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Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) chapter 1 Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) , meaning Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) , genre Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) , book cover Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) , flies Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) , Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend #1) c272721191404 Lyra McCauley Is A Writer And Loves Fantasy Novels, But Until She Opens A Selection From Bookstore Owner Cullen Drake, She Has No Idea He S A Wizard Character Who Lives A Double Life Inside That Volumeor The Story S Magic Will Compel Her From The Edge Of Depression To Adventure, Danger, And Love His Gift To Lyra, The Book Of Dragonspeir, Was Actually Her Copy, Misplaced Years Ago Lost In Her Pain Following Divorce And Death, She Fails To Recognize Him As Her Childhood Playmate From The Fantasyland Friendship Builds Anew Attraction Sparks But Lyra Doubts Whether A Wizard Is Capable Of Love She S Torn Should She Protect Her Fragile Heart Or Risk New Love Opening The Book S Cover, She Confronts A Quest Save Dragonspeir From Destruction By The Black Dragon Before He Utilizes Power Of August S Red Moon To Expand His Strength And Overthrow The Opposing Imperial Dragon Lyra Accepts The Challenge, Fearing Cullen Will Perish If Evil Wins Along With Magical Animal Guides, Cullen Helps Her Through Many Perils, But Ultimately Lyra Must Use Her Own Powerand Time Is Running Out

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    1.5 5 2 stars DI feel bad giving such a low rating and poor review of this book because I think the author was trying really hard to write a quest style fantasy book with a little bit of something for everyone Unfortunately it didn t work for me for a lot of reasons On the positive side, the writing was literate and flowed nicely I liked Lyra and her Aunt as well as a lot of the characters in Dragonspeir On the negative side, the story was way too long for how much story there was to tell It didn t engage me very well and I couldn t get emotionally attached to the characters The oddest thing for me was the romance thread Lyra would, out of the blue, have thoughts about a lifetime with Cullen or wondering if he could love her when they had just met Their relationship did not meld at all with the tone of the story The book had the feel of an animated Disney fairytale There were a couple of sex scenes thrown into this and it was as disconcerting as watching a Disney movie with your kids and suddenly Snow White and a man take off their clothes and have sex, right in the middle of the singing birds and cute bunnies and deer.

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    This wondrously magical book is a dream come true for every bookworm I think, it is what we all would love to experience when we enter a bookshop Lyra, a very sad and disturbed young woman arrives in Florida for her summer break after losing her parents and a divorce and to look after her aunt who is dying of cancer She enters a bookshop and meets the owner, Cullen who gifts her a book about a land called Dragonspeir Through this book Lyra is drawn through a portal to this magical land and she gets to meet the four guardians, and so many other magical creatures and she gets told the reason why she was chosen She is given the task of writing about her visit to Dragonspeir and of her visit to the black dragon who is aiming to overthrow the Golden dragon and the alliance and hence bring the land to an end Lyra is terrified that if she does not manage to do this well she would lose Cullen, the wizard, who she has fallen in love with Can Lyra tackle this difficult task expected of her in the short time allotted to her to do this and hence save all the friends she had made apart from Cullen This was a very enjoyable book which completely captivated me, I particularly loved the pseudodragon Noba and the baby dragon hatchling Yaqsu, they lightened the tale when things got too scary or sad I definitely want to read about the adventures of Lyra and Cullen and all the lovely creatures in Dragonspeir.

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    Fantastic Characters Well written with relatable personalities and love able attitudes The Plot flowed well, and the pace was good I found the writing style great, with well written out world settings I loved the originality of this story Lyra is the only one to defeat the black dragon and the story really draws you in, making you feel as it it is you who must complete this You ve gotta read this Giveaway Going On Right Now March 2012 Excerpt,Character Interview, Review

