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Bound txt Bound, text ebook Bound, adobe reader Bound, chapter 2 Bound, Bound 47cd59 Alex Caine Is A Martial Artist Fighting In Illegal Cage Matches His Powerful Secret Weapon Is An Unnatural Vision That Allows Him To See His Opponents Moves Before They Know Their Intentions ThemselvesAn Enigmatic Englishman, Patrick Welby, Approaches Alex After A Fight And Reveals, I Know Your Secret Welby Shows Alex How To Unleash A Breathtaking Realm Of Magic And Power, Drawing Him Into A Mind Bending Adventure Beyond His Control And Control Is Something Alex Values Above All Else A Cursed Grimoire Binds Alex To Uthentia, A Chaotic Fey Godling, Who Leads Him Towards Chaos And Murder, An Urge Alex Finds Harder And Harder To Resist Befriended By Silhouette, A Monstrous Kin Beauty, Alex Sets Out To Recover The Only Things That Will Free Him The Shards Of The Darak But That Powerful Stone Also Has The Potential To Unleash A Catastrophe Which Could Mean The End Of The World As We Know It

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    I picked up Bound, by Alan Baxter, on the recommendation of a friend I owe that friend a few drinks now Bound is about cage fighter Alex Caine, a man who can see his opponents moves before they make them Following a successful fight Alex is approached by an Englishman called Welby, who knows his secret and wants Alex to help him unlock the key to an ancient and powerful grimoire Drawn into a world filled with magic, violence, and a chaotic Fey godling called Uthentia, Alex must harness his innate magical ability and fighting skills to prevent the end of the world as we know it.Upon finishing Bound my first thought was damn My second thought was that if Stephen King and Jim Butcher ever had a love child then it would be Alan Baxter.Finally, my third thought was that Bound is a seriously entertaining read.Full of dark, gritty and bloody goodness, Bound is possibly one of the best debut novels I ve read in many years Cracking action and dialogue propel the story along at a fast pace as the reader journeys from the cages of the underground fighting scene in Sydney to the icy wastes of Iceland I loved the fight scenes, and I could tell they were written by someone who has trained extensively in hand to hand combat and martial arts I almost felt the bones being broken and smashed at times throughout the book, and their realism kept me enthralled The world in which Bound is set was also gloriously gritty and full of things that go bump in the night Dark horrors exist everywhere the Three Sisters for example , and the world is full of mythical and supernatural creatures such as gargoyles and the Fey.Alex Caine was also a fascinating protagonist Flawed in many ways but still noble and honest, he was a believable hero who I couldn t help but cheer for as the odds kept stacking up against him His rages, lust, frustration, and mistakes throughout the story only added depth to his character and made him human His dialogue and interplay with the other characters like Silhouette throughout the novel were also loaded with wit and humour that had me chuckling well into the night The other characters and creatures in Bound were also interesting I loved the idea of the Kin, and the dark horrors like the Three Sisters and the Subcontractor However, the two characters I absolutely adored were the evil duo of Mr Hood and Miss Sparks and their Black Diamond Inc They are the perfect narrative foil for Alex and Silhouette, and their dark and twisted relationship and actions brought a real nefarious essence to the story that was both creepy and strangely thrilling as well All in all Bound was a bloody excellent read I cannot recommend this book enough to fans of Butcher and Wendig.4 out of 5 stars smashdragons.blogspot.com.au

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    I m not into magical thrillers, but this one, I liked reading Alex is a good character, he is a tortured soul, and finds a fellow tortured soul on his journey I loved the familiar scenes of Sydney, the South Coast, Newtown I love Newtown and other countries, but knowing that this book is essentially an Australian based book, was the catch for me.

