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The Photograph txt The Photograph , text ebook The Photograph , adobe reader The Photograph , chapter 2 The Photograph , The Photograph e667d1 When A Man Is Found Beaten, Comatose And Barely Clinging To Life With Nothing On Him Than An Old Black And White Photograph Tucked Inside His Breast Pocket, The Ensuing Investigation To Discover His Identity And The Motive Behind His Assault Reveals A Shocking Trail Of Greed, Murder And Deception That Stretches Back Than Fifty Years And Implicates The State S Highest Officials

About the Author: Ann Steele

I m originally from Utah, lived in Germany from 1997 through 2013, and now live in Nevada I ve been married for 38 years and have three grown children and three grandchildren I ve written seven novels, five of which The Photograph, Staring Down the Devil, The Soul Thief, Collateral Son, and An Uncommon Alliance are available as e books I love to read, write, crochet, and cross stitch.

15 thoughts on “The Photograph

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    This book was so wonderful to read I couldn t put it down Ann Steele has written four books and only published one I wish she would publish her others The Photograph was filled with intrigue and mystery I loved it Way to go, Mrs Steele

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    This story keeps you guessing and wanting I can t wait to see what else Ann has to offer

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    This was an impressive first book by Ann Steele I loved the amount of detail throughout the book and it had great characters that you could really get behind I can t wait to read of her work.

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    A highly compelling read I couldn t put it down The plot twists kept me guessing till the end I can t wait to see what else this gifted author has in store for her audience.

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    Excellent book Lots of twists and turns that you don t see coming A great first novel.

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