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    Foul mouthed American actress Martina Manderly is playing Jane Austen in a period costume drama shooting on location in Bath Predictably, the spoiled, bullying Martina alienates fellow actors, crew even extras and promptly gets herself stabbed to death.Predictable, unfortunately, pretty much describes Menu for Murder, J.G Goodhind s fourth Honey Driver mystery novel Honey, the owner of the Green River Hotel in Bath and police liaison for the Bath Hotel Association, once again joins handsome if conceited Detective Inspector Steve Doherty to discover who done it The story plods on although with occasional funny scenes and two rare interesting new characters in the cases of Zo Valley and Perdita Moody until it reveals an implausible murderer and then ends with a ridiculously unrealistic final denouement If you skip Menu for Murder, you won t have missed much of a dish That said, narrator Patience Tomlinson, as always, is first rate.

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    I only read it because it has Jane Austen in its title How disappointing.

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    Killing Jane Austen is a delightfully rollicking murder mystery that begins in Bath when a film crew comes to town to make a new film on the legendary romantic novelist Jane Austen When the film s star Martyna Manderley is found dead and Bath s hotelier Honey Driver is caught holding a bloodied manuscript, Detective Inspector DI Steve Doherty is called in to catch the culprit before his love interest is accused of murder In a plot that twists and turns with everyone with a motive for the killing from the production company, to the director and the star s wealthy fianc , Honey Driver the Crime Liaison Officer for the Hotels Association joins forces with DI Doherty to unmask the murderer but the list of suspects is long and clues few The story vibrates with wit, humor and sexual repartee as Honey Drive and her detective not only get drawn into a tantalizing mystery, but begin exploring their romantic attraction.Often the atmosphere of the plot becomes slow and ponderous as Honey and DI Doherty deviate from solving the murder to questioning any clues while consuming copious amounts of drink and food Yet although the story seems filled with a labyrinth of dead ends, the ending is nonetheless surprising and amusing as Honey s Chef challenges the killer.Jean G Goodhind creates characters in Killing Jane Austen that are unconventional with all their quirks, flaws, faults and strengths like Honey Driver a middle aged woman who keeps insisting she needs to diet because she loves to eat Often slowed down by a bossy mother who has designs on her sexy corset and a grown daughter she s feisty, free spirited and impulsive With a questioning mentality and a love of a mystery she quickly insinuates herself into the case, uncovering clues in the unlikeliest places Honey s romantic interest, the indomitable Steve Doherty is a tough, shrewd detective with a sharp sense of humor Professionally he tends to be unruffled and controlled until thwarted which makes him moody Martyna Manderley is the arrogant, rude, sharp tongued and self indulgent actress engaged to the wealthy, pretentious and lying degenerate Brett Coleridge These personalities and add to the drama and spice of an intriguing mystery.This novel which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is thoroughly enjoyable light reading a story filled with fun and humor set against the backdrop of a film production in Bath I d rate it 3.5 if the scale allowed.

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    I won Killing Jane Austen by Jean G Goodhind from Goodreads.Killing Jane Austen has everything I look for in a cozy mystery great characters, interesting setting, and a well plotted whodunit.Jean G Goodhind has assembled a cast of characters who are three dimensional and fun The protagonist, innkeeper Honey Driver, has many interests, including food and Detective Inspector Steve Dohert Together they make a great detective team The book is populated with several other very interesting characters Gloria Cross, Honey s mother, is actively seeking a lover Casper St John Gervais, Chairman of Bath Hotels Association, and a snappy dresser, is required to dress as a lowly street sweeper Mary Jane, a resident of Honey s hotel, lives with and speaks to her deceased ancestor, Sir Cedric And, of course, there is the fascinating cast and crew of the film being made in town, OK he of which quickly becomes the murder victim.Complete with old houses, dressing room trailers for the stars, and a food truck in the middle of it all, this is the setting of the murder It seems just about everyone in town has shown up to be an extra, and with so many egos in one small space, of course there is a murder When Honey finds herself literally with blood on her hands, she begins to seek out the real killer.I kept changing my mind about whodunit throughout the novel The author provides plenty of characters to suspect and motives to consider.In the Cozy Mystery category, Killing Jane Austen earns five stars I would love to read books in this series and highly recommend it to cozy mystery lovers everywhere.

