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    Alana Cullian fled from her village a midst rocks thrown at her by the very people she had grown up with They believed Morag Delaney s claim that she was a witch when in fact it was her who had cast a black magic spell on some of the people and cursed her to have large splotches of purple on her face all because Brendan never looked twice at her and only had eyes for Alana She ran until she came upon a cottage that wasn t there when her brother and she had played in the glen and the cottage had everything she would need to survive since she had ran without taking anything with her except her mother s gold bracelet What would she eat and would she need to sleep in the forest or had the goddess provided this place to shelter her in her time of need Colin Duffrey was a mercenary fighting with the Elegian army as he was the second son and his brother would inherit his father s vast estate once his father passed to other world He never complained and thought he cold earn enough money to buy a portion of land, build a home for a wife and children The battle turned against them when his commander did not heed his words and put a man in charge who lacked the proper knowledge In the battle Colin received a nasty cut on his arm and his horse took an injury so severe that he had to put the poor thing out of misery He walked through the forest trying to find another horse to buy and had no clue that his arm was so infected that smelly pus oozed out He was so weak that every step was torture with carrying his heavy bag and sword that he fell and as he laid there for some time all he could think about was to return to his family He struggled to his feet and saw a cottage that was deep in the forest and seemed that it shouldn t have been there, yet he opened the door and immediately fell inside..Ms Martin pens a sweet and riveting story that will capture readers hearts when they learn of the trials of poor Alana and Colin and the circumstances that kept them apart like ships passing in the dark bt will they find each other again

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    I felt like I was reading a Grimm s fairy tale for adults the book has a very simple, straightforward narration with a tell than show approach there s no layers of meaning involved, or nuances, or inferences to make, and most of all, you can anticipate a happy ever after ending right from the start An enchanting story nonetheless, one that evoked in me nostalgia for my childhood reading days

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    Is a great book to read

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    The story was very cute Due to very different circumstances, Alana and Colin both magically wind up at a secluded cottage in the forest Alana has a curse that has marred her beauty, and an injury is causing Colin s health to fail And after learning about each other, they start to care about each other too.It s interesting that while Alana is taking care of Colin, she scolds herself for being impatient Really, she comes across as having no real faults, so it struck me as a little odd that suddenly she has an issue with patience I enjoyed the time they spent in the cottage, but once they were separated it felt like too much of the story became about their own lives While I understand that it s a good idea because it shows how their lives have changed after meeting the other, and how they begin to reassess their values based on the other s absence, it just felt too long When they finally run into each other, all I could think was, It s about time Overall, though, it was a pleasant read.

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    This was a very sweet, engrossing, fantasy romance that I read in about a day A kind and beautiful woman is cursed by a jealous witch, causing a marring of her beauty and her shunning from her village She retreats to the woods where she stumbles upon a cottage in a clearing that she knew did not exist prior to the day of her shunning She accepts her fate and begins a solitary existence in the cottage, caring for a wounded soldier that also stumbles into the cottage I liked how the heroine, Alana, was determined to stand on her own two feet and work with the changes that her life had undergone The romance and love was glossed over for most of the book, its only detracting factor, but the interaction between the characters was intricate, believable, and well written It was an enjoyable read and one I plan on rereading as the mood strikes.

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    Shirley Martin s fantasy romance, ENCHANTED COTTAGE, charmed me right from the start I was immediately drawn into this mythical world with its colorful cast of characters a heroine Alana who has the potential to be beautiful, two gentlemen suitors, and an endearing little girl whom Alana tutors Finally enter the evil witch that has cast her black spell on Alana as the story begins Will Alana succeed in escaping the effects of the spell and its black magic Is there anything anyone can do to help her If you re longing to curl up with an entertaining read on a brisk fall evening and become swept away by this grown up fairytale, this is definitely the book for you

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    freebie 4 30

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    Nice retelling Few awkward spots in the plot and a couple of references to things that never went anywhere All in all a pleasant read

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    Such a sweet and lovely fairytale A quick and delightful reading with adorables and magical characters and a beautiful romance

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Enchanted Cottage (Avador, #3) download Enchanted Cottage (Avador, #3) , read online Enchanted Cottage (Avador, #3) , kindle ebook Enchanted Cottage (Avador, #3) , Enchanted Cottage (Avador, #3) 84db44fe2542 An Evil Witch Places A Curse On Alana Cullain, Turning The Once Beautiful Woman Into An Ugly Hag Chased From Her Village, Alana Seeks Sanctuary In The Dark Forest There She Finds A Strange Cottage, One She Had Never Seen Before, And Makes Her Home ThereDemoted And Badly Wounded In Battle, Mercenary Soldier Colin Duffrey Heads Home To Recover Along The Way, He Discovers A Cottage In The Midst Of A Forest And Finds Refuge There A Woman, Marred On The Outside, And A Man, Afflicted On The Inside, Meet In An Isolated Cottage There, They Learn That They Can Help Each Other And With A Bit Of Magic, Miracles Can Happen