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Because of Low quotes Because of Low, litcharts Because of Low, symbolism Because of Low, summary shmoop Because of Low, Because of Low 0f681bd8 In My Debut Novel, Breathe, Sadie May Have Fallen In Love With The Teen Rock Star, Jax Stone, But Readers Fell Head Over Heels For Marcus Hardy This Is His Story Marcus Hardy Had Hoped To Enjoy A Year Away At College While He Put The Summer He D Rather Forget Behind Him But Instead, He S Jerked Right Back To The Coastal Town Of Sea Breeze, Alabama Due To A Family Crisis His Dear Ol Dad Found Himself A Girlfriend Only A Few Years Older Than Marcus So Now His Sister Needs Help Dealing With Their Mother Who Is Mentally Falling Apart The Only Bright Spot To Returning Is The Fascinating Red Head Who Sleeps Over Several Times A Week The Problem Is She S Sleeping In Bed With His New Roommate, Cage York Willow Low Foster Needs A Place To Live Running To Cage S Apartment Every Time Her Sister Kicks Her Out Isn T Exactly A Long Term Solution Juggling Her Courses At The Local Community College And A Part Time Job Doesn T Produce Excess Income But Cage Has A New Roommate And Suddenly Sleeping Over At Her Best Friend S Apartment Isn T Such A Bad Thing Not When She Gets To See Those Sexy Green Eyes Of Marcus Hardy S Twinkle When He Smiles At Her Like He Wants Her There Even Though Cage Seems A Little Territorial Where Low Is Concerned, Marcus Finds Time To Spend With Low Without Upsetting His Roommate Cage May Use His Small College Baseball Star Persona To Sleep With Every Hot Female In His Path But He S Still Under The Disillusion That When He S Through Sowing His Wild Oats, He S Going To Marry Low Marcus Intends To Change That Assumption For Both Cage And Low Until His Carefully Laid Plans Come Crashing Down With A Revelation He Never Expected He Ll Have To Choose Between Low Or His Family Because Once The Truth Comes Out There S No Other Choice

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    I think I m getting addicted reading Abbi Glines s contemporaries view spoiler I didn t like Existence for some reasons hide spoiler

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    OK, i HAVE to write this review before i lose ALL coherent thought First up, Marcuscan someone say hit me Because i seriously fell for this guy from the FIRST page No, i did NOT read Breathe, but i m sure if i had, i would have DIED waiting for this book to come out Marcus is cool, he s sweet, he s sexy HOT DAMN And Willowwhat can i say, when i first met her, i didn t really like her Why Because of her relationship with Cage, but as i read further, i understood where she was coming from, she had been hurt and she was afraid Now Cageman oh man, did i hate his whoring guts from the first page, BUT amazingly, Ms Glines redeemed him so well, so much so that i hope she writes a book about Cage i would LOVE to see the type of girl that he falls for and that will take him on Now back to Marcusdid you seriously think that i would stop talking about him How much do i love him Well if you ve read Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and you were one of the million people that fell hard for Travis unfortunately i hated his gutsthought he was a nancy boy , the way you felt for Travis is the way i feel for Marcus I am seriously OBSESSING over him So now that you all know that Marcus is mine, i can pick myself up from the crumpled mess that i became while reading Because of Low, crawl into a hole and dream about Marcus which would make me a cougarROAR.A awesome 5 star read if i could have given it 100 stars i would have SO, SO, SO happy that i bought this book Congratulations, Ms Glines, for a writing such a beautiful story AND for turning me into a HOT MESS for Marcus Hardy LOL

