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Frosting and Friendship chapter 1 Frosting and Friendship , meaning Frosting and Friendship , genre Frosting and Friendship , book cover Frosting and Friendship , flies Frosting and Friendship , Frosting and Friendship 66ac90e5c2342 Has Lily Bitten Off Than She Can Bake A Sweet Treat From The Author Of It S Raining Cupcakes And Sprinkles And SecretsOn A Scale Of One To Ten, Twelve Year Old Lily Hubbard Is A Zero When It Comes To Baking Her Cookies Turn Out Salty, Her Cakes Tend To Lean, And Things Are Always OvercookedWhen Lily Is Invited To Be A Part Of A Mother Daughter Book Club Called The Baking Bookworms, She Is Excited And Terrified It Seems Like She S The Only One Who Didn T Inherit The Baking GeneBut She Does Have The Music Gene, Which Is Why She S Forming A Band That Will Audition For Their School S Annual Spring Fling If, That Is, Lily Can Balance Her Priorities Because Isabel, One Of The Baking Bookworms, Has Asked Lily To Help Plan A Surprise Party For Their Mutual Friend Sophie And The Task Is Creating A Showstopping, Mouthwatering, Thirteenth Birthday Party Worthy Dessert Uh OhSoon, Lily Finds Herself Knee Deep In Sugar And Sheet Music As She Tries To Juggle Her Responsibility To Her Bandmates AND Give Her Friend The Best Party Ever

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    I wrote this book, the third and final book that features Isabel, Sophie and now, Lily I m going to miss these girls I had so much fun writing these books and my wish is that kids will have fun reading them, hearing about the girls dilemmas around friendships and sweet treats, neither of which you can have too many of, in my opinion.Recipes are included in the back, in case you get hungry while reading Enjoy

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    This book is about Lilly trying to be a musician and baker at the same time She later gets into fights with her friends Abigail and Zola about her band The Dots Isabel , Sophie s friend asks her to help her plan a surprise party for Sophie She gets really caught up in trying to fit in with trying to fit in with her book club The Baking Bookworms When she finds out that the book club is going to be just about books and baking which she is bad at baking When she tells The New Pirates her band rivals that she will participate in the auditions for the spring fling she gets herself into a big dilemma I give this book five stars because I feel it is my type of book This book was a real page turner and hope there will be another book following this one along with the other ones I happy to say that I loved it This is a great book about a girl trying to fit in with two ver different groups Thank you for reading

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    I love Lisa Schroeder s young adult novels and with this book have discovered not surprisingly her middle grade voice is every bit as winsome and entertaining Will definitely be reading the other books in the series.

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    I thing that the girl is going to have some thing that is going to her and her friends and that when that happens she is going to do cupcakes I thing that is going to happen because there is a girl with some cupcakes I also thing that they are going to have a party because they going to be together so that is what i thing that is going to happen in the story.

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    I love baking shows and this is kind of like it

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    I think this book is very good becuase in the book it shows perserverance and determination It shows perseverance because Lily takes on way too much than she can handle when she joins a mother daughter book club called Baking Bookworms In this club you read books and every time you meet someone brings dessert Meanwhile she also joins an all girl band and she s the lead singer The bands goal was to play at the schools annual Spring Fling That way her band gets noticed While she s trying to juggle all that her, friend Isabel wants her to help plan a Sweet Thirteen bash for their friend Sophie Isabel is expecting Lily to making a showstopping dessert for the party This book also shows determainition because she s determined to doing both, making a showstopping dessert for the party and trying to commit full time to her band written by Jaylene Bonilla

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    I really enjoyed Frosting and Friendship by Lisa Schroeder I thought this book was made for girls that are in 4th 9th grade that like realistic fiction However, if you are going to read this book, I would recommend reading the first two books, It s Raining Cupcakes and Sprinkles and Secrets, is this series This book can get a little slow boring at times, but the climax and exciting parts are worth it It can take a little time, because of the slow parts, but the ending is amazing, so if you want to find out what the ending is, go read it.

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    I loved this book The theme of finding something you re good at and pursuing it wholeheartedly is relatable at any age I highly recommend this for any young girl.

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    A must read for girls I LOVED THIS BOOK I really recommend it although it is a little easier I still could not put it down

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    In the final book in the trilogy of sweet treats, this time told from Sophies camp friend, Lily s perspective, we see how she takes on too much and struggles to cope.From baking and hosting Sophie s birthday party to helping her band win and to play at their spring fling dance as well as become good enough at baking to fit in with their baking book club.All about joining and trying new things as Lily tries to feel a proper part of the group and for in properly as each girl had a passion for either books or baking, but Lily feels a tag along friend as her baking isn t good at all Final fun and joy in the final of the trilogy

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