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    Introduction, by Karen S KingsburyNote on Romanization Half a Lifelong Romance

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    4.9 5 It was a memory she could not outlive. You should take the average rating as a accurate representation of my views than what the current star system will afford When I read Love in a Fallen City, I didn t have half the proper awareness that I have now, so what went into that book s positive rating was a feeling half proud of, half in love with the sense of venturing where few readers my age, at that time and to my perspective, ha gone before Misguided as that was, it led me to Chang translated The Sing Song Girls of Shanghai and the movie of Lust, Caution and this, so there s something to be said for years of maturation I m never going to know what I missed by reading watching all of this and in English translation, but the little I m able to get has made me happy that Eileen Chang is a star in the country of her birth But that s the sort of thing one hears about in detective stories in real life, it doesn t happen often. I haven t read an author since Jane Austen who takes love this seriously in such an extraordinary way No matter what point of history of a particular locale you pick, the times will be in some variation of flux, and the microcosm of a plain ol fashioned romance, put to paper skillfully enough, can encompass all the destabilizing surges as well, if not in some ways better, than a battlefield Lust, Caution also deals with a fraught relationship, but all of it was far black and white and sexually charged than this near 400 page narrative of a happy ending just beyond the edge of tomorrow On the scale of show to tell, this veers far on the side of tell, but honestly, I m tired of pretending that showing, this presumptuous proclamation of an implied need for universal cultural s, works often enough to merit following it 100%, especially when it comes to fiction written in foreign mentalities and narratives depicting scenes of abuse How else would you know the perilous rationale of view spoiler a woman marrying her rapist hide spoiler

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    Tragedy and ennui are typical outcomes in most of Eileen Chang s love stories the characters are often overcome by a sense of fatalism, of life getting in the way of their relationships, of unrequited and unfulfilled love These are the dominant themes in Half a Life Long Romance , which follows the stories of four principle characters the reserved Shijun and the equally reticent yet delicate Manzhen, as well as the boisterous pairing of Shuhui and Tsuizhi All four characters are led astray by their emotions, or by family and friends and Half a Lifelong Romance explores the impact of the choices we make and how we live with our decisions, it is a story about human imperfections and how we constantly misunderstand and misconstrue one another s intentions there are few happy couples in the story and this perhaps reflective of Chang s own unhappy love life.There is something elegant, something ethereal about Chang s prose style As with the short stories in Love in a Fallen City moon light frequently evokes the emotional epiphanies experienced by characters the half light of moon light as it accentuates the misunderstandings which drives people apart, the imperceptible moonbeams which accentuate the delicate beauty of Manzhen, the love lorn nights within which the characters are doomed to wonder There is something mellifluous and melancholic about moon light in the novel, as it both beautifies the world and emphasises the separation which exists between the characters On the balcony itself, the moonlight was swallowed up in the light of the lamps But Manzhen s forearm, resting on the railing s outer edge and bathed in the lunar glow, gleamed white The most tragic character within all of this is Manzhen Whilst the fates of Shijun, Shuhui and Tsuizhi are primarily, but not wholly, driven by their own choices Manzhen is constantly at the mercy of wider societal prejudices Her sister s position as an escort impacts on her ability to form a relationship with Shijun and her rape by her brother in law entraps her into servitude in a society in which, as woman, she is blamed for being violated Tragedy underpins the actions of most the characters Manzhen s somewhat callous sister Manlu is forced into being an escort to support her family and this leads her to a path of cynicism and self destruction, even the essentially morally upright characters constantly make the wrong choices and decisions, so that the novel becomes a collection of might have been s and could have been s, a novel in which happiness eludes the characters who are doomed to labour under the weight of the choices they made.

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    A fantastic female writer It is her poignancy that I love so much This is a woman who had loved and lost, in a turbulent time in history War, love, a wait of half a lifetime, holding on and letting go Eileen Chang is one of my favorite writers A woman who knew about women.

