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10 thoughts on “Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1)

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    Absolutely perfect Can t wait to read the next one.

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    This was another of my free downloads.This is a really good start for a story In fact, it felt like the first chapter of a book I understand it is a serial but I am not sure that was the fight way to present this story I mean I was just getting into it and bam, it s over Now I have to wait and try and catch the next part s Also, from reading some of the other reviews, the parts are fairly pricey considering how little story there is I guess I will just have to wait and see if it is worth continuing I only gave 3 stars because there isn t really enough to judge I liked what was there, but there wasn t a lot there though.

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    Man Lenny is my hero

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    Really good openingoff to read part 2.

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    This was a free ebook Just something that was highly rated, but I knew nothing else about I was traveling and needed something to read on the plane.This was a very interesting short story, but it is obviously from the title, only the first in a series of stories I was disappointed in that in reads too much like only the prolog of a bigger story It is enough to capture your interest and want you to continue the story, but it is not a story unto itself You are still waiting for the characters to develop.Have a GoodReads.

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    I m mad about apocalypse stories, with or without zombies, and this book didn t disappoint I think it s really hard to develop three dimensional characters in a short story, but I felt the author did an excellent job here The dialogue was natural, the scenes were vivid, the editing was good Not sure what I can ask, other than to be compelled to turn the pages, and I was.I really look forward to seeing where our people are headed Guess I m off for part two.

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    Not to Author Ca on City, Colorado is not spelled Canyon City You might want to correct that.This short story reads like the first chapter of a novel.A very quick read that left me wanting .Off to read part 2 now

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    A quick half an hour read I like the concept of this short story but it doesn t even feel like a story, it s just like an introduction to the next part and as a stand alone I felt I didn t get enough from it Maybe that s the point, you pay for this then if you like the idea of it you pay for the next part which is another short again When the series is completed I m sure it will be decent but at the moment it s like different parts of one book that you have to pay for and I ve just paid for the prologue and there wasn t enough for me in this to know if I would even like it.

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    Finally a book written just for me Let me start with the bad It s a short story and so is part 2 That s all And now with the good Everything else According to book 2 there a full length novel on the way in march for book 3 The main character seems to have just the right amount of edgyness, but humor at the same time I think we may see some romance budding between Lenny and Rebecca And the actions scenes make me feel like I m watching a movie Love it love it love it

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    So I finally got around to reading this as well as part two This book was great, but what makes me angry is waiting for the next installment It says the third book is a full novel and I hope it is because I don t like the whole serial thing I get letting a reader test the water first and I think that was done with books 1 and 2, if book 3 is another short story I m gonna lose my mind Although I ll keep reading anyway

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Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1) summary pdf Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1) , summary chapter 2 Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1) , sparknotes Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1) , Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1) 2ec30b4 Lenny Brewer Lives A Double Life In One Instance He S A Womanizing Narcissist That Only Lives For The Moment But In The Other He S A Balls Out Survivalist Hell Bent On Saving His Own Skin, No Matter The CostHe Lives A Modest Life, Bedding Women And Collecting An Assortment Of Survival Gear He Doesn T Have Any Family Or Friends, But His Trusted German Shepherd Has Been With Him For YearsWhen An Event Occurs That Even The Most Skilled Strategist Couldn T Have Predicted, His Two Lives Are Thrown At Odds With One Another Now He S Faced With The Unthinkable And The Scenario He S Been Prepping For, Is Staring Him In The Face Prepped It S Only The End Of The World, No Need To Be Uncivilized

  • Kindle Edition
  • 22 pages
  • Prepped (The Doomsday Playbook, #1)
  • Rashad Freeman
  • English
  • 09 May 2017

About the Author: Rashad Freeman

The date was October 31, 1979 The air was cool and a light fog blew in from the gulf, cloaking the Tampa area in an ominous, tight fitting tunic The annual Halloween festivities had just begun and a night of mischievous tomfoolery was afoot.Scandalous and nefarious characters took flight Doorbells were rung and ill boding tricks were played regardless of the treats given This was the dark real