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Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8) explained Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8), review Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8), trailer Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8), box office Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8), analysis Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8), Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8) 9232 HE CAN GUARD HERLady Phoebe Batten Is Pretty, Vivacious, And Yearning For A Social Life Befitting The Sister Of A Powerful Duke But Because She Is Almost Completely Blind, Her Overprotective Brother Insists That She Have An Armed Bodyguard By Her Side At All Times The Very Irritating Captain TrevillionOM EVERY DANGERCaptain James Trevillion Is Proud, Brooding, And Cursed With A Leg Injury From His Service In The King S Dragoons Yet He Can Still Shoot And Ride Like The Devil, So Watching Over The Distracting Lady Phoebe Should Be No Problem At All Until She S Targeted By KidnappersBUT PASSION ITSELFCaught In A Deadly Web Of Deceit, James Must Risk Life And Limb To Save His Charge From The Lowest Of Cads One Who Would Force Lady Phoebe Into A Loveless Marriage But While They Re Confined To Close Quarters For Her Safekeeping, Phoebe Begins To See The Tender Man Beneath The Soldier S Hard Exterior And The Possibility Of A Life And Love She Never Imagined Possible

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane, #8)
  • Elizabeth Hoyt
  • English
  • 14 November 2019
  • 9781455586356

About the Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Elizabeth Hoyt is a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance She also writes deliciously fun contemporary romance under the name Julia Harper Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with three untrained dogs and one long suffering husband.

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    4.25 5 You ve ruined me I don t know if I can breathe without you I don t know how I can ever live without you James TrevillionMuch better than my expectations Thoroughly beautiful I postponed reading this book for so long, considering I wasn t impressed with Phoebe s character in the previous book I found her quite stubborn, so I was afraid she would get on my nerves in this installment But oh, how wrong I was to think of her that way She was nothing like I thought she would be Honestly, her courage and her strength utterly surprised me I can tell she s pretty much my kind of heroine Dearest Rogue captured me from the first page and I found myself unable to put it down till the end The story was very well written, full of passionate romance, exciting action, and engaging suspense.In this book, we meet Captain James Trevillion and Lady Phoebe Batten.During Captain James Trevillion s patrol shift in St Giles, his horse was shot and she fell atop him He suffered a horrifying broken leg and it immediately ended his army career in the dragoons The Duke of Wakefield offered him a job as his little sister s bodyguard The time he spent by Phoebe s side, the he grew to care about her She became something than duty to him Even though he knew deep down inside that it would be impossible for him to deny that she d already occupied every corner of his heart, she was the Duke s sister, born and raised aristocratically He was just a former dragoon with a lame leg and he knew he had nothing to offer her Without a doubt, he wasn t good enough for her.Because of her blindness, the sister of the Duke of Wakefield, Lady Phoebe Batten was treated like a little child by everyone around her Her brother believed that most outings were too dangerous for her and she needed someone to accompany her everywhere, so he hired James as her bodyguard to keep her safe At first, she wasn t at all happy with James s constant presence, but the longer she knew him, the she realized how much she enjoyed his company and felt comfortable with him All she wanted was for James to see her as a woman, not a precious thing that needed to be protected all the time.After Phoebe was kidnapped from her house, James knew immediately that he needed to do something in order to save her, and then he swore to protect her life with his own.Although this isn t my favorite in this series, still it was a good and enjoyable read I loved both James and Phoebe, and I was actually satisfied with the ending I m so happy I decided to pick up this one.Fans of historical romances and forbidden love stories shouldn t miss this book You ve brought the sun into my lonely, gray life Lonely no , she whispered back.

