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Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller chapter 1 Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller, meaning Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller, genre Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller, book cover Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller, flies Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller, Terminal Games: A Cyberthriller be7191a950b28 The First Hacker Detective Suspense Novel, Here Is An Electric New Mix Of Murder Mystery And Cyberculture With A Smart, Savvy Heroine At Its Heart, Terminal Games Shows What Can Happen When The Ultimate High Tech Fantasy Network Gets Out Of Hand Computer Art Throughout

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    Not a bad book but a little dated now Revolving around users of a network in which users adopt alters and playact virtual lives, one of these alters starts re enacting virtual murders that turn out to be exact copies of real life murders.While it was probably very edgy when it was published, reading it now, with the widespread use of internet forums, apps and smart devices, some of the actions performed by the characters on their computers with only a mouse and a keyboard are baffling.but the concept behind the murder mystery itself is intriguing.

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    Must have been highly entertaining before the Web came about, but feels a little outdated now Still an interesting concept, though.

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    This book holds up a lot better than I would have imagined.

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    Unfortunately, this was written in 1994 and it felt too outdated The plot was slow also.

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