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Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) explained Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) , review Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) , trailer Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) , box office Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) , analysis Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) , Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1) 2aa6 Everyone Has A Past, But For Most It Isn T As Long Ago As Seth Sangre His Past Is Literally Thousands Of Years Ago Seth S Life Led Him To The Present Seeking Something That Might Help Him Save His Country From Destruction He Has Been In The Present For Over Three Years Now And Just Found Exactly What He Has Been Looking ForMari Had Dreams That College Will Be A Fresh Start, One Where She Would Start Over And Not Fall For The Good Looking Player Like High School Unfortunately For Her, That S Exactly What Ends Up Falling Into Her Lap On The First Day She Moves Into The Dorms Now She Has To Hold To Her Promise To Herself And Not Fall For The Handsome Seth But He Doesn T Plan To Make It Easy For Her Seth Has Already Marked Her As His Next Conquest As The Semester Progresses, Mari Learns That Seth Might Just Have A Life Of His Own That S Actually From The Past Suddenly Mari Finds Her Future Along With Her Past Put Into Question She S Connected To Seth Far Than She Ever Wanted To Be And Maybe The Player Isn T Who She Thought He Was If Mari Can Trust Her Heart Enough To Follow Him, Seth Will Lead Mari On An Adventure Of A Lifetime And Reveal Family Secrets She Never Knew Existed

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Carnelian (Chalcedony Chronicles, #1)
  • B. Kristin McMichael
  • English
  • 18 September 2018
  • 9780989121873

About the Author: B. Kristin McMichael

Originally from Wisconsin, B Kristin currently resides in Ohio with her husband, three small children, and three cats When not doing the mom thing of chasing kids, baking cookies, and playing outside, she is using her PhD in biology as a scientist In her free time she is currently hard at work on multiple novels Every day is a new writing adventure She is a fan of all YA NA fantasy and