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    I m going to tell you that I might be a smidge biased about this book as this is really one of my favorite tropes and I m a sucker for a Captain, any kind of captain in fact from Captain Jack Sparrow, to James Tiberius Kirk, to Captain Malcolm Reynolds and let us not forget Captain Thorn the Lunar Chronicles , Both Captains of the Queensgaurd, Hector Girl of Fire and Thorns and Amon Byrne Seven Realms and last but not least Captain America But this has the added bodyguard who falls in love with his body to guard.I have been waiting for Trevillions book for a while especially when I learned that Phoebe was the love interest I have liked her small parts in all of the other books and I ve also felt so bad for her that because she has been going blind she is cut off from most of society and while her family loves her they are maybe doing a bit too much to make sure she is safe that it is no wonder she almost feels a prisoner in her own home She stood, a little unsteadily, true, but on her own two feet It s not my blindness that cripples me, it s everyone else deciding I can t live because of my blindness If I stumble, if I run into things and fall and hurt myself it s because I can and I m free to do so, Maximus Because without that freedom I m just a dull, chained thing and I won t be that woman any I simply won t, Maximus It was so easy to like Phoebe, sure her life has changed and she can t see but it hasn t diminished her in any way and her positivity and good attitude towards every new challenge that comes her was made me want her to find the love of her life and get the HEA that she deserves.Trevillion is a man of honor and duty He wants to do want is right by Phoebe and feels like he couldn t possibly be the man for her, he is too old not a noble and has a leg injury that has slowed him down He wants the best for her since he has over time come to care for her but it is difficult being with her everyday as his feelings grow and her life becomes and in danger while you may not be a caged bird, neither are you merely a woman You re a precious artifact As long as there are men who wish to steal you, I ll be right by your side Someone is trying to kidnap Phoebe and force a marriage on her If they accomplish that then they can basically hold the Duke of Wakefield in the palm of their hands Trevillion seems to be the only thing standing between the Kidnappers and Phoebe But there seems to be someone in The Duke of Wakefield s employee that might be working against him To protect her he will need to hide her and in that they will both discover everything about the other person.I loved this story Okay so Phoebe almost being kidnapped and actually being kidnapped than once was a little OTT and comical But I really liked everything about their story and how Trevillion s war within himself to do the right thing didn t stand a chance in the wake of Phoebe Only when she sighed into his mouth, a small submission, did he whisper against her lips, I m tired of you tempting me I m not tempting you any, she murmured back, her wet lips brushing his He nipped her bottom lip in punishment Aren t you No, she whispered You ve given in I enjoyed this book than most in this series just because of the Trope and the character It was everything I wanted it to be.

