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    SPOILERS AHEAD YOU VE BEEN WARNED I HATED THIS BOOK Why, you ask 1 Jack is a JERK 2 Cassie is a MORON And 3 JACK IS A JERK Look, all this book is is Jack and Cassie going back and forth completely destroying each other I mean, he cheats on her with someone who he ends up getting pregnant Then he LEAVES Cassie to marry Miss Pregnant Lady.And then he comes BACK to Cassie, and not only does she take him back.Ooooh no You want to know what she does She apologizes to HIM And then they live happily every after So If you find yourself wondering as to whether you should read this book or not Just picture me in the back of your mind doing this And then if you STILL decide to read this humdinger of a book Well Questions

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    REALLY I MEAN, REALLY it would be 1 star didn t like but the way jack apologized in the fucking end, IN THE END, actually saved the book i mean i was so frustrated with them this review will contain lots of spoilers so please don t tell me you haven t been warned, because i ain t hiding them first it was like reading soft version of beautiful disaster second all the time he called her kitten and all the time i tried to remember why is that so fucking familiar to me too, together with first one,in which book did he call her also like that all the time and also teased her about it, and then it hit me third are you girl really so fucking stupid i ve read books that have irritating heroine then this, but this, this is. arrrrgh i mean he cheats you, then he gets her pregnant then he goes and marries her EVEN THOUGH YOU BEGGED HIM NOT TO , then he comes back but you leave, then you mope because he doesn t even bother to text you for 6 months but then he comes and then he apologizes on the most cutest way ever this i have to admit is the reason i gave one star and above all of that YOU ARE APOLOGIZING TO HIM WTF IS SOMETHING WRONG IN THIS UNIVERSE forth jack is obviously stupid his logic is so stupid and so irritating and so uuu i need to be punished for hurting her so i ll do everything to fuck things even worse honestly i wanted to kick them both for being so annoying this book started so boring then started to give a hint to become something but then jumped to soooo much drama, and then i was just rolling my eyes and wanting to end this because it was becoming so frustrating to read it i apologize for such a outburst but i feel better now

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    This review is posted at My Secret Romance4.5 starsWhen I first heard about this book, I was all likeSweet heavens Jerks are the way to my heart Then I started reading and I was likeJack Carter, you are on the top of my Jerk of My Dreams shelf, first in line and all the way to the left You re sitting right next to Jack Howard from the Avoiding series Trust me buddy, that s a good thing.Seriously.This bookGave me the biggest, dumbest, grin on my face the whole timeANDMade me want to punch my kindle at the time It s all about the game for Jack The perfect pitchjust keep your eyes focused on the ball and not the stands Nothing else matters to himexcept the woman who catches his heart.Baseball has always been everything to Jack Sure, he loves the attention from the girls, but not even the girls can sway him Jack s the love em and leave em kind of guy He s got that whole cocky, sometimes cheesy arrogant attitude that the girls love and guys wish they were His main focus is baseball, until he locks eyes with Cassie one night Just about every girl falls at the feet of Jack except Cassie She wants nothing to do with the known player of the baseball team and University She see s him for who he truly is a player and a user and steers clear of him Cassie fights her ever growing attraction to Jack with wit and attitude But Jack is persistent, and doesn t give up until she finally agrees to one date with him.Jack and Cassie both have deep seeded family issues though that prevents them from trusting people It s all a game at first, but they work through the problems Jack wants Cassie something fierce and works to prove to her how much He shows Cassie a side of him he s never shown anyone before Things are going seemingly well for both when Jack lands professional baseball career and Cassie gets an internship, they re unstoppable Cassie is falling hard for Jack when he makes a terrible mistake that wrecks havoc on Cassie s heart and emotions Now Jack must pay for his error in judgment for the rest of his life with one person who ruined the best thing he had.I think I m crazyI love this theme it s my favorite theme and J Sterling played it perfectly in my eyes I totally had the ansgt induced panic attacks that I crave for with this book One minute I m routing for infidelity and lies and whispering, do it do it and the next I m screaming, YOU FUCKING BITCH BASTARD HOW DARE YOU DO THAT Clearly, I need help.This book gave me whiplash when it comes to my emotions One minute I m beaming and the next I feel sick The banter between Jack and Cassie was fabulous I loved it I laughed and giggled and had that stupid grin on my face until things got serious, likeAnd then shit REALLY gets seriousWhat the hell J Why you gotta play me like that What Jack did was not forgivable in my eyes Normally, I do forgive pretty easy, but it s the events that transpired after and Jack s way of thinking that really had me wanting to give him a swift kick to his groin I started to loathe him with every bone in my body I felt every damn emotion that Cassie went through Everything The words shot right through me to the point where I wanted to cry and hug Cassie I understand why Jack took the path that he did because of his upbringing, but damn he is one stubborn hardheaded man Jack paid for his actions in the worst way, I believe It took time, but he proved to Cassie that there would never be anyone else but her This story has two point of views and if it wasn t for that, I may have thought differently in the end Jack loved Cassie with all his heart He knew he screwed up but and worked it back to the way it was suppose to be OkI take it back I didn t think it was going to be possible since he screwed up royallybut it was Jack TOTALLY redeemed himself He is forgiven Jack totally melted my heart in the end Completely So then I m all likeYEAH BABY This is a great story of love, loss and redemption and it just goes to show that love can conquer all People are meant to make mistakes and that s what makes us human Sometimes it s the mistakes lead you in the wrong direction and other times in the right I think if you love someone deep down with all of you, you can overcome anything.Why not that extra half star, you ask Simply because I think Jack knew what he was doing subconsciously, maybe not, but and he wore a METS shirt in the end No way Obviously I m a YANKEES fan.Overall thoughts I LOVED IT and I would love to see Jack s brother Dean get a story out of this.P.S Jenn, can we be BFF s Because you created the hero that I LOVE to read about and you have a fabulous sense of humor

