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Flicker (Flicker, #1) summary Flicker (Flicker, #1) , series Flicker (Flicker, #1) , book Flicker (Flicker, #1) , pdf Flicker (Flicker, #1) , Flicker (Flicker, #1) 2bf1a1d4fd Lee Capren S Life Is Perfectly Ordinary, Thank You Very Much Right Up Until She S Spirited Away By Faeries And Forced To Serve Them As A Portrait Artist She Escapes With The Help Of Nasser, A Human Boy Whose Magic Has Always Been Of A Curse Than A Gift But What Felt Like A Night In Faerie Spanned Years In The Human World, And Lee Returns Only To Find That Her Old Life Is GoneNow Living Above A Shop That Caters To The City S Beguiling Magical Crowd, Lee Doesn T Think Her Life Can Get Complicated Then Again, She Never Expected Clashes With Filo, Her Prickly New Roommate And Unwilling Magic Tutor, Her Growing Feelings For Nasser Or The Cunning Faerie Bent On Dragging Her Back To The World She Just Escaped

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    This cover is so Amy Pond you cannot deny it.

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    2.5 5 Stars Oh no This book was not for me The premise was interesting, the world building was fun, but the characters and I did not hit it off At all And for me That s one of my favorite parts of a book To feel everything they are going through To hold my breath, to smile, to cry, to be nervous right along with them Not only then do I became lost in the pages, but I truly feel immersed in the story Sadly, that did not happen with Flicker I became adrift, confused and could not find a way to care about any of the characters.But at first, I was completely intrigued in chapter one The story started off with Lee and her best friend at a house party What seemed normal, quickly escalated into something else when Lee would catch a glimpse of an image that truly could not be there A girl with green hair and black spines growing from her back, a girl with pointed ears, a boy with a snout and wolf s ears.but when she would take a second glance, they were just normal teenagers When things started to become too uncomfortable for Lee, she escaped the party and ended up in the land of the Fey Where she stayed for the next 7 years not by choice At this point, I was SO intrigued I was nervous about what was going to happen to Lee and I couldn t wait to see how she was going to escape.In the next chapter, everything seemed to change We were introduced to two boys, Filo and Nasser, but I quickly became lost We would spend a few pages with one of them and then quickly switch to the other Then after only a few pages with that one, then we would go back to the other character While the switching between characters did eventually become spaced out, I could never feel attached to any of them To know Lee, Nasser or any of the other characters inside out Or at the very least to understand their voices And with each switch, a lot of times I felt discombobulated I never really knew who we were starting out with Their voices blended together and felt blurred to me.I also struggled with the introduction of so many characters within the first few chapters We meet Lee, Alice, Morgan, Newman, Jason, a hob, a dryad, Rodney and a lot of names from the Summer Court Oh my goodness, I became so confused Honestly, it took me close to 32% to have a good grasp on who was who without having to look at my highlighted notes Usually the characters I read about became vivid in my mind and I can visualize every detail about them But in Flicker, I wasn t able to do that Their descriptions became long forgotten Especially since I struggled with just keeping up with who was who.So unfortunately, Flicker was not for me While the premise was definitely interesting, I struggled with the changes of viewpoints and the influx of characters What connection I had initially made, became disjointed and then lost So suffice to say, I will not be continuing on with this series ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review For of my reviews, please visit

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    I just couldn t get into this.First try I had to put it down it was just mind boggling I couldn t keep up with the story And honestly, I found it a little boring which didn t help matters when I was already growing confused I decided to pick it back up the next day and try again although my confusion kept growing and I decided to start again from the beginning at this point I was becoming agitated and frustrated with it all But the same happened I grew bored and tired of it and yes, confused I kept reading hoping it would pick up and something would grab my attention I hoped that my confusion would pan out as I got into it And it did Soon I picked up exactly what was going on and worked through my scrambled thoughts And although I finally grasped the context and what was going on I was still bored Nothing grabbed my attention and demanded me to read it, I simply read it to read it As I can t NOT leave a story unread once I begin.I think some people will enjoy this, it just simply wasn t to my taste.It s a good story it just wasn t for me.

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    My original review is posted over on Girls Heart Books but I am gonna post another one here Why Because I can Allow me to begin Hot Mother.I will be honest with you all and say I ve been in a Faerie Funk after Lament Maggie Stiefvater because I love Luke, and I haven t really been sucked into any others since I read that I m not sure why A Book Hangover I suppose But I ve been wanting to get back into the Fey novels, so when Kaye contacted Mel and I about reviewing her book, I was interested I had high expectations that this would be really good, but I was scared I would be disappointed After all, I was comparing it to Lament of all things.GOD This book blew any other book about the Fey out of the water I have never been so enad in a story before, nor have I ever read something where not ONE ship left me disagreeing No, no I found myself doing this times than I d like to admit It s embarrassing how obsessive I got with Nasser, Filo, Alice, Jason and Lee.SPEAKING OF FILO Luke, love, you have some serious competition if someone doesn t snatch up that boy, and soon Ahemhemhem All right, let s not give away spoilers ANYWAY Enough of my drooling Back to crying Because the end was coming way too fast And I was gonna have a serious issue without Filo I mean, Flicker Yeah But Then I come to find out there is a sequel It is titled Brightly It is scheduled for publication sometime in 2013 Early My life is made.So, um I guess the waiting needs to start now, huh meanwhile, you should all go read this Like, really Stop reading my review Get on , and download this baby to it.Don t have a Kindle GET ONE Then order a physical copy, dammit And wait, at the front door, for the mail man to get to your house, and when he does, hug him, because he has just brought you the best book of the fey in the history of all time.The End.

