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All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1) summary All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1) , series All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1) , book All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1) , pdf All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1) , All Fired Up (DreamMakers, #1) 54b5687d65 An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here Welcome To Book Of The DreamMakers Series A Red Hot Collaboration From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Authors VIVIAN AREND And ELLE KENNEDY He S Ready To Lead The Way As The Owner Of DreamMakers Inc Parker Wilson Takes The Skills He Learned As A Ranger To Help Men Win In The Love Department, Using Every Resource Available To Plan The Perfect Date But When A Routine Recon Turns Into An Unexpected Night Of Fiery Passion, Parker S Mission Becomes Personal And He Won T Give Up Until Lynn Davidson Is All His She S Than Willing To Follow Lynn Is A Goner From The Moment She Lays Eyes On The Delectable Parker She S Tired Of Sticking To The Straight And Narrow It S Time To Walk On The Wild Side, And What Better Way Than In The Arms Of The Most Irresistible Man She S Ever Met But When Their Red Hot Affair Is Threatened, It Ll Take A Team Effort To Make Their Dreams Come True DreamMakers All Fired Up Parker Lynn Love Is A Battlefield Jack Pepper Don T Walk Away Dean Emma

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    Sometimes a good, fast, steamy read gets the job done This was bit cheeky, often cute, but constantly hot I mean the whole concept of three ex military alphas running a romance help event coordinating service was fun enough on its own but add in a feisty gal who is up for some fun and some of that military brass tacticsBOOMsuper cool read Obviously it is taboo for the hired romance help to fall for the target, but hey Parker can t help it when Lynn deserves so much than a stick n the mud old suit Good thing for all because when she realizes itwellsometimes 2 military men are better than 1 Yepthat hot So of course there is to the story, but the fall into love was predictable, good thing the rest of the tale wasn t

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    DNF 35%.I am not a fan of books where the synopsis offers one thing, but the actual book offers something else So my review is a little ranty, as I feel a little mislead right now.As a reader I want to be given the choice as to whether I want to read certain things, and at no point in the synopsis was it even intimated that this book contains view spoiler Threesome s hide spoiler

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    3.5 4 StarsSo I m going to to be brief on my thoughts, most of the negative reviews have been about something that is a one time event in this book I agree it was a little out there, but then again that is what I love about reading, this not my reality but something completely different My biggest problem was that it was a little predictable, so I felt like I was just waiting for the secret to come out and that make a book a lot less interesting for me When all was said and done, I liked this story and am jumping in to the next book.

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    This was a cute, hot, beach type read nothing angsty or very suspenseful Just a sexy contemporary romance between a couple of twenty somethings The hero Parker Wilson is a hunky ex Army Ranger who co owns along with Ranger buddies Dean Colter and Jack Hunter an unusual business called DreamMakers DreamMakers sets up the perfect dream dates for clueless guys who are trying to impress their wives or girlfriends When one of these clueless guys newspaper advertising director Phil Shotelle hires Dream Makers to set up a date for the women he s about to propose to but knows not much about not even her favorite color Parker and company decide they need to do a little recon on Phil s intended layout editor Lynn Davidson in order to discover her likes and dislikes so they can plan the perfect date When Parker first lays eyes on Lynn at a bar he s smitten and when he joins her hot yoga class his lust is in overdrive But Lynn s the girlfriend of a potential client, and there s no way he d risk his company s reputation by getting involved with her But what if Lynn discovers what a douchebag her boyfriend really is And breaks things off.is she now fair game Parker I enjoyed this hot little read Parker is dreamy, sexy, and all alpha like with Lynn, and the two of them make a wickedly hot couple Although I must admit, the fact that Lynn was not really an adventurous girl but then proceeded to view spoiler have a threesome with Parker and Dean after barely knowing them sort of surprised me Okay, it surprised me a lot hide spoiler

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    Things that make me smile the idea of rough and tumble former soldiers giving dating advice to clueless men Things that make me smile even harder that said former soldiers approach each individual date they help plan as a mission they have to do recon for and strategically implement.Seriously, I love it LOVE IT.The fact that Parker, Jack, and Dean are all hunky lady killers just makes things better And, yeah, all three of them do well with the ladies Multiple ladies, sometimes.So Parker Hot Falls for Lynn the first time he lays eyes on her I love it when the big guys get bit and bit HARD by the love bug While the guys have a strict hands off policy regarding clients, there are no rules the moment the contract ends Good thing, too, because Parker and Lynn steam up the sheets nicely.Poor Lynn has to put up with her douchey boyfriend who quickly becomes an ex , a friend who doesn t know the meaning of the word restraint err, unless it s in a bondage y sense I m guessing she s familiar with those and a relationship with Parker that s sending her spinning The fact he gives phenomenal orgasms might have something to do with that last part.The characters are fun, the banter between the guys is HILARIOUS, the sex is steamy, and the bad guy is pretty skeevy That s what I call a recipe for a good book Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    I ll go ahead and say it I m an mfm slut This book has that If you don t like that sort of thing, then don t read this book I ll also go on record saying that there is no warning that this is going to be a part of the book until about 20% before it actually happens And trust me when I say that the first mention that these hottie, hot boys share one woman at the same time is quite the surprise So, when the act finally happens around 35% I was fully prepared for it and than happy to read it I have seen some of the reviews where readers have dnf d this book at this point, but that only kept my interest That done this book is HOT The mfm sex, the mf sex, the building relationship all hot It s a bit suspenseful, it s a bit sexy, and it s all awesome This entire book worked for me The entire thing clicked and was wonderful It isn t everyday that I 5 star a book, so it was to my surprise and delight that this whole thing worked Want steamy sex Read All Fired Up It s free, so you aren t out anything.

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    No No, no, no, no, and no I absolutely loved the beginning, the writing flowed well and the characters interested me But then the female protagonist, Lynn did something that just wasn t her She has a three some with some dude who likes likes her and his friend WHAT THE FUCK I couldn t even continue on after that point I hated it.

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    I really only have one comment that should sum up this book in it s entirety total cheese fest from start to finish It wasn t bad but it wasn t good either it was just, thereThis series of three are inter connected so I m gonna end up reading them all at some point, just not today or tomorrow

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    9 December 2015 0.00 FREE on Kindle24 March 2015 0.00 FREE on Kindle26 January 2015 0.99 on Kindle

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    What a hot and steamy book this start out as being Full of sexy men who definitely know their way around the bedroom among other places I was totally enjoying this book until I hit the 73% mark then The ridiculous drama took all the steam and sexiness out of the story and left me skimming and grumbling at the same time.I am still curious about the teaser at the end about Pepper and Jack and will give this series another chance with their story.

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