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest This cover makes me laugh I m not sure whether it s because the title looks like something printed out on a label maker, or because of the discount Emma Stone in the arms of a dude pouting harder than a teenager taking a MySpace pic in 2005, but it s all gold Sadly, what lies between the covers is not, though.Abbi Glines was pretty popular about four years ago, when new adult fiction was first making waves A lot of my friends really did not like her work, which made me curious, because I am one of those contrary, masochistic people who feel the need to read a book and find out for myself whether it s really that bad and sometimes it isn t case in point TWILIGHT When I saw one of the author s books at the used bookstore, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to belatedly check out the hype.Marcus lives with a playboy named Cage One day, a girl comes to their apartment looking for Cage who isn t his normal type which means that she doesn t have fake boobs and isn t model skinny, basically I believe Marcus calls her natural The girl Low is crying because her sister kicked her out of the house again to entertain her boyfriend and the father of her niece Marcus decides he wants her immediately insta love , tears and all, and is perplexed when Cage warns him away, claiming that Low is the girl he s going to marry once he s decided he s going to stop slutting around and commit himself Hmmwhy does that sound familiar stares hard at Acehole from JOCKBLOCKED WARNING SPOILERY SPOILERS DEAD AHEAD Marcus slowly insinuates himself into Low s life, while both of them deal with their issues Marcus is upset at his father for leaving his family for a younger woman Low is upset at her sister for cavorting around with a married man If you think that their problems seem like they re connected in some way guess what You re right I mean, obviously As soon as the word married man was used, it clicked for me immediately and I was like, Well, this is not going to be a fun little ride to Happyville Here s the thing, the drama in the book is so stupid I didn t like how Marcus put Low on a pedestal, praising her for being innocent and virginal, and talking about how hot she is compared to other women because she s natural Whatever natural means I mean, she wears makeup, and makeup isn t natural, so where is the line Hair dye Cosmetic enhancements Preservatives There is so much girl shaming in this book, it isn t even funny Marcus is angrier at his father s girlfriend than he is at his father, but shouldn t his father be held accountable He doesn t really call his father names, but he refers to the mistress as the slut or the whore, and then there s this delightful scene I wanted to hurt her Slam her against a wall and scream at her But I couldn t So I settled for words. Suck him dry while you can, because you won t be young forever He ll leave you one day too For someone younger A zebra doesn t change his stripes, and I can assure you there is nothing about you that s special You re just a young piece of ass 208 Then there s the way Marcus treats Cage They re supposed to be friends He s living in Cage s apartment Cage tells him not to hit on the girl he likes and Marcus does it anyway He does it because he knows that Cage won t kick him out because of the fear that Low might leave, too There was a possibility he d get so angry he d kick me out But then I was banking on Willow threatening to leave with me, and I knew beyond a shadow of doubt Cage wouldn t let that happen He might be upset, but he wouldn t lose her He d put up with whatever she forced him to put up with in order to keep her close I didn t get their relationship at all One minute he reminded me of a pussy whipped guy around her, and the next he acted like her damn brother I didn t like it He wasn t her brother I wanted him to back off He didn t cherish how special she was I did 137.This was the moment that I really started to not like Marcus He s one of those possessive alphaholes who stalks the heroine, turning up conveniently read creepily to offer rides home that weren t asked for, or to protect her from confrontations that he started When he decides he likes her, he makes Low move all her things from Cage s room to his, and does sexy things to her in the common room He s emotionally manipulative AF, and the way he treated his alleged friend really made me sick.What is even annoying is how Low uses Cage She knows how he feels about her and seems to feel no guilt at all about doing stuff with his best friend under his roof She also still expects him to stick around and do everything that he did for her before When Marcus upsets her, who does she run to The selfish twit has a freak out because she s afraid he s dumping their years of friendship just because he didn t buy her her favorite soda Once inside I headed over to the fridge to get a Jarritos I was thirsty Opening the bottom drawer, I realized there weren t any Only beer Cage never ran out of my drinks But they were gone He was letting me go 178 179.B tch, you can buy your own damn soda Or have your boyfriend buy it for you You constantly talk about how poor you two are, and you re still making him buy you soda What the actual flip It made me angry that this was portrayed as a panic attack because it felt like a plot device I hate it when mental illness is used in stupid ways to add plot points to romance novels, especially when the hero or heroine is introduced as a curative If you re going to give a heroine anxiety, that is perfectly cool But using it for drama and then never bringing it up again That s where we have a problem.At this point, I was still considering giving this book 2 stars for sheer entertainment But then at the end of the book it makes me angry Marcus finds out that Low s sister is the Other Woman wrecking his family and assumes that she knew the whole time and was basically having a laugh at his expense He says terrible things to her, and starts drinking and rage sexing other women while moping around about how hard his life is That was when I decided that Marcus could go firetruck himself Lack of communication to create drama is such an annoying trope, and the fact that he was so quick to throw their relationship in the garbage really doesn t speak much of him as a person but we knew that.The sex romantic scenes are kind of strange too All I could see was all that hair spread out on my pillows It reminded me of flames I d always loved to watch fires 136 quietly begins playing Cascada s Pyromania All it took was one small caress just where I needed it, and my world fell apart It was as if someone had lit a bottle rocket between my legs 165.Literally all he does is touch her once and it turns into a fireworks show down there Since when did a vaginal boop lead to the Best Sex Evar The writing isn t bad Stylistically, these books reminded me of Jen Frederick s Gridiron series I think it s possible that I could get into some of the author s other works Sadie was very likable, and I thought Cage was interesting even though he s the stereotypical, promiscuous alpha male, I liked him a sight better than Marcus Pretty much all of the characters in here were interesting, except for the two leads Low s sister, Tawny, had spice, and was complex even if she wasn t likable.I might read of this author s books But I can t really recommend this one.1 to 1.5 stars

