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Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) chapter 1 Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) , meaning Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) , genre Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) , book cover Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) , flies Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) , Dirty Bonds (Dirty Bonds #1) db6af3702cb3f Money Aint The Only Thing That Can Get You Out Of Jail On Bail Look, I Don T Need The Money I Have Plenty Of Money But Let Me Tell You How This Works You See This Contract Let Me Tell You What It Says It Says I Ll Post Your Bail, And Have My One Hell Of A Lawyer Or Judge Friend Get You Off, Or Pay Somebody To Get You Off Under One Condition That DICK Belongs To Me Anytime, Anywhere, Until The Contract Is Up That Means, Your Wife Can T Know A Thing About Our Little Agreement And That Also Means That I Want The Works I Want To Be Fucked Not Played With Pleased Not Left Unsatisfied No In Between, Straight Like That So, Where Do We Go From Here Is Up To You So, What S It Going To Be I Said In Closing As I Liked My Lips Devon Leaned Back In His Chair And Eyed Me As If He Was Trying To Read My Mind My Guess Was That He Was Trying To Figure Out If I Was Serious Or If It All Was Some Sick, Twisted Joke But I Was Dead Ass Serious He Eyed Me Up And Down, Just Before Biting His Bottom Lip After A Few Minutes, He Cleared His Throat And Crossed His Arms Over His Chest Okay, He Said I Grinned

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    Title Dirty BondsAuthors B.M Hardin Lola JPublisher Savvily Publisher LLCReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 4.5Review Dirty Bonds by B.M Hardin Lola J was indeed that only these authors did write so very well and it was a short read I found Dirty Bonds it was one of those crazy reads that will entertain you turning the pages to the very end The charactersthe three sisters , along with Devon and a few will give you a interesting read that will keep your attention Here is a little from the authors Money aint the only thing that can get you out of Jail on Bail Look, I don t need the money I have plenty of money But let me tell you how this works You see this contract let me tell you what it says It says I ll post your bail, and have my one hell of a lawyer or judge friend get you off, or pay somebody to get you off under one condition that DICK belongs to me anytime, anywhere, until the contract is up That means, your wife can t know a thing about our little agreement and that also means that I want the works I want to be fucked not played with Pleased not left unsatisfied no in between, straight like that So, where do we go from here is up to you So, what s it going to be I said in closing as I liked my lips Devon leaned back in his chair and eyed me as if he was trying to read my mind My guess was that he was trying to figure out if I was serious or if it all was some sick, twisted joke But I was dead ass serious He eyed me up and down, just before biting his bottom lip After a few minutes, he cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest Okay, he said I grinned Now, after reading that I am sure if you pick up Dirty Bonds you will see how splendid these authors will bring it all out to the readers I found these authors really gives the readers a look at the psyche of the characters that will leave you shaking your head and thinking from power of money, sex, deception, and lies with multiple twist and turns we get a intriguing read Then, by the end of the novel you will get an ENDING that will only having you waiting for part two to see what is next to come.

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    Always good to read some urban fiction with a twist Part two should be just as good.

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    All I could say is wow and damn There were some errors but I found myself wanting to know In the beginning Trina was introduced, along with her sisters She got the shock of her life from her husband I wished there was to learn about Vegas but unfortunately not Even though Trina was rich I was glad she finally stopped feeling bad for herself and decided to work Her job and contract though I wasn t expecting that at all She was making me mad with the situation between her and Devon So just whose lady has she pissed off Trina was doing the Kareem is described as if he s fine as hell Damn, talk about lost for words at the ending

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    This review is from Dirty Bonds Book One Dirty Bonds Series Kindle Edition This book was engaging from beginning to end Trina was a force to be wrecking with After the divorce of her husband she need sex She had a few guys that were on a contract Her special friend Devon she thinks his ex Is stalking her Now she has Kareem he put the good dick on her She thought it was so good she could marriage him But the secret he has bout her ex husband will leave you speechless cause I no it made me Can t wait for part 2.

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    Time For New EmploymentCan you say Career Change I don t know if I would have the guts to become a dirty bailbonds person like Trina, but it sounds like fun All those HOT, sexy menz at you fingertips LAWD Well written, with few errors Stayed up all night reading this book I know I m going to pay for it in the morning, but it was worth it Delightful read Looking forward to Book Two BV

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    This book Dirty Bonds was a highly entertaining, well written book After a devastating divorce, Trina decides to step out start her own business Her cleverness with the venture made her business quite successful Once I started reading, this page turner kept me enthralled until the end This is the 2nd book I ve read by BM Hardin I can honestly say they ve been exceptional reads.

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    Wow I loved this book from the beginning til the end Trina is a sex maniac She goes for what she wants and you can t blame her for that She s all about getting hers and being a Diva This is a must read Great job Lola Hardin Looking forward to part 2 I know it s going to be explosive

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    Whoa Trina is off the hook This is my first book by Lola but I m sure I will be reading Dirty bonds was not exactly what I thought but I shoal wasn t mad It had plenty of twists and turns all the way to the end I can t wait for part two

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    This lil short story right here had so many unexpected twists As soon as I thought I was about to settle downhere comes some drama and WTH do you do about this kind of twist.On to book 2

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    Dirty Trina married a man that was on the down low He broke her heart now she doesn t know what to do with herself Reese is going with a married man some shady mess went down Shanay man is just lazy the secret that came out.

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