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    I know some people have in mind to be fond easy on indie authors because of obvious reasons Unfortunately, I am not one of those For me, a book is a book and each one of them has to be treated equally You can agree or you can not agree, but I m staying with this rating anyway and with that thought as well I believe full honesty from reviewers is the best way for them authors in general to overcome their weaknesses.Carnelian has such a beautiful cover and a plot that seems promising.I have been fooled once needless to say The writing This author has an OK AKA not bad writing style and I liked the pacing since it was a fast one What I am not a fan of is what she wrote about but this will come later Her style succeeded to make me finish the reading of this book, especially because of the ambience which was not special but light A HUGE problem I had with her writing was the fact that she kept repeating information as if maybe we didn t understand the first time Also she kept repeating words over and over again It s like she didn t reread herself, didn t care or didn t realize it For example Most probably arrived yesterday and were already making friends I didn t know a single person attending Morton as I was miles away from home and all my high school friends It was a bit scary to start over, but it was for the best I was really only going to miss a few of my friends, It gets worst Chris I waved him over to the ground after we had our bandanas on Sim grabbed a bandana and wadded it up in her hands to cover the bandana print in the middle of it Do we have any people showing up I asked, pointing to the left over bandanas.As you have maybe guesses, repetition is one of my pet peeves in books I think the author repeated the word friend friends like 50 times in the book That is a lot because it contains only 200 pages I have many other examples but will stop here The plot Marcelle is new at the Morton college On her first day, a boy literally falls on her lap Since that moment, she can t stop thinking about him Of course, she learns he is a player and doesn t want to be another girl on his list Apparently the guy, Seth, has two other brothers Interested in knowing about them, she reads their files and discovers that it is like their lives started three years ago because there is not data beyond that Marcelle decides to learn who those guys really are and why does Seth keep insisting in going out with her.Meh A good thing is that the plot wasn t predictable except for the romance but it was pretty simple Also, between all of that, there is this competition called CRUSH which I have no idea why the author included it in her book There is NO link with the time travel stuff NO link Carnelian felt absolutely like a contemporary until about 40 50% of it.The ending, without telling any spoiler, was so eye rolling worth It s as if what the main character did was useless because it only proved something but without really having any positive consequence, just the obvious type So the author talks about a certain war that is happening in the country and century from which the three boys are from Technically, it is important, right Really, huh Well, tell that to Marcelle because she obviously doesn t realize that She is than occupied spending time with her dear Seth I settled back into Seth s arms and let the warmth keep me happy I didn t see too much of the movie as I laid there I couldn t put my finger on it, but it felt like time was pressing on us Things were too quiet and peaceful It couldn t last, but I wanted it too.Oh, so you don t care about saving those people from a war Selfish girl.Marcelle is taking the fact that her parents aren t actually her real parents too well The fact that she is able to travel trough time feels normal for her She simply reacts like this I was a child of time, whatever that really meant No wonder my mother never mentioned who my father was Maybe she didn t know Maybe she did know and know he would never be coming home She always told me that he was gone and could never come back I bet she knew She had kept that from me all these years I always thought something bad had gone down between my parents, and one day I would find something with his name on it That s it No suspicion You truly believe that goddess without any proof that makes you a child of time No you re all crazy scene No running with tears falling from your eyes because your life has been a lie Oh well The characters they were very main characters secondary stereotyped and felt so recycled It s like the author didn t try to create them but like she picked them The only one I enjoyed reading about is Ty, and a bit of Seth.Sim Marcelle s roommate The only thing she cares about is boys School What the hell, she sleeps until the last minute before going to her classes I mean, I understand about laying in bed in the weekends but not every day, girl She s not a bad person at least.Ty Sangre brother Ty is so nice He s the perfect friend always there for you, in need of help It s a shame that there was no love interest for him I d perfectly see him with a friendly good girl He didn t have a big role as well as his other brother Dee.Dee Sangre brother He doesn t take much space He s quiet and we don t see much of him His role is actually important at the end of the book Not special or different but the common type, except from the fact that he is from another century.Seth Sangre brother AKA the love interest and soul mate of Marcelle Oh Seth was charming and persistent I admit I didn t crave for him but, sure, I ll go out with him anytime He s a great boyfriend I wasn t sure about his fidelity either before as Marcelle, but I guess I understand his motifs Although, I used to not like him at the beginning of the story because he was really suspicious Changed my mind on him, which doesn t happen often, but I prefer liking characters from the beginning to the end of a book.Marcelle main character AKA Mari, I didn t connect with her at all She is egoist, thinking only about her and Seth She plays it cool saying things like been there, done that and not wanting to be on Seth s conquest list and pushing him away when she obviously wants him bad Don t get me wrong, I love angst, but this was just pathetic.She sometimes said stuff that made just no sense at all Like I hated that I liked him He was just going to break my heart Maybe he already had.WHAT THE HELL When someone breaks your heart, girl, you know it You don t think it.Also, she and I don t have the same understanding level because The goddess sensed my thoughts You need the stone to be one of us, the goddess replied When time first began, my essence was placed in one hundred of those stones I cannot send someone without a stone it would be taxing on me on the point where I would fail at my role With a stone in hand and part of my power, all I do is to give the person with the stone and push in the right direction The stone is your connection to traveling You needed the stone as much as the next person, but you didn t need it to talk to me That was as confusing as it could get I needed the stone, but I didn t need the stone Could you be stupid concentrated She said you don t need the stone to be able to talk to her but to travel yes rolls eyes She judges people Breanne, nice girl with blond curls introduced herself then I m Ty Sangre, Ty stepped, in saving me from introducing myself I really wasn t as interesting as the Barbie doll in front of me.Also About Melissa interested in Seth but no one in particular We didn t get to hear what she ranted on about I was really curious what such a shallow girl could say in response.It s a pity that she acts like that, because I could really have liked the MC.Or not since she s so undecided and annoying She kept saying how Seth is cute, cute, cute and cute Darn boy he had to be cute, but I was not going to fall for him.Again and again.But then He had equal amount of traits I liked and disliked I think my overall opinion was actually neutral on him He was cute Okay, not cute gorgeous.Urg, seriously Is he cute or not You misled me by saying he was cute when in fact he is gorgeous No one likes to be misled, even for small things like that The romance Oh well, they re soul mates, of course it is very cheesy, making me roll my eyes quite often, especially when Seth says things like I didn t kiss her, Seth answered She kissed me and I told her that nothing was between us, just like I told her tonight You re the only girl I see Or Marcella Navina, I am in love with you I ve been in love with you probably since the day I first feel into your lap Apparently, for Seth it was insta love Yeah, right, like I believe him.There are plenty of other cheesy moments that you could discover while reading this book.Overall, I think this could ve been better as a contemporary and without that insta love insta hate element The fact that the time travel theme was far in the book was a huge weakness in my opinion The CRUSH competition was very interesting due the contemporary suggestion but totally unnecessary I won t read the sequel because I personally don t care enough about the characters and story which wasn t as serious as it actually needed to be Also posted GIVEAWAY on Seeing Night Reviews

