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10 thoughts on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 10, #2)

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    As always, when Buffy and Faith work together there seems to be tension No two slayers were ever meant to meet and I strongly believe this is why they always have issues Sure, their issues aren t as big as they used to be but they still have some That doesn t fall short in this issue While it s clear that Faith has some issues with Buffy and wants the kind of life she has, it doesn t stop Faith from choosing her own path and kicking ass As someone who wasn t the biggest fan of season nine of Buffy it s nice to see that season ten is offering some fresh new plot lines for fans to obsess over

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    3.5would have been four stars but the whole Billy story just really irks me at this point and that explanation awfully convenient, huh

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    Yes Another good one this season.

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    I still believe there s nothing special here, hope the next ones prove me wrong.

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    My actual rating is 3.5 stars.The gang starts the research into why new vampires have a new power and it leads Xander to visit and old friend I am enjoying the season so far The artwork is great and I like the storyline There is the familiar mix of story and humor While reading this season, I get the feeling I use to get when I watch the television show The reason I had to lower my rating for this issue was there was a minor storyline that I thought was a rehash from season 6 I am hoping that it was briefly touched upon and will not be a continuing arc I am looking forward to the next issue.

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    Howwww did I forget about the haunting from one issue to the next Silly me, since I m hoping for some great inappropriate comedy from that character Please oh please, writers, if you decide it s finally time for Buffy and Spike to have a go at it, make HER earn it I ve been over this pairing for a very long time I was content when Spike had a sincere realization that he needed to move on and I ve no desire to see him backtrack Self respect, my good vampire Self respect.

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    Not quite as fun as the first issue with it s opening bang, but still great Lots of exposition and set up, a little tidying up of the loose threads from last season, and then a fun ending to set us up for the rest of this arc Fun times ahead

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    Still going strong in my opinion This season is off to a good start I think it s going to be really great to have the gang all back together I love having Giles back, even if he is a bit different than he was

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    Oh Spike I ve always been Angel Buffy but Spike really has his merits Can I say redemption

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    Yay, the gang s all back together And Faith feels left out..feels like normal Minus the weird were vampires of course

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