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1937年的爱情 summary 1937年的爱情, series 1937年的爱情, book 1937年的爱情, pdf 1937年的爱情, 1937年的爱情 b9ee9e296e A Masterpiece By One Of China S Bestselling Contemporary Novelists, Nanjing Tells The Epic Story Of A Passionate Courtship Played Out Against The Backdrop Of One Of The Century S Most Harrowing Scenes Of WarDing Wenyu Is A Philandering Professor Famous For Storming Out Of Class If There Aren T Enough Pretty Girls To Teach When He Attends The Wedding Of The Beautiful Ren Yuyuan, He Falls Hopelessly In Love With Her Embarking With Single Minded Resolve To Win Her Heart, He Writes Daily Love Letters And Makes Unabashed Overtures To No Avail, All The While Blissfully Unaware Of The Mounting Threat Of The Japanese, Whose Siege Of The Historic Capital City Will Result In The Rape Of Thousands And Murder On An Unimaginable Scale A Love Story Devastatingly Linked To A Nation S Inexorable Fate, This Swirling Tempest Of A Novel Moves Us From Antic Heights To Tragic Depths While Vividly Evoking A Prosperous China On The Brink Of Political Upheaval

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    I bought this book for the cover, than anything Not the one pictured on Goodreads, but a very artistic colored pencil looking yellow and red image Happily, I found the book as intriguing as the cover It s an unusual love story, and the tale is tied around historical events which I m not familiar with, but I was able to follow along both because of the notations, and because the love story takes place in spite of not from dependence on the events of the times.The translation makes the writing seem like it leaves a little to be desired, but it s something I could get past.The love story is less romantic or dramatic or rather, it is dramatic without dwelling on itself than I ve come to expect, which is what makes it refreshing.

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    A unique, unconventional, painful love story you can really feel It actually reads like something written in the early 20th century, and the heavy dose of historical fact incorporated into the story is a delight for dorks like me Well, considering the facts, delight is probably not the best word to use It just makes it all the compelling This is one of the best Chinese novels I ve ever read.

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    Ding Wenyu, almost forty, is married and a womaniser he s a college professor proficient in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Romanian his legendary language abilities come in useful from time to time When in his late teens he was banished to France as a result of a misguided pursuit of a young woman In Paris he crossed paths with Ernest Hemingway, Vladimir Nabokov and Jorge Luis Borges, among others Indeed, the book is deliberately scattered with name dropping, notably the hierarchy of China at the time there s a helpful glossary of historical figures Wenyu does not appear to be a likeable fellow, though he is amusing and his conceit in disavowing the s of his times evokes sympathy.Whether a fault of the translator, the editor if any or the author, the text is peppered with far too many clich s hold a candle , between a rock and a hard place , a piece of cake , the short end of the stick to list a few As the book contains irony as well as humour, perhaps this is intentional.Wenyu s life is changed when he beholds the younger sister of the girl he d pursued twenty years earlier At her wedding to a popular fighter pilot, Yuyuan captures Wenyu s heart He is smitten with a kind of adoration of the utmost purity Unlike his encounters with married women and prostitutes, he does not lust after her.So, he becomes obsessed with Yuyuan He writes love letters not lewd or salacious, just full of praise to her every day Perhaps nowadays he would be arrested for stalking In parallel deliberately the author juxtaposes Wenyu s pursuit of his love against the threat of Japanese invasion both seeming leisurely in pace, though that same pace quickens towards the end There are some interesting snippets about the military situation, for example According to intelligence reports at the time, the Japanese military s primary future target was not China but Russia Moreover, if the Japanese navy wanted to conquer the Pacific, a direct conflict with America would be inevitable This is, just, a love story the blurb calls it epic but it isn t Its emotional punch is weakened by the omniscient point of view, so as a result the ending was disappointing Some critics have mentioned explicit scenes and raunchy sex scenes these are minor, and most of the sex there isn t much is handled without graphic detail There is one curious item regarding women without pubic hair being called white tigers the legend has it that white tigers can harm men, so many superstitious Chinese men will not bed a white tiger Another involves an acquaintance of Wenyu in necrophilia.The book is enlightening about the culture and attitudes of the time in China What comes across most forcefully is the universality of the human condition, irrespective of culture In 1937 Nanjing there was a cult of personality the rich and notable craved to be seen at events divorce was considered a scandal but accepted and young girls attempted to marry older rich men Hanging over the leisurely and sometimes farcical courting by Wenyu is the oppressive knowledge that Japanese forces would prevail and Nanjing would fall The Chinese saying is perfectly apt If good fortune awaits there is no reason to hide if disaster awaits there will be no place to hide.

