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The Lone Wolf Agenda summary The Lone Wolf Agenda, series The Lone Wolf Agenda, book The Lone Wolf Agenda, pdf The Lone Wolf Agenda, The Lone Wolf Agenda 4e422dc518 With The Lone Wolf Agenda, Joseph Badal Returns To The World Of International Espionage And Military Action Thrillers And Crafts A Story That Is As Close To The Real World Of Spies And Soldiers As A Reader Can Find This Fourth Book In The Danforth Saga Brings Bob Danforth Out Of Retirement To Hunt Down Lone Wolf Terrorists Hell Bent On Destroying America S Oil Infrastructure Badal Weaves Just Enough Technology Into His Story To Wow Even The Most A Technical Reader The Lone Wolf Agenda Pairs Danforth With His Son Michael, A Senior DELTA Force Officer, As They Combat An OPEC Supported Terrorist Group Allied With A Mexican Drug Cartel This Story Is An Epic Adventure That Will Chill Readers As They Discover That Nothing, No Matter How Diabolical, Is Impossible

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    This is the first book I ve read from Joesph Badal, and I enjoyed it immensely It s a tightly plotted geo political thriller that combines current events, great technology and engaging characters in a page turning race to stop a group of Lone Wolf terrorists intent on disrupting US oil production This is book four in a series with the Danforth family, but it reads like a stand alone thriller This author is going onto my must buy list.

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    With The Lone Wolf Agenda author Joseph Badal has crafted another winner in the Bob Danforth thriller series This one has everything one could want in a page turner non stop action, authentic technical and military detail, lots of political intrigue and, best of all, a highly original and ingenious plot This one is not to be missed.

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    Fantastic SeriesLots of action and easy read I ve been reading in order, and don t want them to end Book one gets you started with the Danforth dynasty, and it s got you hooked.

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    The best way to track down a wolf is with another wolf.Does the USA have to fear their own ability to protect themselves from terrorists than the terrorists themselves It seems like it as all the alphabet agencies, senators and other political animals are concerned with saving their face and position than with the people they are supposed to serve, let alone the people who give all in service to their country Sometimes it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.Trying to fulfill their mission before anyone notices they exist, the DELTA team implementing the Lone Wolf Agenda give their all to abort the attacks planned by the Black Gold Brotherhood Will they succeed in their mission It was hard for me to keep up with the alphabet soup and the numerous characters that were introduced I actually gave up and just went with the protagonists, than the agencies they were working for I have always a harder time with stories filled with political and military terminology it s just not something that grabs me That said, the characters are believable and the story line is really well grafted which is in essence quite disturbing.The family issues make it even interesting Its fast pace picks up at the third part of the book as intrigue and deception is introduced One needs to know how the political game is played in order to win and give them of their own medicine Despite being the fourth book in a series, it truly is a perfect stand alone As far as the graphic language disclaimer I didn t notice anything disturbing.All in all an interesting and very well written suspense espionage military thriller

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    I m reading the advanced proof will be released 6 25 13.At first I wasn t sure I d like it it isn t quite my style of book Early on, some of the dialogue sounded like the person was reading it from a paper too formal rather than speaking it in conversation However, having said that, the action picks up and the book takes off And I must add the book seems to be very well written with a lot of suspense Oh, one other critique might be that there are so many characters introduced, that, at times, it became a bit confusinghaving to stop and remember who is this character again.where did this character come from but over all this looks like it will be a good read Actually as you start to get into it, you find yourself not wanting to put the book down that s a good sign Now leave me alone while I get back to my story I plan to finish it this afternoon Just finished While I, personally, had a hard time remembering who some of the characters were during the story a lot of names were thrown out , I found this a very good read The full at the edge of your seat action didn t seem to start until midway the book but lasted all the way to the very end However, the first half had its share of suspense and made for an interesting story.I definitely want to read of this series P.S Badal surely captured the political characters, I felt

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    The Lone Wolf Agenda packs a punch from the moment you start reading This is the first time I have read anything from Joseph Badal and I found that this novel started out at a very fast pace which didn t end until I got to the very last chapter.This novel is packed full of political and military issues and contains very real and believable characters It focuses on a topic that could easily be a current event happening in the world right now which is a little bit scary if you actually stop and think about it.I did find that a lot of characters were introduced during the story which did make it a bit hard for me to keep up with at times I found I had to go back now and then just to remind myself where certain characters were introduced and how they fitted into the overall story.Also, it is very heavily laiden with political and military acronyms which made some sections feel a little bit disjointed, especially when I had to remind myself what certain acronyms actually stood for before I could continue reading.Overall though, The Lone Wolf Agenda is a definite page turner from the start and will appeal to anyone who has a passion for political or military stories that could almost be true to life in today s society.

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    My thoughts It has been a long while since I read an international espionage story This is the fourth book in the Danforth Saga, and my first Danforth read It took me awhile to get into it, but it was worth it I felt it could easily stand alone, but I am sure that I would have enjoyed it if I had read the whole saga from the start.Joseph Badal has captured the horror of terrorism in a chilling tale that makes the reader wonder and worry Who can you trust Are people really who and what you think they are The characters are well written and easy to invest in The plot is clever, realistic and frightening made up of detailed research and carefully woven threads The politics within the story are interesting on a variety of levels, and between the characters as much as the story on the whole I was pleased to find the acronym index in the front of the book and found myself referring to it many times The story is nicely paced and suspenseful.

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    The Danforth Saga and March.I have read all four of the Danforth Saga series this month I selected the first as my March free lender choice, knowing that there were four in the series I purchased the other three, and have read all four this month Joseph Badal is an excellent author, and I will be purchasing of his work I think if you like exciting action, believable characters, political intrigue, with a family love story, you will like these four books.

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    A propaganda exerciseIn this sleazy story, the author tries to justify the trampling of the Bill of Rights by homeland security under the color of patriotism Absolutely disgusting.

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    The lone wolf agenda 4 novel was a 5 star as the last 3 novelsAwesome read that I didn t put down until finished If possible read the novels in the order they were written to get the most enjoyment from them.

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