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Point of Retreat summary Point of Retreat, series Point of Retreat, book Point of Retreat, pdf Point of Retreat, Point of Retreat 3b16f17205 Hardships And Heartache Brought Them Together Now It Will Tear Them ApartLayken And Will Have Proved Their Love Can Get Them Through Anything Until Someone From Will S Past Re Emerges, Leaving Layken Questioning The Very Foundation On Which Their Relationship Was Built Will Is Forced To Face The Ultimate Challenge How To Prove His Love For A Girl Who Refuses To Stop Carving Pumpkins

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    Ohhhh boy I m steamed, I m really steamed here I m all worked up about how much I hated this book Somebody talk me down from this rant I m about to deliver RANT ENSUING I am going to start by saying that I know Colleen Hoover is capable of writing very wonderful books I loved Hopeless and Slammed so I had no reason to suspect that this book would be taking the fast train to suck ville However, I m in suck ville and I am hating it here Also, everyone else seems to LOVE this book I mean over 45,000 ratings and a 4.40 average GR rating I must be losing my mind Maybe that is it But let me break it down for you all why this book is on my craptastic book list 1 The immaturity of the MCs. Holy hell Will and Lake act like children in this book It is like they regressed mentally in the past year since Slammed and now function only as pissy children Lake throws tantrums constantly Will s words, not just mine , and Will somehow thinks it is acceptable to use his 10 year old brother and neighbor to do his dirty work for him There is no communication between them Just childish misunderstandings and petty fighting They are freaking 19 and 23 years old They whine and complain and oh GOD it was annoying 2 The stupid stuff that Will does. Does anyone remember the Will from Slammed Anyone The Will that was a responsible teacher The one that was level headed and took responsibility for his actions The one that weighed the pros and cons of every decision Well, apparently he is gone now and this new Will has taken his place This new Will thinks it is acceptable to disable someone s car battery in order to get them to ride in a car with you WTF , hold a present from one s deceased mom hostage yea, he did that , and threaten a 12 year old kid with ass kicking and call him a pathetic human being Who is this guy This Will is so stupid I could barely read about him 3 Bad parenting 101. Let me remind you all that Will was a teacher and wants to go to grad school to keep teaching So when his brother writes a note in school threatening to KILL someone, you would think that Will would realize how serious that is Wouldn t he Instead, Will thought that it was FUNNY that his younger brother death threatened another student and didn t want to punish him AT ALL I m not saying he has to be a perfect parent, I know I m not, but those types of things are no joking matter, regardless of the reason If his brother had gotten into a fight over a girl s honor, I would get that However, it is never okay to threaten another student with DEATH, regardless of the reason I would have thought that Will, as a former teacher, would have a greater understanding of that 4 The catch phrases Am I smoking crack here Why was no one else IRRITATED by the constant catch phrases In the first book, they were kind of cute and meaningful but here, they were just irritating as all hell If I hear butterflying , carving pumpkins , or point of retreat one time I am going to blow a gasket 5 The totally unrealistic POV of Will. I hated the POV change from Lake to Will in this book Will did not act like a 23 year old man In fact, he acted just like a 12 year old girl The way he acted about sex was totally unrealistic It was just so far removed from what an early 20s guy would do I can understand waiting the year to have sex as per Lake s mom which that alone was so silly, but I ll let that go but it is like he freaked out whenever they got close to hooking up Like removing her shirt gave him the willies What guy would act like that None, I tell you Is the author religious and I didn t know it Is this book geared for a tween audience Freaking Twilight was sexual than this I can see them being tasteful in the writing but how it played out just didn t ring true 6 The silly drama I honestly think that this book had no point other than to create and deal with silly drama There was no new story to tell The book was just a series of events that would probably not happen in real life piled together Now folks, I know my point of view will most likely differ from yours I know that this review was pretty ranty but I just can t BELIEVE how different this was from the first book I don t think I m going to move on to the next book in the series because I don t want to be a party pooper any Sorry everyone Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    WOW this was the perfect sequel to Slammed 6 stars I LOVED IT An absolute MUST read A butterflying amazing book This series is definitely going on my favorites pile I finished reading it with my cheeks wet with happy tears But boy is this book intense It had me laughing and crying, it made my heart race and I swear it stopped beating all together for several chapters Just like with the first book, I love how absolutely none of the characters make stupid decisions or did stupid things I love the love that Will and Lake share both for each other and for their brothers I love how each and every one of the side characters and main characters were characters I d want to read whole books about I have come to love slam poetry well, at least the ones from this book, I don t really have any other experience with it I loved that this book was from Will s perspective I love how the author integrated lyrics, and poetry throughout the story bringing deeper meaning to an already intensely emotional read And I loved the HEA This story is about realizing and holding on to love and about how love both romantic love, friendship love, and family love can be found in the most unlikely of places It s also centers on a lot of themes of responsibility and maturity I love the unusual family unit that is built in this story I d love to read about all the characters in this book Honestly, I think I ll read anything Colleen Hoover writes next I love her writing style Its simple, beautiful, powerful and keeps you riveted to the page My heart pounds against my chest Not because I m nervous Not even because I want her worse that I ve ever wanted her before It s pounding against my chest because I realize I ve never been so sure about the rest of my life than I am in this moment This girl is the rest of my life Definitely be sure to read book 1 Slammed first I d recommend these books to pretty much anyone and everyone who loves to read Truly wonderful books 3How I see Will For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    Will Cooper I m pretty sure I m head over heels in love with this man Sigh, if only everyone could be loved as much as Will loves Layken He truly is something else, and I love that this story was told through his eyes I found Lake incredibly frustrating in this one, as did Will on occasion, and wanted to shake some sense into her than once, but how it all wrapped up and tied together in the end was beautiful and breathtaking This is such an excellent story, with so many wonderful characters sprinkled throughout it I seriously want to move into their neighborhood and be a part of their lives Each and every one of them is amazing I m so sad to part with them for now, and eagerly look forward to many stories from Colleen Hoover