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    5 JACKTASTIC STARS I absolutely adore the feeling you get when you ve found an incredibly fan f cking tastic book A book that takes you from happy, to thrilled, to anxious, to sad, to gutted, to depressed, to on top of the freaking world An amazing book to me, is a book that I will remember almost every moment once I ve read it It s a book that devours my heart, soul and mind It sticks with me and when it ends I want to cry because I m so attached to each of the characters, that the thought of my journey ending devastates me That s MY mark, that tells me if a book is an absolute favorite The Perfect Game by Jenn Sterling hit all of those points and I was BLOWN AWAY Jack f cking Carter is a bad ass, man whore who never sleeps with the same girl twice until he meets Cassie He s taken with her the first time he sees her and try s to get her to go on a date with him Cassie sees him for what he is and knows he s trouble just from looking at him She really wants nothing to do with him but Jack is persistent and finally wears her down until she agrees to a first date The love story that continues between them is EPIC and REAL, it gave me butterfly s and made me smile like crazy Jack had me so completely and utterly in love with him, I couldn t see straight Being with him is a battle for Cassie though because they both have some serious issues with trust that stem from their childhood Cassie has daddy issues and Jack has abandonment issues that makes trusting each other hard What does your heart tell you Who cares my hearts dumb It believes anything, I said, clutching my chest above my left breast He laughed his eyes glued to my hand Fine What does your head tell you then My head questions everything and believes nothing So your head wants proof and your hearts want reassurance There s a specific moment in this book that rocked me I think I stopped breathing, clutched my chest and thought I was going to die I know, I knowlol I m being a tad bit melodramatic but I was in physical pain, my chest ached, my heart was shattered and I didn t think I d be able to recover BUT I did I seriously LOVE books that rock me to my core like that.I had an actual moment and I will NEVER forget it When I told you I loved you I meant it I didn t mean that I d love you only if it was easy, or only if it was drama free I think we both know life isn t like that Jack Carter Jenn Sterling left me feeling like I was on a book high at the end of this I haven t felt this strongly towards a book in awhile and it s such a awesome, refreshing feeling In all honesty I almost didn t pick this book up but I am so glad that I did It s a favorite of mine this year and I loved every second of reading it.IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT READING IT, MY THOUGHTS AREWHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR HOT SEXY BAD ASS BOY MEETS GORGEOUS, SWEET AND SASSY GIRL AND YOU HAVE THE COMBINATION FOR THE BEST ANGSY ROMANCE EVER.P.S I went a little crazy with my status updates while reading I couldn t help it J Sterlings perfect Jack f cking CarterYES PLEASE

