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    This reread from my childhood makes me wonder if all the families in that era of kids Christian books were so perfect Yep, nothing like setting up a generation of young believers with a sense of failure and spiritual inadequacy.

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    Wow, this was a terrible book, and the name was incredibly misleading I figured the twins were going to spend the whole book trying to save their friend, not stumble upon him in the drug store two days later Also, even though this is inspirational fiction, and I usually have no problem with that, I was a little disturbed by the lack of tolerance for others beliefs in this book Anyone who wasn t a devout Christian in this story was either bad or misguided and will of course see the light by the end of the book This irritates me, especially since this is a kid s book Won t these types of books say you re either Christian or terrible That s the kind of thinking that has spurred on a lot of violence in history, and it s frustrating to see it still being preached.

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