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  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5)
  • Colleen Houck
  • English
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9781499104981

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    Colleen Houck just released her secret project a prequel novella about Yesubai How awesome is that Love her stories and I m especially excited for this.Update on Monday, April 14, 2014 GASP And that cover Look at that cover I love it.Second update on Thursday, April 17, 2014 It has just been announced that Tiger s Promise will now be available in print Good job, Tigers fans, for reaching out with your hopefully polite requests to make Tiger s Promise a physical book Let s celebrate together

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    This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenThis book destroyed me It was just the right combination of factors to rip my heart out First, it heavily featured Kishan, the book boyfriend love of my life Secondly, it was from the POV of a woman who loved him When she met Ren and compared him to Kishan, she actually found him wanting When she looked in Kishan s eyes she saw the warm sun and kindness, not a man who always fell short, like Kelsey did And thirdly, the real clincher to my broken heart, is the fact that I knew what would happen to them in the end I knew that once again, or for the first time, chronologically, Kishan s love would be ripped from him Every time Yesubai thought of Kishan it would break my heart again, knowing that they would never be together It was constant pain and suffering for me to finish this book I can t remember the last time a book made me cry so hard I need to see Kishan find happiness one day I know that he eventually marries Annamika, but the little we have seen of them together does not give me great hope for their happiness I used to always feel like Kishan marrying Annamika was like a betrayal of Kelsey Even if Kishan had lost her forever, she had treated him badly, and she had gone on to marry his brother, I didn t want his great love for her to die And I guess a part of it never did, as he said in his letter But I still didnt really want to acknowledge the fact that he married Annamika I have now had time to come to terms with the truth, and after seeing the tragedy that was his relationship with Yesubai, I must see him find happiness with a woman who loves him eventually Does Annamika love Kishan fully, as fully as he loved Kelsey Or is it just convenient, a result of their circumstances I can tell in the sneak peak that he is attracted to her, even if he is not acknowledging it yet, so they better be featured heavily in Tiger s Dream If Colleen can show me their relationship become what Kishan has been without for centuries, what he so badly deserves, what I have been wanting for him for so long that I am at this very moment in tears, I will hunt her down and give her the hugest hug

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    After reading I had been contacted by Emily Ross to get a copy of this via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 stars.As you should already know from the blurb, this is the story of Yesubai Though I did know this, I don t know why my genius mind didn t figure that this would be in her POV I got kind of startled at that since Yesubai, before this book, had always been a background character, the girl whose sacrifice started it all.Do not get me wrong though, I still am mad at Kishan and her for betraying Ren, butyou re bound to feel sorry for Yesubai and her tragic love story with Kishan once you get to know about her story.Yesubai is brought up by her governess Isha, whose sole responsibility lies on taking care of Yesubai and keeping her safe from her evil father, Lokesh Lokesh uses her love for Isha to blackmail Yesubai in doing things she doesn t want to I loved the portray of Yesubai s life struggle and her mindset to be free of her evil father s grasp because it felt so real.The world building was, as usual, fascinating There s not much Ren in this book but I loved Ren and Kishan s mom Deschen because you get to know how headstrong she is even in her small presence.Thought you hated Lokesh before Wait till you read this.Thinking of reading this series Read this one, I m sure you ll get hooked.The ending would brake your heart the thing that I lamented the most as I lay dying was that when Kishan finally pressed his lips against mine, something I d been yearning for since I stood next to him in the king s garden, I couldn t feel it Before reading I have been a bad, bad girl.I claim myself to be a fan of this series and I came to know about this now Okay now

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    3,5 Yesubai, , Ren Kishan Tiger s Dream .

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    I finally, FINALLY read this novella I adored Colleen s original series The Tiger Saga, so why the heck did it take me so dang long to read this prequel novella I honestly really enjoyed this novella, and although it is short it definitely felt whole as a story.Yesubai was interesting heroine that was briefly mentioned in The Tiger Saga, who finally got her origin story in this novella So, nothing was a surprise with how this novella ended I definitely thought she grew as a character and became a great and selfless heroine in the end of this novella I completely shipped Yesubai with Kishan I m sorry Dhiren but they belong together.