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    Alex Caine grew up in foster homes and was a wild kid until he started learning martial arts since then, he s had focus, discipline and a means of earning a living in illegal cage fights He always wins, too, because he has a secret advantage he can see people s shades, and knows what his opponents are about to do It isn t until he meets Englishman Patrick Welby that Alex learns there s a name for what he is mage Once Welby unlocks the door to the hidden world of magesign and the Fey, Alex is reluctantly drawn in Welby has his sights set on a powerful magical book that he hasn t been able to read, but he thinks Alex can He wants Alex to go with him from Sydney to London to try and read the book, being held by a cranky and unlikeable bookseller called Peacock Welby s hunch was right Alex can read it, only with unexpected consequences The book is actually a vessel for a trapped piece of a Fey god, a being of chaos that was driven from this plane with only this one little bit remaining, a piece that latches onto a mortal soul and drives them to destruction Alex is no less a victim, and with his training is driven to lethal acts He ll do whatever it takes to get rid of the indestructible book, even braving the dens of flesh eating Kin, before any people die at his hands.With the help of an unlikely but beautiful, inhuman ally called Silhouette, and pursued by a ruthless and ambitious magical artefacts dealer called Mr Hood, Alex finds himself traversing the globe to hunt down shards of the powerful stone that first rid the world of the godling, Uthentia Time is running out and the stakes are getting higher Even if he succeeds in his quest to find the long hidden pieces, he has only a hunch and conviction that he will be able to use what took three powerful mages to wield long ago But there s only one way to find out.I m not a big reader of Urban Fantasy, mostly because the majority of books that fall under that sub genre always use mysteries or detective work as their plot, and mysteries tend to bore me Character development especially, and also world building, are all too often overlooked in a mystery or detective or thriller or CIA novel I m not sure why Urban Fantasy must contain some kind of mystery detective plotline, but I m guessing it s a way to explore the familiar unfamiliar world for the sake of the audience When it s not a mystery, it s romance paranormal romance I find the latter interesting and engaging because romance, by dint of its nature, relies on characters, so you get plenty of character development or you should Bound pleasantly straddles several tropes common to Urban Fantasy, combining Fey and Kin with human, magic and mystery with crime and violence, love and obsession with murder and mayhem It has of a classic Quest structure than a detective one, and uses the trope of introducing a new, hidden and complex world to an ignorant human as a means of providing exposition at a gradual pace Overall, it works Bound is a gritty, dark urban fantasy, full of violence and gore and visceral imagery There are hints of other works here or rather, certain scenes reminded me of other works, which is not to say Baxter lacks originality but that stories create a community of ideas and imagination, which I love The golems reminded me of Jonathan Stroud, the island of malnourished worshippers and the obese dictator reminded me of Iain Banks Consider Phlebus the first of his Culture science fiction series Other elements of the novel reminded me of less tangible stories, books I couldn t quite remember or grasp Overall it makes Bound feel like familiar territory, one that doesn t need much exposition to understand.Alex Caine is a good protagonist and hero figure, leading us into this new world unwillingly, but never baulking at what he knows he must do For the most part, he asks good questions and uses his head I can only hope that his character is fully developed and explained over the following two books, as we don t learn a whole lot about him here Silhouette, likewise, is a shadowy figure no pun intended , but an excellent one She s only half human, and Baxter does a good job of developing her inhumanity while at the same time giving us plenty to like and relate to The world of the Kin and the Fey is an interesting one, and while it might not be the most original of storylines or worlds, it is quite entertaining, in a dark and often violent way.Where I struggled some was with the writing Baxter s prose is solid, his details are nicely placed, and the dialogue flows quite naturally But what I got really tired of was the constant use of the rhetorical question Baxter uses it a great deal when Alex starts reflecting and thinking and in general, trying to figure things out The occasional rhetorical question works fine, but sometimes there were several in the one paragraph and it does weaken the writing not to mention makes Alex a tad annoying in those moments.I enjoyed Bound, both for its dark, twisted other worldly creatures and, at times, downright terrifying scenes of violence and gristly murder the scene with the children was particularly hard to read , as well as for the simple but layered world building Alex Caine starts off the series as an ordinary man with a couple of extraordinary talents by the end, he s something than human and forever changed by his experiences It can only get interesting from here on My thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book.