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    I enjoyed the book It is translated from the Chinese I did not know about Eileen Chang before reading this novel This was a perfect start for me to get to know the author, thanks to The Boxwalla book box.What to expect very slow As in extremely slow I am an impatient reader but the book did not frustrate me at any point Rather I wanted to read faster and know what happens in the lives of the main characters Set in 1930s Shanghai On the whole it is a love story It deals with duty towards family, wealth and lack of it, patriarchy, love, place of women in society It is a beautiful story You would love this for a weekend read Blog Instagram Twitter Facebook

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    Half a Lifelong Romance 1950 1966 2014 Maybe a love like that came to a person only once in a lifetime Once was enough, maybe Chang Kingsbury, 1950 2014 354 Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness Bertrand Russell.Half a Lifelong Romance is a modern classic where a timeless story, filled with passion, longing and sorrow, meets fluid and engaging writing In this story, set in the 1930s, Manzhen, a young girl, forms friendship with her co worker Shuhui and his friend Shijun soon after, between Manzhen and Shijun sparks a feeling so innocent and tender that both are left speechless, floating near the island of complete happiness However, Manzhen s disastrous family circumstances and Shijun s own familial duties do not let the lovers get any closer to each other, and, in time, their circumstances only worsen as they try to fight their inner sense of duty, responsibility, family tradition and lack of money to get nearer to each other Simple misunderstandings, false pride, as well as unexpected betrayals also keep these people s true happiness at bay Half a Lifelong Romance is a moving, quietly devastating and exquisite novel that may surprise you with its power including its dark twist in the second half Chang wrote compellingly, engagingly and beautifully, and her story of Chinese family traditions and one love torn apart by circumstances is one unputdownable read Time does fly for the middle aged a decade whips by in the blink of an eye, a flick of the fingertips When you re still young, even three or four years, maybe five, can seem an entire lifetime That s all they d had, from meeting to parting just a few years together But in that brief span, they d had a full measure all the joy and the sorrow that comes with as the old saying has it birth, old age, illness, death Chang Kingsbury, 1950 2014 1 The novel starts with Shijun reflecting on his past and, in particular, on his relatively brief platonic love relationship with Manzhen, then an innocent office girl, fourteen years ago We are taken back and are presented with three friends Shijun, Shuhui and Manzhen, who all work in busy Shanghai, but like to spend their lunch time together at a local cafe Only recently Shuhui has presented to Shijun his female co worker Manzhen, a beautiful girl, who made an impression on Shijun with her contradictory nature sweetness, but also self confidence Young and full of hope, but with families to support, the three friends dream of a brighter future for themselves A love triangle may be forming recalling now Murakami s Norwegian Wood 1987 , but we also witness Manzhen and Shijun s friendship transforming into deeper feelings of love, and Chang captures sweetly that transition of falling in love, with the pair experiencing tender care and devotion for each other all this talk was just a smoke screen Behind that screen, he was holding her hand That feeling could not be put into words Chang Kingsbury, 1950 2014 89 After that promising start, life happens complex situations arise for Shijun and Manzhen, and they come face to face with human conceit, jealousy and selfishness More importantly, they realise that their romantic love has to accord with tradition and familial duties if it is to have any future at all The beginning is rather slow moving, but the vivid characters and unexpected events keep us turning the pages We learn that Manzhen s older sister, Manlu, did not have an easy life, forcing to support the family by being a taxi dancer, and that lifestyle, as well as Manlu s corrupted relations, cast a shadow on the family s reputation Shijun s own lack of confidence and his own pitiful financial situation also complicate matters, and his duty to his family starts to frustrate the touching romance between him and Manzhen In that respect, Chang s drama now reminds only slightly of other major romantic classic works, such as Doctor Zhivago 1965 , The Age of Innocence 1920 and The Portrait of a Lady 1881 However, Chang still makes the story all her own and there is a distinctive touch of sadness to her novel, a touch of reflection and a feeling of hopelessness over unrecoverable moments.The plot unravels in the background of two contrasting cities Shanghai and Nanking with the former being a buzzing city of opportunities and freedom and the latter presented as one rooted in tradition, where everyone is assigned their roles from birth and should respect strict rules of behaviour Nanking is where Shijun s family resides, and, there, his friend is thinking of one young girl who lives there Tsuizhi, pitying her condition They lived in a tiny social circle there , with only option in life find a suitable match, get married and become a daughter in law 131 This is also a tale of two families Manzhen s family and Shijun s family and uneasy arrangements in both, as the love between Manzhen and Shijun gets tossed around by some complicating, sometimes contradictory, familial elements and their responsibilities We get to know well the traditions of a typical Chinese family and a hint on other love triangles also emerges, for example, to the scene comes Yujin, the once promising fianc to Manzhen s older sister What is proper and what is right start to conflict with what one s heart yearns for so desperately.The novel may seem like a slow burn romance, where various circumstances keep the lovers apart, but then something really dark happens in the novel s second half and we dive straight into the narrative which is now fast paced and disturbing in what it suggests Whatever conceptions one may have about the novel while reading the first half must be then thrown away, and the novel then concludes on some romantic suspense Somehow, the sheer quietness of the book s first half only makes the second half of the story even pulsating and disquieting.Half a Lifelong Romance is a modern classic that has its own special aura, being both insightful and touching, observant and heart breaking It may need a little patience at the start, but it soon morphs into something poignantly unexpected, having vivid characters that fight societal, familial and money pressures to keep their love alive.

