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  • Free Online Fiction
  • 257 pages
  • If This Is Love
  • sunsetmog
  • English
  • 02 March 2019

11 thoughts on “If This Is Love

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    It s funny, it s sexy, it s endearing, it s hilariously dramatic in a non overdramatic way, it s reluctantly, aggressively romantic.It s really quite fantastic.The first half had me in stitches Grimmy is an incredibly engaging narrator and protagonist, because he s spazzy but smart and mostly self assured, and he s guilty of that comical overuse of the word fuck and its variations that always cracks me up and that I would probably be guilty of myself if I ever got to, you know, actually speak English.I have to admit, however, that I occasionally skimmed a little the shame in the second half Because I was bored, but not because it was boring Let me explain.There are some snicker worthy one liners that still had me, well, snickering, and the sex is good, and the coupleness is adorable, but mate, if you give me thirty five percents of angst and have me emoting all over the place for an hour, slapping a metric shitton of fluff and loving sex right after that is just not gonna do it for me.But as you can see, it s all me Simply put, the structure of the story doesn t agree with the way my brain works.That being said, I absolutely love this author s writing, because it s emphatic and hilarious and fun in every way, and the characterisation is top notch.Yes, I do ship Gryles Exclusively as a bromance irl, let s be totally clear I want none of that shit messing with the real couple, and I hope Louis is sucking bruises on Harry s collarbones out of jealousy and possessiveness right now But yes, Larry is still my 1 1D ship.So yes, I did feel a bit weird reading this, because I can see Harry with Nick, but I can t not see him with Louis I don t care what you say, that makes sense But yes, I did enjoy the hell out of this Up to a certain point So yes, if you re into 1D fanfic you should read this, because it s an awesome way to dip your toes into Gryles, and I may possibly one day want to read about this couple again Let s be honest, it s going to happen, and it s going to happen soon.

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    STOOOOOP THIS ONE ALWAYS MAKES ME CRY because I am Nick oh my god Nick is me in this fic, just sort of neurotic and helpless and barely a real adult and prone to being swept away by Feelings Sunsetmog is one of my fave authors in this fandom.

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