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Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) explained Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) , review Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) , trailer Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) , box office Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) , analysis Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) , Relinquish (Lost Souls #2) cea2 Regan Has A Life In Georgia She Is Going To School, Has Managed To Make Some Friends, And Has Even Found A New Love Interest In Colter So What Happens When She Can T Hide What She Is Any When Do All The Lies Become Too Much To Handle And How Much Longer Can She Hold Onto Her Sanity While Agro Pushes Her Closer And Closer To The Edge Of No Return Her Ascension To Elite Colter Is Beautifully Oblivious Wanting So Much To Believe That Regan Is Safe, And Agro Has Been Halted, He Ignores Finn S Constant Skepticism At The Risk Of Their Friendship Overlooking What Is So Clearly Right In Front Of Him, Colter Passes Off Regan S Outbursts Of Emotion On Her Recent Trauma Colter Can Feel Regan His One Exception To His Retribution Slipping Out Of His Arms, But Fighting Her To Stay With Him May Not Be An Option Colter And Finn Are Now At Odds, And There Is A Newly Formed Alliance Between Kaiden And Exile Max Will This Group Of Collectors Be Enough To Fight Off The New Enemies And Old Threats That Emerge In The Battle For Souls When Regan Is Broken, And Their Group Is On The Brink Of Self Destruction The Lost Will Be Found, The Collectors Will Be Exiled, And The Elites Will Reign Due To Mature Content And Adult Themes, Relinquish Is Recommended For

  • Kindle Edition
  • 280 pages
  • Relinquish (Lost Souls #2)
  • Amy Rachel Thompson
  • English
  • 10 November 2017
  • 9780692207413

About the Author: Amy Rachel Thompson

Amy Thompson graduated from college with her B.S in Biology She currently works as a high school mentor and has just earned her M.S in Higher Education Amy is a self published author of Retribution, a new adult, paranormal romance novel that is the first in the Lost Souls Trilogy She lives in Southern Virginia with her family and two lazy cats Amy Thompson is currently working on the next bo

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    Book provided by the author.4.5 starsA brilliantly written second installment to the series The plot took some shocking twists and turns that completely took me by surprise I was hooked from the first page and was annoyed that it ended.I can t wait for the next one.The characters were all well developed and kept me guessing to their motives We met a lot of new people in this one and it will be interesting to see how things progress with Parker and whether Colt manages to succeed.Overall a brilliant addition to the series and I m going to be in serious withdrawal waiting for the next

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    Contains a little bit of spoilersRelinquish was a DNF for me I received this for review and feel bad that I have to write this review, but I have to give my honest opinion I read book one not to long ago and I thought it was okay I was hoping that Relinquish would be better than the first and in the beginning it seemed like it would be As I continued reading, things just started to go downhill I tried so hard to push through this book because the plot is actually pretty interesting and I like finding out about the things that go on in the story I feel like this series had good potential to be a good one, but my dislike for the main character completely turned me off from the series The plot of the story is pretty good and all the characters are enjoyable except the main character Regan She literally made me want to scream The main character wasn t my favorite in book one and in book two she was absolutely the worst I made it to 54% and that s when I had to call it quits and stop forcing myself.Now, the four guys are not bad characters I actually really enjoy finding out about them Even the bad guys aren t annoying But then there s REGAN Regan, the character that I could not connect with and the character that frustrated me to the point of giving up on this book I was really disappointed with that because I was enjoying the book Of course, her character was going through some things but then she completely switched Her actions completely turned me off The first thing that turned me off was her kissing other guys when she had a boyfriend She kissed not one, but two other guys while still in a relationship with Colter I don t know about you but I consider kissing other men cheating when you re in a relationship And then once again she s flirting with Colter s brother Strike two I mean, she did that in book one and it annoyed WTF Strike three and four is up next All of a sudden she finds herself and now it s fuck Colter and the rest of the collectors when they ve been protecting her and saving her life since day one And not only that you leave them for a stranger The enemy I don t get it So insert new guy and she flips sides at the snap of a finger.Regan was an unstable character and very all over the place I didn t see her change a good one I see her as weak character because she is extremely gullible This was all disappointing because I was loving the book in the beginning and then she went through some sort of character transformation and I started disliking it I became extremely frustrated and finally decided to just put the book down One character blew it for me.

