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    STILL NOT ENOUGH MAKEOUTS view spoiler I really liked seeing things from Derek s POV I think sometimes the allure of the dark, brooding guy can overwhelm the reality that dudes are only dark and brooding because they re SHY The good ones, anyway Poor Derek, what a shitload he has to carry on his shoulders I really liked the parts where he said he WANTED to talk, but didn t know how, and the parts where Simon called him on it Their relationship is GREAT and I loved seeing it from an insider perspective I also liked seeing Derek with his dad I guess it goes hand in hand with Derek not being talkative, but it didn t really sink in while reading the trilogy that Simon s dad was also DEREK S It was good to see their relationship a little bit I also enjoyed the part when Derek finds Chloe and Tori at the warehouse and is like OH THANK GOD SHE S OKAY LET ME YELL AT HER TO HIGH HEAVEN Ahhhh, love.I liked Tori s story a lot too, it s always great to hear how people view themselves versus how they re seen, and basically now all I want is Simon and Tori reluctant bro sis team SIBLINGS Also how much would Derek angst to high heaven about Simon having a real sibling now A MILLION I think the answer is a million I also feel kind of weird about briefly shipping Simon Tori during the real books IT S NOT MY FAULT, I VE BEEN CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE THAT BICKERING TRUE LOVE I ve got some real Luke Leia flashbacks going on hide spoiler

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    Rating Clarification 3.5 starsI only discovered that Kelley Armstrong had written extra material for the Darkest Powers Trilogy Naturally, as soon as I made said discovery I hurried over to my Kobo Kindle to check out the prices Both bonus packs were initially released on Kelley s website as they were completed and once they were all released they were removed from her site and sold as bonus packs Each bonus pack contains 2 or 3 short stories, so I ll be first reviewing them individually story by story and then I ll combine them for each bonus pack review Dangerous is the first story in the first bonus pack It is told from Derek s POV and deals with the events leading up to him Simon arriving at Lyle House As soon as I saw that Bonus Pack number 1 was entirely Derek s POV I was thrilled I really liked his character right away even though I felt like I was in the minority and most girls would probably prefer Simon Derek tends to have a hard time saying the right thingor even saying it in a way people expect so I knew that being inside his head was going to be fun The story starts off with a mini prologue of Derek when he was only 5 years old OMG guys, it was so sweet sad at the same time 3 The rest of the story follows Derek Simon while they were still with their dad and offers the complete tale of how they managed to end up in Lyle House It s a fairly short read but it holds your interest easily and quickly It really does of nice job of establishing Derek s character but than that it really cool to see how his mind works first hand And the way he describes Simon their dadI think it made me like Simon that I already did too Derek has a great way of focusing on what the people he love are good atand what their not it made them all seem real to me Kelley Armstrong is just as gifted with her male characters as I found her with Chloe in the Darkest Powers series.Speaking of Chloe I really liked the contrast between Chloe, who only discovers she s a supernatural in her teens as opposed to Derek Simon who were aware from an early age and who grew up with a dad involved in the supernatural world Often times, series focus on the discovery of powers or gifts and it felt refreshing to read a story from an MC who already knew what he was and in what kind of world he his kind live in.Divided in the 2nd story in this bonus pack and again this one s told from Derek s POV This one follows Derek Simon during their escape with Chloe Rae at the end of The Summoning Since the 4 separate, we only got to see Chloe s take on things during this scene in The Summoning Once again, it was fun to see Derek s take on the same eventsespecially since they reveal some evolution on his part regarding his feelings with Chloe That was fun to witness Not much of the plot was really new in this one but it was still really interesting Derek s voice manages to keep everything fresh I love the little hints Kelley Armstrong wove in there for future events.Disenchanted is the final short story in this bonus pack It starts off from Simon s POV but quickly switches to Tori Again, this isn t a particularly long story but it was cool to get a little bit of Simon s voice into the mix, especially after reading so much of Derek s I was a bit disappointed when it switched to Tori In the original trilogy, she did manage to grow on me somewhat but I never really liked her I don t think we were really supposed to in any event maybe inserting her voice was a way to make her a bit likable, which it did The story feels like a chance for readers to hear her side of things so it was definitely worth the read and it was fun to see what Simon Tori were up to on their end while Derek Chloe were off All in all, this was a quick and fun addition to the Darkest Powers story arc A must read for fans of the series and specifically,of Derek

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    Dangerous Darkest Powers 0.5 5 starsEven though this story is the prequel I read this story after The Summoning and I m glad I did because in The Summoning it is slowly revealed throughout the story how Derek and Simon came to Lyle House and what their powers are If I had read Dangerous before The Summoning I would ve know already and that would ve taken away some of the mystery.So I would advice anyone to read Dangerous after The Summoning, not before Divided Darkest Powers 1.5 4 starsNice story, it was cute to see how Derek was worried over Chloe but tried to hide just how worried he was Disenchanted Darkest Powers 2.5 3 starsIt was nicely written like all the rest but it didn t bring anything new to the whole story.

