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Bully Me chapter 1 Bully Me , meaning Bully Me , genre Bully Me , book cover Bully Me , flies Bully Me , Bully Me 793fbb7f64fad Kaine Spencer Can T Wait For School To Be Over Slightly Chubby And Awkward, She Tries Her Hardest To Be Invisible But One Boy Makes That ImpossibleShane Ellery Is Tall, Muscular And Handsome And There Is Nothing He Loves Than Teasing Kaine When A Cruel Twist Of Fate Brings Them Together, It S The Worst Day Of Kaine S Life Until She Starts To See A Side Of Shane She Didn T Know Existed A Side That Makes Kaine Let Her Guard Down But Is Shane Really All That He Seems Or Is It Just Another Cruel Joke Camden Lawson Doesn T Trust Shane Ellery He S Convinced That Shane Will Hurt Kaine And Humiliate Her Again Camden Will Do Anything To Keep Shane Away From Kaine Even If Someone Gets Hurt This Book Contains Sexual Situations And Is Intended For Readers And Older

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    DNFLOL NOPE.NOT FINISHING THIS SHITTT.I m sorry, but there is nothing sexy about a guy who behaves like a rapist Shane cornered Kaine alone in a classroom, dug a metal ruler into her back, threatened to kill her, he ripped off her top and bra, gave her breasts a squeeze, and left her on the floor trembling and exposed Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you the love interest you re expected to fall for by the end of the novel What a catch, right So wait a minute when Shane left the classroom after he attacked Kaine, how did he suppose she was going to get to her locker without being seen and forced to explain what happened I don t know about you, but I don t often take a stroll through school hallways with my shirt all ripped up and my tits out It s reasonable to suggest that I d be questioned by a teacher straight awasy Even if Kaine was too scared to tell anyone about the attack, the odds of a teacher coming across her in that state is extremely high I mean, COME ON Shane At least be smart enough not to leave your victim in a position where she had no choice but rat you out and get you expelled What exactly was going through his head when he left the classroom Probably something like this Shane s internal motivations just did not exist and therefore, he was a pointless, unrealistic character.And of course, the trauma of Kaine s sexual assault was forgotten about by the next chapter because apparently, getting someone to mildly beat up Shane in the cafeteria made everything better At the end of the school day, Shane begrudgingly offers some type of apology to Kaine. and she BLUSHES This asshole had been viciously bullying you for months until he finally violated you What kind of person would be attracted to their attacker, just because they gave a half assed apology Further, the story had a cheap, rape fantasy feel to it The author presented the novel in the wrong way because the cover and blurb made me think that this was going to be a high school contemporary romance with some drama and cute moments it looks so innocent But when you actually read the story, it becomes clear from about chapter two that this is the type of book that should have a disembodied, naked torso on the cover You know the kind, lol Something like this Now that s accurate Granted I would have never picked this book up if I thought it was going to be the buff torso kind, but at least it would have been an accurate representation of what this book really was like The author presented the book as something that it is not, and she attracted the wrong audience who will undoubtedly hate her book and feel tricked.The storyline had the same melodramatic and trashy quality that you d expect from Keeping up with the Kardashians or Jersey Shore The dramatic elements felt cheap because the males in this story were complete bros like the guys you find in those types of shows Shane was a particularly obnoxious bro and when he attempted to be romantic it wasn t sexy Shane came onto the scene I felt repulsed and that s not quite what you re supposed to feel about the main love interest Like I said before, he initially gave off a violent rapey vibe and he never does a convincing job at winning us back Also, the sex scenes meant nothing because I didn t like the characters My ovaries shriveled up after that first rapey scene and none of his attempts at being a charming love interest worked on me And then there were the pointless scenes where Shane and Camden aka love triangle boy 2 were rolling around on the floor and beating the crap out of each other Super hot and ultra manly, right Nope Reading those scenes just reminded me of this Both of the male character s motivations were simplistic They were either fighting for or over Kaine Me big man Me defend honor of girl SHANE SMASH At first Camden was the unattainable boy that Kaine had a crush on, and the next minute he was stalking her and eavesdropping on her conversations I m sure you ve read this type of second love interest before Camden was creepy, and like Shane, his character motivations made no sense at all This dude no life of his own He didn t have thoughts of his own Everything he did revolved around Kaine or served for the purpose of moving the story forward There was no reason for his obsession with Kaine because she didn t have a personality either Oh and despite what Kaine says in the beginning about being an unattractive, overweight outcast, she is none of those things Two chapters into the story and suddenly becomes a fitness queen with no effort at all She is now a freaking Barbie doll with all the right curves One thought kept occurring to me over and over again what are these characters thinking I made the joke about Homer Simpson earlier, but it might as well be true for all of these characters Nothing is going through these character s heads because they re cardboard cut outs going through the motions in a bland, cardboard story Shane, Kaine and everyone else in this story did things because the author wanted them to, but not once did I feel like these characters were alive not once did I feel like these characters had thoughts in their heads And that made for a very boring, pointless story I was hoping that this book was going to be

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    I deliberated a lot on what to rate this book, and two stars is really wholly inaccurate The truth is that in many ways this book deserves one star It has some serious structural editorial problems and sends some very wrong and dangerous messages However, for sheer compulsive readability it was way up there on the scale I felt like I was rubbernecking a fiery car crash, because even when I wanted to I couldn t look away First the good, it was very readable I wanted to know what was going to happen next I read it in one day I m totally planning to read the sequel Incidentally, my immediate compulsion to find the, as of yet unwritten, sequel is what convinced me to give this book an additional star No matter how horrible it is I totally want Now on to the long, long list of bad and ugly Most of the situations in this book were totally unbelievable An epic amount of suspended disbelief is needed to read this book The characters act in a way that I find divorced from realistic human behaviour view spoiler For example seriously, who the hell springs I m getting married to a woman you ve barely met and her entire family is moving in on their kids That just seemed way to crazy for an apparently high functioning adult There are other examples but that was the one I thought was totally unlikely, and could have been dealt with much better hide spoiler