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    Relinquish is one of those books that frustrates the hell out of you but in a good Picking off where Retribution left off, with Regan realising that the soul that attached itself to her and saved her life was not who she thought it was This is definitely not a good thing I have to say that this book did not go the way I expected it I had a whole different story plotted out in my head but this way is so much better Agro is continuing with his plot to topple the Requiem Council and be the only being handing down judgments on souls With his powerful army of Elites, each made with a piece of his soul, he is quickly tipping the balance in his favour But with his secret weapon, he appears to be unbeatable Regan, knowing that she has Agro in her head, makes the conscious decision to keep it a secret from her love, Colter By doing this she sets herself on her own path of destruction and ends up on the side of darkness Whether it is part of a bigger plot to bring down Agro and she can be redeemed remains to be seen Colter refuses to see the signs of her change, even when it is pointed out to him time and time again until it is too late Even though he is no longer able to seek his retribution by aiding the Council, he and most of the others continue with their Collector roles One thing is certain trust no one and nothing Just when you have a grasp on what s happening, something else happens The characters struggle throughout with the consequences of their decisions and their actions It is really difficult to feel any sympathy for Regan and the decisions she makes but she does have pure evil attached to her soul, influencing her decisions and actions While Colter buries his head and hopes that everything will be alright rather than confronting his fears with Regan If only they talked and talked properly I didn t expect the story to end up where it did but, boy the journey to get there was frantic and fast paced, with no chance to breathe properly between incidents I am still reeling from what was a shock ending

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    I hate to leave this review but I promised an honest review in exchange for the ARC Its not that I hated the book I didn t but I did not like how confusing the storyline became, so many things with Elites, Exiles, Argo, Parker it was hard to keep everything straight When was someone an Elite versus an Exile How does the one die versus the other So what happened to Argo exactly How was it so easy in this book for Regan to be manipulated and even Colter by Slade Parts of the book made all of the collectors look dumb because how did they miss all of the signs of what was happening to Regan, cutting the arm badly of the one she loved should have been a huge red flag Why didn t she tell them, they didn t kill Argo anyway so what was she protecting them from Did we ever find out who was and who wasn t really planted by Argo Then the part that broke my heart was we had a tiny part to enjoy Regan and Colter together and then the rest of the book she was in love with Parker and sleeping with him, really I have to be honest I started jumping ahead because I kept hoping there was going to be some happiness somewhere in this book but I was disappointed, then to top it all off yet another cliffhanger, but it seems there is no hope for Regan and Colter and if there is will we get enough of time with them to enjoy it so I am not sure what to do when the next one comes out I am not wanting to discourage others from reading this book, everyone takes different things from a story and I really like this author but this just wasn t great for me this time but I am sure others will love it.

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    I received this book exchange for an honest review LoPThe writing got so much better with this second book and I was able to enjoy the story so much Regan is so stubborn I just want to shake her for not saying anything to anyone My heart breaks several times for Colt and I could punch Parker When Ally dies I think I had actual tears in my eyes the one complaint I have is that for Ally and Chad to be so in love he just slips out of the story without a word, but I do like her with Kay a lot I can t wait to read the next installment in this seris

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    OMG So I m left feeling out of sorts UPDATE OMG WOW I want to thank Amy for kindly providing me with a copy of Relinquish to read and review.Happy Release day too Relinquish kicks off where Retribution endedRegan is left reeling with the loss of a loved one, the emotions of almost dying at the hands of evil and of course finally starting to let love in Agro had saved me from death and sentenced me to something far worse I was his now, his Elite I was a puppet, and Agro was pulling my strings The plot took some shocking twists and turns that completely took me by surprise.I never thought that things that could happen, actually happened.seriously, this woman right here knows how to keep the reader on the edge.wanting NO, craving for We met a lot of new people in this one and it will be interesting to see how things progress with themCan Parker keep to his end of the bargain Can Colter get through to his Elite estranged girlfriend Will Regan carry out her goal in killing the collectors Will she gain her memories back I did get a little peeved off with Regan, I mean, yeah I understood that she lost her memories, but I seriously wanted to kick her to the curb for going with Parker.so easily after Colter too Urghhh I dunno.Thompson, leaves us reeling at the end.were literally begging for and it sucks that were going to have to wait for the next one I mean there is another one right I mean the fight isn t over yet If anything shit s about to get real ugly if you ask me