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    Sweet, sweet, love Abbi Glines has done it again.What is not to love about Marcus and Willow The protective, gorgeous gentleman and sweet, broken red head This spin off, of book one Tells us the story of Marcus Hardy and if you didn t fall a little bit then, in this book you most certainly will MarcusWillowThis is a well written, shortish tale about falling in love, mix in the right amount of angst, drama, shock twists and outright swoony scenes and that wraps up the book nicely.Where book one bored me, this little treasure was Romance at its loveliest.Enjoy 4 stars

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    DNF 40%Why do I even try He isn t like us Low You know that right I knew what Cage was saying Marcus was out of my league He didn t want me thinking there could ever be anything between me and his roommate I was low class Marcus was a rich kid. So, we have the Cinderella complex here Rich boy, Poor girl, they meet and puffMarcus is the perfect hero guy who wants to save the world He comes from a rich family but he is really humble He likes to earn his things and not live with his father s money He is hot, nice, take care of others and hugs babies The real prince charming.And then we find out that he came home because his family is messed up What kinda give that not even money can make you happy message And as every single NA there, his father is an asshole As he doesn t want to spend family money, he shares an apartment with a friend s friend who he never met a lot before And then, one day this girl comes to his door But wait, she is different She has this shenanigan vibe of hotness without being slutty Willow Low has a completely messed up life Her parents are gone and she has this crazy and incompetent sister who leaves her daughter alone with anybody to hook up with a guy Low tries to take care of the little kid and when she does, she can sleep at home When she doesn t She goes to her hot guy friend s bed But no, nothing is happening between them He loves her than anything but as she friendzoned him, he leaves her to hook up Am I seen a pattern here But he still treated her as her future wife Unconditional love is hard to compete with So, as time pass and we get to know how close Marcus and Low are getting close, oh wait, we don t He thinks she is hot, she thinks he is hot, they are making out and now they are in love So yeap, we have insta love.Really, if you think that you love someone who you just met THAT IS NOT LOVE THAT IS LUST Maybe it was okay when I was a kid and I thought feelings were something to eat Or in 1800s when Cinderella was first told by the Grimms and woman could take instalove to marry and go out from home But not now Not today Not with me.The characters were completely one dimensional and the double POV was horrible It was like I was reading the same mind, with really small differences in genre But sometimes the way they acted inside and outside their minds were like completely different people It was really unrealistic Not even the drama made me keep going and the tentative love triangle made me roll my eyes countless times All in all, I really disliked this story and sometimes I was really bored.

