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Crux pdf Crux, ebook Crux, epub Crux, doc Crux, e-pub Crux, Crux 5a8e268905e She Should Have Run Now, She Ll Have To Fight Eighteen Year Old Birdie May Be Homeless, But She S Surviving, That Is Until A Mysterious Guy Throws Money In The Air Like A Crazy Game Show Host And She Grabs Some With The Idea She Ll Be Able To Buy Dinner That Night In That Singular Moment, Unassuming Birdie Becomes The Girl In Everyone S Viewfinder Thugs Want To Kill Her Money Guy Wants To Recruit Her The Very Hot, Very Rich And Very Out Of Her League Grey Mathews Wants To Save Her Birdie, Though, Wants Nothing To Do With Any Of Them Until She Realizes Fate Didn T Bring Them All Together Her Heritage Did Now, With Only Twenty One Days Left, She S Got To Decide Whether To Follow In The Footsteps Of Those Before Her Or Risk Her Life For People She S Only Just Met

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    Hi ya ll,Okay, I ve been told its bad form to rate your own book However, it seemed wrong to release this bad boy without saying something about how I feel So, with that clears throat I m excited, nervous and just plain tickled to introduce you to some imaginary people I love.If you ve done any beta reading for me, you know I write and adore young adult paranormal romance complete with purple prose and superfluous description My favorites include characters that do a lot of longing, gazing deeply into one another s eyes until someone falls over, brooding, glaring and sighing Sorry, it s simply true.I also like adverbs.Crux is not that book.Crux is well, it s an urban story based in modern day Atlanta with a homeless girl playing the lead I m going to be really mean to her and send her back in time to face people like him Wait, there s My story has this mythology and genral hotness sprinkled in And if you act now and before you get all mad at me for picking on my heroine too much I ll send some major dude buddy to help her out Yeah, he s a dog So Oh, right, you were expecting, maybe, a hot model type guy to help Hold the phone.If you know me at all, there s no way I m going to leave it there, because I still want some romance Are you with me Well, our story begins with our heroine here Hmm, it isn t very pretty, but she gets infused with some of this And when she meets up with some It s all good.The above should give you a better idea of what you re going to experience inside the pages of Crux.If you ve read an early copy of this book, God bless you bows, places hand over heart I thank you a thousand times over, and I really hope you enjoyed it If you plan to read it in the future, I m just so grateful I know there are plenty of awesome YA books to choose from right now, and I appreciate, in advance, if you re taking a chance on mine.I just want to take a second to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and kind support I love you guys Sometimes writing is lonely I m so grateful you are traveling this journey with me

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    Quick review Cover A little to cartoony Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 4.5Overall Different in a good wayCharacters Well donePlot Legend meets and changes real livesPage Turner Yes Series Cont If there is Recommend YesBook Boyfriend GreySUMMARY 50 words or less The moral of the story here is don t judge a book by its cover If I had, I would not have read It made the book appear juvenile than it is The beginning was interesting but a little slow But hang in there It soars from there.To see my full review and yummy pic, check out my blog post below.http mybookboyfriend.blogspot.com 2

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    More reviews at Mrs ReaderPantsREVIEW So here s the thing I usually know a 5 star book within the first couple of chapters A 5 star book is, first and foremost, a page turner I have to care about the characters, who cannot annoy me or seem fake or typical A 5 star book is unique and stands strong above books that are simply good Five star books do not have to be best sellers, but they are written in such a way to appeal to any reader, despite his or her genre preference Put simply, five star books are storytelling magic.Without a doubt, Crux is a solid 5 star book I ll be honest urban fantasy is not a genre I m crazy about But when I started reading Crux on my Nook during a five hour car trip, I was entranced from the very first page I could not put it down Birdie and love interest Grey are some of the most likeable characters I ve met in recent reads Birdie is tough, street smart, funny, and knows herself well She is beautiful but truly does not care she has much bigger worries than her physical looks Best of all, I actually liked her she isn t annoying AT ALL Grey is her smokin hot counterpart who is adamant about joining Birdie on her journey, despite Birdie s numerous objections and attempts to lose him I love how Birdie truly seems to want Grey to go away for his own good she does not pretend or make it easy for him to stay with her She does what she does to protect his normal life, and, surprisingly, her motives and actions are totally believable.The nonstop action is unpredictable I really never knew what was coming next and constantly wondered if the three men chasing Birdie were simply three street thugs after her new money or if they were ancient warriors after the amulet The Snatcher and the fate of Birdie s homeless friend Shondra is another storyline that will keep readers guessing I honestly enjoyed every minute of this short but fabulous debut from Julie Reece Sequel, please THE BOTTOM LINE Action packed with a memorable cast of characters, Crux will easily appeal to teen and adult readers, whether or not they love urban fantasy The short length and quick pace will appeal to reluctant readers without sacrificing plot or dumbing down the story STATUS IN MY LIBRARY Oh, yeah, I m so getting Crux for my MS library Human sex trafficking is a major part of the story, but no sex acts or crude sexual talk take place in the story at all Some MS librarians might object to the trafficking references, but really, the human trafficking serves mainly as one of the many threats Birdie faces in her life on the streets No activity takes place beyond the violent kidnappings of attractive young girls I also think the inclusion of the trafficking has the added bonus of showing potential runaways the reality of life on the streets for young girls.READALIKES Trafficked Purcell RATING BREAKDOWN Overall 5 5 Creativity 5 5 Characters 5 5 Engrossing 5 5 Writing 5 5 Appeal to teens 5 5 Appropriate length to tell the story 5 5 CONTENT Language none Sexuality mild some kissing human sex trafficking is a major part of the story Violence medium high lots of fighting and a few bloody deaths girls kidnapped off the streets gun violence Drugs Alcohol none

