zombie apocalypse tale I purchased this one for my kindle because it was free, and anyone who knows me knows I love zombies I knew from the first page, I was going to want to buy The Hungry.What I love from the beginning of this story is the main character Sheriff Penny Miller She is a kick ass woman and doesn t take crap from anyone You really love her right away, and it makes you want to see her through this scary adventure and see what happens to her.The zombies in this story were well written, scary, but not too stereo typical The main focus wasn t on the zombies It was but wasn t They were a huge factor, but the story was focused on Penny, and other survivors that she finds, such as her ex husband and some people she locked up in her jail You felt like you were one of the people with Penny as you were reading this story It felt like if I turned around, I d see zombies behind me I do love the constant reference to the fact that she was stuck wearing her old wedding dress, it just makes the picture so much interesting, a tough sheriff in her wedding dress, hehe.Reading the reflection at the end of the book, I completely agree with everything that was said I CANNOT wait for the sequel to this book I could not put this book down So many twist and turns at every corner, it was just such an amazing book to read and I am so glad that I discovered it Amazing

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    I am very pleased with how this book turned out Both Harry and I put a lot of effort into making it as readable and enjoyable as possible I sincerely hope that other readers get a kick out of it Thanks.

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    Penny Miller Zombie Killer What a thriller Book one of five So far mindless entertainment for those in the need of a zombie fix Clad in the wedding dress from her failed marriage, Penny kills them zombies real good And the book is funny and fast paced too.

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    Reviewed by Demetrius Svette This book was provided for an honest reviewHow many movies, books and comics are out there that have something to do with the undead Answer a lot How many of them actually stuck with you that made you fall in love with and become a lifelong fan Not many, I m sure Well, I am here to say that I have found one in the world of apocalyptic undead scenarios that is unlike anything else that is out there The Hungry, created by the brilliant minds of Steven Booth and Harry Shannon, brings you a truly different class of zombies that will bring you back to the conspiracy politics of George A Romero that is truly unique and not clich d There is enough non stop action to have you teetering on the edge of your seat, focusing in on the pages one right after the other It will challenge you to try not to wake anyone that is sleeping while you laugh and may keep your panties bunching in effort to not piss yourself I m not sure how they did this but Booth and Shannon have created the perfect start of a series that will continue on for years to come when we join Sheriff Miller as the rise of the undead starts.Penny Miller, the star of The Hungry, is a strong female character that is in the midst of an apocalyptic zombie uprising In the town of Flat Rock, Nevada, she will do whatever it takes to protect those that she has been sworn in to serve as sheriff Around every corner she is met with the uptick in the zombie population, a murderous and lawless biker gang, a pathetic former husband, National Guardsmen who are ruthless stopping at nothing to fulfill their orders and meeting the scientist who is responsible for the zombie outbreak There are so many different characters to name that you will build connections with, even loving to hate, that you will never forget The details give you enough to vividly see the scenario play out in your head as you read The Hungry mixes up a madness of gore, sexiness, action, violence and humor that is laid out perfectly within the pages to keep you hooked reeling you in until the end and giving you one hell of a cliff to hang on to as you wait to start the next book in the series.Okay, so I admit that this is the first book about a zombie apocalypse that really hooked me in by the side of my mouth and made me drool on almost every page leaving me Hungry for I mean, who doesn t want to see a top notch strong female character with a nasty mouth in a white wedding dress Penny Miller is my new Lara Croft I would love to see how far this goes it is already a six book series with a side story, Blood Desert, coming out towards the end of 2017 Miller actually reminds me of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill yes, Black Mamba in a wedding dress with the attitude of the minds that put Miller together, Steven Booth and Harry Shannon Booth and Shannon then takes the story and invites the world of Sons of Anarchy into this alternate universe, making it a great read from start to finish with some truly unforgettable phrases Hopefully, one day we will see this as a television series or the next cult classic zombie film as this series has going for it then Resident Evil yes I said it and it s true, Miller is a much believable and stronger character than Alice.I bow and clap my hands together to honor the design and layout of every character within created by Steven Booth and Harry Shannon they are both very talented and have perfected their skills to allow them to present the outcomes surrounding Sheriff Miller Almost as if they had gotten together to come up with an idea for a movie and just decided to say You know what Let s make a book series instead and let the readers beg for a movie later They are passionate about what they do, as you can see from the book, and will become legends in the zombie world if they haven t already made it there It was a great privilege to read this non stop page turner through until the end of this chapter which reminds me, I need to move on from here and see what happens in the second book, The Hungry 2 The Wrath of God I am proud to say that I will read anything that comes from Booth and Shannon, and I say that if anyone who does not stop for a moment to read this will regret it, because here sits a truly fascinating story that you have been waiting for in the undead realm.