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    This annoyed me mainly from the fact that the weight of the overweight girl and height would have classed her at a perfect weight, not even slight over weight, I have a friend around that weight and at that height who is relatively skinny Because of this I couldn t get into the story because it was so unrealistic to begin with, it really annoyed me actually as it s putting an unrealistic idea of what skinny and fat is, out there Making people oblivious to what is actually a normal weight Someone who is this weight and height and always been relatively comfortable with their figure could begin to get insecure from reading this thinking they are actually classed as overweight or fat.

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    I had pretty hide hopes for this car after reading some really amazing contemporaries.However, I am afraid all I can give Bully Me is one star.The writing structure is really confusing and makes the whole thing difficult to read.The storyline started off really interesting but soon became really predictable and lazy.The plot is really really rushed and it seems to throw in information just to suit the progression without any back story.The characters are unlikable as a whole and the whole excuse for Shane basically making Kaine s life a misery was troublesome and disturbing.Also, the graphic sex scenes left a lot to be desired No pun intended.Disappointing over all Won t be reading the sequel.

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    Great emotional read You have Kaine who is a beautiful and curvy woman she doesn t think she is though You have Shane a cocky and hot wrestler who teases and insults Kaine you will find out later why and then there is Camden another wrestler who rescues Kaine from a terrible incident that happened with Shane Camden is not all he seems to be read this book It sheds light on a sensitive subject.

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    How to explain this book It s certainly readable It s not very long so it s easy to get through No matter how many times I was rolling my eyes or shaking my head and that was often , I never felt the need to put down my kindle and I wasn t at all bored However, the characters were poorly written, the messages were pretty frightening and the main character was a little too superficial The sex was a bit ridiculous too.What was wrong with the characters Their personalities changed too drastically over the course of the book The excuses given for the changes weren t enough to make it flow or sit well The three main characters read like six different peopleor at least six What was wrong with the message s The whole fat girl thing and the acceptable excuse for attacking a girl Not so great First let me say, a girl getting active and eating healthy is a good thing And I could see how doing so would make her feel better about herself, grow confident, make friends and ultimately be happier That would be a good message I really hope that message was what the author intended However, it ended up being like Fat, bad Thin, good For the record, being as tall as Kaine was, a size 12 is so NOT fat and a size 6 is pretty small Again, I hope the author didn t intended to sound as if Kaine was fat at first but that she saw herself that way And let s face it, it is realistic for a 17 year old girl to feel fat if she doesn t have a flat stomach The problem is that while there were a few people who told her she was always beautiful, their comments seemed half hearted and their reactions to her weight loss were too extreme And on top of that, the book glossed right over any struggles she had getting healthy One sentence about craving cookies for a few weeks and then she was magically losing dress sizes each week So, again, the message was Fat, bad, even if it isn t really fat Thin, good And you suck if you struggle with weight loss because it s easy A few well placed conversations and a couple added sentences would have helped dramatically Or even just less focus on it all together would have been better The other poor message was the whole acceptable excuse for assault thing Does any guy really deserve a pass on assault just because of the crap he is going through I don t just mean Shane either I will say that some of the other reviews misrepresented how things went down but still Seriously, it was pretty messed up Especially at the end.What was wrong with Kaine She lacked any real depth because she lacked self reflection The only thing she reflected on was that she ate cookies for comfort after her mom died which is pretty lame self reflection There was obviously to her than weight loss, shopping, boys and friends but she didn t really share much outside of the occasional peek that wasn t just scratching the surface The author gave the reader glimaces below the surface when she did or said certain things but it wasn t enough Because of this, I didn t feel particularly attached to Kaine What was wrong with the sex Nothing was exactly wrong but it wasn t exactly right either First, it felt like it was plugged into the story and kind of obligatory Second, I think having the kind of sex they had takes either trust and confidence or low self esteem and a pushy partner not that is was all that outside of the box but it wasn t exactly beginner sex either I don t think Kaine had that kind of trust or confidence when she wasn t in bed so I m not sure why the author would have us believe she had it in bed And the low self esteem pushy partner explanation isn t exactly sexy.I honestly wasn t sure how to rate this book because I did read the whole thing without ever thinking why did I get this and I would read a sequel but at the same time, it wasn t good I m not sure how that works but it is what it is So I suppose that means I wouldn t recommend it but I wouldn t recommend against reading it either.

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    Decent, yet Unsettling.Some aspects of this book can definitely make a nice love story yet step siblings having a romantic relationship It seems a bit unnatural In addition, the fact that the step brother, Shane, had sexually assaulted, Kaine, the step sister prior to their family uniting is quite unsettling and disturbing This book is very unique maybe a little TOO unique.

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    Highly unbelievable.

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    A good yet odd story, who would have thought that the supposed white knight wasn t the right love interest for Kaine

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    DNF how the fuck does this book have three stars Lucky I m giving them two honestly just for some of the funny banter, but otherwise this book at least the parts I read until I couldn t waste any time on it was awful It reads like generic steps and does not suck you in It was just painfully horrible.

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