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    Wieder geschieht ein Mord im idyllischen Bath, diesmal an einer gemeinen, unbeliebten Schauspielerin, die die Hauptrolle in einem Film ber Jane Austen spielt.Auch hier ist es von Vorteil, die vorherigen Teile im Vorfeld zu lesen, wenn man in die Beziehungskisten rund um die Hauptfiguren eintauchen m chte Allerdings ist auch dieser Fall in sich geschlossen und kann somit auch alleinstehend gelesen werden.Diesmal ist Honey mehr oder weniger direkt am Ort des Geschehens und somit nat rlich zusammen mit Doherty wieder auf M rderjagd.Die Suche nach dem M rder ist spannend und gut zum Mitr tseln geeignet Allerdings muss der Leser meiner Meinung nach sp testens als ein zweiter Mord geschieht seine Vermutungen nochmal komplett berdenken Die Aufl sung an sich ist dann in sich logisch und berraschend, allerdings auch etwas entt uschend, weil diese sehr schnell abgehandelt wird.Endlich entwickelt sich auch die Beziehung zwischen Honey und Doherty einen Schritt weiter allerdings immer noch im Schneckentempo.Der Schreibstil ist gewohnt fl ssig und das B chlein liest sich so sehr schnell weg hnlich wie im Vorg ngerband Mord zur Geisterstunde tauchen zwar auch hier viele verschiedene Personen auf, die allerdings diesmal besser auseinanderzuhalten sind und es somit zu weniger Verwirrungen kommt.Insgesamt ein netter, fast unblutiger Krimi Deshalb 4 Sterne.

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    Now I am no writer and I feel very guilty rubbishing off someone else s printed word, hence do not judge me when I say that Menu for Murder was an extremely painful read It had bad language, feeble characters and an extremely silly plot At times the writing was so bad that I wanted to cry When I say bad language, I dont mean incorrect or poorly formed sentence It was just bad story telling You know how people say that if you explain an joke you have killed it Well thats what Goodhind does with every punchline in the book And then there is so much sex related content victorian corsets, homosexuals, TVs, sexual deviancies its all there in one book I am no prude but it all becomes irrelvant and boring after sometime I do like my detectives to be strong independent woman, but honestly, Honey Driver is the most annoying character ever Everytime she opened her mouth I went please stop talking I just managed to finish the book and I swear I will never read J.G Goodhind again Ever.

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    I received this book for free from Goodreads first reads in exchange for an honest review Oh My God I hated this book Grade schoolers can write better than this Seriously It is like the author has no concept of proper sentence structure And extremely limited vocabulary At one point, I counted five Honey sat in stunned silence on one page There are dozens of tangents that have nothing to do with the storyline The characters were one dimensional, the plot was stupid beyond belief, the police were incompetent, the sex wasn t sexy, the mystery wasn t mysterious I can find nothing redeeming I only finished it because I felt an obligation since the publisher sent me a free copy Sorry, publisher I hope you didn t advance her too much.

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    A movie company is making a biopic of Jane Austen in historic Bath, England, and hotelier Honey Driver is acting as an extra When murder is discovered, Honey s significant other, policeman Steve Doherty has a new case As liaison between the Bath hotel owners and the police, not to mention as Steve s sweetie, Honey insinuates herself into the investigation, helped and hindered by her bossy mother and her almost grown daughter.

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    More British mystery Entertaining.

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    Fun entertaining read.

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Menu for Murder download Menu for Murder, read online Menu for Murder, kindle ebook Menu for Murder, Menu for Murder d83a9009fa6f A Film Crew Arrives In Bath To Make A New Film About Jane Austen, Romantic Novelist And One Time Resident Of The Fair City Of Bath To The Satisfaction Of Hotel Owner And Police Liaison Officer Honey Driver, Some Of The Visitors Are Staying At The Green River Hotel, Bringing Welcome Low Season Boost To Business, Most Specifically The Bar Takings Honey, Her Daughter Lindsay And Even Her Mother, Are Offered The Chance To Work As Extras It S All Very Excitinguntil Reality And Murder Hit The Film S Star, The Impossibly Demanding Martyna Manderley, Is Found Dead, And Honey Finds She S Landed Her Own Starring Role As Prime Suspect DI Steve Doherty, Honey S New And As Yet Tantalisingly Unexplored Love Interest, Races To The Rescue, And The Pair Embark On A Mission To Uncover The Truth