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    Carnelian is book one in the Chalcedony Chronicles by B Kristin McMichael Marcella Navina, or Mari as she is known by, has arrived She is moving into her dorm room and is about to begin her college career Her life s plan was never questioned She always knew she was expected to work with her Grandfather after college But the next four years were hers She was most definitely not looking for a boyfriend The first time she laid eyes on Seth, the oh so handsome college quarterback and most definite ladies man, she knew she had to stay away from him This boy was a player with a capital P But Seth has a different idea He wants Mari and is not taking no for an answer Something was really different with Seth Sangre, and I wasn t sure I wanted to know what it was Seth Sangre and his two brothers Ty and Dee are not normal college students They are from the past They are from ancient Egypt where they rode chariots into battle Their country has been at war and Seth would do anything to help to save it The Goddess has told Seth that he must travel to the future to meet someone very important to him But that s all she told him So he has searched for three years to no avail Until he met Mari He knew she was the one destined for him to find He just had to convince her of it I don t know why the goddess sent me to you, but I ll be forever grateful My eyes were never truly open until I met you Even if she decides to pull me away from you tomorrow, I ll do everything I can to get back I can t imagine a world without you, and I ll find a way for us to be together Seth and Mari are trying to navigate the first months of college and the first overwhelming emotions of true love At the same time, though, they are faced with the reality that Seth does not belong here in the present But why was he supposed to find Mari Why was she so important Although I really did like Seth and Mari, I just never did fully connect with this story It just didn t pull me in the way I had hoped But, there is plenty of room for further development I did feel the love between Seth and Mari and some of the things Seth said were so beautiful and sweet I instantly liked Seth s friend Ty right from the start The sequel Chrysoprase is due out late this summer and I will be interested to see where Ms McMichael takes these two next Will they find a way to be together How will Mari help Seth to save his country Is Mari strong enough to survive ancient Egypt or can she bring Seth back to her own time

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    I was given a copy by the author for an honest review I am usually weary of reading time travel novels, because they are so confusing My brain just goes into shock whenever I think of time travel The possibilities are limitless and I find it hard to track all of the threads.Also quite abnormal for me is to get into these kind of stories I was pleasantly surprised to find this book than compelling I understood the flow of the narration and I was hooked.About the characters I can only have words of praise.There are few books in which I love the lead female, and this is one of them Mari is such a fun person to read I love her spirit, her wit, her funny side, her shy attitude but also her determination Not to mention she s got some smart thoughts I cannot fault her any She s not whiny, not a slacker, not dependent on the man she loves And she does love Seth very much, but I m glad that doesn t eat up her brain cells like in most of the books out there.Seth, oh my darling Seth, you are such eye candy How could those chocolate eyes not melt you on the spot I loved him to bits He s so compatible with Mari it s not even funny He loves her like crazy Although he had some insta love going on I am so so so glad that this was not a book that banked on that I got to experience their friendship grow into something and that s always a plus I can t say it loud and clear enough that I don t like books that don t have a love build up I loved their love story.The side characters like Dee, Ty and Sim were awesome in their own rights They contributed beautifully to the story and weren t just for show.I can t wait for the sequel to come out this summer OH, bummer, such a long way to go And with that little snippet at the end of the book, I will surely go crazy.Good job Ms McMichael.

