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    Holy Effing Shit Now THIS was a damn great book Everything I hoped both Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train would bebut weren t.

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    This book should be getting attention The Kind Worth Killing is a smart, well crafted psychological thriller Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train should be all over this novel but I thought Kind Killing was much better than the bestselling but forgettable Girl Train.The story opens with a man and woman, Ted and Lily, chatting in an airport lounge Ted is upset because he recently found out his wife, Miranda, is cheating on him Lily encourages him to talk, and says she ll help him kill his wife Ted agrees, in part because he s attracted to Lily The chapters alternate in their points of view, so we see the story unfold from both Ted and Lily s perspective.The plot starts out simple, but things quickly get complicated Murder is hard, you guys There are several juicy turns, but I am being vague on details so I don t spoil anything for my fellow readers.The alternating chapters technique has been crazy popular in recent years, and it works well in this book I especially enjoyed Lily s story It turns out she has some experience with making people disappear, but she always has a good reason Truthfully, I don t think murder is necessarily as bad as people make it out to be Everyone dies What difference does it make if a few bad apples get pushed along a little sooner than God intended And your wife, for example, seems like the kind worth killing BOOM We have a title.I was so absorbed in this book that I stayed up late to read it, then I got up early, and then I considered calling in sick just so I could see how it ended I liked all the twists in the plot, and hope Peter Swanson will craft good thrillers.Meanwhile, I m going to be careful who I talk to in airport lounges.Favorite Sociopathic Quote We understood that survival was everything It was the meaning of life And to take another life was, in many ways, the greatest expression of what it meant to be alive.

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    Truthfully, I don t think murder is necessarily as bad as people make it out to be Everyone dies What difference does it make if a few bad apples get pushed along a little sooner than God intended And your wife, for example, seems like the kind worth killing We are brought up to believe that murdering someone is the worst thing we could ever do, but is it If a person is leaving a wide wake of broken hearts and battered spirits and in some cases much, much worse, is it really the worst thing we can do for all of humanity to give that person a nudge towards the afterlife Of course the question remains, are any of us capable by ourselves of being the defense, the jury, the prosecution, and ultimately the judge When Ted Severson sees Brad Daggett, a man he has been paying an abundant amount of money to build his dream house, bend his wife, Miranda, over a table and have consensual sex with her, it sets off a string of events thatleadstomurder At the very least Brad should have offered Ted a discount Okay, so the guy is banging your wife She signed a prenup That silly bitch isn t getting one thin dime out of you You just need to go get drunk, maybe call up an old flame and have some unsatisfactory revenge sex, and call your lawyer in the morning Not Ted He can drink like a fish, martinis in fact, line them up from here to here, but mostly he just simmers on what he saw He even tries to convince himself that what he saw wasn t exactly what he saw Brad was just trying tonope not even after six martinis can he convince himself that Brad was doing anything, but SHAGGING his wife Ted wasn t sure what he was going to do until on a plane flight home he met The Lily Kintner Maybe it is because she is beautiful and receptive to him, or maybe it is just because he has to tell someone and usually a stranger is much easier to spill your guts to than a friend She doesn t react the way he expects In fact, she tells him that his wife sounds like the kind worth killing.You d never know to look at her, but Lily is an unusual young woman She is a woman who doesn t believe in letting people get away with things like infidelity or lying She doesn t believe in turning the other cheek or forgiveness She realizes there is something missing in her, something different Her father is a reasonably famous author, and her mother an academic Their household was a free for all of revolving parties with artists, writers, friends, and lovers of both her parents coming and going throughout her whole childhood She was mostly left to her own devices, and when one young man took an interest in the thirteen year old with the flaming red hair and the long thin legs,wellhe annoyed her I d been waiting for two things since killing Chet Waiting to get caught and waiting to feel bad Neither had happened yet, and I knew that neither would Now, it may seem like she is just a random stranger with a morbid sense of morality, but as the plot thickens we discover why Lily has taken an interest in Ted s shattered marriage The chapters alternate between characters We are allowed to see things from their perspectives and what is missing in one chapter can be revealed in the next It all begins to really heat up when police officer Henry Kimball can t let go of a hunch and begins to follow Lily He adores her father s writing, and after interviewing her a couple of times he is half in love with her, but dribs and drabs of loose ends from their conversations continue to nag at his consciousness 2 2 3.75There is a funny scene that I have to share that made me laugh because it reminded me of myself Lily s father has very distinct views of the ocean He said it was like looking at death I love the beach, everything except the fucking sand, the fucking sun, and the fucking water Okay, it made me chuckle again writing it because it is so sacrosanct for anyone to ever say anything remotely negative about the ocean because everyone is so IN LOVE with water I enjoy looking at the water I can understand the attraction, but for me it is something to look at briefly and then move on to something interesting I have never really trusted large bodies of water I wouldn t say I m suffering from Thalassophobia, but certainly I don t feel the need to join the masses in venerating the ocean I prefer solid terra firma under my feet all the time besides the water is such a slurry sludge pit of god knows what Killers become victimsvictims become killers Yet again Peter Swanson has delivered a neo noir thriller that reminds me of some of the best of James Cain There are twists and turns enough to leave your legs corkscrewed together by the time you reach the final page I also enjoyed his first book The Girl with a Clock for a Heart ReviewIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    This book is featured on this week s Throwback Thursday Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson is a psychological thriller that will have you guessing until the end Just who are the kind worth killing If you haven t read this book, I recommend skipping my review and the blurb There aren t any big spoilers here, but going in blind is probably the bestThe story starts out with Lily and Ted The two strangers come together for a game of truth which turns into a plan for murder Lily has a history and Ted has issues with his wife Lily jumps in the driver s seat and one thing leads to another The two strangers plan an arrangement to wreak havoc, but what will be the outcome Of course, I went into this blind and had no clue what I was getting into which is what I recommend to others EVERYTHING you think you ve figured out, you haven t There are some major twists and turns which kept my interest from the beginning to end The story fully grasped me and didn t let me go The absolute only issue I had was the ending which I both loved and hated Give me MORE This is one of the best psychological thrillers I ve read I picked it up on audible and enjoyed all four narrators I d like to thank my friend Basia for recommending it 5

