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Hope to Die (Alex Cross, #22) files Hope to Die (Alex Cross, #22) , read online Hope to Die (Alex Cross, #22) , free Hope to Die (Alex Cross, #22) , free Hope to Die (Alex Cross, #22) , Hope to Die (Alex Cross, #22) c10630c15 Detective Alex Cross Is Being Stalked By A Psychotic Genius, Forced To Play The Deadliest Game Of His Career Cross S Family His Loving Wife Bree, The Wise And Lively Nana Mama, And His Precious Children Have Been Ripped Away Terrified And Desperate, Cross Must Give This Mad Man What He Wants If He Has Any Chance Of Saving The Most Important People In His Life The Stakes Have Never Been Higher What Will Cross Sacrifice To Save The Ones He Loves Widely Praised By The Greatest Crime And Thriller Writers Of Our Time, Cross My Heart Set A Jaw Dropping Story In Motion Hope To Die Propels Alex Cross S Greatest Challenge To Its Astonishing Finish, Proving Why Jeffery Deaver Says Nobody Does It Better Than James Patterson

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    I don t know if James Patterson hung up his golf pants at the Palm Beach Country Club or if he finally decided he s had too much sun surf pina colada s or what, but apparently he locked himself in a cave and wrote a dang good book It was fantastic I felt like I was reading ALONG CAME A SPIDER again and was reminded why I buy Every.Single.Book of Patterson s like a crack addict waiting for my next fix It s because I was waiting on a book reminiscent of his old writing you know, before he became the Rock Star of Authors I won t rehash the plot because you already know it Crazy madman takes Alex s family and threatens them unless Alex comes to him so crazy person can kill him The difference is in the details, plot twists and just plain creepiness of the book Next time I see a pig, I am giving him the stink eye.

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    Hope To Die by James Patterson is the twenty second book in the famous Alex Cross series and for me definitely one of the better ones.The last few I ve read have focused a lot on Alex s family and they became a little tedious but this one was like the earlier books in the series where Alex is chasing the bad guy and it s a race against time Entertaining, fast paced and with easy to follow quick chapters, I d happily recommend Hope to Die and I m really pleased to see Alex return to full form in this highly enjoyable book Thank you to friend and fellow reader Rachel Hall for her copy of the book 5 stars

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    There s nothing like a book by James Patterson for an exciting, fast, fun read Just don t try and take them seriously because they do not stand up to analysis But gosh they are entertaining.This one is a particularly good example as Alex Cross pits himself against an evil mass murderer who has kidnapped his whole family and threatens to return them one at a time dead Alex is remarkably smooth considering the potential for loss, and the murderer demonstrates a talent for the gory and unlikely when he kills I seem to have read a lot of books recently that include death by pigs the first time I thought the author was making it up but it seems so popular in modern crime books I guess it must be true.Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed this one as I think I have all the Pattersons I have read so far

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    I have read Alex Cross from the beginning and it s time to end this series How many times can a man s family be in serious peril and he STILL won t retire Always the same story his poor 90 something year old grandma, his children, and current partner all in the hands of various madmen and it s that same story over and over I am bored

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    Alex Cross is BACK I was very disappointed with the ending is Cross My Heart ,but Hope To Die is a 5 star book from start to finish Many of GR friends agreed with me on Cross My Heart and I think you will agree with me again Hope To Die is a MUST READ

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    Hope to Die is the continuation of Cross My Heart, which also received 1 5 from me I said I wouldn t read this book, but I did It was there in my book review box and I wanted to see if Alex Cross could make amends.Thierry Mulch has kidnapped Cross s family and asks Cross to kill people in order to save them What happens next is too ridiculous to describe Bad plotting, ridiculous premises, and thin characters fall through this sieve of a book.I wish I hadn t read it.

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    So how many books does an author get to write before editors ignore their work and just put it out there Obviously, James Patterson hit that number a long time ago.I have read all of the Alex Cross books I used to read the Women s Murder Club books until they became writing by formula I refuse to read the books co authored by him after the first one, they are terrible Now I ask myself, am I going to give up on Alex Cross Hope to Die is the continuation of Cross My Heart, which was atrocious There are so many holes in this story that it should have been called, No Hope, Dead Besides the flaws in police procedure, the under played reaction of Cross to his situation and the total predictability of the story, there are too many facts that are just wrong An example, Patterson describes Cross as six feet two inches with a thirty inch reach I am only five feet eleven inches and I have a thirty five inch reach without stepping up on my toes.So as not to reveal anything that might spoil the book for anyone who has not read it, I am going to stick to the flaws in the editing that make this a terrible read.Patterson begins one chapter by describing three birches that grew close together Hello, that is how birches are, planted three together, which everyone already knows In that same chapter he says, the dog went to the stove and lay down by the stove I didn t think he went to the stove and lay down by the TV In one chapter he tells us the alias used by the antagonist has shown up seven times in a internet search, a few chapters later he tells us this again.The worst part of bad writing non editing is the chapter dealing with Alex Cross having to kill someone at the direction of Marcus Sunday the antagonist This chapter is written in first person so we are in Alex s head Okay so maybe I need to say spoiler alert here We know and Alex knows that his killing is an act, but the thoughts in his head are portrayed as if they are NO Alex would not be having the emotions and physical response Patterson gives us knowing he is faking a killing.If all of this were not bad enough, the ending is lame For two books we have had a methodical, diabolical killer who is meticulous in his planning He would not have put himself in the situation that he does to end this story.James Patterson is a prolific writer and he used to be a good one It is sad to see that all change.This one gets one star.

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    The psychotic and evil Thierry Mulch had kidnapped Detective Alex Cross entire family his beautiful wife Bree, Nana Mama and the children, Damon, Jannie and Ali had all been taken from Cross He was distraught, terrified and also bewildered as he tried to ascertain the reason behind it all With his entire squad behind him, working the case with feverish speed the FBI and every law enforcement agency getting into the act still Cross felt helpless But then circumstances changed bodies were found and Cross was forced to play a dangerous game that he felt he had no way of avoiding Suddenly, and knowing the lives of his family were on the line, he was following orders But these were not his usual orders not from the police department Could he follow the killer s plans for him and follow his own agenda as well With the clock racing faster, Cross was determined to find this madman at all costs But the fine line was a difficult one to travel he let his desperation fuel his adrenalin to think would mean he would collapse Would his race against time succeed Or were his family members gone from him forever Brilliant A true James Patterson thriller once again just the way I love them Taut with tension, with a rocketing pace and unique twists throughout, it was heart thumping and thrilling Highly recommended.

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    ENOUGH I am tired of reading about the horrors of Alex Cross s mental torture concerning his family There should not be a threat of harm to this family in any future books about Alex Cross As a reader, I have suffered enough with this man and his family Patterson needs to move on to other crimes in the D.C area Having purchased ALL of the Alex Cross books, I can tell you that I will NOT buy any that deal with harm to this family ENOUGH

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    I have not read many of the Alex Cross novels but James Patterson has such a fluidity to his writing that It did not feel like I was reading a book late in a series Dr Cross s whole family has been kidnapped by someone with no demands, which adds to the difficulty of figuring out why this person has specifically targeted him He is personally attached to the case so he must automatically remove himself as an active investigator, this in turn makes it difficult for him to find his family Cross starts to tap into alternative methods and does an amazing job of using unlikely resources to do his ground work The interesting part of this whole scenario is that Cross is being tested like a lab rat A smart and tenable story with dynamic charaters and a suspenseful ending Definitely recommend to JP and or Cross readers.

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