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    7 May 2015 My thoughts upon finishing Dearest RogueWarning Do not begin this book unless you are prepared to stay up all night finishing it Dearest Rogue may be my favorite Maiden Lane book yet The romance between Phoebe and Trevillion will sweep you up, and besides that there is adventure, mystery, and an adorable child 29 May 2015Elizabeth Hoyt s books just keeps getting better As I noted in my five star review of her last book, Darling Beast, she has taken the Maiden Lane series in a new direction, adding characters while keeping the ones we ve met before Captain James Trevillion first appeared in Scandalous Desires Maiden Lane, 3 , leading a troop of mounted soldiers hunting for an accused murderer known as the Ghost of St Giles He wasn t a villain exactly, but his strict devotion to duty put him in conflict with the heroes of the earlier books Trevillion was invalided out of the army when his leg was badly broken after his horse was shot and fell on him Now, walking with a cane but still able to ride like the devil, he has taken a job guarding Phoebe Batten, the young sister of a former adversary, Maximus Batten, Duke of Wakefield.Maximus has decreed that Phoebe must have a guard because she is almost completely blind Phoebe was not born blind her sight began deteriorating when she was twelve, and now at age 21, she can detect light but nothing The duke is not cruel or ashamed of her he just wants to protect her from gossip or teasing or injury And her brother knows that London in 1741 can be dangerous for any lady, even if accompanied by footmen Trevillion, with his two pistols strapped across his chest, escorts Phoebe everywhere.Phoebe is sweet, pretty, and charming to everyone except Trevillion She detests the restrictions imposed by her brother although she loves him dearly and is hostile toward Trevillion as a result although she has full confidence in his ability to protect her For his part, Trevillion accepts Phoebe s enmity stoically while occasionally harboring secret tender feelings toward her He knows that there can be nothing between a duke s sister and a commoner.The first chapter of this book is so cracking good that it could be a case study in how to set up a plot, introduce the main characters, and hook the reader While Phoebe is shopping on Bond Street, four brutes attempt to kidnap her Before Phoebe even realizes what is happening, Trevillion has shot two of them, stolen a horse, and is galloping away to safety with Phoebe in front of him That s the short, plain version of what happened Ms Hoyt s version gives us the sights, sounds, and smells especially Phoebe s experience of the sounds and smells and riding a horse for the first time in years as well as each character s innermost thoughts and reactions She is exhilarated by the experience, and Trevillion is impressed by Phoebe s heretofore hidden passion.Circumstances put Phoebe and Trevillion in an unusual position They frequently are in close proximity, her hand on his arm, and sometimes they are alone, something that never would be allowed under ordinary conditions There is this tension though, because they don t like one another, except they sort of do, and it is a joy to watch them grapple with putting aside their preconceptions and get to actually know one another Repeated kidnapping attempts bring the couple even closer, until finally Trevillion takes drastic action I ve had some trouble writing this review because I don t want to give away too much of the plot Suffice it to say that they depart from London, and the enforced nearness and isolation bring Phoebe and Trevillion closer to one another Each of them discovers the possibility of a whole new life they had never dreamt of before Phoebe relentlessly assails Trevillion s grim reserve, and he comes to appreciate her as so much that just a blind girl Unlike her brother, Trevillion is willing to let Phoebe try things even though she sometimes falls It is just a beautiful love story and will melt the your heart and curl your toes.Can you tell that I fell a little bit in love with Trevillion To begin with, Elizabeth Hoyt s Pintererst page features a photograph of Richard Armitage as Trevillion, and he perfectly fits the book s description Moreover, for all of his dour demeanor, Trevillion is a man of passion too I simply adored this passage, which shows us Trevillion s heart as well as Ms Hoyt s talent Trevillion watched Phoebe in the sea, the waves lapping about her ankles She was laughing, her skirts lifted to her knees, her face shining in the sun, and he wished he could paint the scene Keep it in his memory always.Somewhere, at some indefinable point, he d crossed a bridge and the bridge had crumbled behind him There was no going back He cared for Lady Phoebe Batten than anything else in life More than his family More than his honor.More than his freedom, should it come to that.Bringing her joy was worth than any amount of money He knew without doubt, without fear that he would kill for her.That he would die for her.It was almost a relief, this realization He might fight intellectually against it, using all those well worn arguments he was too old, she was too young, they were too far apart in class, but it simply didn t matter His heart had performed a coup d tat over his mind and there was nothing to be done about it He loved Phoebe Batten, now and forever.I have no real criticism of this book Yes, the kidnapping story is rather convoluted and far fetched, but that did not detract from my enjoyment At the end, I put it down with a happy smile on my face In fact, it s official Dearest Rogue is now my favorite book in the Maiden Lane series.

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    Better than the last one High praise, indeed And, sure this couple was also boring, but the story was sweet and actually a little bit believable There was actual chemistry.So, we have Phoebe, a blind girl who gets all annoyed when people want to help her walk without falling into a hole And, James, her bodyguard who is a bit crippled from injuries to one of his legs who gets annoyed if anyone wants to help him in any way Perfect match They fight, she resents him, he secretly loves her, he leaves her, she misses him, he kidnaps her for her safety , and thenThe only thing that annoyed me about this book, other than the idiotic scene where she convinces him to let her walk unassisted along a hole ridden, uneven road and she falls over and over again, but hey, independence , was how utterly stupid James has suddenly become When he was the captain of the police, he was uncannily perceptive and smart at figuring things out But, suddenly he can t figure out the most obvious kidnapper ever The guy practically screamed it s me from the start, but Captain Unobvious couldn t see it Perhaps he also knocked his brain loose when he hurt his leg I was unimpressed.