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review, Lovers of Paranormal.This was one of the best books I have read in a while It gripped me from the start The hot guy literally falling into Mari s lap was a brilliant introduction to their relationship The characters were really interesting and well formed with personalities that were consistent.Seth, Ty and Dee coming from ancient Egypt and spending 3 years looking for an unknown girl could have been a bit of a washout but it was handled so well Modern technology was not ignored but used and was an interesting detail when it failed to work when Mari wanted to look up specifics Little details like this are what, to me, makes a great book I hate to have unanswered questions and obvious possibilities ignored within a book The details and explanations were well covered.The book was well written with a good clear plot that kept moving along at a pace that meant I couldn t put the book down I didn t and read it in around half a day.A really great read Don t ignore the warning at the end of the book that says READ AT YOUR OWN RISK It really is a cliffhanger to the next book that isn t out until Summer 2014

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    1.5 stars.Thank you to NetGalley and Lexia Press for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Unfortunately, I just can t do it with this book I gave it the college try I fully read the first three chapters, then I began skimming, then I ultimately gave up on page 65 My problems stem from an unlikable and immature narrator, a lack of good story editing, and too many tired YA tropes which can be forgivable when used by deft hands Worst of all, the MC has extremely poor insight, strikes me as a tad histrionic, and leaps to the worst conclusions about people she doesn t know at all Nothing about this book felt like a college experience to me It felt juvenile and even the atmosphere of the book screamed middle or high school.I really dislike the MC, Mari I m finding her immature, snobbish, judgmental, self centered, and she has a tendency to slut shame both men and women The book is written in first person from her perspective, and for someone who is a freshman in college, seemingly an intelligent girl and bookworm, she sure is juvenile She reads to me like she s in middle school, or maybe a freshman in high school She also suffers from beautiful girl syndrome you know the type, with the false humility She s apparently hot, but doesn t know it, and other girls are far interesting than she is, according to her she tells us at one point about how the Barbie girl, who told us nothing but where she came from, the dorm she is in, and her planned major, is interesting than she is And despite being a hot girl herself, there s one scene when she ignores other girls in the quad who were made out to the max withtheir perfect tans and revealing clothing That s stealthy slut shaming, but still slut shaming Acting like she s better than they are because they are made up while she is reading a book It s very snobbish She has very little personality and doesn t really interact much with other people Almost everything we know takes place inside her head She shrugs at people an awful lot, but rarely actually deigns to speak to them.I will spoiler the rest of this since I give away quite a few details from the first few chapters Plus, this review is really long for only reading the first third or so view spoiler The story begins with Mari leaving for college and going through the ropes of moving in, orientation, and beginning classes She lets us know her every thought about this process in excruciating detail As she walks the campus for the first time, she feels like everyone is looking at her, but acknowledges, at least, that likely no one is Okay, fine I ll forgive her the self consciousness this time, no big deal Except she spends the first several chapters constantly assuming people are paying attention to her This is a college campus, not a small high school, and it s certainly not middle school People don t care that much about some random freshman.Later on, she s reading a book under a tree when another student, whom she didn t bother to look at, apparently sat near her under the same tree He falls asleep and apparently his head falls into her lap So, he was sitting there the whole time so close that he would fall into her lap and she never noticed him Okay, fine But wouldn t you know it, he is, of course, the most gorgeous guy she s ever seen, so much so that she starts referring to him as an underwear model before she learns his name Seth Shortly after this incident, we learn that she, too, is beautiful when she literally runs into another guy on campus who happens to be the brother of the hot guy.There are scenes in which she meets her roommate for the first time, who arrives with her parents Some of the most awkward and inappropriate conversations then ensue between Mari and these parents They said things that I don t think you would say to a person you just met 15 minutes ago Like mentioning how patient she is for standing by a vehicle for a few minutes and them remarking that her parents raised such a patient child and asking for advice Later, the Dad asks the roommate what she said to Mari to make her blush so much I dunno, it seems to me that you aren t going to go out of your way, as an adult, to embarrass a girl you just met when it s obvious she s already embarrassed about something It just felt weird, like the author didn t know how to write an organic conversation between the freshman and her new roommate s parents.After that, despite it being their first college experience, despite only having just met each other, and presumably having plenty of getting t know you conversational topics, everything revolves around Seth also, this is the smallest campus I ve ever heard of, since she can t seem to go anywhere without running