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    OK ANY book that quotes Monty Python is a WINNER in my book We shall say ni again to you if you do not appease us This is a REALLY fabulous YA story and this YA is a very adult YA I wouldn t worry about teens reading it, but there is some racy undertones Bite your lip It s hot Makes me want to go kick some Viking ass The story revolves around Birdie, who has had a less than stellar life It s so nice to see a somewhat younger character still set today that hasn t been born with a silver spoon or raised by the Cleaver family There are big bad things out there, and Birdie knows it She still keeps her wits about her and doesn t succumb to petty greed or other base emotions Jiminy Crickets, I can t handle the pressure Do you have a magic mirror that sees into my brain, Julie I say this ALL the time The story flows well, absolutely grabs you from the very first page And the wit, I absolutely adore books that can make me laugh And Monty Python and Lord of the Rings references are NEVER a bad thing I ve been watching you, Birdie That answer just earned you ten points on your already very impressive creep o meter score I really appreciated how VERY unique, and different this story was I love vamps and shifters, but this was just brilliant Unique slant all it s own, adds history and lore in small doses, adds a healthy helping of swoon worthy romance, drags it through a field of fantasy while still keeping it s feet firmly grounded in the present You get supernatural epic quest meets a rags to riches romance drama soap in a good way, definitely in a good way No Oh, hell no You gotta be kidding me I clench my fists I am not Bilfro Baggins You are not a wizard with a pointy hat, and this is not the one ring of power And Grey must not leave out at least a teaser of the rock n roll hotness that is Grey Hey s hot, he s in a band, he s like rich but like any good hot male lead, he has his own problems Grey has that mysterious, can t look away allure that makes you want to be in Birdie s shoes Perfect technique, he says, as I manipulate the sticks You re golden I want another lesson And that, kids, is how it s done

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    CoverIsn t this cover amazing I loved having this image of Birdie in my mind s eye as I read, and I could totally see this cover girl throughout the story, surviving through what the author put her through Whatever artist created this is incredible I bow to you, whoever you are Your talent is mind blowing.What I loved about the book In one word Birdie Her character is so simple, yet so complex it just about blew my mind She s hilarious and wounded deeply, a survivor I couldn t help but pull for As an author, I m always looking for what works and what doesn t, and the characters and world Ms Reece creates are colorful and believable, working to paint a complex tapestry for me to admire and even learn a thing or two from.I ve read scarce few present tense books that I enjoyed It has to be spot on, and this one is, and how I was IN the story as I was reading, right there with Birdie.There are subtle lines throughout the book like these that are extremely creative and awe inspiring Uh hmm That s why you be sittin here in someone else s piss Girl, you gonna have to come up with somethin better than that Shondra shakes her head She looks younger than me, but, like, a hundred years old, too I can t explain the quick bond between us, but I like her, and I don t like many people They s places you can go Some churches, a day shelter on Ethel Street, Hosea House on Donnelly Avenue, and the Guthrie Shelter, but you ain t got no kids, right No She scoots closer on her butt cheeks until our shoulders touch Then you can t go there You stick with Shondra, honey I ll help you Seeing as how Shondra is sitting in the same pee I am, I don t know what she thinks she can do for me, but at least I m not alone.That simple line, that Shondra is sitting in the same pee struck me when I read it Simple, vivid, tells a story within the story in only a few words Birdie s voice is just perfect.Here s another bit that makes me love Birdie in all her blunt glory My trip to the corner market was fun When you re homeless, you don t dream of Perrier, or the surf and turf special at the local steakhouse that you pay for with plastic from your new Coach purse You dream of bologna and cheese sandwiches, bottled water, and a grocery bag to keep your crap in.This is a wonderful story that young adult fans everywhere are going to gobble up and rave about.

