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These Broken Stars explained These Broken Stars, review These Broken Stars, trailer These Broken Stars, box office These Broken Stars, analysis These Broken Stars, These Broken Stars 5499 It S A Night Like Any Other On Board The Icarus Then, Catastrophe Strikes The Massive Luxury Spaceliner Is Yanked Out Of Hyperspace And Plummets Into The Nearest Planet Lilac LaRoux And Tarver Merendsen Survive And They Seem To Be Alone Lilac Is The Daughter Of The Richest Man In The Universe Tarver Comes From Nothing, A Young War Hero Who Learned Long Ago That Girls Like Lilac Are Trouble Than They Re Worth But With Only Each Other To Rely On, Lilac And Tarver Must Work Together, Making A Tortuous Journey Across The Eerie, Deserted Terrain To Seek Help Then, Against All Odds, Lilac And Tarver Find A Strange Blessing In The Tragedy That Has Thrown Them Into Each Other S Arms Without The Hope Of A Future Together In Their Own World, They Begin To Wonder Would They Be Better Off Staying Here Forever Everything Changes When They Uncover The Truth Behind The Chilling Whispers That Haunt Their Every Step Lilac And Tarver May Find A Way Off This Planet But They Won T Be The Same People Who Landed On ItThe Starbound Trilogy Three Worlds Three Love Stories One Enemy

  • Hardcover
  • 378 pages
  • These Broken Stars
  • Amie Kaufman
  • English
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9781423171027

10 thoughts on “These Broken Stars

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    This book was SO GOOD Not what I expected it to be at all I m excited to discuss this at the booksplosion live show.

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    I am crazy minority lady Let me break down my thought process on this book from the very first time I noticed it on goodreads because somewhere along the way something went really really wrong Just a quick scroll down the GR page and I can see all my friends ratings of five or four stars but the attraction is lost on me.1 The description appears on goodreads We are promised science fiction and space and a tortuous journey across the eerie, deserted terrain A setting in space, a story of survival and a couple of horny teenagers Sounds like it could be a wild ride I don t know about you but I love space stories and the vast arena of possibility which they open I ve enjoyed everything from Revis s Across the Universe series to Clarke s 2001 A Space Odyssey Because anything could happen There s an extra layer of possibility to the fantasy that makes you wonder if it could be true because there are so many unexplored corners where our science fiction tales could very well be fact.2 The cover reveal Uh oh And there it is Not that I don t like the cover, I love myself some glitter and pretty dresses as much as the next magpie, but you can probably guess why my hopes started to crumble I remember the first hardback edition of Shatter Me Do you I m dystopian, I swear I m big, I m bad and shit, I think I broke a nail I remember how I told myself it would be fine I mean, the description was promising hardcore dystopian fiction It wouldn t lie to me, would it Weeellll I wrote a review about that.3 The reviews start rolling in It seems as though I was very wrong to judge this book by its cover Reviews from some of my most trusty friends appeared and they LOVED this book Is it even possible Could I be completely wrong I mean, Beth Revis s Across the Universe was all pink and twinkly and romance like and I enjoyed that book I must read it to find out 4 I think I read the wrong book I think we all know those moments when we ve heard so many great things about a book and we pick up said book only to discover that the magic hasn t touched us But I was really disappointed with These Broken Stars and should have listened to my instincts when I saw the pretty cover.Most of the actual space action in this book happens in the first couple of chapters After the two main characters Lilac and Tarver crash land on a planet, it becomes a long winded trek through a jungle like setting I was disappointed to say goodbye to the sky and stars so soon but would have easily forgiven the book if I d enjoyed the survival part of the story which followed But, honestly, I found it painfully slow and boring And all orchestrated around the romance.This book is predominantly a romance Description aside, survival space parts aside, this book is about getting Lilac and Tarver together Which may be exactly what you want If you like your romance heavy and your action on the side, then pick this up But it s not really my thing And I got a distinct sense that everything in this book was built around the romantic aspect Each scene felt deliberate in a way that would put the characters in such a situation that Tarver would have to save Lilac or they would have to remove their clothing or sleep huddled together The action never felt real, it felt like a series of flirtations between the two teens Finding new clothes is an excuse for Tarver to admire Lilac s body A chilly night is an excuse for Tarver to sleep with his erection pressed against her ass.But I think the most disappointing thing of all is the sheer lack of world building The setting of this novel is enormous and holds huge and fabulous opportunity we re in a whole new part of the universe And yet, there is almost zero world building I feel like I know nothing about the society that Lilac and Tarver come from I appreciate that this is going to be a trilogy but, hell, give me something I think it s fair to say that These Broken Stars wasn t the book for me Maybe I ll learn to follow my initial instincts about those jazzy covers in future.