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    I ve given this an A at AAR, so that s 4.5 stars rounded up.While I ve enjoyed all the books in Elizabeth Hoyt s Maiden Lane series, Dearest Rogue has been the one I ve most eagerly anticipated In fact, it s one of my most highly anticipated books of 2015 Perhaps that s a little unusual, considering this is the eighth book in a long running series, but something about the pairing of the older, world weary, dour ex officer with the young, vital but blind sister of a duke is intriguing and completely irresistible Perhaps it s that whole bodyguard falls for his charge thing although that s not a plotline I m fussed about either way or what s likely is that the glimpses we ve been given of Phoebe Batten and Captain Trevillion in the earlier books, both separately and together, plus their appearance in the short Christmas story that appeared on the author s website a couple of years back showed an already amazing chemistry that I was keen to revisit and experience in a whole novel.Readers familiar with the earlier books will know that James Trevillion, Captain in the King s 4th Dragoons was injured in the line of duty, his right leg severely damaged when he was crushed beneath his horse No longer able to perform his military role, he resigned his commission and was then offered a job by Maximus Batten, the powerful Duke of Wakefield, as bodyguard to his youngest sister, Phoebe Phoebe s eyesight has been gradually worsening since the age of twelve, and now, at twenty one, she is completely blind She is not at all happy at the idea of having a permanent keeper, but her brother is an incredibly influential man, and the possibility of her being kidnapped or harmed in order to gain leverage over him is a very real one Phoebe knows that her brother is concerned for her safety, but he s stifling her she may have lost her sight, but she wants to live as normal a life as possible, not be wrapped up in cotton wool like a china doll.It was clear in the previous book Darling Beast that Trevillion was smitten with his charge, while Phoebe saw him as little than an inconvenience She still sees him that way, but he is well aware that the day is not far off when his growing attraction to her will mean he must resign his post He can t protect her properly if he is overly emotionally invested and he is already in over his head, Phoebe s courage, tenacity and determination drawing him to her as much as her loveliness.Following a failed kidnap attempt at the start of the book, Phoebe finds herself suddenly curious about her captain and beginning to think of him as a person rather than just as an annoyance thrust upon her by her over protective brother A true friendship starts to develop between them as Phoebe comes to know about the man who is constantly at her side and to finally realise something she s always known that Trevillion is the one person who will never lie to her or attempt to sugar coat the truth.When, following a second unsuccessful abduction, the captain resigns his post because he feels he failed in his duty, Phoebe is distraught James as she has begun to think of him was the one person who truly understood her need for independence Her brother instead surrounds her with lots of burly footmen, but even they cannot keep Phoebe safe from what, I admit, is her own stupidity when she ventures out to the stables early one morning Fortunately for her, one of those footmen used to be a soldier under Trevillion s command and quickly seeks him out This is the last straw as far as the captain is concerned he tracks the kidnappers and rescues Phoebe, then spirits her away to somewhere she won t be found and doesn t even tell the duke where they ve gone.They journey to the Cornish coast, to the home Trevillion hasn t seen for twelve years While Phoebe has managed to prise some of his life story from him, he hasn t divulged the reasons for such a long absence, and clearly doesn t like talking about his past His father is simultaneously pleased to see him and angry with him for being gone for so long, but Phoebe is nonetheless made welcome and soon falls into the way of life on the remote horse breeding farm It s at this point that she finally discovers the reasons behind James almost compulsive need to protect her and while it s not exactly a surprise, it nonetheless makes perfect sense.I loved the way the relationship between the protagonists developed and especially the way in which Phoebe, unable to see, becomes aware of James as a man in other ways, through touch, scent and the sound of his voice Despite the difference in their stations, once he realises the attraction between them is mutual, he doesn t hesitate or keep pushing her away for her own good He pays her the compliment of believing she knows her own mind which is a refreshing change so there is no overly contrived angst.Even though I loved the book, it s not without flaws Phoebe is kidnapped so many times, the author even has the character metaphorically rolling her eyes at it and thinking she should be used to it by now The reasons behind it are a bit wishy washy, to be honest, although during this part of the story, the author introduces the heroine of the next book, and also keeps the Machiavellian machinations of the enigmatic Duke of Montgomery at the forefront of the reader s mind.But I was so wrapped up in Phoebe and Trevillion that it didn t spoil the book for me, and in terms of the romance, Ms Hoyt delivers and then some Phoebe is only twenty one, but has shown such courage in the face of adversity over the time in which we ve come to know her that it s easy to sympathise with her and with her desire to be allowed to live her life in the light she can no longer see Trevillion is a wonderful hero deeply honourable and loyal, and possessed of the sort of unwavering devotion and quiet competence that are incredibly attractive He s not voluble, but has a dry wit and sense of humour that are normally buried, so it s lovely to see him unbending around Phoebe, who, he quips, has made him into a frivolity and incongruous as the pairing may have been at first glance, he s the perfect hero for her He ll never talk down to her or try to coddle her even though he wants to keep her safe from harm, he knows that sometimes one has to fall down in order to pick oneself up again.As I ve come to expect from this author, the writing is elegant and richly detailed, and the characterisation is strongly observed all round The sex scenes are luscious and sensual and somehow, in a genre which is overflowing with them, quite unique Ms Hoyt manages to imbue such moments with a kind of earthy romanticism that never descends into the overly crude sex in her books is lusty and honest emotional but not sentimental.Dearest Rogue fulfilled all my expectations, so I can t in all good conscience do anything other than make it a DIK, in spite of the small reservations I ve mentioned It s gone straight onto my keeper shelf and I ve already read it twice so it s a good bet I ll be returning to it often.