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    3.5 starsWhile the stories did not add entirely new and or enlightening information, I still found them enjoyable You are able to get inside Derek s head in two of the three stories, a character which is somewhat illusive and misunderstood in the series The first story, Dangerous, was my favorite and featured Derek from a very young child witnessing his pack doing violent things to current events of his father disappearing etc. I thought this story in particular was a nice addition to the Darkest Powers trilogy The other two stories, one told by Derek and one told by Tori were entertaining but to a lesser degree I did however like hearing Tori s thoughts on things since she does some disagreeable things and is not trusted in large part.

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    This is definitely only for fans of the Darkest Powers series and even with those tight premises it s not that good.You get a bit insight into Derek and Tori as characters, but not much than what you get out of the books.Don t expect any new stories as this is only snippets and different perspectives of already published events, so not much new.I can understand the desire to want to publish what was previously web stories, complementary to the novels, but I question the value to the readers paying for this books I d say you can save your money and buy one of the full novels instead.

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    I think, i ll probably never, EVER get tired of this author s world and of its characters.So, yes I really liked reading these short stories I especially liked the ones, that were told from Derek s point of view.Oh, and i also liked the brotherly bickering between.two of the characters.

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    Simon never really felt three dimensional in the books, too nice and perfect but the shorts flesh him out nicely Also, I m convinced that Derek should ve been the narrator for this whole series It s such fun finally being in his head Some short stories feel unnecessary, but I enjoyed all of these Disenchanted was my favorite.

