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  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • Discovering Your Soul Signature
  • Panache Desai
  • English
  • 11 March 2019

10 thoughts on “Discovering Your Soul Signature

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    I saw Panache Desai speak at the Thrive conference in NYC and within 30 seconds, I was bawling my eyes out All he said was I love you and you are enough I thought I was a relatively functional, confident person, but it was just so nice to hear those words and the moment I did, the floodgates opened This book gave me the same peace and catharsis It gave me the tools to observe how I react to life rather than stewing over the past or the things I cannot control It helped me to identify, acknowledge and accept my emotions and patterns, both good and bad The only regret I have is reading than one chapter each day because I resonated so much with it I m now going to go back and focus on each chapter for each day as it was intended This book is love And if you have an opportunity to read it, or see him speak, I highly recommend it

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    so far this book broken up into tiny sips of WAKE THE F UP is absolutely perfect No he doesn t swear, but honestly, the information here is nothing new but neither is that coffee you re drinking but doesn t that first sip quench your thirst and fulfill your reaffirming love of coffee This is the kind of book that reminds you that you are not your past, nor your mistakes, nor your anger or sadness or ego It is a couple pages a day type reading and it s absolutely perfect and reasonable to commit to for the 33 days so if you get this from the library don t forget to renew it.

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    It doesn t take 33 days to change your life The first three are than enough Once the door of truth opens you can t go back.

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    There are so many books out there but this breaks through the crowd It s accessible, helpful, and broken down into daily thoughts and exercises that work I d recommend this to anyone who wanted to start pulling themself together and investigating their own spirituality.

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    Engaging, and written in a gentle, comforting, encouraging tone I personally found this quite helpful in examining some of my negative thought patterns.

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    It s most likely a book I d need to read again When it started out with the hype of it will change your life , I tend to be skeptical I do think this book make my perspective better But like a very stiff body starting to learn yoga, by the end of this book I finally can touch my toes I will need a lot of practice to be able to do a crow pose The lessons revealed in this book, some are great, some are kinda jibberish new age for my liking Nevertheless, you take the lesson you can, and open your heart to new possibilities and love Isn t that what life is all about Overall, I would recommend this book for someone who is into this kind of thinking and would like a new way of looking into their life I find the first chapters are actually the best to open up your life.

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    beautiful I was ironing my clothes when I turned to OWN and he was on help desk Panache Desai I ve never heard of him but the way he spoke to each individual I wanted a part of him then a description of who he is in the show came and I went straight to and bought this book and it has been a gift to me I feel a completely new person aware of my thoughts and my emotions I no longer try to suppress my emotions instead I invite them in and seat with them and experience them I feel peaceful and loving My relationships with everyone are becoming easier and less dense I know to meet everyone where they are and I am doing my part to remember God is and God is Everywhere and is in everything Thank you Panache for this beautiful book.

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    Like many other reviewers I had a hard time putting this book down and reading only one day at a time Panache is clearly one of the great teachers of our time He speaks straight from the heart in authenticity and truth, illuminating the path step by step His simple approach makes way for every emotion that shows up, good or bad to feel, accept and breathe through anger, fear, joy and regret, happiness and gratitude Unwelcome emotions lose some of their charge, expanding the space for the feel good emotions and peace that are your unique expression Panache says this work is the soul signature If you are looking for something greater, deeper and expansive, this is it.

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    No decurso do seu dia, empenhe se em criar momentos de nada, momentos de sil ncio, de ociosidade, na sua experi ncia D sua mais profunda intui o um espa o no qual lhe falar Pare de dar l ngua Comece a escutar.

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    Never judge a book by its author s name This book landed in my hand quite by accident But such accidents reinforce my faith in the divine I loved this book for its simplicity and humour It helped me Hope it helps you if you give it a try.

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Discovering Your Soul Signature characters Discovering Your Soul Signature , audiobook Discovering Your Soul Signature , files book Discovering Your Soul Signature , today Discovering Your Soul Signature , Discovering Your Soul Signature ab6e1 An Invitation To Change The Energy That Surrounds You, Find The Harmony That Comes With Self Acceptance, And, In The Process, Discover Your Life S Purpose And The Boundless Possibilities That Await You Your Soul Signature Is Your Spiritual DNA It Is Who You Are At Your Core, The Most Authentic Part Of You, Your Singular Contribution To This World And Yet We Reject Our Authentic Selves We Allow Our Soul Signature To Become Blocked By Any Number Of Emotional Obstacles That Life Throws In Our Path Anger, Fear, Guilt, Shame, Sadness, Despair Any Or All Of These Feelings Overtake Us And Create A Density, A Heaviness That Doesn T Permit Us To Embrace Who We Truly Are, Deep Inside We Are Energetic Beings, Panache Desai Reminds Us, And Emotions Are Energy In Motion When We Are Blocked We Feel Unworthy, Less Than, Unloved, Incomplete In Discovering Your Soul Signature, Panache Invites Us On A Day Path Of Meditations Short Passages To Be Read At Morning, Noon, And Night That Are Designed To Dismantle The Emotional Burden That Holds Us Back And Open Us Up To Changing Our Lives Through This Distilled, Poetic, Practical, And Inspiring Course, He Invites Us To Live A Life Of Authenticity, To Rediscover Purpose And Passion, And To Believe From Our Soul In The Possibility Of All Things From The Hardcover Edition

About the Author: Panache Desai

Born and raised in London, England, Panache has always known he was different Even at a young age, he possessed an innate kindness and love rarely experienced from one so young He was recognized by visitors and teachers as gifted By adolescence he possessed a profound awareness that he had come to do something special.During his final year at university, Panache began to feel an inner yearning