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    This was the second time i tried reading this book and i liked it better this time round and managed to finish it The main character Ding wasn t so easy to like, but i think there was a nice correlation between the rise in romantic intensity to the approach of the Nanjin massacre The book did end a bit too abruptly, but at least the character was likeable by that point than before.

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    This book was great, a little long winded, but i think it was supposed to capture the character of Ding A superb read for infomation about the japanese advance in china.

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    story of China during the war portrayed through a love story

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    3.5Torn on how I feel about this book Ding Wenyu, the protagonist, is not very relatable and is consistently repulsive throughout the book Ye attempts to conceal these pitfalls in the protagonist s personality with the theme of pure love, but it just doesn t work at times IF you can push to the back of your mind how creepy he is, then I think it s a decent novel.Not the typical love story and packed with historical insight The many side stories, whether it be in context of the brewing Sino Japanese War or side characters, were all entertaining The cast of characters is diverse and keep the book s pacing from dragging, despite Ding Wenyu s repetitive actions continued throughout Overall, I d recommend it Interested in Chinese history or literature Read it keeping in mind it is still historical fiction Want to try a new take on a love story Read it Feel the need to bond with or like the main character Avoid.

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    For anyone with a small interest in the History of China, Nankin 1937 are two strong words, harbinger of doom and one of the darkest parts of Chinese history But in this novel s title, these words are associated with a love story It s on this antithetic note that I started reading this book It is indeed a love story A neurotic and obsessed romance, but a romance all the same And with a huge sword of Damocles suspended above it Ding Wenyu, experienced playboy, falls madly in love with Yuyuan on the day of her marriage Here he is, changed into a lovesick and clumsy man, trying to court relentlessly Yuyuan with a totally off subject courtship Off subject in the face of Yuyuan s situation, just married, off subject in the face of society and off subject in the face of the terrible events in preparation But not at all off subject in the face of Ding Wenyu s passion.The love story between Ding Wenyu and Yuyuan develops over a year, and evolves with the atmosphere in the city of Nanjing, in this famous year 1937 It is rather calm at the beginning, as is the city when it still doesn t believe in clashes, and becomes and frenetic as the pressure of war increases And their story will reach it s pinnacle when the novel ends, with the entry of Japanese troops in Nanjing.The characters Ding Wenyu and Yuyuan are both maddening and loathable, but also appealing because of their flaws They also become all the appealing as the fatality of History catches up with them.In a way, this book is a bittersweet prelude to the horrors that will befall Nanjing in the end of 1937.

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    This book takes place in Nanjing the year leading up to the infamous massacre by the Japanese in 1937 The story is about Ding Wenyu, a womanizing professor of foreign languages He is a immensely popular professor who does not abide by any rule of either etiquette or common sense He is invited to the wedding of one of his colleague s and falls head over heels in love with the bride, Ren Yuyuan He starts by sending daily love letters to her She at first is embarrassed and does not know how to handle the undeserved attention Ren s marriage to a arrogant philandering pilot has problems from the start.The urgency of the love because of the environment gets and tense at the invasion draws nearer.There is a tremendous amount of detail in this book The author describes this year in amazing attention to detail The amount of research done was phenomenal The Chinese politics and attitudes are described.I found this book intriguing but difficult to read First the romance was a little farcical This may be the Chinese style The book read like a history book at times instead of a historical fiction I do not know whether this is because of the amount of detail in the book or because of the translation

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    This book was better then I expected Though there were times when I found myself starring of into space, what kept me captivated was the ironic situations in the story For example, Ding Wenyu s ability to capture the heart s of dozens of women, despite being in his late 30 s P Also, I dove into this book expecting one thing, but got something completely different in return I thought the main focus would be a of a love story taken place during the Rape of Nanjing, and how this tragic event would have effected the relationship, but the only trace of the event that actually took place was in the last 90 pages Nevertheless, the story and character development of the main characters, Ding Wenyu and Ren Yuyuan, remained smooth throughout the whole book His persistence and determination to get his lover kept me throughly entertained and continuously anticipating what was going to happen next Another positive from this book was Ding Wenyu s lifestyle as a professor Ye Zhaoyan kept it stable and made sense form the beginning to end of this book Nothing out of the ordinary came from his character, which was much appreciated because if that had happened, I would have lost focus from Ye Zhaoyan s book I give this book a well deserved 3 stars

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