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    Half A Lifelong Romance is perhaps Eileen Chang s most popular novel, telling the story of Gu Manzhen and Xu Shijun, between whom love quickly blossoms yet traditional family pressures and events beyond their control soon destroy any possibility of their future together Fourteen years pass before they find that as Manzhen says to her first love, Shijun, we can t go back Eileen Chang s masterful prose, translated by Karen S Kingsbury, is perfectly able to capture the everyday struggles of pre 1949 China, the boudoir realism for which she was often derided by her contemporaries instead explores the everyday lives of ordinary, middle class Chinese, for whom daily life was marked not by a cataclysmic battle for the soul of the nation but by finding love and dealing with family and business concerns This subject matter, introspective and psychological, is where Eileen Chang shines her novellas such as Lust, Caution and Love in a Fallen City are excellent examples of focused, psychological studies of middle class life with the war against Japan serving as a backdrop to the to the quiet, private themes of emotional loyalty, vanity and betrayal.In the character of Manzhen, the reader finds perhaps the closest resemblance to Chang herself Manzhen s treatment at the hands of her sister and husband reflect the abuse Chang suffered at the hands of her father This realism, not as the May Fourth writers such as Lu Xun or Guo Moruo envisaged as saving the nation but instead exploring the soul, is seen throughout the novel and gives it a powerful human element Half A Lifelong Romance is a bitter sweet and moving tale of life and love, but also hopelessness, of how despite our best intentions, sometimes life doesn t end as sweetly and as hopefully as we think This love story does not feel contrived but rather the reader is invested in the struggles of Manzhen and Shijun, supporting them even when they seem to have given up Eileen Chang saw this as one of her favourite novels, one she never translated into English perhaps for fear of neutering its powerful prose, but through Kingsbury s translation, readers can finally see Chang s pride displayed.