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    A few years ago I went through a stage of reading nothing but fantasy fiction I got a little tired of it and decided it was time for a break Only recently I have started reading some again When I saw Alan Baxter s Bound and heard that it was like Jack Reacher with magic, I was all in Bound has recently been re released with some great new artwork I have come across Baxter s work in various anthologies and have enjoyed his stories Bound is the first book in a trilogy that features the escapades of martial artist cage fighter Alex Caine a man with an unusual ability to see his opponents moves shortly before they execute giving him quite the advantage when fighting Bound is a great read Baxter a Kung Fu teacher clearly knows about fighting and the scenes where Caine is dishing out some punishment are handled well The book has many fantastical elements and is quite dark but it doesn t fall into the cliche category The pacing of the book is one of its real strengths with barely a breath being drawn between the next exciting sequence The dialogue so often a downfall with many writers is crisp and authentic, keeping you immersed inside the story.Caine himself is an engaging character, I wasn t sure about him early on in the book, particularly at the start when he comes across as kind of arrogant and narky, but hey, good guys can t be nice all of the time, right As the story progresses he does become personal and I soon found myself warming to him and cheering him on as he battles evil.Other characters including the excellent Silhouette and Mr Hood are also given great depth and there are some great ideas at play I enjoyed Caine s transformation throughout the book At the start he is a fighter with a strange gift but he becomes something much different by the stories end Bound is a great example of dark and gritty urban fantasy It s filled with great action, cool characters and an engaging protagonist Unlike some trilogies Bound gets straight into the action, not wasting time with page after page of world building and politics, something that I find the Fantasy genre guilty of quite often.

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    A fast paced, action packed first book of the Alex Caine series, that had me pretty much hooked from the beginning Magic and monsters and Magesign, oh my See my full review here

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    A fast paced, supernatural fantasy A wonderfully entertaining read In a small way, reminiscent of Lord of the Rings Bound feels very comfortable and familiar in its story construct However, also original and exciting Like all Baxter s work, it hits the mark Read this and you re going to get covered in a decent amount of gross monster guts 0 I ll definitely be reading Obsidian and Abduction I m thoroughly invested in Alex and Sil s adventure.

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    Originally reviewed by M.L Spencer on Grimdark Magazine.Alan Baxter s Bound Alex Caine Book One is a brutal story that moves at a break neck pace It s ripe with dark, conflicted characters in a turbulent, urban setting that has a mixture of martial arts, magic, and supernatural themes I definitely recommend Bound for readers who take their violence seasoned with gore, sarcasm and sex.In Bound, Alex Caine is a successful martial artist who makes his living clobbering opponents in the ring But all his exhaustive training hasn t prepared him for the dangerous world of magical intrigue he gets caught up in Bound to a stone relic that augments his already kick ass supernatural powers, Alex finds out that far than just his own life is now at stake If he fails to conquer the stone s power and its link with an ancient evil trapped between realms, then the entire world is in grave peril.Alex Caine is a formidable and enjoyable protagonist whose vicious fights to the death are as exciting as they are gruesome Alex teams up with Silhouette, a sexy and competent woman of the Kin, a race of half vampire, half were creatures Together, the unlikely couple battle forces both ancient and powerful, all the while struggling to keep Alex s violent new powers from consuming his mind.Baxter s efficient prose never gets in the way of the story, and his dialogue is vivid and dynamic I had a lot of fun reading this book It kept me hanging in there, eagerly flipping pages to find out who was going to be the next brutalized victim or what twisted deed would be performed next This story packs a punch

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    Loved this A great urban fantasy based around an underground fighter dragged kicking and screaming into a world of magic and mayhem.The revelation of the mysteries that flow throughout Bound are timed perfectly to maintain and escalate the reader s interest, keeping up a pace that encourages rather than bores or overstimulates The plot moves along nicely, and ticks all the boxes The character development is great, and the overall charm of Bound shines through without being lost in the writing itself.Great read Highly recommended.