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    Sometimes I feel exactly like Julia Roberts, except my hair is a very unique shade of red called brown , my lips are in proportion to my body and I would never ever teach Richard Gere how to drive a stick So why birth this randomness Because every time I start a review, I kind of feel like Julia Roberts at the beginning of My Best Friend s Wedding She slowly takes a bite, pauses, then says I m writing this up as inventiveand confident Well, a few days ago I took a rather big bite out of Jack The Perfect Game and here s what I have to sayI was somewhere between three and four stars for most of the book However, somewhere in the second half there was some major five starness that jumped up and bit me on the ass I was so confused The star erasers had to do with the start of Jack Cassie s relationship The author had the perfect set up for something amazing A buildup with so much sexual tension that I d need a hazmat suit just to read it, but it was rushed It came too quick it happened too fast Draw it outtease me Let me find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop I WANT MY LICKS The banter had its great moments.seriously, but there were other times where the banter wasn t natural it seemed forced Scripted in a way I also don t think I liked Cassie as much as I was suppose to I didn t NOT like her, but I didn t love her eithernot like I loved Jack Maybe it was because she didn t have a penis Speaking of penis, did I mention how much I love Jack Yes, he totally broke my heart The type of broken where my whole body tensed and I felt like I was going to be sick But like any broken heart, it can be fixedand Jack fixed it The ending was absolutely amazingA M A Z I N G I respect any book that can not only make me feel, but make me feel real emotions The Perfect Game did that J Sterling had her finger on the pulse of something amazing And even though it wasn t OMG greatit was a really good read that I m glad I experienced READ ON

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    2.5 messed up, emotional and infuriating stars

    I mean, really

    This book Well, this book I can t say that I really hated it, but I also know that I didn t love it either So, that leaves me somewhere in the middle I guess

    MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD The main reason that this book infuriated me were the two main characters and their immature behavior Particularly that of Jack Carter.What A Jackass.Seriously.

    See, in the beginning of the story, Jack is a the typical famous playboy athlete who sleeps with a different girl every night Then, he meets sweet and refreshing Cassie, his game changer, who doesn t fall for his usual charm So, he decides to chase her and get her to go out with him Eventually they fall in love and that s when the real turbulence of their relationship starts Because both Jack and Cassie have trust issues So, there s lots of miscommunication, jealousy and unnecessary drama that could have been easily avoided if they would have just communicated in the first place.

    Then, Jack does the unthinkable On a drunken celebration night, he cheats on Cassie with a baseball groupie who has set her eyes on Jack and who s made herself easily available To make matters worse, this girl ends up pregnant so Jack leaves Cassie in order to marry his drunken one night stand who s really only after his money and fame

    Cassie, on the other hand, is hurt by his actions Of course But does she make him grovel Does she turn him down when he comes begging for forgiveness after he s seen the light and divorced Chrystle s skanky ass NO She takes him right back and ends up being the one comforting him.

    Granted, Jack did say some sweet things in the end and he did promise to make it up to her for the rest of his life but still By the end of the story they do get their HEA for now And as for the rest of the series and the continuation of their, without a doubt, dramatic love life

