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Saint pdf Saint , ebook Saint , epub Saint , doc Saint , e-pub Saint , Saint 6bec163e6de Lino S First Book, Sinner, Was Full Of Stories Honest, Humorous, Bold, Poignant Illustrating Why He Deserved That Title This New Book Takes Another Approach, Another Angle Why Lino Is On His Way To Sainthood Often Hilarious, But Always With A Point, Saint Focuses On God S Grace In Lino S Life And Shows How Even A Sinner Like Him Can Look Forward To Being A Saint As Lino Himself Puts It Instead Of Stories Of Small Triumphs And Many Failures, This Is A Book To Encourage You In Your Own Triumphs To Realize You Might Not Be As Big A Sinner As You Think And That With God S Help, You Might Just Become A Saint Picking Up Where Sinner Left Off, Saint Points The Way To Our End Goal Holiness And Sainthood And Does So In A Way That Entertains As Well As InspiresThe Audio Edition Of This Book Can Be Downloaded Via Audible

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    I was torn between giving this 4 and 5 stars However, some of it was a little tough to get through and I dragged a slight bit through some of the stories unlike with Sinner.I don t know if drag is the right word, but Linos writing in this book is raw, harsher, and overall cutting than in his previous novel The five star would be because he explains intimate details about himself that aren t even as bad as some saints It s not like he ever killed anyone like Saint Paul did I also truly enjoyed the fact that he put in his man journal entry from Pope John Paul II s funeral The pictures made the passage moving I almost started crying just reading it.What knocked it down was the language not that there s anything REALLY inappropriate, but he talks like a regular person and you don t always expect to see that in a Catholic book His publisher and editor censored less in this book than in Sinner and the fact that the stories overall didn t flow very well.I laughed, but not as much as in Sinner.I m not going to kidnap Lino s material like he was once wont to do, and state exactly where my two favourite quotes were from A saint is someone who takes whatever glimpses of God he or she gets and then builds on those every day page 16 This is why the Church survives Because the Holy Spirit is filled with surprises page 166

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    I love how honest Lino is That s what has kept me a fan Listening to him on The Catholic Guy show brought me back to the church several years ago And now his books reminds me that I m not alone in my struggle to be a better person and a better Catholic Now when s the next book coming out

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    10 13 Marc told me about this one Reading at prayer time and Adoration It s fun, and he does sneak in some good devotional thoughts along the way Book Description If you ve been waiting for a saint that cries like a schoolgirl, was once an aspiring rapper, is a really good kisser, and rode an elephant in the circusthen your prayers have been answered Lino Rulli is hilarious, brutally honest, and ready for his canonization Saint picks up where Sinner left off Lino s stories of triumph and failure suggest that you might not be as big a sinner as you think And that, with God s grace, you might just become a saint.

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    Mr Rulli is a very talented author He has the unique ability to take a subject like religion and make it fun and very entertaining Most importantly, he is able to use funny stories to make me feel better about myself I often feel unconnected to my Catholic faith because I feel that I am not good enough, not doing it right, or just not deserving Lino Rulli shows the reader that everyone sometimes has these doubts, and that is ok, but to carry on Thanks for the laugh out loud moments in this book, and for the bigger message.

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    I liked the first few chapters in whole, then parts of the rest, till finally I just wanted to finish the book Not my kind of reading in the end I really wanted to like the book, but I guess if we all liked everything the world would be boring P.S I believe a Pope DID give shelter to the poor During WWII refugees were hidden in Vatican safety I say this as a point for sainthood was that no pope gave his housebut maybe I misunderstood the author here.

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    A personal, funny, autobiographical, take on how even though we all fail and have weaknesses we all have it in us to become what God wants One of my favorite quotes from the book is this A saint isn t someone who has never been tested a saint is a person who has been tested and, with God s help, has passed or, with God s help, has gotten up the next morning and tried again.

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    Lino Rulli s follow up to his book Sinner has similar anecdotes from Lino s life that lead to a reflection on faith and living the Christian life However, I have to say, I liked Sinner .

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    Servant Books, an imprint of Franciscan Media, is the publisher of not only Lino Rulli s book, Sinner The Catholic Guy s Funny, Feeble Attempts to Be a Faithful Catholic, reviewed at the beginning of this year on this blog, but also the publisher of its sequel, Saint Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away Now, don t let the title fool you Was Lino trying to elevate himself to canonization while still living No, not at all Saint was another funny, truthful and encouraging read by The Catholic Guy, Lino Rulli Interestingly, I thought that as opposed to Sinner, which describes the many instances Lino tries to achieve Sainthood, Saint would describe the triumphant times However, I was wrong As a sequel to Sinner, Lino continues on his path to achieve sanctity in Saint However, he does so with the help of the saints.Like Sinner, Lino can tell stories in such a way that every Catholic can connect with He does not display himself as a perfect human being He is simply a radio show host of The Catholic Guy Show on Sirius XM and strives to achieve sanctity like any sincere Catholic would do Spoiler alert Lino has a special devotion to St John Paul II, having met him, and now he can say he has shaken hands with a Saint the book was published in 2013, a year before the Canonization of John Paul II and he expresses so within the book I am a little jealous I like how the book has been divided up into 4 sections based on the stages of Canonization Servant of God, Venerable, Blessed, Saint Reading the book prompted me to think of my vocation to be a Saint At every Canonization, we are reminded of that vocation, but many times, within my human frailty, I tend to go on the wrong path sometimes But reading Saint assured me once again there are people in the shoes as me On The Catholic Man s Scale 5 5A very connectable read for me, a worthy book on your Catholic bookshelf as an inspirational and encouraging read A perfect gift this Christmas Why not pair it with Saint Purchase Paperback, Audiobook of Saint from Franciscan Media.

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    The sequel to his earlier memoir Sinner this book has stories about his life The humor and church teaching are subtle in this book His tone is a bit serious and it feels like a deeper look at life One story he shares is about the suicide of his college roommate and guilt over not being able to prevent it I cried during his first hand account from Rome of Pope John Paul II s death I remember experiencing that in the States so clearly.Not crazy about his casual drug use In one story, he admits to previously using weed, acid and mushrooms without much remorse.Loved the first half, but the second half was a slow read for me.

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    You don t have to be a listener to Lino Rulli s show on Sirius XM radio The Catholic Guy to enjoy this book While many of the stories may be familiar to this show s audience, the book gives Rulli room to bring home important points about how we are all called to be saints and how we can get there It s hilarious, filled with the self deprecating humor that makes Rulli even appealing as a comic than Rodney Dangerfield, perhaps because Rulli acknowledges his own need for grace My favorite chapter 15 spoke of holidays in a huge extended family SO funny Read it for the laughs, and for the wisdom There s no reason the two can t go together.

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