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    I loved it I loved itI butterflying loved itNot just because I hoped toNot just because I wanted to BUT because it was lifeAnd in the end it is all there is.I loved it because it had willI loved it because it had WillAnd LakeAnd Gavin and EddieBecause sometimes friends make up familyBecause friends make up lifeAnd in the end it is all there is.I loved it because it had willI loved it because it had WillAnd his POVI got to know him even I got to love him ever .You know when you meet someone like himYou know it s foreverNot twenty five and parents of twoTell me if you won t break downTell me if YOUR life wouldn t intrudeTheir s did, yet didn tThey faced lifeThey accepted it They got accepted.You ask what was the point of this book.Well I loved it than Slammed And I don t give a flying Butterfly if you think I m madSometimes a Butterflying kiss in the end isn t enoughAsk Sherry about itAsk Julia about it.Go ask them and see if they give youA flying butterfly.I loved it I loved itI butterflying loved itLook, Colleen HooverYou had me slammingYeah this is me slammingFor the very first timeFor the first butterflying timeI haven t cursed so much in my whole lifeBut now I know when life goes wrongI ll be able to look it straight in it s eyeAnd say BUTTERFLY you Thank you, Colleen Hoover For giving us Slammed And Point of RetreatFor giving us LakeAnd WillAnd EddieAnd GavinAnd KelAnd CaulderAnd JuliaAnd SherryAnd KierstenFor giving us a wonderful story to root forA few beautiful hours in my lifeBecause in the end it is all there is.

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    4 1 2 to 5 Stars Loved it

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    Will Love is the most beautiful thing in the world Unfortunately, it s also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away Lake Sometimes things happen in life that you didn t plan for All you can do is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan After her view spoiler mum s death hide spoiler