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    HERE THAR BE SPOILERS YEE HAVE BEEN WARNED I have decided to petition the author to rename this book The Perfect Lobotomy, due to all the brain cells that were destroyed during its reading.This book was an epic That s right Fail.Never NEVER before have I encountered two characters I actively wished death upon I not only wished death on these characters, I wished for it to be slow and painful, preferrably consisting of some kind of flesh eating disease that rotted off body parts but kept their minds clear and lucid Yeah It was like that.The beginning of this book was okay, formulaic, but okay It s the same ole, same ole really bad boy, manwhore is really just sniffle misunderstood and needs that one girl to fix him Y all know the girl for the job, right Yep, you guessed it, she s the only one around who can t stand him of course Yeah, totally formulaic But that I can deal with to an extent if the baser story is interesting Only it s not It s a maddening exercise in futility.The author chose to show us the beginning of the relationship The one where Jack is shamelessly chasing Cassie around poking and prodding her, vacillating between uber jerk and charmer, all in attempt to get her to go out with him Because folks, she s just that speshul Once said date is secured, Jack proceeds to interrupt it halfway through to smash someone s face in No kidding Seriously Then, if that s not bad enough, the author fast forwards the timeline by one month Huh Excuse me I actually had to go back to make certain I wasn t reading that incorrectly What happened to those all important getting to know you aspects Nope Not there Guess what, we jump back into the story and these dipshits are screwing and spouting promises of forever love.Hold the fuck up Really I guess that s one way of skirting the insta love claim Except it s not, it s cheating And I really, really hate cheating It s also lazy and I hate that too.From there the relationship between Jack and Cassie was Very little time is given to allow for any sort of normalcy before BAM the first accusation of cheating pops it s furry little whack a mole head into the story That s right, Jack goes to an away game and some mean girls approach a very easily influenced Cassie with some pics of him at a hotel with another girl She immediately believes them, though the photos were less than incriminating, and refuses to speak with Jack Oh the swoony drama Not It s stupid, but I was willing to let it go and chaulk it up to young adults being young adults Hey, I m not that old, I remember the days, things could get pretty dramatic back them So it got a pass But by then I was suspicious Why Because it was so early in the story.Moving on.The two lovebirds work out their little misunderstanding and all is good briefly until Jack gets drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks minor league team Shortly after which, he cheats on Cassie for reals And this, my friends, is where the story nosedives Grab your parachutes and walk calmly to the nearest exit because this mother is going down Baseball super fangirl and whore the author s words, not mine Chrystle gets knocked up and Jack decides that doing the right thing includes dumping Cassie the love of his life and marrying Chrystle And Cassie goes from broken hearted to begging for him to come back to her in 2.5 seconds Which Jack promptly shuts down, noting that his parents ruined him by abandoning him so he must do the right thing Remember folks, he s damaged What in all that is holy in this world is wrong with this bitch Can someone please tell me Can t you please have some self respect Apparently not, because she even goes so far as to fly out to Alabama to beg Jack to take her back the night before his nuptials And the asshat leaves her crying in a parking lot as he drives off with Chrystle the whore again, the author s words, not mine That, as they say, would have been a wrap for me But, oh no, Cassie is far too in love to let a little pregancy and a marriage shake her resolve BLEH So not sexy Here s a list of not sexy things for your perusing pleasure Begging someone who s hurt you in the most heinous way to take you back, especially when they don t want to Apologizing to the asshat for not being understanding enough to give him a chance after he s cheated, lied and MARRIED another woman Continually chastising yourself that you should have worked harder to make things better for your lying, cheating bastard of a man Raising a baby in a loveless marriage, because that s the way babies should grow up who needs loving parents when you can have your sperm donor stick around to raise you WHAT What the hell planet are these people living on Excuse me while I Oh, but it gets worse From there we discover the whole baby thing was all just a ruse by Chrystle to get a rock on her finger and after Jack finds out, he goes running back to Cassie with his tail between his legs It s only then that Cassie does the first sensible thing in this entire book don t worry, it doesn t last long , she leaves for her new job in New York and tells Jack that if he wants her back he has to prove himself So what does the asshat do to prove himself He doesn t call or see her for six months Yep, that s what I always do to show the people I love that I m seeking their forgiveness Works every time.More fuckery ensues when Cassie finally decides to move on with another guy who takes her to Yep, a baseball game, where Jack just happens to be pitching He sees her, they share a moment, and then she calls to tell him she misses him Except he doesn t return the call Two whole weeks go by before Jack sends Cassie a bunch of stupid gifts and then shows up on her doorstep SWOON NOT He spouts off about their mad love for each other and how they can never be apart and blah, blah, blah Epilogue they move in together that night and we fast forward a year into their happily ever after.I call bullshit Bullshit on Jack Bullshit on Cassie And bullshit on the author This is the most absurd and idiotic relationship I have ever encountered With the most absurd and idiotic story arcs ever E V E R I was practically pulling my hair out during this entire book Really, all this was was an angstfest It went from one misunderstanding or argument to another There was no character development, no firm story except this twisted ass love affair, and absolutely no redeeming qualities in these characters Cassie was forever whimpering and whining about how she couldn t live without Jack and how she needed to win him back Jack was forever whimpering and whining about how he didn t deserve Cassie while he stuck his dick in some other chick There I just saved you the trouble of reading this tripe.In the final scene in the book, pre epilogue, where Jack is spewing lovey dovey at Cassie, I know we re supposed to forgive him Only it s too little, too late So much fuckery has happened at that point that I simply didn t care I hated Jack I hated Cassie And I couldn t have given a shit if I d been paid to.You want to read a book about cheating where the author actually gets it right Read True Love Story Ian cheats on Sparrow and guess what Sparrow dumps his narrow ass and it takes F O R E V E R for this couple to get back together By the time they do, Ian is thoroughly and undoubtedly changed The reason I know this is because the author took her time to develop the characters before eviscerating them You knew the before Ian and the after Ian intimately and you saw his pain and anguish as he dealt with what he d done to Sparrow That, is how you do a story on cheating This, is how you kill my brain cells.Aside from all the above noted B.S there were other things that were just awful Somewhere at around the 1 3 mark Cassie gets robbed and her ass beat Like, seriously beat Again, this book is all about the drama The crap that went down with the police and subsequently the legal system would never have happened that way A violent offender would never be given an opportunity to plead no contest within hours of arrest, not even in Cali Sorry, worked in this field most of my adult life and know the system well Does Not Happen That Way Ever.Other characters are one dimensional and flat, adding little or nothing at all to the story They re so vanilla they all sounded alike and when they were all in a scene together I couldn t tell one from another The POV s were a hot mess The author dedicated only a small fraction of it to Jack and it made the whole book seem stilted and unnatural God, I could probalby go on forever, but I have other books to read Good books Books I m looking forward to Books I m hoping will help me forget the horror I just endured.Well fuck me running On the author s thank you page she gives a shout out to the real Jack Carter The world as we know it is over This man exists somewhere out there Hide your daughters, aunts, nanas, moms, distant cousins and not so distant cousins, and any other women you even remotely like and maybe the silverwear and good china, too I m currently seeking a restraining order.