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    4 A buddy read with the Romantics at the MacHalo Freaks Because we love love Yes, we are back in 18th century England, Maiden Lane, ravaged by Gin and poverty, crime and filth Well, that is on Maiden Lane In the houses of the Ton, life seems much easier and gentile It does not matter where or when you are, money and privilege are always a plus I don t want you hurt, he said gruffly I know Her smile was winsome But falling isn t the end of the world I may fall, it s true in fact, I probably will fall but really, one can t live without falling now and again Lady Phoebe Batten is the sister of a Duke, comfort, luxury and privilege are a given for her station For this beautiful and full of life young woman the skies should be the only limit However, even the greatest families can not always get away from faith and in Phoebe s case, a disease of the eyes at an early age has her vision degenerating with an alarming speed Her advancing blindness is the reason her Duke brother enlists the recently injured Captain James Trevillion, who finds himself unable to continue with his military duties since his leg was smashed by his dying horse Both the Lady and the Captain find the situation bothersome Travillion is the perfect soldier, intense, obsessed with his job, and weary of growing close with his charge Because he finds this woman, 12 years younger than him and an aristocrat, way too enchanting and appealing for his comfort She stood, a little unsteadily, true, but on her own two feet It s not my blindness that cripples me, it s everyone else deciding I can t live because of my blindness If I stumble, if I run into things and fall and hurt myself it s because I can and I m free to do so, Maximus Because without that freedom I m just a dull, chained thing and I won t be that woman any I simply won t, Maximus Lady Phoebe, however, sees his distance and composure as stuffiness and a way for him to show her up and display his dislike of her She is very irritated by him, but despite all that, he makes her feel safe when he is near, than anything or anyone else This is even better highlighted when attempts to kidnap her become a reality and no one knows who is behind them James is steadfast and heroic, putting her well being above his own life Until once, when he fails to be the one to save her, he decides that his injury and condition are rendering him unfit and he steps down in order for better men to protect her Of course, as we all suspected, no one is better at protecting her and she is taken James finds a way to locate her and from there on, he swears to never leave her side Even if that means to abduct her himself The story was interesting and the romance was very, very sweet I truly liked all the characters, despite that at times Travillien s self pity to get on my nerves big time I am not a big fan of a big bad alpha dude with such pathetic internal monologue, even if it did get better The Duke of Montgomery also is on my to kill list at this point, so he really has to gravel until we get to his book I loved Travillien s family and his niece and sister s story tugged on my heartstrings quite a bit Overall, the book was another solid entry in this very pleasant series Recommend it to all Historical Romance fans I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