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    Oh, it s not important It s just a glove Manzhen spoke lightly, but in fact she was upset Sometimes she focused so hard on little things she was almost small minded But Shijun, when he looked back at it all, treasured this trait of hers Manzhen was the kind of person who, once something came into her possession, cherished it till it became, in her eyes, the best thing ever He knew, because he d once been hers It continued raining after they d returned from the edge of town to the factory At five o clock, when they left work, the sky was already darkening But a vague urge arose in Shijun, and sent him back to the city s outskirts through the rain The muddy banks of the rice paddies were treacherous his feet slipped as he made his way along the dykes After a long walk, he finally found the willows Using a flashlight, he spotted the trees from a distance, then a red glove on the ground nearby At first it made him happy holding the beam steady, he walked over and picked it up But once the glove was in his hand, he paused What would he say when he gave it to her tomorrow Wasn t he behaving rather oddly Walking all this way in the rain, to get a glove for her Well, he d owed it to her if it hadn t been for the photographs that he needed, she wouldn t have lost the glove But that line of reasoning sounded flimsy, even to him So what should he do He wished he hadn t come, but now that he had, and the glove was in his hand, he couldn t toss it back onto the ground He brushed off some mud that had stuck to the wool, and shoved it into his pocket He d have to return it to her He couldn t hold on to it secretly that would be the height of ridiculousness When Manzhen returned home that day, she felt sad and empty She d always avoided discussing her family with others now she d broken her own taboo, by telling Shijun so much of their story Her family lived in a set of rooms that had been rented for them by a man who kept her sister Manlu as a mistress When that relationship had ended, Manlu recast herself as a second tier escort, a respectable occupation, closer to decency, but with a reduced income She was always pleased if people mistook her for a simple taxi dancer Her apple green silk cheongsam was fairly new, but there was a darkened area at the waistline, a sweat stain left by a dance partner s hand It was a bit unnerving, that hand shaped mark jumping out from the cloth Her hair was rumpled, still undone, but she d put on that stage makeup of hers blocks of bright red and solid black, with blue eyeshadow It looked pretty from a distance up close it was rather scary Squeezing past her on the narrow stairway, Manzhen felt her senses flooding, dread creeping over her She could scarcely believe this was her own sister.Manlu was still talking into the telephone Old Zhu is here, waiting for you been waiting for hours Shit Since when does he rate Thanks, but no thanks I don t need any of your fixing up Not in this lifetime or any other She laughed It was a laugh she d started using recently, a loud, expansive laugh, as if someone were tickling her And yet that laugh had nothing attractive in it It was old and empty Manzhen hated the sound I have nothing but sympathy for your sister and what she s been through, Shijun said, but other people don t see it the way we do To get along in society, sometimes you have to Manzhen did not wait for him to finish Sometimes you have to show a little courage, she put inShijun again fell silent for a long moment I see I m sure I ve seemed weak to you, ever since I gave up my job In fact, he d quit that job mainly because of her It was unfair words could not begin to express the unfairness of it all I don t think there s anything wrong with my sister, no reason why she should be hidden away, kept from meeting people She hasn t done anything wrong It s all society fault this unfair society of ours If you want to talk about immorality, I don t know who s immoral prostitutes, or the men who are their clients His only reply was silence.

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    The ending was perfect Bittersweet Reads like Makoto Shinkai with that quintessential bittersweet tinge to an unpretentious romantic storyline Except with darker, fleshed out, mature characters Chang s insight into the human condition psyche reminded me of Thomas Hardy.The short of this is that this book did no wrong Perfect characters Perfect story Perfect novel Wow, wow, wow.

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    Description Manjing is a young worker in a Shanghai factory, where she meets Shujun, the son of wealthy merchants Despite family complications, they fall in love and begin to dream of a shared life together until circumstances force them apart When they are reunited after a separation of many years, can they start their relationship again Or is it destined to be the romance of only half a lifetime This affectionate and captivating novel tells the moving story of an enduring love affair, and offers a fascinating window onto Chinese life in the first half of the twentieth century.

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半生緣 download 半生緣, read online 半生緣, kindle ebook 半生緣, 半生緣 0083f06a232d From One Of Twentieth Century China S Greatest Writers And The Author Of Lust, Caution, This Is An Unforgettable Story Of A Love Affair Set In S Shanghai Manzhen Is A Young Worker In A Shanghai Factory, Where She Meets Shujun, The Son Of Wealthy Merchants Despite Family Complications, They Fall In Love And Begin To Dream Of A Shared Life Together Until Circumstances Force Them Apart When They Are Reunited After A Separation Of Many Years, Can They Start Their Relationship Again Or Is It Destined To Be The Romance Of Only Half A Lifetime This Affectionate And Captivating Novel Tells The Moving Story Of An Enduring Love Affair, And Offers A Fascinating Window Onto Chinese Life In The First Half Of The Twentieth Century