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10 thoughts on “A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion

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    Story didn t grab me at all and the writing felt very stilted It felt like an outline for a story.

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    I looked at the cover of this book on and had to read it I was expecting something terrifying, but got disappointment This is the type of story that needs than 7 pages to tell It was just too short to ever feel any terror or even develop an interest in the characters The concept and basic story is similar to many others, and I think in a longer format it could be quite a good story.

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    Short, basic, and confusing.

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    Excellent story plot I give this book 5 stars.

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    Mr Winchester was having an affair with his maid He wanted to get rid of his family so he could have the mansion, the riches and his new fling He planned on their demise by poisoning their food to make them sleep As they slept, he gathered the bodies and placed them in a wall As they woke, he could hear the cries of help and fear He was just glad to be rid of them But karma does not work that way Vengeance is for those who died in vain Love the short story Was sad that it was so short.

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    As an author, I hate to review a book with a negative response I always try to find something positive about the book regardless of its content I think, for the first time, I have been left dumbfounded and speechless.First of all, the book is six pages long Not very long at all I saw this on and thought What s the worst that could happen in six pages Well, that s just it Nothing happens At times it felt like a poem that s been jumbled into incoherent sentences Between paragraphs, the book has massive gaps If you put them all together and relented on the tab and spacing, it would have filled two pages easily Then there s the blurb of a book In fact, the description makes up 9% of the total Kindle viewing time The grammar is poor inexcusable in a published book , the sentences lazy and haphazard and, the kicker for me, the ABOUT THE AUTHOR page is nearly the same length as the entire story itself.Which is the final insult It doesn t read like a story but like a book pitch One that doesn t do the story any favours As a poem, and in the right hands, this could have been quite poignant but the fact is, it isn t Sorry, but I ve finally broken my one star review virginity Read at your own risk.

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    Another cautionary tale of best laid plans that go astray A wealthy man and his lover plot to rid himself of his family but it comes back to haunt him.

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    I Loved ItFreakin Awesome , It Gives Me the Creeps , But I Like a Book that can give me the creeps real good.

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    Good preview This short story was a good preview of the kinds of stories to expect in other books by this author I purchased this book because I wanted to draw my own conclusions after reading several of the only one star reviews While yes, it is incredibly short it is simply meant to be an excerpt from a larger work I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading by this author.

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    I am confused.If this book is supposed to be a retelling of a true story it needed structure, details and build up of tension If it is supposed to be a fictional story, I am sorry but it reads like a writer s story sketch.

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A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion download A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion, read online A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion, kindle ebook A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion, A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion 1ed34d6c992e Something Evil Was Lurking Inside Winchester Grove Mansion That Was Dying To Get Out It All Started When Mr Winchester Was Having An Affair With His Maid And Got Caught In The Act By His Wife He Knew If She Left Him He Would Lose Everything He Was Torn Between His New Hot Romance And Of Losing It All One Night When Mr Winchester And His Lover Were Making Passionate Love In Her Room, He Had A Plan That He Thought In His Mind Was Fool Proof, But It Would Only Come Back To Haunt Him And His Lover In The End The Plan He Had In Mind Was To Drug His Family, And Brick Them Up Alive In The Cellar Then He Could Keep His Lover, His Money, The Mansion, And Live Happily Ever After Think Again, Him And His Lover Would Be Getting Nothing, But One Hell Of A Payback From The Dead