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    Well, it s my book soyou know I will say that I worked my butt off on it It was one of the best experiences of my life to write it I love the characters, the setting, the feel of this novel Sometimes I really want to go back there and soak in it.My hope is that Without Fear of Falling reaches everyone who can be helped by itwho will enjoy it.

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    I LOVED Without Fear of Falling Danielle s writing is so artistic and graceful that I found myself vividly transported to the setting of her novel, Tobermory, Canada and Tobermory, Scotland The story is touching and inspiring, and elicits a I can t put this down because I need to know what happens next feeling Without Fear of Falling creates an actual experience for the reader it reminds us that Truth, Love, and Healing lay inside of us, and we don t have to look elsewhere for it This is a must read

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    Danielle Boonstra s first novel, Without Fear of Falling, captivated me from start to finish Boonstra writes in a clear, smooth prose and treats love and romance with a nuanced, delicate touch While I don t usually read books that are in the romance genre, this book really splits genres, crossing from historical romance to modern paranormal psychodrama, and just as the author crosses between dramas, the main characters move back and forth between centuries, meeting up with one another time and again as their souls search for healing and their pain, resolution.Reading Without Fear of Falling had an incredible effect on me The male lead, Declan, has lived a life wrought with pain in fact, he spent time in a mental institution before meeting Ellie But something magical happens when he meets her he finds healing Now, this goes against much of what we think we know about psychology but it matches what I know from my own life about the human heart.You see, I was one of those people, once broken, once almost mentally ill, who found healing as a result of finding my soulmate Love really can mend the broken pieces inside of us When I read Without Fear of Falling, I was reminded, in a very visceral way, both of the pain I d buried and of the love that had helped me to finally bury that pain So for me, reading Boonstra s first novel was a profound experience It affected me on a personal level because it reminded me of the ways love has healed me And as a writer, as a fan of fine craftsmanship, complex characterization and a well constructed plot, I can give Without Fear of Falling my highest recommendation.E.L Farris, Author of Ripple, A Tale of Hope and Redemption I Run Running from Hell with El, and Michael s Hand.

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    As strange as it may sound, a lot of time I receive spiritual guidance through books I will feel attracted to a book cover or a book that I know nothing about I just know I have to read it Once I do read it, the reason that I needed it becomes clear This book was one of those books I had seen references to it on a few social networking sites, and each time I did, I just felt drawn to it I knew I had to read it, and the Universe conspired to get a copy in my hands.I am relating this story because this, in essence, is the underlying message of the book that we are all guided that we all have a still, small voice within that leads us to higher spiritual wisdom if we choose to listen In the story, a young woman named Ellie grapples with a unique psychic gift Specifically, she is able to see the past lives of herself and those around her Her gift both scares and intrigues her, and the arrival of a troubled stranger awakens her visions in a way that forces her to address them The story weaves back and forth between Ellie s present day life and a past life, and follows her development as she and those around her awaken to their spiritual power and learn to embrace the healing power of love.The story in itself is magical, and I felt like I was reading a fairy tale the entire time The characters are unique and lovable, and the writing is effortless and beautiful There were several points in this book where a phrase just struck me right in the heart with its beauty and powerful wisdom, and I had tears in my eyes on than one occasion As lovely as this book is just for the story s sake, the best stories teach us something And that is what makes this book even striking The spiritual messages that are woven throughout are done so in a natural and flowing manner, and this story provides the perfect setting for the principles that are being conveyed I m trying not to be too specific so that I don t give anything away, but also because each person will come away with something different after reading this book I felt uplifted, comforted, and peaceful, and I immediately wanted to read it again Every once in awhile I come across a book that I feel compelled to buy several copies of to give out as gifts this one will definitely be my go to gift this year Whether you are a spiritual seeker looking for inspiration or understanding or you just want to be entertained by a good story, this is the book for you I truly look forward to from this author in the future