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    Rating Clarification More than 10 stars BUTTERFLYINGLY BEMAZING And all around my memories, you dance.Colleen Hoover has done it again She s managed to steal my concentration captive and render me worthless until I read her story of Layken and Will in Point of Retreat from eCover to eCover This book was the perfect sequel to Slammed that left me in that contemplative zone just thinking about the story and the characters and finding myself unwilling to let go Doesn t happen often, but it surely happened here Loved this book These next chapters in Will and Layken s life are told from the perspective of Will, and I just have to say, what a treat It was like book candy that sent me on a sugar high I ve experienced this a select few times in stories like Where She Went and The Piper s Son, where the guy takes the stage and gives us his POV about the girl he loves I really enjoyed getting into his mind and journeying with Will as he struggles to prove that their love goes beyond the common bond of tragedy that brought them together.Point of Retreat continues to carry the concept of Slamming and never have I ever thought I would love poetry as much as I did actually probably even than I did in the first book In fact, I have a few of them highlighted in my eReader for future reference because it s truly a thing of beauty Just like lyrics to music those phrases that represent your soul are sometimes best expressed in few words Powerful There was a perfect character addition in this book that really stole the show, and I enjoyed every single one of her appearances Kirsten was such a breath of fresh air to this cast with her surprisingly insightful wit and intuition I loved her Even so, I came to adore how Caulder and Kel protect this little spit fire from some of the hurt she experienced as the new kid in school Hoover carefully appended the concept of bullying with such a subtle sleight of hand to create an additional layer of depth to this story About Kiersten s slam at the end well done sweetheart As with the first book, Will is just too good to be true I like coming across male characters similar to him every now and again because of their ability to express their emotions so honestly and deeply How far he was willing to go to prove to Layken that their relationship was deeper than the hardships they ve had to overcome at such a young age tossed my emotional compass all over the map Kisses on the forehead will never be the same thank you very much.Overall, this book is filled to the brim with humor and heart A sure fire combination to win me over I can t wait to see what Hoover shares with us next I m a fan that I am Points are not the point the point is poetry. Twist in My Story Secondhand Serenade

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    Happy to finally be in the Butterflying club Point of Retreat, aptly named such for various reasons, is a good follow up to Slammed Where the first book moved me with its remarkable inspiration, Point of Retreat touched me with its tender love story The characters are again faced with difficult trials and obstacles to overcomeand I will say that the slams continue, in every sense of the word.This sequel makes a smooth transition into Will s perspective, and I truly enjoyed getting the chance to experience the story through his eyes His gentle voice and thoughtful character made me fall even further in love with him Will and Lake have chosen to take on parental roles accepting responsibilities which force them to grow up sooner than they shouldproving that sometimes life really doesn t happen in chronological order I admired their strength and their ability to maintain such selflessness when faced with dire circumstances Layken s Mom, Julia, continues to be a major part of this story Her wisdom and unconditional love follow Lake and Will on their bumpy, but loving journey I found Julia s strong spirit to be the most inspirational element of all Once again, I am floored by this author s unique ability to make me feel, not only a fan, but an actual part of this story Although the last page has been swiped, these distinctive characters live on If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through itall you would see is your own reflection You would see that my soul is a reflection of you P.S Kiersten, can I be your parallel neighbor, too Book Stats Genre Category Romance NA Steam Caliber Moderate steam Romance Inspiring and sweet Mild angst Characters Brilliant, witty, and lovable Plot Beautifully continues on from Slammed Writing Eloquent, poetic, inspiring POV 1st Person Will Cliffhanger None HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    3 StarsCHEESE CHEESE BUTTERFLYING CHEESE Maybe my experience with this book and this series would have been a lot better if I ve read them as soon as they came out I found CoHo s writing non satisfying compared to her other books which came out later, like Ugly Love and Confess While Point of Retreat offered life lessons and so much , I found the story lacking substance The plotline was less intense and there wasn t even a big, remarkable twist Don t blame me All CoHo s books have that trademark twists so it was kind of hard for me to believe there wasn t any here.The over the top cheesy lines and dialogues were the main thing that ruined the book for me And man, don t even get me started on Lake and Will s PDA scenes Sheeesh The good things I loved Will s character development How he became responsible and tough despite the hardships that came to him and Lake.I also loved how the secondary characters became a huge part of Will and Lake s lives The concept of friendship was definitely apparent here.The bad Lake was annoying here Most of the time What happened in Part 2 was too much and totally unnecessary I was looking for something that would make this book different and unforgettable but Nevertheless, I m still glad I ve read and tried my luck with this book series because I really don t want to miss a single book written by CoHo Too bad this came late on my list Lol Love is the most beautiful thing in the world Unfortunately, it s also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away

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