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    This is the first Alan Baxter book I ve picked up, and I m certainly going to be back for I loved the gritty, bloody, dangerous world that Baxter introduces in this book Alex Caine is quickly taken from the world he knows which isn t exactly safe and wholesome, him being partial to illegal cage fighting to one of magic and mortal peril, populated by blood thirsty Fey and an evil Godling I enjoyed uncovering the world alongside him, meeting the Clan Lords and learning about the different types of Fey.I must admit that Alex took to the world too quickly, and he resisted it for too long That s confusing, so let me explain A stranger turns up and goes Oh Alex, you know how you can read people Well that s magic Come help me with a mysterious magical task I have for you , and Alex is on a plane in a few hours Of course, the situation is complex than this, but when we come right down to it, I think Alex followed Welby too readily But this eagerness disappeared quickly when Alex was confronted with Silhouette and the truth about Fey creatures Alex had no problem believing in the magic of the book, the influence that Uthentia has, the powers of the Darak stone, but he needed vampires and werewolves explained to him three different times Even I understood what Silhouette was saying the first time around.Otherwise Alex Caine is a kick butt protagonist and I liked journeying all over the world with him One of my favourite things was how Alex was no longer bound by the mundane constraints we all are lack of passports, money, and a change of clothes didn t slow down his adventures one bit I like this because all too often readers are expected to believe in amazing magic but the characters are still concerned with relatively mundane things, which doesn t make sense to me.Alex becomes Bound to a cursed book early in the novel, and the longer he is in possession of it, the his personality and motivations change because of its evil influence Because it affects his psychology, Alex begins to have difficulty differentiating between what he wants and what the book is making him do It increases the frustration, anger and rage that he feels and constantly pushes him to violence Predictably, he finds that Silhouette can help him channel that aggression in bed and satiate the rage, but that leads to increasingly violent sexual encounters I was uncomfortable with this for many reasons, but this situation was in keeping with the dark tone of this book, which includes a lot of blood, violence, and death.In addition to an interesting protagonist, Baxter has created a varied and complex secondary cast, including side kick romantic interest Silhouette and the evil duo Mr Hood and Miss Sparks Although I couldn t bring myself to like Silhouette she s entirely too predictable I did find Sparks and Hood compelling as the bad guys The relationship between the two is shown through Sparks eyes I initially thought that she either hated Hood and was waiting for an opportunity to kill him, getting revenge for the depraved things he did to her, or she was somehow compelled to satisfy him, perhaps by magic But the reality is even stranger and I liked this aspect of the book I m disappointed that Sparks will probably not feature in the sequels although I can t say for sure.I ve enjoyed Bound a lot and encourage readers who like their urban fantasy dark and gritty to pick it up Fans of Butcher and Wendig won t be disappointed I m looking forward to reading the next two books in the Alex Caine series, Obsidian and Abduction, which will be released soon by HarperVoyager.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.You can read of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic.

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    Bound wasn t an easy book for me to read I had some initial reservations about it, but as I do love the occasional dark fantasy book, I decided to give it a shot Alas, Bound and I never quite bonded It is the perfect dark urban fantasy read for readers who love the Chosen one spiel It is also absolutely absent of even a whisper of a love triangle.The epic quest is, indeed, epic, and the evil guys are very evil The Chosen one, as one might expect, does have trouble coming to terms with his powers, but eventually begins to master them Soon he is a force to be reckoned with, but you know everyone s going to try.Alex Caine is the macho man with the dark past that he doesn t talk about His companion is a feisty, sexy female who attaches herself to him for non epic reasons Actually, most of the men portrayed in Bound come across as strong macho characters except for a few bit player parts Sex and sexuality play a large role in Bound If you like your adult interactions to be on the violent and or demeaning side, you re sure to be pleased Unfortunately, sexuality is part of the problem with Bound All the female characters ooze sex appeal and or seek validation through it That, combined with Caine s macho man persona, give the story a teenage boy fantasy air that is not particularly appealing.But, Bound is not awfully written and I don t want to give the impression that is While I do think the author has some skill development to do, it s obvious the talent is there Bound is held back by a bit too much introspective weight around its middle, and a cup full of struggle for control and temptation where periodic dashes would do better instead However, mostly this is simply not a book that appealed to me I prefer, when I dabble in fantasy, to deal in ghosties, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night My urban fantasy needs wise cracking anti heroes that you want to smack even as you can t help but root for them Bound is a traditional fantasy read in an urban modern setting.Still, I have no doubt that there is a large market out there that would enjoy Bound The action sequences were fun to read and easy to visualize Alex Caine is the book version of the on screen action hero As the series develops and Alan Baxter has a chance to refine his writing and flesh out his characters, I think there s a pleasant surprise awaiting There are two other books out in the series as of the time of this review, but I obviously have not read them, so I can only guess Disclaimer I received a copy of this book free from the author for review consideration.

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