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I Hate to Go to Bed! chapter 1 I Hate to Go to Bed!, meaning I Hate to Go to Bed!, genre I Hate to Go to Bed!, book cover I Hate to Go to Bed!, flies I Hate to Go to Bed!, I Hate to Go to Bed! 69a600b6a4044 Brussels Sprouts Yuck The Dentist Blech And Worst Of All Bedtime That Can Really Ruin A Kid S Day You Have To Stop Playing And Brush Your Teeth And Put On Your Pj S, And You Just Know Your Parents Are Going To Have A Big Party As Soon As You Re Asleep Aren T They The Feisty Girl In This Book Is Determined To Find Out Katie Davis Takes A Fresh, Funny Look At An Experience That Is Familiar To Children And, Of Course, Their Sleepy Parents The Surprise Ending, With Its Playful Resolution, Will Banish The Bedtime Blues And Is Sure To Have Youngsters Scrambling To Get To Sleep

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    I Hate to go to Bed is about a little girl who believes her parents have a party every time they put her to bed She comes up with numerous tricks to see what really goes on outside her bedroom, only to see her parents relaxing Many children can relate to the plot of this story They often struggle with having a bedtime, believing that they are missing out But this story shows that they are not missing out on any excitement It is a great book for young children around the ages of three to five, as it has limited dialogue but its pages are full of colorful illustrations I know that one day I will read this book to my children, as I enjoyed it myself at a young age.Davis, Katie 1999 I Hate to Go to Bed Boston, MA HMH Books for Young Readers.

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    This was a little. I don t even know what I want to say It kind of irked me actually I couldn t tell what Julia was thinking either, the look on her face was a bland one The little girl in here is downright scary looking and the way her pigtails stick out to the side did nothing to make it any better She hates to go to bed because she doesn t want to miss all the partying and fun She sneaks out of bed to try to catch her parents and during the course of the book she tries a few other strategies to catch said parents To be honest I didn t like all the lying and sneaking the girl does The parents are pointing and seem to be yelling at her to go to bed and she s outright lying, faking things, sneaking out of bed, pretending to be asleep, etc Finally she gives up and goes to bed to dream of a party I get the whole premise and I think it could have been a good book but I think it could have and should have been better illustrated that a child can think this without having to do all the negative things this little girl did I should also say that I m not an easy person to offend, I don t look for the morals lessons in all kids books, and, within reason, I m accepting of a lot of behavior whether in real life or in a book I m reading to my daughter This still didn t sit well with me Julia actually did the Oooooohhhh thing kids do when the girl crept out of bed She said the girl shouldn t be faking being thirsty to get out of bed If my four year old noticed this and spoke on it then how many others kids noticed this and thought about it Granted, it s not the biggest issue in the world but I d recommend reading it real quick yourself before reading it to your child and or letting them look at the illustrations read it alone If your child is highly impressionable I d leave it alone altogether Actually, I d leave it alone altogether anyway but..The illustrations, besides the little girl and her atrocious hair, were okay though I ll attribute the one star to that.

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    The story of a little girl who is certain she is missing all the fun that her parents have after she goes to bed She tries several ways to stay up late including sneaking out of bed and asking for a drink of water The bright acrylic pictures make her bedroom look like a jail and Siberia Especially fun are her duck slippers who make their own party.

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    A little girl believes her parents have parties when she goes to bed and she is determined not to miss out on the action as she schemes up ways to catch them in the act Naturally nothing is going on and she ends up imagining a party of her own Funny scene when she thinks the party is on but her parents are in pajamas the costumes and using dental floss streamers .

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    A whimsically illustrated tale of the resistance to bedtime that we all remember as both child and parent The little girl in Davis story is convinced that her parents have a party when she is in bed at night Follow her as she schemes up ways in which to stay up for the party Lots of fun to read aloud with an ending that is happy for both children and parents

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    Little girl imagines that when she goes to bed her parents are having a party She never finds them actually doing so but is sure that she is missing something When she finally falls asleep, she has dreams of celebration.

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    I don t know why I like this one so much maybe it s the talking slippers This little girl is CONVINCED there is something exciting going on after she falls asleep and is determined to stay up She tries everything she can think of to outsmart her parents Cute illustrations.

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    Loved reading this go to bed story with my son He hasn t brought up the thought that we re having a party while he s in bed. yet

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