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    Kindle First Program Dear lord, this book was awful Plenty of readers are going to write glowing reviews about how much they just loooove steampunk and that s great But piling a whole bunch of gears and mechanized crap all over the page does not a book make The author wasted so much time writing mechanical horses and flying machines and bustles and copper curls flying loose from their hairpins and velocipedes and all the rest that she didn t bother with any of what is important The worst aspect was the characters Why, exactly, do any of these people spend time together, when they don t apparently like or respect one another It seems I m supposed to feel Penny and Vi are best friends, I guess Except that Penny doesn t have a kind thought or nice word about Vi in her head and Vi treats her like an afterthought at best and with no generosity of spirit considering the familial losses Penny has suffered and health problems and all the rest Sebastian is who exactly to the family Maybe supposed to be Nic s best friend Except that he s really just introduced as being rich and bi and kind of a dick, and nobody else acts like they even like him or want him around, so maybe they re all just using him for access to his property Nic and Penny are twins who were always so close Except that Nic is a real asshole to Penny at every step Penny, for what it s worth, is simply a bitch She has no redeeming qualities And apparently the author feels it s sensible to have a 16 year old meet a what was he again, 21, I think strange adult male, and from the first touch of their skin the 16 year old absolutely physically throbs with their amazing chemistry, she just knows there s something there between them, so of course the most sensible thing to do is be an utter bitch to him, distrust him for no reason, be hurtful to him, etc etc etc None of Penny s decisions make the slightest bit of sense, but why bother with legitimizing choices for your characters or making them even the tiniest bit likeable, when you know immature readers will talk about how the moronic bitchy protagonist leaping out of bed when her heart is literally in its last beats and rushing out to arm herself and infiltrate a police action on a gamblers boat is such a strong female lead as if that s what strength actually is Seriously, this wouldn t be worth the read if I were being paid for it.

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    DNF finished 30%I can t do it.It s short and free through Kindle First and I still can t do it.I just can t do steampunk, especially not this over the top, beating you over the head with gears and brass and corsets type of steampunk.More time is spent describing unnecessary inventions and gadgets and clothing than expanding the world and characters in any meaningful way Which is, in truth, a little upsetting, because I feel like there might actually be an interesting, thoughtful story here, hidden underneath all that excessive metal and leather and British ness.

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    First I feel cheated.Second WTF Third Nope No Nada Zero Cares were given about this book.DAMN Damn it, man.

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    This book is basically what would happen if you took a pretty, sparkling snow globe, broke and filled it with glitter, excessive words and exclamation marks in disguise.I gave up on Ticker early on because, despite kernels of originality, it has nothing to show for in terms of world building, characterization, or story The writing itself is too structured Steampunk doesn t become steampunk by stuffing in loads of contraptions and mechanical workings Steampunk itself has an entire feel atmosphere that has to be conveyed in writing Moving on, the characters have great dynamic, if we re to believe our protagonist but to be frank, she herself doesn t have enough substance that we can consider her statements worth anything There s a best friend, to be boyfriend, twin et cetra but these relations are in name only the actual existence of them isn t visible on my plane.As the story progresses, too fast, IMHO there seem to be gaping holes in the MC s own progression and order of actions, in effect making for a very half hearted story and telling For a finicky reader such as myself, it s simply tiring Thank you Children s Publishing

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    DNF at 58%.I loved Mantchev s Th tre Illuminata series, so I was really looking forward to this, even though I don t care for steampunk.Unfortunately, this book was long on action and steampunk details, and short on everything else There was little overall atmosphere, almost no character development, and I had no idea what half the characters looked like Worst of all for me the romance was so boring and had no foundation.This was a huge disappointment.

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    If I hadn t already been in love with steampunk before reading Ticker I would be now With a girl who has a clockwork heart and a title like Ticker the play on words was just too delicious to resist I had high expectations, especially being a Lisa Mantchev fan, and my expectations were not only met they were exceeded I connected with Penny right away I don t know if I have the words to explain it but there was that rare affinity a person sometimes feels for a character once in a blue moon The potent world building only helped reel me in further until I found myself falling into a story that has so much going for it, you start accepting excellence in stride Not bothering to pause to soak in the awesome because it would mean a moment s hesitation and you need to know what happens next I could go on for days but when it comes down to it, this is a story that needs to be experienced Take a chance and dive in, you won t regret it.

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    For those of you who don t know what steampunk means here is a definition, of sorts Steampunk is any story which contains steam powered machines, is set in an alternate universe that loosely resembles the 1800 s, and involves lots of useful gadgets When I think of steampunk, I think of a story exactly like this one While not all steampunk contains clockwork, I would think most stories containing clockwork would fall under the category of steampunk Another way to put it would be any story with the trappings of the Victorian era, without the strict Victorian mindset Anyone who does not wish to read about any of the above, should not read steampunk Personally, I don t usually like the popular steampunk with its decaying visuals and modern mindset Thankfully this book is not like that This story has all that I like about steampunk and none of what I don t like Far from grimy walls and rusted bolts everywhere, the setting in this story is crisp and new, yet with a lived in quality.So many times, authors are told to dumb it down for the readers and in the process end up treating the readers, who would most like the story, like simpletons Even so with a genre like steampunk that is unfamiliar for many people I applaud this author for not succumbing to that teaching The descriptions in this book are grand and you can truly envision it all without cluttering it up with useless explanations.I especially enjoyed the author s ability to use the Victorian labels for things that are nowadays referred to by other names The language used by Penny and her friends however is not very old fashioned That is precisely the beauty of steampunk though it is not supposed to resemble the Victorian era precisely Some authors use steampunk in order to be able to include people dressed in Victorian costumes, but with loose morals, as well as modern ideas of religion and politics Refreshingly this author refrains from those clich s Overall, this is a wonderful story and I would recommend it to anyone, young or old, who wishes to branch out of their reading comfort zone for a few hours.

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    I got Ticker for free through s November 2014 Kindle First program The plot sounded promising, with the main character in an interesting moral dilemma needing a mass murderer whom she previously received help from, without knowing the human life cost he extracted to stay alive.Unfortunately, that back story was the only interesting part of the novel Ticker was a jumble of messy events barely strung together coherently, a plethora of annoying characters, steampunk gadgets tossed in very transparently in an unsuccessful attempt to up the story s cool factor, and a couple of very forced romances.The heroine was one of those rash people who constantly does stupid things and always seems like she needs to prove something for no particular reason Her brother is emotionally abusive and blames everyone around for his misery especially the heroine, his twin , all while sitting behind the guise of a protective older brother He s not particularly nice to the woman he supposedly loves.The villain is the most believable character, rationalizing everything he does But even he has no depth just a typical, delusional person.I don t like to leave books unfinished, so I powered through and finished this one I d say skip it Not worth the time to read, even if it s free If you want a fun, witty, and silly steampunk fantasy, go with Soulless.

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    If you haven t remotely caught my interest by a quarter of the way through the book, then I just can t muster the interest to finish There were too many nonsensical words thrown in to describe Mantchev s new world she was creating and too little actual description written in terms that we could understand We were thrown in to this world with the expectation that we would already have a basic understanding of how the world was set up, when we did not have the slightest inkling I had an incredibly hard time visualizing anything that happened in this book.

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    YO so I read the first page on this book on Lisa s Facebook and it s everything I could ve wanted I m far too ready for this book to be IN MY HANDS.O_OTHE COVERRR I love the teal and gold 3 YOU DON T UNDERSTAND.THE NEED I HAVE FOR THIS BOOK.MAYBE YOU DO IF YOU LOVE LISA AS MUCH AS I DO.

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