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    Without Fear of Falling is a paranormal romance with reincarnation elements.Ellie is a young woman who sees snippets of past lives both hers and of people around her She possesses an innate understanding of who the people in her visions are in the here and now.For example, she might see a vision of a woman from Biblical times and know that woman is the coffee shop owner in her present day town That s a made up example and not a very good one but Ellie s visions are such a cool element in this book I wanted to somehow do them justice These visions of past lives are something Ellie has dealt with all her life, but as she ages, they sort of go away until she meets Declan.Declan re awakens Ellie s visions of past lives, and she can t quit thinking about him She soon realizes that her past incarnations are entwined with Declan s and wants to know .Using past life regression, Ellie remembers the story of William and Louisa, who were Declan s and her previous incarnations She remembers the love and the tragedy they shared That helps her analyze her attitudes about life and how she approaches it, both then and now.What I loved about this book is that it s about finding happiness and inner peace In some ways, it s about the choices we make, but the answers Ellie finds both surprised me and made me think.

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    This story almost read itself to me it unfolded so beautifully from start to finish It is an effortless read that dances with the concepts of past lives and loves and how two souls can be inextricably bound to one another in ways that nearly defy comprehension, the shared experiences of the past informing the present, often of ways in which we need to be healed Early on Boonstra wrote of the heroine, She s quiet, not shy There s a difference, and I was hooked by the central character who has the ability to see I also loved that the author seeded her passages with metaphysical touches and deep wisdom as when the past life father asks his daughter if a certain person will make her happy, and she replies, No He will not That, dear Father, is a task all my own, and later to her fiance, I do not need you, my love, but I want you You may not need this book, but you ll want it Trust me.

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    This romantic novel with lyrical prose got better and better as it went along, which is saying a lot when this is the first line There is a place in the world where the wind can cut you and lift you at the same time Remember that line, because when you finish the last page, it will be even beautiful Seriously, your breath will catch This love story was REAL in that it showed the difference between needing someone and loving them, and it showed a deep, deep purpose to intimate relationships This novel was spiritual, mysticaland the ending was powerful I m sooo looking forward to the next book from Danielle Boonstra

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    If you are a person that likes to explore the possibility of past lives, this novel is for you It is a well written, and very interesting story, going back and forth, between a lifetime in the late 1700 s, and a current lifetime Like many of us, the main characters in this book have doubts and some fear about past life regression work And yet, they remain open to the possibilities and then resonate with the messages and insights gained during the journey that brings growth and healing into their lives I truly enjoyed this book and look forward to books written by this author

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    I picked up this book with the intention of reading for an hour or so, but could not put it down and as a result went to sleep way too late The premise of small town Canada is a very Alice Munro style setting, and the characters are not only riveting but also generation transversing as they open up to their own internal secrets.Ever felt as if you ve known someone you ve just met, for a very long time Have you ever entertained the idea that perhaps you ve met them in a past life if so, this is the book for you.Well written debut novel page turner, well deserved of five stars.

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    I think this is a wonderful book The plot is intriguing and the characterization is nuanced The message about the healing power of love is clear and compelling This book made me feel good, and what could be better than that

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Without Fear of Falling download Without Fear of Falling , read online Without Fear of Falling , kindle ebook Without Fear of Falling , Without Fear of Falling a5c5b015e5e0 Twenty Two Year Old Ellie Stewart Would Much Rather Forget That She Can See Into The Past Lives Of Those She Meets, But When She Crosses Paths With Declan O Shea, An Attractive Yet Troubled Artist, Flashes Of Th Century Britain Begin To Plague Her Mind And Push Ellie To Uncover The Mystical Connection That She And Declan Share Enlisting The Help Of Her Childhood Mentor And Psychic, Mrs Dawes, Ellie Is Brought Back To A Time When She Was Louisa, Saintly And Beautiful, And Declan Was William, Handsome And Driven By A Shameful Past Will Ellie Be Able To Face The Truth Of All That Happened So Long Ago And If She Can, Will Declan Believe Her Weaving Between Present Day Tobermory, Canada And Th Century Tobermory, Scotland Is A Tale Of Love, Loss And Forgiveness Across Time