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    This is of a 3.7 for me i enjoyed it but i m not crazy about it, here s my full booktak review

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    4.5 stars Here s what you need to know This story is incredibly original, and unlike any other scifi book I ve ever read before Leaps and bounds above most YA science fiction for sure, and with an interesting mood tone that you don t often find in this genre Much of the book is also a survival story, so if you like that sort of thing as I do , this one will probably interest you The writing is terrific Don t let the Titanic in space idea fool you while technically true and a spectacular crash indeed , there s much complexity to this story than that The two main characters are fantastic, both as individuals and together Serious swoon, guys Serious swoon Recommended for fans of Andrea Host s Stray, possibly Sangu Mandanna s The Lost Girl, possibly Alison Goodman s Singing the Dogstar Blues, and definitely fans of Star Trek The Next Generation.The authors shared the story of how that gorgeous title came to be Fun fact it was almost called MASSIVE CRASH D www.themidnightgarden.net 2013 02 tbs An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this mini review.

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    Boom Five stars.You know why Because I enjoyed the shit out of this book You want a detailed breakdown of what happens in it Look elsewhere You want me to tell you how fucking gloriously understated yet wholly satisfying this world building was Too bad You want to know why I started losing my mind 70% in HOW S IT FEEL TO WANT This book is everything that makes me keep coming back to the YA category Because sometimes, sometimes an author does it right Kaufman and Spooner did it right They did it sooooooo right This book was a not only refreshingly original, but filled with all sorts of delicious mind fuckery applause Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    This is a wilderness waiting to swallow me I d barely make a dent trying to fight it There are no rules for me to learn, no points to be scored, no bluffs to be called This is a hell I ve never imagined.And I think I m going to die here. A lot of people have been calling this an intergalactic Titanic, and while there are certain similarities, particularly in the beginning of the book, the parallels to that doomed cruise liner ends there I really liked this book This is a beautifully written space opera, with elements of the paranormal The plot is very much survival based, and than anything, it is the relationship between the survivors that makes this book stand out.The writing is beautiful, the descriptions are exceptionally well done, without any elements of purple prose it flowed exceedingly well, and had I not known that this was a collaboration between two authors, I never would have suspected that this book was co authored The romance was well built, and completely believable, although a little overwhelming at times given the environment and the situation I wound up liking both of the characters, even if I didn t start off that way Lilac and Tarver s relationship and its development was the best thing about this book Warning I wanted to punch Lilac in the face for the first 30% of the novel She improves, I promise.With that said, I do have reservations about the book that keeps it from being a great novel, including the slowness of the plot, the unconvincing character of Tarver however much I love him, and I do love him , and the complete lack of world building.The plot dragged on at times because an overwhelming part of the book is composed of the pair traipsing through an alien planet, trying to survive an unknown environment The narrative flows well, but Tarver s character does not seem convincing to me as a male He feels a lot like Ethan Wates, in the Beautiful Creatures series, for the femininity of his narration He is a soldier, he is toughness mixed with compassion, but there are certain aspects about his narrative that does not make him feel entirely realistic as an 18 year old boy.The Summary Lilac LaRoux is the wealthiest heiress in the galaxy She has spent her life surrounded by adoring fans, false friends, due to her status as the adored daughter of the galaxy s wealthiest man, a self made engineer He is a loving father who suffocates Lilac with his ovoerprotectiveness Lilac knows that her father is only too willing to destroy any man who dares to come close to his precious only daughter Lilac Rose LaRoux Untouchable Toxic.I should ve been named Ivy, or Foxglove, or Belladonna. Tarver Merendsen is 18, a war hero, due to luck than anything Heavily decorated for a brave act, he is now an honored guest on board the spaceship Icarus, but feels largely like a monkey being paraded around, until one beautiful red headed girl catches his eyes Lilac has no choice She rejects him coldly Humiliates him in front of a crowd Lilac knows the consequences if her father finds out that this lower class young man is interested in his princess.Despite their distrust of one another, Lilac and Tarver are thrown together in an escape pod when something goes terribly wrong Something has knocked the Icarus out of hyperspace The ship is going to be destroyed A ripple of white hot energy shoots through its metal frame I taste copper, and then the universe goes black with a sound like a thunderclap in my ears All the lights, the countdown, even