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    SPOILER ALERTI ll start by saying overall this book was a good, easy, contemporary read. I usually love the ones centered around people in college etc.I absolutely loved the characters in the beginning, with Jack s protective, overbearing, loving, passionate and cocky attitude and Cassies kittens tough, beautiful and strong personality.The storyline was going so well. and then BAM, the cheating incident occurred I ll admit the way it happened seemed pretty believable to me, and I can understand how Sterling wanted to portray a real relationship with all its flaws and cheating, as sad as it is, is a common occurrence nowadays But the way both Jack and Cassie handled it made me SO FRUSTRATED.For one Jack hardly fought for Cassie even after he finds out the truth waiting is a pretty lame excuse , he gets MARRIED for god s sake because he believes he needs to be a part of his child s life. which he could still be without being married EWFSDOF WE gah, and the way he lied to her the morning after I mean after this whole incident his character was lost to me Secondly Cassie. WHAT THE. I mean he freaking cheated on you, and you want him back literally straight away How is that normal I know you love him but geez and When she was talking to the new guy, and not giving him a chance, I just don t understand her logic whatsoever You try to go to Jack and make him stop he doesn t listen to you and basically spits in your face with his new girl and then as soon as he comes crawling back you forgive him instantly All the strength I had admired in her character, was completely spoiled for me.I don t know how to rate this book. I ll give it a 2 overall. I liked the beginning and ending sure sweet gesture but the nonexistent character arc like character deterioration made the potential 2.5 rating go down.

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    The Perfect Game Ingredients 1 cup of trust issues1 cup of abandonment issues1 2 cup of heartache love1 2 cup of betrayala pinch of laughtera pinch of an awesome bffa pinch of sexy time1 4 cup of slutiness1 can of whoop ass1 handful of tissues2 boxes of CUE FUCKING TEARS Mix all these up and you have The Perfect Read Cassie Andrews and Jack Fucking Carter are both juniors at college Cassie is warned to stay away from Jack b c he is like the BIGGEST manwhore on campus He neverEVERsleeps with a girl twice She has trust issues because of her dad always promising things to her and never delivering She has a set of rules for a happy life 1 Don t lie 2 Don t cheat 3 Don t make promises you can t keep 4 Don t say things you don t mean.Pretty simple and easy rules for anyone to follow right Whelp, I would think so but someone by the name of Jack Fucking Carter ends up breaking one or Which one Oh i m not telling You have to read the book to find out The one that he did break, broke my heart I was like OH HELL NO , You F n Tardbucket I wanted to cry and shout out loudWHYY Like Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias.Jack has abandonment issues from when he was a child you re heart will just break reading about this and so he never has had a relationship before That is until he meets Cassie at a frat party one night There is just something about her that pulls him in and he just can t stay away She is his game changer The one that he will give up anything and everything for sighs Everything seems to be going perfect until that one horrible, gut wrenching unperfect night You would think the hurting would stop there but oh no It continues and continues I feel for Cassie but at the same time I would have been Screw You Jack I hate that view spoiler even though our names are spelt differently, the chick that Jack cheats on Cassie with is named Chrystle b c my name is Crystal hide spoiler