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    Wow I loved Because of Low What a great spin off to Breathe I m so happy that view spoiler Marcus finally got the girl and his happy ending hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars I m going to call this review REDEMPTION.I feel like I finally got what this author was trying to write I had a like dislike feeling for her book Existence, and I borderline hated the first book in this series, Breathe, so I entered into my read of the second book a bit hesitantly The only reason I even decided to pick up this book was because of my interest in Marcus, who had been a side character in the first installment and was now being pushed into the role of leading man In all honestly, if anyone is even considering reading this series, I would say to skip book 1 altogether and go right to book 2 Other than a brief cameo from book 1 s characters, there s nothing really tying these books together.Now I must pause a second to reign in my need to fangirl over the lovely, lovely Marcus Hardy pause If you liked Marcus in book 1, I can t wait to see what you ll think of him in book 2 He was all thatyet somehow For a second, I thought we were in danger of losing the character to the overpowering alpha male syndrome, but thankfully, the author stopped just short of the point where he would have been beyond redemption Who knew that Marcus had his own inner demons to fight Because I sure didn t while reading book 1 I fell hard for the guy who wore his heart on his sleeve His feelings for Willow felt natural compared to how he pined over Sadie in the first book His protectiveness fit better with this storyline, whereas it felt forced in Breathe And hot damn if he didn t have some sexy moments This book was steamier than the average YA I m guessing because the characters were college aged I think I had a wicked grin on my face while reading about Marcus referencing orgasms I have to give credit to Ms Glines for walking the drama path without straying into crazy territory There are a few books I ve read recently which could have used a bit of restraint when it came to how extreme the drama was going to get This book has its fair share of misunderstandings, ridiculous moments, and stubborn decisions, but there was never a point where I had the screaming red flag of ABORT, ABORTYOU WENT TOO FAR flying in my face Most of what happened wasn t that far off from the silly everyday drama that happens in most young people s relationships I have to give a big sigh of relief that Marcus didn t turn scary or violent He was a bit jealous, he had his overprotective momentsbut it never crossed that line My heart reached out to all of the characters in this story The plot twist at the end which brought unexpected people together was a nice touch It s wonderful to see stories come full circle I can t wait for Cage s book now He reminded me a little bit of Reid from Between the Lines, except not as cold and heartless to start Cage has a big heart You can see it in the way he cares for Willow He just hasn t found his own girl yet to surrender to, so he blindly goes through one night stands with reckless abandon Because of this, his story of falling in love will be that much sweet to watch.I almost opted out of mentioning any complaints because I m quite thrilled that this book surpassed my expectations But if I failed to mention the fact that the term baby was used than once one of my huge cringe worthy terms , or forgot to mention that guys rarely refer to sex as making love, then I would be untrue to what people expect from my reviews And one spoilerish complaint view spoiler Sorryno girl is going to scream over an orgasm if it s her first time and she s not sure what it is that s happening to her hide spoiler

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    Because of Low was hot, steamy, and all kinds of fun Abbi Glines delivers This is a spin off story to Breathe that centers around Marcus this time In the previous story, Marcus didn t get the girl Sadie so I was glad he got his own story Marcus has had to move back to Sea Breeze, Alabama, because of family problems, and attend college closer to home He moves in with a friend of a friend, Cage, who is the perfect definition of a male whore Cage is out with a different girl every week, heck, sometimes everyday While Cage is out on one of his dates a girl shows up, crying, with a suitcase in tow This girl is not the usual type Cage goes for She s natural looking, with no obvious enhancements and a red head Marcus is afraid this is one of Cage s many conquests that he s moved on from, that s about to be disappointed So he s surprised when Cage finds out Low s at the apartment, he drops everything to come running to her aid Cage tells Marcus DON T touch her Low s the girl I m going to marry Marcus is immediately intrigued Who is this girl that gets Cage to drop everything a threesome, btw, gross and come running More importantly, why would Low put up with such behavior It turns out Low has no intentions of marrying Cage, but he s always there for her when she needs him Due to family drama, Low spends half her nights, in Cage s bed, and the other half at her sister s house Marcus is around with Low than Cage, and they end up getting close Both are drawn to each other, but Marcus wants Low to start trusting and relying on him instead of Cage There is a lot of family drama on both Low and Marcus side which has a big impact on the plot There is a twist in this story that has the potential to ruin things but..well, I don t want to say any This story is told in the POV of Marcus and Low, which is nice because you can hear each one of them lusting after the other I just loved both of them Although, there were a couple of times I wanted to smack him, Marcus is such a sweet heart How can you not love a boy who shows love and concern for both his mother and sister And he s so cute with Low s little nice, Larissa I just love how he got Larissa to stop saying a bad word I really liked Low too She had a big heart, and was forgiving, but wasn t afraid to stand up for what was right My favorite part of this book was these two together This book was HOT Let me tell you, Abbi Glines knows how to write some STEAMY scenes fans self I ll give you a part of a scene because I don t want to ruin anything He stood back up and studied me a moment before reaching out and rubbing my bottom lip with his thumb I m not done here I m just beginning Low But I couldn t walk away again without that kiss My knees felt like jello How sweet was that Guys didn t talk to me that way Marcus Hardy was straight out of those gushy romance novels my mother used to read MY knees felt like jello after reading this If you haven t read an Abbi Glines novel, do yourself a favor AND DO SO NOW I m a complete fan girl now

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    Re reading this series Marcus is still my fav

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    Marcus s and Low s story Who couldn t like Marcus tenderness and kindness to others And then, Low, comes for a broken family with big issues The 2 of them get together.This book was an emotional rollercoaster, so get ready for it

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