the emergency lighting gone We re left in utter blackness but for the stars outside the viewport.Stars that are no longer stretched thin The Icarus has been torn out of hyperspace. The passengers must evacuate in the life pods The Titanic had over 1100 people on board The Icarus has over 50,000 passengers, and few survivors.Their escape pod lands on an alien planet The air seems safe to breathe, but the environment is nothing like what Lilac has known before Lilac has grown up in a simulated natural environment, with perfect trees, perfect landscapes, she is unused to the reality of real, unsimulated terrain and its dangers, but she is tougher than she looks Tarver, as a military man, is much in command of the situation Lilac and Tarver have to work together She is terrified, afraid, but brave, masking her insecurities with anger and hatred He is still biting from the humiliation he received on board the ship, angry, frustrated at his attraction to her, despite her attitude The two have a lot to work through if they are to remain alive long enough to be rescued.But survival is not all they have to be concerned about There is something strange going on on this alien planet There are glimpses of things, shadows of people, disembodied voices Is it the hallucinations of two minds in shock, or is it something The Premise One of my sole complaints in the book Frankly, there is none It s like being plunged into the middle of a season of Star Trek Sure, it s entertaining, but man, give us some effing background, would ya There is absolutely nothing about the past, about the present There s not much mention of technology besides the hyperspace drive and escape pods and stars and a sci fi ish gun There is nothing about the culture, the history We don t know why this society is so strictly class segregated We know absolutely jack shit about this setting It is a futuristic novel in name only.The Characters Loved them I didn t expect this, because, as I mentioned, I spent about 30% of the book wanting to punch Lilac in the face, but Lilac turns out to be just the type of female character I like Lilac is initially imperfect, even abonimable at points, but she matures from the experience she has character, she is never one dimensional Lilac is a spoiled, pampered princess, but she is smart However, what made me hate her at first was her attitude of I must be strong strong means bitchy She is an absolute terror to poor Tarver in the beginning, as he struggles to get both of them to safety, and she persists on being obnoxious for a large chunk of the novel, in order to feel like she has control of the situation His opinion of me is already a lost cause years later, when he looks back at this escapade, I d rather he think bitch, than weakling. Lila starts off being overly stubborn to the point of hurting herself She is so determined to prove herself strong, right in everything she does that she will not admit to being wrong Lilac would trample through a forest wearing high heels and a ball gown, for the sake of her pride In her defense, and I like this about her, she does not complain She ends up shredding her feet to shreds, and she does not shed a tear Her pride will only go so far, and Lilac becomes a much likeable character once she gets over herself She is not afraid to admit she is wrong So yes, I was cruel afterward I m cruel because it s the fastest way to get a man to lose interest, and trust me, I ve learned how My father taught me well And maybe I m cruel because it s easy, and because it s somethingsomething I can be good at. I really like Tarver s character, he is an absolute gentleman, and if I were to be stranded on a desert island, I d want him as my partner However, Tarver s narration does not feel accurate as an actual teenaged male to me Yes, he is a soldier, but he is overwhelmingly, exceedingly romantic in his perception of Lilac from the very beginning, and as much as I like him, he is unconvincing as a man He is too effeminate For example, these are some of his observations about Lilac Both her eyes are marked underneath with dark smears of blue and purple, and one is still marbled black and yellow as her magnificent black eye starts to fade She s pale, with new freckles from the sun overhead standing out like punctuation on a page.But she s captivating too, maybe than she was before There are dirty smudges mingling with the freckles all over her face, and that bruise on her cheek Even in sleep, her mouth is pulled into a straight, determined line.There are purple half circles underneath her eyes, and she s sweaty, beat up, and utterly exhausted.She s never looked so beautiful Tarver s part of the narration is littered with his feelings, how much he finds Lilac beautiful, lovely, captivating He constantly makes observations on her beauty, her hair, the marks on her face, the ways she enchants him Tarver is an awesome guy, but he s just not a realistic one.The Romance I loved the way the romance between Lilac and Tarver was portrayed in this book They start out as enemies, and their feelings grew beyond that, into trust, friendship, and something It was a really well written love story I love seeing from both their narratives, how their feelings and internal conflicts grew and changed, how they got past their reservations, how they gradually fell in love Sweet is the best word to describe their romance.Overall, a well written and interesting novel that is quite different from most YA paranormals and sci fi out there.