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    Spoiler Free Review Quick Review4 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult College RomanceWARNING This book contains cheating if you do not like that in your read please move on Everybody s like, He s no item Please don t like him.He don t wife em, he one nights em Lyrics Jay Z.After reading this you will never be able to look at a quarter the same way again AND YES I am referring to currency that totals twenty five cents Your my game changer, you know that Game changer I shook my head unsure of the meaning The one girl who changes everything, the one you d give it all up for He brushed his thumb down my cheek I don t want you to give everything up I know that But here s the thing about baseball, Kitten There s an expiration date for every single one of us that plays and we all know it Eventually my baseball career will come to an end, and I can live with that, but I can t live without you Jack and CassieI fell hard, HARD for Jack Carter This man had me wrapped around his pinky And then he crushed me, and I broke into a million tiny pieces that scattered away the second the wind blew sighs heavily Why Jack Whhhhyyyy In The Perfect Game Cassie Andrews a photography student in her Junior year in college meets Jack Carter the school star athlete He is a baseball player A pitcher with a fastball that has scouts lined up to watch him play He is also known as a man whore on campus A man whore who has never slept with the same girl twice When Melissa, Cassie s best friend and roommate sees Cassie spot Jack She puts the brakes on and asks Cassie to promise her that she will steer clear of him Cassie promisesbut it doesn t hold weight Jack zero s in on Cassie and her constant rejection spurs him on He wants her now and he won t stop until he gets her And he doeshe gets her Annnnndddd then he Breaks Her Heart ThoughtsI loved him I hated him Then I fell for him all over again I enjoyed this book it was filled with lots of witty banter between Jack and Cassie, and with Melissa and Cassie Melissa was an excellent best friend she kept it 100% with Cassie and never ever said things to placate her or the circumstances surrounding Jack Jack was the epitome of a bad boy and he played up to that role everyday of his life.Both Jack and Cassie had parentage issues that effected them deeply And this showed in their actions often This book takes two unexpected turns One felt out of place yet the author used it to her advantage For one It showcased Jacks alpha male I will kick your ass side For two You really began to see through his macho male ego that he truly loves and will do anything for Cassie The second curve ball thrown was not unexpected but was still SHOCKING and pretty much drove me insane I will not say for fear of saying to much I will say that I got my HAPPY ENDING claps hands Fave new wordCraptitude Way to ruin a perfectly good moment with your craptitude Craptitude He mocked Yeah Your crappy attitude Fave Line It cost fifty cents every time you touch me Don t do it again Cassie This is a fave line because Jack is sure to use it to his advantage In ways you would never imagine.lol My RatingsCharacters Lovable and WittyWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline GoodSteam Factor Medium Moderately SteamyOverall I enjoyed it Read it For reviews got to go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads.

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The Perfect Game download The Perfect Game, read online The Perfect Game, kindle ebook The Perfect Game, The Perfect Game eff954fe895b He S A Game She Never Intended To Play And She S The Game Changer He Never Knew He NeededThe Perfect Game Tells The Story Of College Juniors, Cassie Andrews Jack Carter When Cassie Meets Rising Baseball Hopeful Jack, She Is Determined To Steer Clear Of Him And His Typical Cocky Attitude But Jack Has Other Things On His Mind Like Getting Cassie To Give Him The Time Of Day They Re Both Damaged, Filled With Mistrust And Guarded Before They Find One Another And Themselves In This Emotional Journey About Love And Forgiveness Strap Yourselves For A Ride That Will Not Only Break Your Heart, But Put It Back Together Sometimes Life Gets Ugly Before It Gets BeautifulThis Is A MATURE YOUNG ADULT NEW ADULT NovelSuitable For Ages Contains Strong Language, Sexual Situations And References