into the same three people, and avoiding Seth is apparently impossible Even during orientation, when they are trying to learn about the other students, conversation turns to Seth and all the girls in the group immediately go ga ga about him like, ohhhhh, he s so dreamy Literally, three girls sigh in unison at the mere mention of his name, and, like middle schoolers, they start asking about whether he has a girlfriend, who he is interested in, blah blah one girl says she wishes she was beautiful so she could be a perfect fit for him, like his last girlfriend But anyway, he has apparently set her sights on Mari, which she only knows because she overhead a conversation he had with his brothers about her, and from there, it s all about Seth, the would be underwear model Who happens to be the star quarterback of the world s smallest college eye roll Let s talk for a moment about that, shall we Unless you go to a large school, I find it highly suspect that everyone on campus knows who the quarterback is Let s say you go to a very small school what are the chances that A the school supports a football program and B the football program is a big enough deal for every student to know its quarterback s name Like I said, feels like a high school atmosphere More about Seth He s also the son of a very wealthy local family eye rolls Talk about a Gary Stu The roomie, of course, is envious, because Mari has a hot guy watching her, looking like he wants to make out right there What s not to like Enter the judgmental, slut shaming Mari She wants nothing to do with Seth because, despite knowing nothing about him, guys like that were always trouble Before she knows anything about him, she has written him off as a player she overheard a conversation in which Seth said he found her, and a brother replied, just like the last 23 times, so she naturally assumes he is a player First off, so what if he has had 23 girlfriends which actually wasn t even confirmed they could have been dates for all we know None of your damn business Doesn t mean he s a bad guy Second, her assumptions aren t based in any actual facts whatsoever At one point, she sees him and others greeting girls with kisses She then leaps to the conclusion that he has a girlfriend and ignores his protests when he assures her that he does not Lots of people greet each other with friendly kisses That she also knows he had the same one girlfriend for most of the previous school year doesn t seem to change her judgment about him From there, it just snowballs and every time she mentions what a player he is she does it numerous times in the first three chapters , it gets worse She leaps to conclusions that he planned to make her a name on his list. What She says that the idea of him liking her and making her his next target is her worst fear. C mon It is worth reminding you at this point she has been on campus all of half a day so far And she doesn t let it go She reminds us at every opportunity that he is bad news, and wants a notch in his belt It s terribly repetitive It goes on for pages, then comes up again every few pages or so, just in case you forget that she s just not into being a on someone s list of conquests I m not even exaggerating And the first few chapters only encompass about 2 or 3 full days.She actively tries to avoid these guys, only a few hours into college, while still helping the roommate move in, and becomes completely obsessed with them why Because she thinks Seth might like her and might ask her out She says, college was getting harder by the minute and I hadn t even been to my first class yet. C mon Life is not this hard Not to mention, there are worse problems than having a beautiful boy possibly ask you out Worst case scenario You say no and move on.Making matters worse, she doesn t have much of a personality beyond her judgments about others She has no backbone whatsoever She reminds us constantly that being in the presence of these brothers makes her uncomfortable, but makes no effort to remove herself from the situation She meets one brother, Ty, in a line As they walk away, he found an area in which to sit during orientation She says, I had no excuse not to take a seat. What Of course you do If you don t want to sit with the guy, don t It s not that hard Just say, nice meeting you, walk over to that other empty space on the grass and sit down over there.I about lost it when the mystery element came into play She signed up to be a tutor and, coincidence of all coincidences, she has been assigned to Seth and his brothers She reads their files, noting they were all home schooled until their Junior year of high school, and they were all adopted from different countries Apparently, this is all very, very strange and requires investigation I mean, why were they adopted from different countries at the same time, hmmmm Why doesn t the internet reveal anything about them before they entered high school, hmmmm Suspicious No, it s really not Not everyone lives out their entire lives on the net, maybe their family wanted to adopt from other countries, and maybe, just maybe, it s none of your damn business Then, her roommate, whose parents are presumably from India, tells her that Seth, despite being adopted there, definitely is not Indian, because she has been to India and seen lots of Indian people, and when you get up close and see him, you can tell he s not Indian so Mari just accepts that as fact she actually says that Sim stated a fact she was beginning to believe as well and concludes that the files were faked Wait, what So, the logical conclusion is that because your roommate of Indian heritage has seen some Indian people before and has concluded it is factual that he is not Indian, the files must be faked What kind of asinine leap is that If I thought her assumptions about Seth s intentions with her were silly and unjustified, this just took her to a whole new level hide spoiler