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    Review posted here It was a simple day of just going to a bookstore when Lyra stumbled on Cullen Lyra thinks he is handsome and charming But after drinking some of his delicious tea, she quickly realizes he isn t normal and can t shake the feeling she has met him before Cullen knows what she is feeling and tells her to come back for a book that will explain it all When Lyra does, she finds that the book and the bookstore are enchanted She ends up in a beautiful fantasy world named Dragonspeir that is endanger of being taken over by the Black Dragon And only Lyra can stop him She must write a book accurately recollected of her time in Dragonspeir and have someone read it before the Red Moon If she doesn t, the Black Dragon will destroy Dragonspeir Lyra isn t sure where to begin and if she has the power to do it Moore was very nice to have asked me to review this I jumped on the opportunity because this is book sounded like a fantasy I always had How incredible would it be to walk into a bookstore to get a book, but instead, the book comes to life for you I love this And I love it even since it is packed with incredible and lovable characters to die for Lyra and Cullen have an instant connection in the book right from the first chapter You can see they were made for each other Cullen has known Lyra since was younger, but thought he was just a character from the fantasy book she had Come to find out that book was made for her Then you had Lyra s sweet Aunt Jean who is battling cancer Lyra is always looking out for her and Lyra may be ill, but she has a great sense of humor in the book that will make you smile But she was very tough and not easily frightened Actually, she knee about Lyra than Lyra knew about herself And the animals, oh boy the animals This book is full of great talking animals that you will love instantly My favorite was Noba, the pseudodragon He was so sweet and adorable and very helpful Kenzo was a tiger owl that was small, but definitely had a bit of an Napoleon complex There was a unicorn that was actually quite the badass that is by far the strangest thing I have said and many that make a huge impact on Lyra in the book I applaud Moore for coming up with this world It was truly epic I liked the story I loved how we get to see both our world and Dragonspeir We get an interesting plot in both worlds Lyra needed to get to the dark realm to learn all she could about the Black Dragon I like the idea of someone outside of Dragonspeir learning about the fictional world so the Black Dragon losses power in his world Very interesting concept There also seems to be a bigger connection between the two, but I can t quite put my finger on it Might be just me I did have a little issue with the background stories As much as I love our human characters, I don t feel like I wanted a little history For instance, we have Lyra She has been recently divorced and finds it hard to tell Cullen what she feels for him But we never learn what exactly happened between her and her ex husband We get a couple of things, he sounded like a jerk who didn t support her But what was the final straw Then again, I am sure she didn t want to talk about him I also wish I knew about Cullen and what has he been doing while waiting for Lyra Also want to mention one character in this book named Revelin that raised some suspicions He oddly kept running into Lyra and happened to get into her house to help her aunt He seemed a bit too enthusiastic about reading Lyra s book He is brought up twice in the book and I can t shake the feeling he is going to have a bigger part in the future I hope we learn something, anything about him They are obviously attracted to each other even though Cullen is THE guy, but I feel there is a lot going on with him and it isn t all just a coincidence But even with that, it doesn t take anything away from this story In fact, it makes me anxious for to come So no hindrance at all Moore created such a great world that it left an impact on me I was sad when the book ended because I wanted I love all the mystery in this book and some may be unsolved, but it leaves a lot to be discovered for book 2, Heritage Avenged, which I am dying for I loved the romance in the book There are two steamy scenes that I wanted to last a little longer, but without them, this book is quite PG 13 So if you are a prude, you will be safe Definitely recommended for those who want an original and beautifully written epic fantasy.

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    To read this review and others like it check out my site, Urban Fantasy Reviews, at www.ufreviews.com First off I love the concept of this book I think just about everyone who is a big reader can understand what I am talking about her When you find a book you love or a character you love, wouldn t it be so amazing if you could step into that world and actually live in it, or meet your favorite character This book kind of takes that desire and expands on it Lyra is a part of this great imaginative world and she is the one who has to save it, and the world exists within a book In a way the book is kind of a book inside a book I personally think that this is a really cool way for Moore to create a way where every reader s fantasy of being in a book comes true Another strong point in the book for me was the use of animals I think I have made it pretty clear how much I love animals on this blog, and I love when they make an appearance in books Anything from someones companion dog who has nothing magical about them, to the animals in this book, who are some of the coolest characters themselves made from fantasy and with their own personalities to boot I think the really cool thing about the plot in the book was that really their were kind of two plots One in Lyra s world and one in the world that takes place inside of the book But the two plots worked so well together in tandem, because obviously Lyra was a part of both of them I think often times when you have something like this book, that is a little bit complicated on the plot side, as a reader you can sometimes feel like you are missing out on some of the details or that too much is going on and you can t follow the storyline, but this was no a problem at all in Moore s book She made everything about both worlds very easy to understand and fun for the reader to follow along with I really enjoyed the tone throughout the book I thought the writing in the book was really good, and enjoyable I thought the pace was just right, nothing felt rushed and nothing felt to slow and I hate when things are slow so that made me really happy I like that nothing was overly serious throughout the entire book, there were moments that were funny and felt organic, and of course there were moments of seriousness, but it was good to have those funny moment to break up the intensity I think the only thing I can really talk about that I wish might have been a little bit different is the backstory Sometimes when I read a book I feel like the author info dumps all the back story in the first couple chapters and it kind of turns me off to a book But in this book I wish I had known of the backstory for the characters But then again this is book one, so hopefully with the next books you will get to learn and about the characters which is of course always a strong possibility Overall I really thought that the book was a solid book all around I think it is one of those books that would be enjoyed by a wide range of readers, there is definitely something in this book for epic fantasy readers, I think the urban fantasy crowd could also easily enjoy this book, and I also believe that the paranormal romance readers could find something in this book to enjoy as well So if you are looking for something new, and you have ever wished that you could be apart of a book, then you should check out this book.