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    I really enjoyed this book the second time around The first time I read this book was back in 2015 and I m not sure why I gave it 2.5 stars I had an old review that told me some of the reasons but they make no sense to me now I loved Tarver and Lilac and yes I wanted to smack them a few times I always feel like that so it s nothing new Lilac is the daughter of one of the richest men if not the richest men and Tarver is a lowly Major that didn t come from a whole lot They didn t really like each other at first either, but what are you going to do when your trapped in a pod with someone trying to escape the destruction of the ship you were on The Icarus was being ripped from space and Lilac and Tarver need to get that pod out quickly They managed to get away with the help of some mechanics from Lilac, I know, who knew Anyway, they crash land on this planet This planet that seems really creepy after a bit I mean when you start seeing things and hearing whispers, wouldn t you think it was haunted I would think I was crazier than I am or almost dead and dreaming Lilac and Tarver have to go through some really bad things and near death experiences to make it off this planet They learned to survive in weird and cool ways They fell in love, yes love and it was great But, things on this planet really are not what they seem I thought it was freaking awesome, even though I got lost with some of the explanations, but other than that it was cool beans I hope the other books are just as good MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    I can t review this yet I quite liked it, yet don t know how to describe it.I know I read it instead of doing Buzz Worthy News, which is a big no no for me But I just couldn t help myself And whilst I won t give anything away, I finished it like I had a spell over me It was nice, ya know Just real nice Review to come closer to release date.

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    I probably read the wrong book.That cover that blurb that promising romance A DNF At 49%.I wanted so bad to enjoy this in order to buy it in hardcover and have it in my library and admire it day and night Very slightly exaggerating The thing is, I am not one to buy books only for their beautiful cover I have to like of preference love the actual story.Except for the writing, nothing worked for me.The pacing had such a slow speed that I just couldn t continue I always waiting for something interesting that would hook me to happen but nothing of such did I expected an exciting survival story, romance apart, but, up to where I got, I didn t even care if they died or not Which makes me look very cold hearted I apologize but, still, that s how I felt.Because the main characters were awful Lilac is unsupportable I was sure I was going to appreciate her, because of how she doesn t take crap from anyone and knows what most guys want from her because she s the daughter of the richest man in the universe and doesn t let them get it Turns out she s annoying as hell and whiny and I couldn t stand her.Tarver started out being a likeable character, and I was sure I was going to love him He s honest and down to earth but not too much but also irritating and not always very nice There were, in the story, this interview with Tarver cut in small bits that were inserted after some chapters They were interesting at first but, then, Tarver really started getting on my nerves with his talking back and provoking replies.The love hate romance was so bad There was mostly hate though I m positive he knows how much I hate it when he goes ahead to scout He probably does it just to provoke me I suppose he s wandering off to imagine how much nicer it d be not to have me around Perhaps he s even wishing he d let that beast eat me yesterday Basically, he hates her.But, also, she hates him.They really hate each other.JUST KISS ALREADY.Sigh, I definitely didn t like this book Though, I am in the minority so maybe you will.

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    Normally, I do not like snarky boys, well to be precise, in real life, I don t like my boys with this much snark But in the case of Tarver, I think it totally worked for him I really liked the romance between him Lilac.There was no insta love here It wasn t quite really that I d called this insta attraction but that was it Hallelujah

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