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    I ve been reading a lot of thriller mystery horror books and I ve been finding myself being underwhelmed or straight up disappointed often than not I m tired of the same tropes of alcoholic, unreliable, just out of a coma characters Tired of the words women, she, girl, wife in the title Tired of boring female characters Tired of the plot revolving about her being a mom or a wife.I went into this book expecting it to be a typical thriller Entertaining but a bit predictable Well it wasn t the case A man and a woman meet at the airport bar and end up talking The man jokingly says how he wants to kill his wife since she s cheating on him and the woman takes him seriously Every time I thought I knew where it was going, twists would happened while still feeling natural I ve read three books by Swanson now and this is by far my favorite

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    fulfilling my 2019 goal to read at least one book each month that has been digitally moldering, unread, on my NOOK for years and years and years.not at all bad for a sickbed one day read i am very glad i decided that one of my 2019 reading goals should be to start reading through the backlog of nookbooks i ve been accumulating over the years i m even a little glad i got sick enough to feel zero regrets or guilt in giving myself a free pass to spend the whole day in bed, reading, which is not a thing i often do i m the kind of dummy that, if i m too sick to think clearly enough to get writing work done, i will use the time to scrub the bathtub or color code the tupperware containers to their lids with nail polish but THIS was one of those reading only sickness too achy to clean or even turn pages THANK YOU FOR FINGER TOUCH PAGE TURNING TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE this is my perfect version of a sickday book it s not too intellectually demanding but it s also not brainpudding most importantly, it keeps you wanting to read and read and read and cough and read as it pops you with TWIST after TWIST and CON after CON and REVEAL after REVEAL and so many muuuurderrrrrrrsssssss which is a lousy list of things to experience in real life when you re sick, but is great for your sickbed reading.there are so many twists and turns, i just could not put the book down there s always one delicious WHAAAAAAT or OH NOOOOO around the bend, and each one makes you appreciate just how tricky murder can be identifying people who fall into the category of the kind worth killing is easy, carrying it out and covering it up is a little complicated.take notes, notetakers this one has lived on my virtual shelves so long that by now everyone else has already read and reviewed it, and no one needs my encouragement in that department, so instead i will just say THANK YOU to the many people who told me i should read this i would love this either directly or indirectly, through their glowing reviews you are all wise and attractive humans.come to my blog