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    Opening the book s cover, she confronts a quest save Dragonspeir from destruction by the Black Dragon before he utilizes power of August s red moon to expand his strength and overthrow the opposing Imperial Dragon Lyra accepts the challenge, fearing Cullen will perish if evil wins Along with magical animal guides, Cullen helps her through many perils, but ultimately Lyra must use her own power and time is running out Moore truly created an enchated fantasy world, filled with dragons, talking tortoises, fairies, and you name it it probably makes an appearance at least once Yet, the fantasy world feels so natural and never feels like its overwhelming the story, but rather rising to new experiences not yet explored The main character Lyra is a lost puppy and Cullen rescue s her from her own distress and she learns to love again Although set in a fantasy world, I would definitely qualify this book as a romance first, before fantasy Overall, it was an interesting read, and there were times when I was on the seat of my chair wondering what would happen next.Unfortunately, that feeling did not last the entire book The climax of the book really comes about 3 4 of the way through and then tapers off The pace seemed off for me, and the urgency of finishing the quest felt plastered on at the end, as the main character had to also contend with her normal day to day routines In honesty, I struggle to finish the last few chapters, simply because there were no questions hanging in the air for me and all the danger felt gone, depleted or minimal It would have made for a much interesting ending for example, if Lyra had failed at her task as opposed to finishing it in the nick of time But that is purely my opinion It felt too predictive at the end.

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    Thirty Five Year Old,Lyra Struggled With The Deaths Of Her Parents And The Failure Of A One Sided Love Marriage Until Her Ex Filed For A Divorce She Fled Florida After The School Season Ended Her Only Living Relative, Her Aunt Jean Was Struck With Cancer So She Went To Help Her As She Remembered Happier Times Spent There As A Girl.Cullen Drake, A Bookstore Owner And A Wizard From Dragonspier Had Been Sent By The Imperial Dragon To Seek Out A New Scribe Foretold To Write The Greatest Book Of His World s Existence And Found The Ten Year Old Lyra In A Hospital Fighting For Her Life When She Read From The Dragonspier Book, He Had The Power To Transport Her To His World Where She Thrived, But He Lost Track Of Her For Twenty Five Years Now Fate Had Had Brought The Young Girl He Remembered Loving And Waiting To Love Back Into His Life She Had The Power To Fight The Black Dragon And Keep Evil From Taking Over His World, But Was She Strong Enough So All In His World Wouldn t Die Wow, Be Prepared For A Fantastic Story As Lyra Learns She Came From A Long Line Of Scribes And Learns So Much About Who She Is

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    Lyra McCauley went to spend time with her aunt while her aunt had cancer treatment While there she decided to stop in at the book store in town and met Cullen Drake The book store was no ordinary store it moved and things changed inside Cullen showed Lyra a book from her childhood and took her to the realm of Dragonspeir, Alliance of the Imperial Dragon Where she learned she was a scribe and was needed to go on a journey and write about it to save Dragonspeir This journey not only showed her what true love was but also showed her how to use the power with in her that she did not know she had It s a wonderful fantasy romance and I can t wait to read the next book I found myself engrossed in the book and felt like I could see everything as it happened.

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    Searching for a Scribe struck me on many levels I found it very clever to write a book about a writer lured into a fantasy world with the request to scribe the fantasy tale I also love how Ms Moore bought the two worlds together The main character s reality influenced her fantasy and vice versa It begs the question What is real and what is fantasy and will the two ever unite I am also impressed by Ms Moore s vivid imagination and detailed fantasy world The characters are very well depicted through description and dialog The love relationship in the story bridges between both world Can love exist in solely a fantasy world How can they make it real By the end of the book, Ms Moore left me eager for Surely, I will reading the next book in her series.

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    For the full review, check out GraveTells.com After the loss of her parents and the end of her marriage, Lyra McCauley decides to travel north for the summer to Lake Huron, to visit and care for her Aunt Jean, who is battling cancer There she meets Cullen Drake, the owner of a magical and mysterious bookstore, who has the key to Lyra s hidden past and her favorite childhood book Along with the book comes the memory of an entire world that she had forgotten, as well as a quest, a love, and a responsibility that has the potential to change everything she knows.

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