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    Love through the ages, two souls meant for each other, but living centuries and continents apart A goddess steps in and with the magic of love and a special stone, Seth and his two brothers are thrust into the contemporary world that Mari resides in, only to have to wait three years for her to show up Are Mari and Seth destined to be together, not if Mari has anything to say about it Carnelian by B Kristin McMichael tells a fascinating tale of one cynical college freshman who fights the attraction to one of the college s biggest players refusing to be another notch on his belt Ms McMichael has created a very realistic look at college life, the new found freedoms and pressures from all around Her tale is a fresh take on time travel and soul mates and doesn t rush into the relationship, but lets it slowly bloom and grow throughout each page Loved the concept, loved all of the supporting characters, who truly added charm, intrigue and life to this tale Seth is a little mysterious as he dodges questions about his past, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and shows all the signs of a young man in love.The only problem I had was with Mari, herself She comes across as an overachiever who MUST excel while complaining about the shortcomings of others, as she reaffirms her athletic abilities and her academic prowess, over and over to one and all For such a young person she appears very cynical, hard, distrusting and self important As a role model, Mari leaves much to be desired For me, she stole the sparkle of this otherwise fantastic read Ms McMichael has a truly wonderful gift of storytelling and creating a perfect flow,her heroine was just too negative for me 3.5 StarsI received this copy from Lexia Press in exchange for my honest review.The Chalcedony Chronicles Book 1Publication Date January 9, 2014Publisher Lexia PressISBN 9780989121866Genre YA Paranormal FantasyPrint Length 237 pagesAvailable from Barnes Noble

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    I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review slight hints at spoilersBefore I say anything, I just have to take a moment and gush over the cover because it is completely AWESOME It s one of those covers that instantly draw you too a book before you even read blurb So pretty.Anyway, I had no idea what to expect from this book, except for the fact that I ve loved everything I ve read from B Kristin McMichael.I was completely blown away by this cool time traveling concept I would have never thought to write about ancient Egypt or bring influence from that culture, out of the past that could have been chosen, I was intrigued that this was selected.I was slightly leery about the pace of the book because the way the beginning was it felt like it could only be a stand alone, because I just couldn t imagine it going on for me than one book, it felt like it was possible to run out of plotbut no, Kristin McMichael took me by surprise and completely took me by surprise when Mari went back for Seth and his father dropped that little bombyeah I totally did not expect that That blew a whole new life into the story and immediately realized there was so much it had to offer and I LOVED that.I don t know what my problem is by I always seem to fall in love the secondary characters I LOVED Ty He was so adorable and I was routing for him all the time, especially when he went back to the past I can t wait to hear from him I did love Seth, he the perfect book boyfriend and I did like Mari s character, very relate able in many aspects I loved their love and can t wait to see what s in store for them.Great start to a cool new series by B Kristin McMichael, I m excited for what s to come

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    R2R LoP Carnelian The Chalcedony Chronicles I received a free copy, through LoP, in exchange for a review.Past, present, future Seth is all of these, all in one person He s been pushed forward, in time, to find someone, someone that will help his past country from further war and destruction He cannot remember from where he came from or time, just that he needs to find someone Mari is just starting college and has been looking forward to this time, to be by herself and away from her loving family The first day there, she has an interesting introduction to this mysterious guy, who just happens to fall into her lap, literally After that, everything takes on a new course, one that will test her mind, knowledge, faith and a discovery that would boggle most people I went back to Seth s room and lay down on the bed The facts were confusing Who were the Sangre brothers Why was Seth searching for me How did he heal so quickly Was he even human I sat up at the last thought I wasn t really a believer in all the fantasy books I read they were just entertaining, but now my mind was racing Seth didn t exist beyond the past three years, and he could heal miraculously I got up and went to his open computer It was already turned on, and I decided to borrow it While I waited for Seth, I could make my own list of possibilities My first 5 star book for the year While parts of the story were a little childish, it was overall a wonderful story, with not just one plot line to follow It really gave a lot that I thought it would and it has left me wanting to know what is going to happen Time travel, new friends, puzzles, it s got everything