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    Let me start by saying this was a REALLY good book I was hooked from page one and couldn t put it down The story flows so well and keeps the reader entertained Birdie is a homeless teenager trying to turn her life around when an unexpected or so she thinks windfall comes her way Grey is from a well to do family who wants to get to know her Little do they know their lives are about to be changed forever.Julie Reece created characters who are believable and lovable I wanted to know about them and turning the page was the way to do it Even her periphery characters are well developed and add to the story instead of detracting from it.One of the things I really liked about this story was Birdie s plight as a homeless teenager Ms Reece does an excellent job of giving the reader an insight into homeless teenagers, without beating the reader over the head It s just part of the story and Birdie s life It was very well done Another aspect I really liked about Ms Reece s story is the research Birdie and Grey go through to find the answer While it s integral to the final resolution of the problem, she doesn t belabor the point Ms Reece found a way to tell that part of the story without boring me to tears, she made it interesting.The final battle was also well written I often find writers who take the easy way out and give me an entirely too easy or cheesy confrontation Ms Reece does neither She gives me a full on battle complete with struggles and tears I loved it.Overall this is a very good story that I could not put down So, if it s so good, why only 4 stars Well, I wanted a little romance between Grey and Birdie Yes, I know it was forbidden, that s what would have made it that much better Gotta love forbidden romance I would love to see of Birdie and Grey but I get the feeling this is a one shot deal..bummerI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I would like to thank J.Taylor publishing for providing me with an ARC copy of this book for review.Summary from Goodreads She should have run Now, she ll have to fight Eighteen year old Birdie may be homeless, but she s surviving, that is until a mysterious guy throws money in the air like a crazy game show host, and she grabs some with the idea she ll be able to buy dinner that night In that singular moment, unassuming Birdie becomes the girl in everyone s viewfinder Thugs want to kill her Money guy wants to recruit her The very hot, very rich, and very out of her league Grey Mathews wants to save her.Birdie, though, wants nothing to do with any of them, until she realizes fate didn t bring them all together Her heritage did Now, with only twenty one days left, she s got to decide whether to follow in the footsteps of those before her or risk her life for people she s only just met.This story was really engrossing I love Reece s use of language Her descriptive ability is amazing There was not a time in this book that I wasn t able to picture exactly what Reece was describing She is lyrical and poetic while at the same time she inserts a bit of humor into the story, no doubt to somewhat lighten the mood The flow of the words truly kept me wrapped up in the story and I didn t want to put the book down.Birdie s character is amazingly strong, yet unsure at the same time She certainly has that teenage angst we see in most young adult novels but at the same time, you can see she has maturity beyond her years I think the fact that she had to live on the streets toughened her Yet, she is still quite vulnerable and untrusting She doesn t want to open herself up to anyone for fear she will get hurt She seems to accept her fate without question, knowing full well fighting to save her heritage may cost her her life and the life of the one she loves.Grey is the perfect male lead He s confident and sexy, he s caring and loving and he knows what he wants He s not afraid to go after it and put aside what others might think He has an immediate connection to Birdie and he never waivers in how he feels for her He is utterly swoon worthy and strong with an enormous want to protect Birdie Grey is willing to risk his own life to save Birdie, how can you not love that in a male lead character Jeff, Birdie s mentor, is mysterious He holds secrets he won t tell Birdie, no doubt to protect her He is that rich, eccentric man you see in such stories as Little Orphan Annie and The Sound of Music He is calm and collected and there is to him than meets the eye.Throw in a great supporting cast of characters who are well developed and how can you not love this story The story line is flawless Reece escorts you through her book with what seems like effortless prose She reveals just the right amount of information at just the right time, building a story that is completing intriguing Reece spins a tale of historic lore and weaves in romance and fantasy which captures the reader, never letting go She creates characters who are believable and lovable, characters you care about Reece also brings about a range of emotions from making me laugh, to making me scared, to making my heart ache.This book gets 4.5 5 stars from me The only reason it doesn t get 5 stars is because I know this is a stand alone, and it left me wanting Birdie, Grey, story Julie Reece has definitely become one of my top authors I am looking forward to future books from her This review can also be found on the following site