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    Since Colter came into her life Regan s life has been turned upside down She is managing to keep up with school and has her close friends by her side but there is a new side to her A side that was forced onto her when Agro saved her from dying by giving her a piece of his soul.She wants so much to keep this secret from those she loves that it is emotionally destroying her.This new side to Regan is increasingly becoming obvious to those around her, and yet Colter is wrapped up in love with her that he is oblivious to this darker side He feels that her last encounter with Agro has left her traumatised.little does he know Agro has left a longer lasting mark.Agro is still trying to take over the Requiem Council and Regan is his perfect pawn.I have been waiting for what felt like ages to read this sequel and it was well worth the wait.Colter once again had me swooning like a teenager I love his character Protective, strong and a softer side that isn t too over the top.Regan, although a strong character she really did at times make me want to strangle her Her stubborn streak really made me mad.I love each and every character in this book, each one brings their own personality and each one is needed to make this story come together No detail is left hanging.This story has so many shocking moments with unexpected twists and turns, I still wasn t prepared for such a cliff hanger at the conclusion.I love this sequel just as much as the first.I need to know what happens next

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    This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Reliquish I have two words excruciatingly awesome It took me several days to finish this book and all because I had to pause, close it and take a HUGE breathe Amy totally surpassed her first book So here I was starting the book and was like, ok, I have my knowledge from the first book none of that prepared for what came.The plot in this one took a dark twist and, even though I felt confused when reading some parts, it all became clearer and it was MIND BLOWING From the very beginning, the author takes you in a ride you feel great, you expect things but you can t imagine how serious and dark things will get Then, a suddenly crash and you path is totally deviated The first half of the book has so much information and details that you need to follow and reread if you must , because when you get to the second half of the story, there is not going back I was so surprised by the twist it took, I m still in denial and I certainly have A LOT of theories of what may happen.The ending of the book is so frustrating but in a very good way I never thought that those things would happen I can t wait for the last installment I need to know what will happen And up to this point ANYTHING could happen I m so thankful for Amy for sending me her sequel This book has been so great

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    I read this sequel to Retribution because I already had it and I thought there was a possibility it could be better than the first book in The Lost Souls Series It was slightly better, especially toward the end But not enough so to elevate it above a two star rating in my opinion I think I hate Regan even than I did in the first book She continues to annoy me and her constant flip flopping behavior leaves me uncertain of who she really is I liked Colter the first time around, but my feelings toward him have cooled considerably with this book He walks around angry all the time, going off into rages and hitting people who are supposed to be his family , and he s completely oblivious that Regan, the girl who is supposed to be his soul mate, is struggling with losing her soul to darkness I liked Parker, who was at least a mostly consist character and a mildly interesting one Although, I can t figure how his feelings towards Regan changed so abruptly Or maybe they didn t It s kind of hard to tell There were some nice twists in this book that I didn t expect One thing Relinquish will do is surprise you The story itself continues to be interesting and if I wasn t so put out with the characters, I probably would have rated the book higher.

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    A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review The second book of this series was beautifully written and delivers everything you can expect The story picks off right where the first book ended I was on the edge of my seat most of the book with all the twists and turns of the plot and I was definitely hooked from the start I won t lie, I wasn t excepting the story to turn that way but I was surprised most of the book, which I really appreciated Once again the characters are very well developed and you can t help but wonder what they might be thinking sometimes, you can feel their struggles through the story As for Reagan, without spoiling anything let s just say that the Reagan we got in the first book and that one couldn t be different We also get some fresh blood with the addition of a new major character that I loved to hate Overall it was a hell of a ride and I can t wait to read the next installment and see where the characters journey will bring them.

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