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    I d taken enormous risks in the past two weeks, and I was lucky to have gotten away with them But now I was done It was over I would live a quiet life and make sure that no one could hurt me again I would continue to survive, knowing, as I d known that night in the meadow, the stars pouring their light down on me, that I was special, that I was born with a different kind of morality The morality of an animal of a crow or a fox or an owl and not of a normal human being Peter Swanson, author of The Girl with a Clock for a Heart, has a twisted mind, not that there s anything wrong with that He seems to think in curves, bends, dips and sudden, hairpin turns The feeling is a bit akin to being here, or maybe here The sudden changes in direction may generate a bit of screaming, but it s all good Peter Swanson from Dead Good Books It starts with a nod to, well, a bit of a full body embrace of, Strangers on a Train, a 1950 psychological thriller by Patricia Highsmith, in which two men who meet while traveling get to sharing their troubles and decide that permanently eliminating each other s problems might be the perfect solution Hitchcock made a beautiful translation of the book to film in 1951 Swanson is a big fan of both Highsmith and Hitchcock I like the idea of sudden change That you or me or anyone could go out to a bar one evening, and the random stranger who sits down beside you changes your life forever It s actually something that Hitchcock liked a lot himself Most of his protagonists are accidental ones, just ordinary people who wind up in extraordinary circumstances In his version, Ted Severson a wealthy corporate raider formerly a dot.com millionaire sort , at a Heathrow bar pre flight, is approached by Lily, a lovely young thing They strike up a conversation, and, as strangers might be better able to manage than people who actually know each other, a theory titled The Rules of Airport Bars they agree to tell each other the whole truth, and continue their truth telling all the way back to Boston The truth is gonna hurt someone Seems that Ted spotted his wife en flagrante with the contractor who was working with her on Ted s Maine McMansion Not good How long ago was this asked my fellow traveler after I d told her the story Just over a week She blinked her eyes, and bit at her lower lip Her eyelids were pale as tissue paper So what are you going to do about it she asked.It was the question I d been asking myself all week What I really want to do is kill her I smiled with my gin numbed mouth and attempted a little wink just to give her an opportunity to not believe me, but her face stayed serious She lifted her reddish eyebrows I think you should She said And the game is afoot.An earlier title for this book was The Lonely Lives of Murderers, which, personally, I prefer We are treated to multiple narrators, not all of whom are psycho killers These serve not only to bear witness to events from diverse perspectives, but to bring in the back story as well, offering a sliver of understanding about how at least one of the psycho killers might have become that way This is a considerable stylistic switch from Swanson s previous book, which was written in the third person It is, however, entirely consistent with the madcap dashings about of that earlier work Detective Rebecca James carries over from The Girl With A Clock for a Heart, but that did not seem a significant connection between the two books.One soft spot of note is that it can sometimes be easy to mistake the voice of one sociopath for another There could have been of a tonal difference made between Lily and Miranda s narration This is not literature, and makes no bones about it Swanson considers himself a failed poet, and teases himself a bit in the book by giving Ted an urge to write bawdy limericks It s cute But poetry major or not, he has proven, again, that he can write a wonderful, slick entertainment No sopho jinx here If you are the sort who objects to excessive reliance on the sociopath as a crutch, you may have a point, but then you would probably not be reading this sort of book anyway Peter Swanson has written a twizzler of a novel, a sweet morsel with surprising and satisfying twists that will, when you are finished, leave you wanting It is a gripping read, fun, fast, and furious The Kind Worth Killing is most definitely a psychological thriller worth reading You might pick this up at an airport or rail terminal or maybe take it along for a day at the beach You will be glad you had But while you are sitting at that bar, killing time in a waiting room, maybe lounging under a palm tree or an oceanfront umbrella, be careful who you talk to and what truths you tell.Review posted 4 10 15Publication date 2 3 2015 EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s Tumblr, Twitter and FB pagesSwanson s web site has a cornucopia of samples of his Hitchcock poems, other poetry, short fiction and non fiction, and is well worth checking out Armchair Audience is Swanson s site for writing on Books read Movies seen TV Watched He writes 500 words a day, in the morning, then it is off to his paying gig, as a product manager for a non profit Hopefully The Kind Worth Killing will bring in enough scratch that he will have the luxury of writing full time Early results are encouraging Foreign book rights have been sold in eleven territories, and a film option has already been bought, by Nick Wechsler, producer of Magic Mike and The Road Free download of Strangers on a Train , the bookThe film of Strangers on a Train can be seen here The script was written by Czenzi Ormonde and some up and comer named Raymond Chandler, and if it is of interest, you can see the script hereI came across a couple of interviews you might like Nicola Mira s interview with Swanson for Thriller Book Journal was the source of Swanson s comment about sudden change that I included in the review Another is from the Dead Good site, which, while a Random House property, was not half bad. No specific interviewer is identified.

