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    A really insightful business book the main theme of which is an idea that seems to be absent everywhere else There are lots of business books of course that talk about the need to grow your business or about problems you face when growing But Let Go to Grow Why Some Businesses Thrive Others Fail to Reach Their Potential speaks to the actual mechanisms of growing your business If there s another book out there that deals with this issue directly, I haven t seen it.The best part for me was how authors Doug White and Polly White made a point of defining business sizes Terms like micro, small, and medium businesses are thrown around with a wide variety of meanings The Whites definitions of these terms are spot on and pertinent across all industries and business types I m definitely incorporating it into my own vocabulary I do have a bit of a problem continuing to rely on the term small business which gives an air of unimportance But you can t change the world in a single book, so it s just a small complaint.Beyond that foundation, the content is great Great insight into specific steps and pitfalls if you want to move your company to grow Another nice plus is that they make it clear that a company does not have to grow to be successful which is not as But if you do want it to grow, this book is invaluable NARRATION The authors narrated this book themselves Primary Doug with Polly contributing the summaries and sidebox comments, which I thought was a really nice touch With most non fiction audio books it s hard to differentiate that type of material Overall the narration was a bit stiff and forced at times But I d still say it s a good thing they the authors performed the narration they know the material better than anyone else.

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    I just finished Let Go to Grow by Doug and Polly White, and I d highly recommend it to anyone involved in growing a business.I was struck by how closely their stories and advice match my experience in growing a business I helped start a management and IT consulting firm as one of the first employees and grew along with the firm to become a partner and Chief Operating Officer As the firm grew from a handful of people to nearly 100, we experienced many of the growing pains that Doug and Polly describe the difficultly for founders to let go, empower others, and delegate effectively and the need for additional structure and management practices I believe that many founders can manage the shift from small to medium sized company successfully However, nearly everyone needs help in the form of books such as these and even coaches and consultants who can help with the transition I agree with nearly all of Doug and Polly s recommendations They describe many things I learned the hard way I only wish I had come across their book years ago It s a must read for anyone growing a business who d like to work smart as well as work hard and have fun on the journey.

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Let Go to Grow summary pdf Let Go to Grow , summary chapter 2 Let Go to Grow , sparknotes Let Go to Grow , Let Go to Grow 8777dec Why Do Some Businesses Thrive, While Others Flounder Unable To Achieve That Illusive Next Level Let Go To Grow, Named A Best Business Book By The National Federation Of Independent Business, Breaks New Ground By Focusing On The Entrepreneur The Difference Between Successful Businesses And Those That Struggle Is Often How Effectively The Principal Lets Go Of The Things He She Did That Made The Enterprise Successful When It Was Smaller Equally Important Is Developing The New Skills That Are Required As The Business Expands Using Real Life Examples Gleaned From Studying Than Companies, Let Go To Grow Illustrates How The Principal S Skill Set Must Change And Morph For The Business To Prosper It Goes Beyond Simply Spelling Out What Needs To Be Done It Explains How To Do It In Clear, Concise, And Practical Terms It S A Must Read For Those Even Thinking About Growing A Small Business

  • Audio CD
  • Let Go to Grow
  • Doug White
  • English
  • 17 September 2017
  • 9781928662617

About the Author: Doug White

Doug White is a Partner in Whitestone Partners, Inc Doug has twenty five years of experience helping companies improve their bottom line His career is characterized by its diversity and breadth He began his professional life with McKinsey Company, one of the world s preeminent strategy consulting firms He has held C Level jobs since 1991 Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Offic