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    Zombies, man Yeah.A year or so ago I read a short story called Jailbreak by Booth and Shannon It was about a hot female sheriff in a town full of zombies I wasn t blown away by the book, but I did think the main character, Sheriff Penny Miller, was a treat to read and welcomed the idea of a novel with her in the lead Well, that novel became a reality and it s called The Hungry.As far as zombie novels go, this book is not out to reinvent the wheel There s a horde of zombies and there s pretty lady with an itchy trigger finger aaand action The story starts out with a brief look as to how the outbreak begins, then it jumps right into Penny s shoes as her tiny town of Flat Rock, Nevada is besieged by the undead She might have an easier time of it, but she has her hands full with a cagey criminal named Scratch It doesn t take long for her and her deputy to get trapped in the jailhouse along with Scratch and another prisoner Things turn ugly and they have to band together to fight their way out, only with Penny and Scratch as the only two left in town still standing Scratch goes his way, Penny begrudgingly goes hers when it s clear she can t keep him in custody while the town goes to Hell That right there is basically how Jailbreak played out, and what ensues is a roller coaster of one insane twist after the other.If there s any chemistry between the comely sheriff and the biker with bedroom eyes, it doesn t play out very well Of course, it s kind of difficult for romantic entanglements when the undead are shambling after you from every direction And Penny s reunion with her ex husband, Terril Lee, goes from amusing to annoying in no time flat In fact, it s kind of amazing these characters can coexist for as long as they do, because they re so incredibly ill suited for one another, I kept expecting them to turn on each other like feral dogs.Distracting from the interplay between characters is the onslaught of plot twists It is a ceaseless deluge of road blocks, both literal and figurative, thrown in front of Penny and whoever is in her company at any one time Zombie hordes, murderous bikers, maniacal soldiers, covert agents, and even zombie hordes are flung in Penny s path with such rapidity, it s astonishing to think this all happens in the run of a day and inside a dust bowl of a county.I ve read better zombie novels, but I don t think I ve ever read one with such a frenetic pace If you re a fan of the undead and high octane action and violence, you ll want to check it out In the mean time, I just might have to check out the sequel, which could hold some really interesting twists all its own considering the revelations that occur at the end of this novel.

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    Silver tongued Nevada Sheriff Penny Miller fights her way through hordes of zombies in The Hungry, book one of the Sheriff Penny Miller series by Steven Booth and Harry Shannon Clad in the wedding dress from her failed marriage, Penny is forced to team up with her jealous ex husband and a felonious biker as she tries to outrun both the living dead and the military unit responsible for the outbreak.The Hungry offers readers an engaging and action packed work of fiction cleverly penned using third person narration Building a solid foundation of zombie must haves, Booth and Shannon leave their signature on the genre with a successful amalgamation of originality and three dimensional characters readers can t help but connect with.Best selling horror author Joe McKinney describes Penny as a great choice to play the The Hungry s lead role The ladies want to be her, the guys want to do her From a strictly commercial standpoint, she s solid gold This leading lady is quick to deliver a piercing barb and a good old fashioned kick to the groin Women everywhere will raise their hands in solidarity for this strong female protagonist and men will bow to her take charge, no nonsense authority.The pace is fast, the story is intense, and the humor is in no short supply as Penny shows the undead who s boss Appropriate for a mature audience, The Hungry will leave readers begging for .

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The Hungry (The Hungry #1) download The Hungry (The Hungry #1) , read online The Hungry (The Hungry #1) , kindle ebook The Hungry (The Hungry #1) , The Hungry (The Hungry #1) cae4fcf03409 Sheriff Penny Miller Of Flat Rock, Nevada, Is The Kind Of Woman Who Will Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Those She Is Sworn To Serve, Even When That Includes A Murderous Biker, Her Wimpy Ex Husband, A Unit Of Incompetent National Guardsmen, And Even The Scientist Responsible For Releasing The Undead Upon An Unsuspecting World If You Re One Of The Tens Of Thousands Of People Who Read The Free Short Story, Jailbreak, Also By Booth And Shannon, This Is Your Opportunity To Find Out What Happens After That Terrifying First Night Of The Zombie Apocalypse And Those Of You Encountering The Hungry For The First Time Are In For The Ride Of Your Life Remember Aim For The Head