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    HA..WHAT AN ENDING smile

    Murder here..Murder there..Murder everywhere in this page turning mystery thriller I was surprised than once, thoroughly entertained from beginning to end, and even found myself rooting for the devious and dangerous little psycho killer..well, most of the time.

    Great Read

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    WOWZA This book sucked me in, chewed me up and spit me out By the way, I loved every freakin minute of it Just who is the bad guy in this book Who is the victim Who is to be trusted Who will double cross you Is there anyone you can trust Who is a killer Who will be killed Oh Lord does this book keep the bodies dropping as a psycho killer keeps killing.Ted Severson meets Lily Kinter on a flight He finds her to be both attractive and intriguing Over drinks he shares with her that his wife is having an affair and that he would like to kill his wife Lily s reaction to this declaration is not as expected She doesn t even bat an eye Lily, without hesitation, asks if she can help Lily shares a little about her life with Ted, but she does leave out some minor major details She has a troubled past which the reader learns about as the story progresses They make plans to meet and go their separate ways.Thus begins the game of Cat and Mouse.but just who is the cat and who is the mouse I have to say I was shocked when the story turned on it s head and of course, I did not see that coming.Once the story turns, is revealed about Lily s past and a police investigation begins One of the officers becomes obsessed with Lily and there is a whole other twist in the works there.I don t want to say any because I don t want to give anything away I went into this book not knowing the twist and I loved the way this book did a 360 on me What I will say is that this book was a very good read I enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries and books with psychological suspense in them See of my reviews at www.openbookpost.com

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    This book was a lot of fun 4.5 Stars If you like psychological thrillers definitely give this one a try The first twist totally threw me for a loop I m surprised The Girl on the Train was hyped than this book was I found a The Kind Worth Killing to be much better.

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The Kind Worth Killing download The Kind Worth Killing, read online The Kind Worth Killing, kindle ebook The Kind Worth Killing, The Kind Worth Killing d19c4ba41f4d A Devious Tale Of Psychological Suspense Involving Sex, Deception, And An Accidental Encounter That Leads To Murder Fans Of Paula Hawkins The Girl On The Train Will Love This Modern Reimagining Of Patricia Highsmith S Classic Strangers On A Train From The Author Of The Acclaimed The Girl With A Clock For A Heart Which The Washington Post Said Should Be A Contender For Crime Fiction S Best First Novel Of On A Night Flight From London To Boston, Ted Severson Meets The Stunning And Mysterious Lily Kintner Sharing One Too Many Martinis, The Strangers Begin To Play A Game Of Truth, Revealing Very Intimate Details About Themselves Ted Talks About His Marriage That S Going Stale And His Wife Miranda, Who He S Sure Is Cheating On Him Ted And His Wife Were A Mismatch From The Start He The Rich Businessman, She The Artistic Free Spirit A Contrast That Once Inflamed Their Passion, But Has Now Become A ClichBut Their Game Turns A Little Darker When Ted Jokes That He Could Kill Miranda For What She S Done Lily, Without Missing A Beat, Says Calmly, I D Like To Help After All, Some People Are The Kind Worth Killing, Like A Lying, Stinking, Cheating Spouse Back In Boston, Ted And Lily S Twisted Bond Grows Stronger As They Begin To Plot Miranda S Demise But There Are A Few Things About Lily S Past That She Hasn T Shared With Ted, Namely Her Experience In The Art And Craft Of Murder, A Journey That Began In Her Very Precocious YouthSuddenly These Co Conspirators Are Embroiled In A Chilling Game Of Cat And Mouse, One They Both Cannot Survive With A Shrewd And Very Determined Detective On Their Tail