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    Must Read YA Fantasy I was immediately drawn into Flicker Kaye does an amazing job of throwing the reader right into the deep end along with sixteen year old Lee as she is taken from everything she knows and forced to serve in Faerie When happenstance puts Nasser, a seer, in the same faerie revel as Lee, their lives change forever Once Lee is freed from her Faerie prison of endless painting she discovers she can never go back home What was only days in Faerie has been years in the real world Nasser takes her back to Bridgestone City, to his friends, and to a world Lee could have never imagined co existing with her own The story follows Lee, Nasser, and three others with different magical abilities as they fight to grow up, discover themselves, and avoid getting stolen back to Faerie.I am a fanatic about character development and this story had it all One of my favorite elements is the way Kaye has woven Faerie folklore in with other mystical creatures I m not a huge fan of Faeries, in fact, they sort of creep me out, much like clowns so it was easy to be on the side of this misfit band of teens as they fought off the evil Faeries I definitely am a fan of Neman and Morgan, the nasty folk who had apprenticed Filo, one of the most conflicted characters in the book They are nasty with a capital N and I love it There are so many opportunities for other stories to spawn from these four amazing characters, and I really hope Kaye brings them back Although she played a minor role in this book, I have a feeling Alice has an amazing story to tell about where she has been and what lies ahead.Overall I enjoyed the plot, it was very well developed The perspectives of the main characters and those of the Faeye were very well written and delivered seamlessly I almost think the book could stand on its own without the first chapter and all of its normal teen drama focusing on Lee and her experience at the park I definitely recommend Flicker as it appeals to a wide range of readers Read and Reviewed for TracyRiva.com Tracy Riva Books and Reviews.

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    Alright, so I have to start off this review by saying that I freaking LOOVE this cover I just love it so much And was happy to find that Lee is a redhead 3 I so love red hair, it must be because I have it, as well as my daughter But yes, the cover is gorgeous and I also love the font they chose for the title So about the story, I also really enjoyed it I think it is a wonderful debut novel and am going to be looking forward to from Kaye.Flicker revoles mostly around Lee, a 16 year old artist, who wanders into a faerie revel and loses the next seven years of her life Lee is finally recscued when Nasser comes to the revel looking for his brother Jason, only he sees Lee and makes a trade to free her When the faerie Prince and Queens find out that someone has traded her off when the Prince is so attached to her, they send that person, who is a dryad named Bryony, after Lee to bring her back Bryony is quite desperate to bring her back as she loves the Prince and would do anything to be able to be with him So there is a lot going on in the story because Lee finds out that she can use magic and she really, really likes Nasser But her comes Bryony trying to capture her and take her from her new life So the story line is pretty fun and I was always eager to see what would happen next.There are a lot of major characters in this story There s Lee of course Nasser, her love interest and hero Jason, Nasser s brother Filo, a grumpy Seer who hates everything and everyone, especially Lee, who has been left in his care Then there is Alice, who isn t as big of a character, but she is still pretty awesome And then Bryony, a vindictive dryad who lets nobody get in her way of her love.Overall, Flicker is a fun read It s full of heartbreak, adventure and romance I felt terrible for Lee, losing seven years of her life, but then look what comes of it She meets a great guy I think Kaye Thornbrugh is an author that you should watch out for and if you are at all into books about faeries, you should definitely give this book a read If you ve never read a book about faeries, maybe you should start with this one It s definitely a cute, fun read.

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    Flicker is Kaye Thornbrugh s brilliant debut novel and the first in what will be a new series We were very lucky to be contacted by the author and offered the chance to review this book Lana and I were both instantly interested in the story So, of course, we had to say yes This is one of my new favorite books about the fey.Written in the third person perspective, the narrative flows beautifully making it nearly impossible to stop reading I simply had to know what would happen next to the amazing characters Thornbrugh created Superbly plotted and vividly descriptive, this book captivated me from the very beginning I had no idea what would happen next and I loved it I love these characters Even the slightly and not so slightly evil ones are compelling I love that none of them are perfect everyone has their demons and flaws It helps make them believable and makes it very, very hard to not like them And they grow and adapt as the plot unwinds, learning from their mistakes All the characters are fun to read about but my favorites are Filo and Nasser Nasser has to be one of the sweetest male characters I have ever read Not only does he rescue Lee from the revel, he is determined to protect her, his brother and friends with little regard for his own safety His loyalty and bravery are beyond commendable Where Nasser is sweet and protective, Filo is all rough edges and terrified of showing any kind of real emotion For all his outward harshness, Filo is the most dynamic and interesting of all the characters Yes, you sometimes want to smack him for his seemingly callous treatment of the others but if you look a little closer you can see his struggle to protect himself from further pain and loss Mostly, I wanted to give him a hug and tell him everything would work out This book is the total package intriguing, fast paced and peppered with both humor and sadness It s unique, very well written and leaves you feeling bereft when it s over.

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    I Absolutely LOVED this book Miss Thornbrugh is a wonderful story teller who pulled me in and held me thru the whole story I often use reading as an escape, which I was able to do with the characters and places in this book I truly hope there will be a sequel Would love to find out what happens with Nasser and Lee, Filo and Alice And whether Nem and Morgan come back How Lee s powers grow Great writing and quite engaging tale Will watch with baited breath for a sequel.

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    Likable characters, deep friendships, harsh lessons, court intrigue, colorful magic, and an abundance of perseverance make for a fascinating tale Kaye Thornbrugh weaves a vivid world dancing just beyond normal sight Flicker is a great read I look forward to reading future works by this author This is Kaye s first novel and I think she did fantastic

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    AMAZING HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ Kaye has a wonderful gift with words She makes you feel a part of the story and her world I look forward to reading from Miss Kaye in the future.

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