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    Revised Review Tiger s Promise is thrilling, enchanting, beautiful and emotional Before Kelsey Hayes there was another girl who played an important role that changed the lives of two princes Yesubai, trapped under the rule of her abusive and powerful father Lokesh, she struggles to keep her own magical powers hidden while avoiding his wrath When Lokesh plans to use Yesubai in plot against a neighboring kingdom to destroy the royal family and power for himself, she is unable to disobey him As Yesubai struggles between the fear of her father and to protect the prince she loves, she knows any decision will have dire consequences Tiger s Promise is filled with emotion, magical and insight.Yesubai is the daughter of the evil powerful lord Lokesh, who never loved her and is often abusive towards her However, Yesubai is the care of her kind handmaiden, Isha who is both her friend and caregiver Unaware of her father, Yesubai has magic of her own and tries to hide her abilities out of fear of what he would do Due to her beauty, Lokesh keeps her hidden away until news of Yesubai reaches other lands and thus Lokesh plots to use her to further his quest for power Soon Yesubai learns that Lokesh plans for her to marry Prince Dhiren in order to obtain the Damon Amulet pieces that the family protect and take the kingdom for himself Unable to refuse Lokesh all to protect Isha from harm, Yesubai agrees to become a pawn in her father s plans Over time and with Ren away, Yesubai spends time with Ren s younger brother, Kishan and his family and grows closer to Kishan The she spends with Kishan, the she feels guilty about the lies and the plot she is a part of to destroy his family and kingdom However, Lokesh learns of Kishan s feelings for Yesubai and uses them to his advantage to get everything he wants As Yesubai struggles between the fear of her father s wrath if she should fail and to protect Kishan, any decision she makes could mean dire consequences for everyone As darkness gathers around her, Yesubai must decide if she s willing to risk everything to dare and hope.We all know of Yesubai from the stories told by Ren, Kishan and Lokesh as well as her role that began the series In Tiger s Promise, we get to see of her story and of who Yesubai was She s a great character She has her own strength about her She s kind and sweet Her relationship with Ren and Kishan and even with their parents was great to see With this short insight into Yesubai, I really like her In the end she was just another victim of Lokesh s web of evil It really is a sad story Yesubai was never loved by Lokesh and only saw her as a pawn in his quest for power Lokesh uses Yesubai to get what he wants and is not afraid to show what happens if you cross or fail him He even threatened Yesubai s friend and handmaiden Isha, if she failed to do what he asks Really, really hate this guy.Overall, Tiger s Promise is great It is a perfect prequel to an amazing series I loved it Even though I knew Yesubai s fate from the beginning it was still heartbreaking I love Colleen Houck s writing and her attention to detail was great in the novella just as it is in the Tiger s Curse series I also loved how different it was with the difference in period era It s a great read and a must June 1, 2014 Tiger s Promise is a thrilling novella to an amazing series We all know of Yesubai from the stories told by Ren, Kishan and Lokesh as well as her role that began the series In Tiger s Promise, we get to see of her story and of who Yesubai was.It really is a sad story Yesubai is the daughter of the evil Lokesh who never loved her and saw her as a pawn in his quest for power Lokesh uses Yesubai to get what he wants and is not afraid to show what happens if you cross him He even threatened Yesubai s friend and handmaiden Isha, if she failed to do what he asks Really, really hate this guy.We also knew Yesubai s fate from the beginning, but it was still heartbreaking With this short insight to Yesubai, I really like her She s strong in her way and she really did love Kishan In the end she was just another victim of Lokesh s web of evil.Overall, Tiger s Promise is great and a perfect prequel to an amazing series I love Colleen Houck s writing and her attention to detail was great in the novella just as she does in the Tiger s Curse series.

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    Urgh eyeroll Rtc 1 4 2016Where do I even begin with this I mean, I guess it was slightly better than Tiger s Curse, but stillWell, I guess I ll start with the good First of all, Yesubai was slightly less useless than Kelsey She was very much under her father s thumb, but she at least tried to rebel in any small way Nextthere is no next That was all that was good about this On to the bad 1 The CharactersI know I said earlier that Yesubai was slightly less useless than Kelsey, but she was still pretty useless Also, she was a very flat character and had basically no personality She spoke pretentiously and very robotically She was a cardboard cutout of a weak, Mary Sue princess As for Kishan and Ren, they were barely there, so there s not really much that I can say about them They were about the same as in Tiger s Destiny, though Lokesh was entirely forgettable and was a typical, mua ha ha fear me i m so powerful villain Not much to say about him The other characters weren t really there enough for them to have much characterization, but from what I did see, I could tell that they were very flat Like, flatter than Flat Stanley 2 PlotI was so bored through this whole thing, it took me way too long to finish it I think it should have been interesting Princess infiltrates another kingdom to spy on the royal family for her evil father andhas magic powers Awesome but it wasn t Too much time was spent on romance and not enough on plot and character development, and that s why I was so bored 3 Historical InaccuraciesThere were too many to count, but I pointed one major one out in my reading progress 4 The RomanceYesubai should be worrying about her father killing her beloved nanny babysitter keeper I don t know than about the fact that she and Kishan can t be together That s about it One last thing though Yesubai s nickname, Bai, constantly made me think other characters were calling her woman Seriously, the author should have checked for meanings in other languages MarathicoughHindicough before giving her that nickname It made the book ten times as funny as it should have been So, 0.005 5 stars.

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    Nose Graze Book reviews blogging tipsI m bummed that Tiger s Promise was only a novella I could have read a whole book about Yesubai I adored Yesubai s story It was inspiring, but tragic There was a constant feeling of dread as I was reading the book like I think something bad is going to happen and that really kept me hooked It also made me sad though because I loved Yesubai and Kishan together and I so desperately wanted things to work out for them.I will admit, Yesubai and Kishan s relationship was a bit insta lovey I guess that comes with the territory of a novella though It s a short book and there s not a whole lot of time to develop a romance But despite the insta love nature, Yesubai and Kishan were adorable together I like how Yesubai could have chosen anyone she could have been a queen But she actually felt a strong connection to Kishan and she was prepared to give up everything to be with him view spoiler And she eventually did give up everything to save his life hide spoiler

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Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5)characters Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5), audiobook Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5), files book Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5), today Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5), Tiger's Promise (The Tiger Saga 0.5) 0cca8 Before The Curse, There Was A Promise A Prequel To The Bestselling Tiger S Curse Series, This Much Anticipated Novella Recalls The Beginning Of Ren And Kishan S Story Before Kelsey There Was A Girl, Raised By A Villain, Whose Love For A Hero Changed The Course Of HistoryTrapped Under The Thumb Of Her Abusive And Powerful Father Lokesh, Yesubai Struggles To Keep Her Own Magical Abilities Secret While Evading His Dark Powers When Lokesh Promises Yesubai To The Prince Of A Neighboring Kingdom, She Becomes The Central Pawn In His Plot To Destroy The Ruling Family And Take Power For Himself Yesubai Is Trapped By Her Father S Threats And Desperate To Protect The Man She Comes To Love, But She Knows That Any Decision She Makes Will Have Dire Consequences As Dark Forces Gather Around Her, Yesubai Must Decide If She S Willing To Reveal That Somewhere Deep Within Her She Has The Power To Change Everything