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    NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS The Darkest Powers Bonus Pack is a collection of short novellas that occur before and during The Darkest Powers Trilogy I ll review each story separately, but offer an overall rating for the collectionDangerousDerek is a werewolf who spent the first five years of his life in a research facility He started out with three other werewolves but when the others attacked a nurse they disappeared The only other child he sees is Simon and when Simon s dad offer to take him home Derek jumps at the chance Ten years later Derek, Simon and Simon s Dad have lived under various aliases, always hiding from Simon s Dad s former employers for reasons they don t understand When Derek severely injures a boy attacking Simon with a knife and makes the news it s time to move again But Simon s Dad doesn t arrive to pick them up at the appointed time and when they return home he s nowhere to be found Strangers are tracking them and they need to leave, will they find his Dad or will the strangers catch them first The short story is a mix of a distant third person and a first person narrative from Derek s point of view I m not a big fan of short stories because there s just not enough there for me which is a lot of the reason I didn t give this the best rating Despite its length the way the points of views are divided, the first portion told in the distant third person portraying Derek s childhood in the research facility followed by the first person narrative then years later, actually works well The beginning is distant but chilling and you can t help but feel for the little boy The second half you feel bad for Derek and how he s treated in the school environment, but events after that happen so face it s hard to read become attached to the characters or the story One issue I did have with this store is that the description of the fight scene doesn t match up with Simon s description of the same events in The Summoning and I personally feel Armstrong is an experienced enough writer that she should be making attention to detail mistakes However the story is definitely fast paced and combined with other series novels it does enhance understanding of the character in the series, but by its self because it s so short it s a little lacking.Derek is decently developed as a character in this story, but secondary characters are mostly told about rather than having their character traits shown due to space You know enough about the character for them to be distinctive, but not enough to become attached Derek s character however shows some decent development in the story offering pieces of him that we didn t get to see in the series Overall if you re planning to read the Darkest Powers Trilogy I d definitely recommend this short story, but if you re not there s not enough of the short story to hold interest as a standalone title.DividedDerek, Simon, Chloe and Rae may have escaped Lyle House but when they re separated at the factory yard they realize they re not out of danger just yet Derek and Simon manage to escape, but when they arrive to meet Chloe at the rendezvous point she s not there Will they be able to find Chloe before it s too late This is a first person short story told from Derek s point of view which allows us to relive the warehouse scene through his eyes The actions of the initial scene are almost identical except for the thought patterns of course and that definitely started this piece off on a good note for me The plot offers a fast pace and some action, though not a lot One of the reason I like this story better than the first in this book is that it s much emotionally invested than Dangerous was Or maybe that would be better phrased as emotionally engaging or involved, not sure My point is that I felt a lot connected to Derek s character in this novella than I did in the first Much of the story offers repeat background to those who ve read The Awakening, but current happenings are shown, not just told about Though it s not meant to be a standalone novella, it does offer a nice additional depth to the main series novels by offering readers insight into Derek s mind as he views events from the novel.Other than Derek most of the character development is done by Derek telling the reader about the other characters and his impressions of them They re distinctive character, but not really fleshed out Derek s character however is nicely molded through a mixture of observing his actions and listening to him tell the reader about himself Overall if you re reading or have read the Darkest Powers series you ll appreciate and enjoy this companion novella, if you re not reading the main series books though it will probably fall short since it wasn t written to be a standalone novel.DisenchantedWhen Victoria and Simon wake up on the bus without Chloe and Derek they must decide what to do now Do they have a chance of finding their missing companions before Edison groups finds them This first person narrative begins in Simon s point of view before switching to Tori s for the majority of the story To be honest other than maybe offering a little insight into that characters of Tori and Simon this story adds nothing to the series It doesn t even quite fit with the books First both Chloe and Derek left their bags and money on the bus in the books Even if Derek wasn t sitting with Tori, Chloe was sitting right next to Simon so they should have both seen their things and at minimum picked them up However this story makes no mention of their belongings Second the dream sequence in this story where Tori vaguely remembers the conversation with Chloe seems like an afterthought on the part of the writer Beyond this pretty much nothing happens in this short story There s no action, adventure or excitement, just a couple of teenagers traveling who spend most of their time fighting.Character development is pretty much the only thing this story has going for it We get a little insight into Simon and his interest in Chloe at the beginning of the story and learn about him through his conversation with Tori later in the story We gain a lot of insight into Tori s character in this tale because for once we see things from her point of view This is probably the first time in the series we can see Tori as something other than a bitch and that her actions actually start to make sense So for character development the story actually does really well adding depth to Tori and Simon s characters that we haven t seen in other Darkest Powers works.Overall if you have the time it s a nice insight into Simon and Tori, but otherwise it offers nothing to the series and I can t really recommend it.As far as the overall work The Darkest Powers Bonus Pack goes I would actually recommend the ebook to those reading the Darkest Powers series because it does go a long way for enhancing the secondary Darkest Powers characters.

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    Puntuaci n general 3.7 5 Como muchos dicen en sus rese as, a pesar de que estas tres historias no agregan nada que no sepamos, si le dan profundidad a la historia general, entretienen mucho y te permiten leer un poco m s de esos personajes con los que uno se encari a.Puntuaciones seg n las historias Dangerous 4 5 Me encant leer desde la perspectiva de Derek, me gustar a un libro completo narrado por l Divided 3 5 Meh Disenchanted 4 5 Definitivamente, Tori fue mi personaje favorito de estos libros y con esta historia le agarr a n m s cari o.

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    I love these little short stories

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Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 (Darkest Powers Trilogy 0.6, 1.5, 2.5) summary pdf Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 (Darkest Powers Trilogy 0.6, 1.5, 2.5) , summary chapter 2 Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 (Darkest Powers Trilogy 0.6, 1.5, 2.5) , sparknotes Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 (Darkest Powers Trilogy 0.6, 1.5, 2.5) , Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 (Darkest Powers Trilogy 0.6, 1.5, 2.5) f31e2c6 Contains Three Companion Stories To TheNYT Bestselling Darkest Powers TrilogyDangerous Prequel To The Summoning The Story Of How Derek And Simon Came To Lyle House, Told From Derek S Point Of ViewDivided Set Between The Summoning And The Awakening Derek And Simon S Adventures While Separated From Chloe And Rae In The Factory Also Told From Derek S Point Of ViewDisenchanted Overlaps Part Of The Awakening Simon And Tori Continue Their Journey After Chloe And Derek Are Left At The Truck Stop Told From Tori S Point Of ViewPlease Note These Are Stories, Not Novels Combined, They Equal Half The Length Of A Darkest Powers Novel

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