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The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit chapter 1 The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit , meaning The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit , genre The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit , book cover The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit , flies The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit , The Darker Side of Mummy Misfit 9f99ceaba1705 THE SEQUEL TO DIARY OF A MUMMY MISFIT Think You Knew Mummy Misfit Well, You Might Be In For A SurpriseAfter A Year Of Struggling With School Fees, Trying To Become Pregnant And Feeling Like She Didn T Belong Amongst The Prep School Meemies , Libby Is BackOnly This Time, She S Got It AllBut How Long Can It Last And Will She Ever Be Truly Happy Join Libby On Her Hilarious, Yet Sensitive Journey As Loyalty, Friendships And Values Are Tested In The Darker Side Of Mummy Misfit

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    Libby is back in the sequel in this mummy lit genre She is pregnant, rich and determined than ever to survive the memeemies to give her son Max the best prep school education money can buy Now they don t have to struggle for money, and Libby is head of CCL, the school s charitable arm, surely it is all plain sailing now This sequel lives up to its title, showing the darker side of Libby s world When tragedy strikes, Libby feels angry, upset and dare I say it.bitchy This once lovely woman strikes out, feeling resentment, jealousy and detachment from those around her as she struggles to find her footing in this new life It s true what they say, money can t buy you happiness, and as Libby flounders and then freefalls into new territories, she truly becomes a mummy misfit This book is an excellent sequel, it flows well from the first awesome book, it is another funny narrative in the world of mummy lit , once again exposes the cynical world of yummy mummies, and their plethora of botox, nannies, 4 x 4s and designer bitch fests But this book surpasses the first in my eyes, as it deals with sensitive issues in a tender voice whilst retaining its humour and realistic character progression I don t want to write a spoiler review, those annoy me and I feel do the book no justice, but if you have not read the first, buy both, take a day off and delve in Books, like these two especially, prove to me just how much mummy lit is unjustly underrated and written off as not being literary and highbrow enough I have read a lot of mummy lit, some dire, some unrealistic, but gems like these speak to your heart, head and funny bone, helping you realise that not only are we not alone in our fears, failings, and general mummy mundane lives, we have great voices Voices who not only raise children, but also have a brain and aspirations outside the home They take the time to write great works to help us escape, laugh and cry at our own situations, and realise that mummies, when not frozen with botox and ragging on angry quite rightly foreign au pairs, really do rule the worldI adored the first book and bought the second the day it came out, devouring it in a day, as I did the first There is a character for everyone in this book, and they all blend together in a way that would make Marian Keyes quake in her tiny pixie boots Not read it, why not The kids might eat jam and bread for the day and overdose on Cbeebies, but I would say it s worth the gamble

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    Yet again Libby had me laughing, crying generally living her life with her Amanda makes you feel like you are standing right beside Libby throughout the whole book, personally I feel I know how Libby ticks, I feel her pain, I laugh when she laughs I cry when she cries.I m not made to feel like an outsider or feel like i m prying.We meet up again with the lovely Fenella her antics had me rolling around splitting my sides Mrs S goes from strength to strength is as loveable as ever Libby has some tough times in this book some tough choices to make I love Max s straight forwardness in his responses wish as adults we could still be like that although Fenella sure say s what she thinks to heck with the consequences We all know real life isn t champagne roses all the time it s has it s up s downs.I originally downloaded the 2 books to read on my holiday but i ve read them both before I even go, but rest assured i ll be reading them again whilst sitting in the sun sipping my Moet ok my lemonade I can t wait for Amanda s next book to be published will be buying it as soon as it s released.

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    This has got to be one of my favourite books ever I felt myself relating to the main character, and laughed at all the others as I knew someone so very similar I was a member of our school PTFA at the time of reading this, planning our own Xmas Fayre, and it was so hysterically uncanny how similar I found my life with those in the book A great read, especially for this school volunteer mums

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    This sequel did not disappoint me at all In fact, I absolutely loved it As a reader, you can t help but have expectations of a sequel I can honestly say that this was everything that I wanted it to be and In the first book, Libby and husband Ned, put their son into private school and made some wonderful friends, but met some truly awful, snobby people along the way too At the end of the novel, they came into some money and were able to finally afford to do the things that the other families at the school did Libby had always wanted a second child and to her delight became pregnant In The Darker Side, Libby and hilarious friend Fenella start their pregnancies together, while still helping to fundraise at the school They meet and befriend Patience, a single mom who is automatically disapproved of by most of the parents at the school When they find out her background, they keep it up their sleeves for using at a time in the future when it is needed most While Libby and her family can now afford to do things that she craved in the past, she almost feels that her life being broke but happy, was preferable In this novel, her friendships, marriage and family are put to the test with lots of bumps along the way I laughed so hard at times I thought I was going to wet myself sorry to share that with you but I felt that I must I also cried a lot at this book It contained a real rollercoaster of emotions and anyone who has been through the things that Libby went through in this book would empathise sincerely with her and want to personally help her through her ups and downs I felt that I was inside Libby and Fenella s friendship They were both hilarious but really good strong friends who understood each other so well Amanda Egan s writing is outstanding, her characters so utterly likeable and believable that you want to join them in their lives The places she describes are so vivid and colourful they are so easy to imagine and conjure up in your mind It was a real page turner, and I couldn t put it down It s such a throroughly enjoyable read, and flows so well that you just keep on reading I would dearly love to hear about the adventures of Libby, her family and her friends I sincerely hope that this is not the end of them I miss them already

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    Enjoyed the sequel much than the first book I think the format style had something to do with it Less choppy and flowing prose but perhaps it s supposed to echo Lib s life now as she has much going on emotionally to reflect upon This book hit all emotions but was still a fun easy read.

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    Great readGreat readwonderful, easy read with plenty of drama, love, heartache, and strength Perfect for any mommy or anything else closely relating

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    So so funny Hoping there is a book 3.

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    Couldn t help feeling a little disappointed with the second installment of this series Felt the plot was very predictable and of little substance Still, a very easy read and lighthearted fun.

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    I actually enjoyed this one better than the first book Quick read.

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    I m really hoping that there will be a third Mummy Misfit I really will miss Libby friends.

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