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I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow chapter 1 I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow, meaning I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow, genre I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow, book cover I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow, flies I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow, I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at a Crow 23fe363602cf0 One Direction Radio AUNick Grimshaw Louis TomlinsonThe First Time Louis Tomlinson Kisses Him, Nick Is Three Sheets To The Wind, Wearing A Pirate Hat, And So Fucking Tired Of Louis Being A Complete And Utter Knobhead That He S Spent The Last Ten Minutes Snapping At Him The Kiss Takes Him Rather By Surprise, All Things Considered Or Nick And Louis Don T Like Each Other, Not Even A Little Bit, Not Even At All Words Complete

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    Yup, Tomlinshaw is indeed the bomb.A proper review is just not happening, because surprise I am once again bedridden with the flu and I just want to die and never see a Physics textbook again, but know that this fic is awesome.It s passionate and emotional and full of FEELS THAT PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE, and gloriously kinky in a way that you rarely encounter I lost my literary watersports virginity , but then it also soothes your heart with pages upon pages of sweetly sweet sweetness if you re into that kinda thing I kind of am and kind of am not , and it s hilarious and spot on with the character portrayal.Summing up, it is extremely well written and intense and I adore it ftr, the previous paragraph was originally just one gigantic sentence, but since people hate me when I talk for a minute straight without taking one breath I thought I d do the normal person thing and split it up I ll go take some aspirin.Great review here because that is probably needed.

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    This was beautifully done and played with my heartstrings like nobody s business I ve barely finished ugh, so long but I want to start it all over again.The watersports were all right I m glad I didn t let my pretty low level of discomfort stop me from reading this The kink was ingrained in the story but it wasn t what the story was about.Favourite quote view spoiler How s it feel Like I love you, Louis says, softly Like I m telling the truth hide spoiler

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    This is a fic I ve read probably four or five times and EVERY TIME I start it I m like oh yeah this one s only 40k I can knock it out this afternoon and then halfway through I realize it s actually 122K aka 500 pages and I m like fuuuuuck But at that point I m already in so deep it s too late I know I m going to read about Nick Grimshaw and Louis Tomlinson being bad at communicating with each other for hours and I m gonna feel all the feelings.

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    4.5starsFavorite quotes Did that happen or did I dream it Nick rubs his thumb over his phone screen. It happened , he texts back, pretending to concentrate on what some terribly earnest BBC3 researcher is telling him from the other side of the table He hesitates before adding xxx and pressing send.It buzzes with a reply almost instantaneously. Love you xx Nick tries to hide his smile, but it s impossible It s impossible He s in love He can t quite believe it s happening Him and Louis finally Fucking finally He can barely let himself believe it I think Louis cocks his head to one side It s bisexual, he says, frowning But leaning towards, you know, the knob side of things I m mostly knob sexual They should start putting that as an option on those equal opportunities forms Delightful, Nick says, mostly caught up on the knobs Now we can watch porn together and everything Do you two ever do anything other than bicker Liam asks Oh, yes, Liam, Louis says, grinning, and Nick recognises that gleam in his eye He grins too, just because When two boys love each other very much, sometimes their penises Stop talking, Liam says, darting in to slap his hand over Louis mouth That s definitely enough No penises It s Sunday Fanmixes for the fic magicalrocketships girl_almighty smile life thrustatic flopsyharry

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    Absolutely fantastic One of my fave fan fiction stories of all time and in my top 3 non larry fics Simply excellent

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