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    3.5 Stars It s no surprise that this is my favorite historical series Only a few authors are on my auto buy list and Elizabeth Hoyt is one of them This story was sweetwhich is not bad but I m so used to the action, suspense and intrigue from the other books that I kind of missed it it in this oneand I m especially missing the Ghost of St Giles I really wish there could be a fourth one This was a sweet read, and my first book where the heroine is blind EH is such an amazing author that she somehow made it work, but I just wanted I also didn t like all of the kidnappings and the Duke of Montgomery was starting to annoy me, but overall, if you re a EH fan, a Maiden lane fan, then you d enjoy this book Just know that is a bit different from the others It s about the characters and what drives them, than all of the action packed stuff Buy sometimes in a book that s all you need.

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    So sweet Wasn t sure how I would like this one Trevillion is a bit of a moody character in the previous books but he ended up being a real sweetheart TREVILLION woke the next morning as he often did all at once, at exactly six of the clock , and with a stiff cock Of course Trevillion was not of her station so did not feel worthy of her God, he was a cad You ve ruined me I don t know if I can breathe without you I don t know how I can ever live without you Then don t she murmured into the eternal darkness I m so lucky you would have me.

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    5 STARS Was she to him now than simply a duty Big smiles, you guys Big, BIG smiles Such a solid read I loved it Phoebe was a fabulous heroine I adored her She was strong, kind, and optimistic in a way that didn t grate on my nerves I applaud Hoyt for not allowing her blind heroine to flounder around in the deep end of the schmaltzy cheese pool I just want to live Trevillion was just as wonderful strong, noble, and severe in an edgy way that didn t grate on my nerves She was twelve years younger than he and a hundred years innocent, and the daughter and sister of a duke, fresh, gay, beautiful He had two loaded pistols, a lame leg, and a hard cock to his name And together, they served up everything that makes historical romance great I devoured every last word.Plus the set up for future installments didn t feel intrusive, like it was taking page time away from the main couple which leads me to the ever growing enigma that s been brewing over the last few books of the series Who the hell does the Duke of Montgomery think he is I can t wait to find out

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    I upgraded the rating from 4 the first time around to 4.5 rounded to 5 this time Maybe I m just in a generous mood.What I liked about it The wounded Hero, gruff, serious, truly a hero and leader of men He s always been such a stick in the mud from previous books and you know he s one of the good guys but you can t help but think someone needs to pull that pole out of your ass So I was curious how EH would treat him in this book, how she d open him up and get us to fall in love.She did great The easiest part of it was just showing us his POV now that he s the main character And when you know what he s thinking, how he looks at his duty and his charge, you can t help but to like him.Plus, it doesn t hurt to be handsome dark hair, blue eyes, tall and broad, soft lips What s not to like And I do love the name James For some reason, it makes him elegant, refined, sensitive in a way I like that h loves calling him that and how it makes him feel to hear her call him that EH s fascination with chest hair disturbs me a bit I m not a fan of hairy chests myself and have to always skip that part in the description Thankfully, the cover models aren t hairy The Heroine I ve always liked And I really like her now Such optimism and light for someone suffering with such a loss I ve said this many times I like heroines who go after what they want They could do it softly or directly or be a hard ass, but I like that they go for it, and Phoebe sure does The rest of it I kind of skipped I don t plan to reread about Eve and Asa Seem to recall I didn t like that one all that much Good to end my streak of EH on a strong note

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