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway forever ago and never updated with my thoughts.Something that stuck out and hindered my enjoyment was the superfluous repetition of information I had kinda forgotten about that aspect until I was browsing some other reviews to help me remember a bit of the plot I had forgotten, then when I read another review commenting on it, I thought, Hm, yeah, that was a difficult aspect to get over It was almost as if the writer did not trust the reader to remember what was going on and thought it a good idea to give constant reminders There isn t a reason for this to happen and lends to the wordiness of a book I hate to feed into the stereotype, but this book is a prime example of what a lot of people expect with indie books, because this book was not edited well and it could have used a few rounds of editing revision I don t believe this about indie books, but I have been involved with numerous conversations with people about it trying to dispel the belief.Like I said, the concept of the story was interesting and I was holding out with the hope that something would WOW me, but it just didn t happen Like I also mentioned earlier, I had to refresh my memory on a couple things that happened, so it didn t stick with me long term I think that is also an indicator It is simply a meh ly written book with a meh plot Highly predictable, a story we have seen before but without a unique spin to make it its own standout book.I suggest if you are interested in giving it a try, go for it There are times where I m hyper critical, especially when in certain moods This book just didn t do it for me.Happy reading, y all p.s I suggest not waiting a year to write a review A lot is forgotten between then and now XD Hence my shorter review.

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    I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review.This is going to be brutal.Before I even begin on the actual story, let s talk about the grammar There are many, many mistakes throughout the book, including but not limited to typos I can forgive one or two mistakes, but an editor would have been beneficial to this book To point out some of the obvious flaws Page 68, Sim led the way to the second pool and the only course I the log run There is an abandoned I Okay, I can understand that, backspacing can sometimes leave things That s fine.Page 75, always cheering and slapping each other like guys guys I have yet to discover what a guys guy is.Page 77, I sat down across from him watched him pull out the food The and is missing from this sentence.Such errors are scattered about the book, and I didn t bother with trying to remember them all, but there was one instance where the narrative switched tense mid sentence, which was kind of distracting.The writing style was OK The descriptions were lacking, and character introductions were awkward What does Miller look like Who knows And that s another thing Miller is gay I don t agree with homosexuality Plus, he was just plain irritating The characters were flat, and typical Ty was the only one I liked, and even he was stereotyped And on a side note, it seemed like the plot was hardly mentioned, at all, whatsoever and it was a bit disappointing that the romance was established so quickly like most teen romance novels.Anyway The cover is beautiful, and I really should have known better Don t judge a book by its cover.The plot was interesting, especially since I love time travel and ancient Egypt, and getting two in one was pretty exciting I wish I could say that the story was good, but unfortunately, short of a total re write, I don t see that happening Actual storyline Mari goes to college, and on the first day a hot guy literally falls into her lap She overhears him talking to his friends brothers about his past 23 girlfriends, and spends the rest of the story whining about how she WILL NOT BE NUMBER TWENTY FOUR .The entire storyline revolves around Seth Mr Hot Guy , chasing Mari as she internally monologues about how her last boyfriend hurt her, without ever telling us what went down Soon, after a ton of drama, they get together Surprise Anyway, there are cuddles and smooches, and later we learn that Seth is really Seti, and he s from ancient Egypt, sent to the 21st century by a goddess to find and woo Mari Mission accomplished But the poor couple are not destined to be Although, I m pretty sure the goddess said that they were But whatever, it s your story view spoiler After, I don t know, two months Seti gets sent back to Egypt, and Mari is heartbroken She finds a way to go get him back, and succeeds in travelling through time because her mom is an ancient Egyptian princess or something, and thus she can do these things Right, so, she gets there, gets engaged to Seti, kidnapped, saved, and then goes back to the 21st century, with Seti and Ty before mentioned brother friend slave in tow And this all happens within the last three chapters. hide spoiler

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