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    WoW I can t believe that this is a stand alone I could definitely do with some of this book that s for sure First of all, I want to thank the amazing Julie Reece and J.Taylor Publishing for providing me with an ARC ebook I was utterly blown away when I received it and I am totally grateful to be given the opportunity to read it before the release date I was not disappointed one bit This book had me captivated, enthralled, swept away and blown away Julie Reece s ability to weave a story and describe it perfectly, had me feeling like I was literally in the moment with Birdie All my senses were heightened and it enriched the story even It also has left me in love with the characters, both Birdie and Grey Oh, words cannot express the love I feel for him He is intoxicating and alluring, swoon worthy and oh so invitingly sexy The tension and the teasing between these two bounced right off the screen Every sensual caress, or nibble of a bottom lip, or the scenes where Grey had cornered Birdie up against a wall, dies sent me spiralling into a frenzy It left me wanting , and needing I have to have Okay, I think I need to calm down for just a second and give you a rundown of the story, spoiler free of course, because you all need to read this Birdie s life has not been easy, and at the age of eighteen, she finds herself homeless But, Birdie really doesn t give you the chance to feel sorry for her She pretty much is a surviver, who tries not to take crap from anyone and stands up for those in need, even though she is one of them Well, her luck is about to change when she encounters a very strange and eccentric man, named Jeff, who just throws a large sum of money out on the street Birdie finds this most odd and very peculiar indeed, but cannot resist collecting some of the money This one action begins a chain of events, which changes Birdie s life forever All of a sudden she is hunted down by thugs, and Jeff wants her for a very special mission, and Grey Matthews, the sexy and smart and cocky Mr Rich guy, wants nothing but to protect her She literally stumbles upon him while begin chased I d like to fall in his lap please.But, Birdie wants none of it She wants nothing , except to try and have a normal life, for once She s a tough cookie that one She knows what she wants and sets out to get it She can most definitely look out for herself With the money she got off Jeff, she finds a place to live and enrols to go to college Although, in the back of her mind, she cannot forget Jeff and the things he said to her Or, Grey Matthews, for that matter She knew he was out of her league, and the thought of him was driving her, and me, insane And soon, Birdie discovers that, what Jeff set out in motion that day, was her destiny She was meant to follow the paths of her descendants and try and do the one thing, that they couldn t Could she do it Well, I think you all need to find out for yourselves, when you pick this up as soon as it is released I am telling you, that you will not be disappointed If anything, you will be begging for of this amazing story Just like me

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    Take one likeable, relatable girl with a crappy background, one swoon worthy dude who has just the right amount of strength and just the right amount of give a damn, one quirky if eccentric mentor, and one shedload of heritage revelations that leads the cool girl and cute guy to an unavoidable pinnacle moment in a certain history with girl battling every one of her demons and fears along the way and you pretty much have Crux.I think that s everything There are so many aspects to this tale and they re all so effortlessly linked to make the bigger picture that at first glance one might miss just how complex this tale is Because there s a little of everything in here As kinda mentioned above.Now, I hate spoilers in reviews and will avoid sticking any in if at all possible, so here goes Birdie Love her headstrong yet vulnerable character, and the development we witness as she goes from being used to taking care of herself to being protective of others she s allowed herself to care about.Grey Sigh He is an absolute darling He can come fight my battles any day of the week o Jeff He may not appear at first glance to be a cool guy but dig deeper and you ll notice that very little ruffles his feathers Oh, and there is definitely to Jeff than meets the eye.On top of these three major players, we have a pretty diverse supporting cast the cool friends, the total b h that gives Birdie grief, the love of a family that Grey takes for granted and Birdie craves The plot It s historical, it s Nordic, it s romantic, it s fantastical, it s epic That s about as much as I m willing to say on that Except for the author s writing has an almost lyrical tone to it, a flow to her prose that can lure you along without you even realising you ve been captured A definite win

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    I m still in bliss from reading Crux by Julie Reece I have to say that Ms Reece has to be one of the most talented authors on the planet I know I m gushing right now, but I loved this book that much.Reading Birdie s story was like catching up with an old friend Birdie rocks my socks, and Grey the male lead is sizzling hot I loved his fierce loyalty to Birdie, especially because she was so real with insecurities most women have and some that broke my heart.Birdie thought her life was hard before she met Jeff, this weird guy that gives her and a bunch of other random people money on a whimor so it seems But Birdie doesn t know that she is part of a cyle that s been going on for ages She gets caught up into a world of magic and mahem and she is one great heroine I loved her snark, her ability to roll with her everchanging landscape, and to just allow herself to feel when most people would be closed off by the things this girl had gone through.This is one of those magical reads that takes you out of your world and plunks you right next to Birdie, Grey, Kate, and Scud along with a mongrel named Fenris I loved the characters, and I loved this world where superheroes can come to life and save the day.One heck of a read, Ms Reece I am honored to have been able to read the ARC of Crux, and I can t wait to read from this amazing author She really is one to watch.Thanks to Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics Group, J Taylor Publishing, and the author for the opportunity to read and review Crux.

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