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Dark Heir chapter 1 Dark Heir, meaning Dark Heir, genre Dark Heir, book cover Dark Heir, flies Dark Heir, Dark Heir 2295b84366df3 Shapeshifting Skinwalker Jane Yellowrock Is The Best In The Business When It Comes To Slaying Vampires But Her Latest Fanged Foe May Be Above Her Pay Grade For Centuries, The Extremely Powerful And Ruthless Vampire Witches Of The European Council Have Wandered The Earth, Controlling Governments, Fostering War, Creating Political Conflict, And Often Leaving Absolute Destruction In Their Wake One Of The Strongest Of Them Is Set To Create Some Havoc In The City Of New Orleans, And It S Definitely PersonalJane Is Tasked With Tracking Him Down With The Help Of A Tech Wiz And An Ex Army Ranger, Her Partners In Yellowrock Securities, She Ll Have To Put Everything On The Line, And Hope It S Enough Things Are About To Get Real Hard In The Big Easy

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    In any long running series there are a many things that have to happen and here are a few 1 The main character has to have growth you can t write about a never changing character for 9 books 2 There has to be interesting secondary characters that are than cardboard cutouts this series has them by the basket full 3 While we need growth, the character can t change so much that it is not the same character you bought books 1 2 and loved.4 No repetitive plots this one kills a LOT of good series Jane Yellowrock series has all these covered and probably a few that I have forgotten but they never cease to entertain The plots are multilevel and there is just enough humor thrown in with the action to keep you coming back for .This time you wonder if Jane has finally met her match in one of the strongest vampires alive but she feels it is her job to try to protect the people of New Orleans and marches on regardless of the odds.About the only thing I can say in the way of negative is it seemed she spent a lot of time involved in self loathing guilt which after a few times wore thin a bit pretty much the ONLY thing you will see me write negative about this book It started to make me think of the TV show Arrow, loved the first season when he was killing the bad guys, then he was enlightened to not kill any of the scumbags he runs up on give me a break so I left him to his don t kill the scum plots Jane was giving me those kinds of vibes for a bit there, I am pretty sure she got over it Means I am still addicted to this series.Jane and I share a common belief, if you kill them they really don t bother you any and can t hurt you The action is fast and furious, the plot is wonderful, the interaction with other characters was amazingly good Jane was Jane and THAT is always entertaining and there is never the same bad guy and seldom if ever the same solution to the plot again, originality in spades.Bottom Line 4.5 Stars, rounded to 5 and I loved pretty much every minute of it and the strong points than outweigh any negatives I may have had about this exceptional novel.

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    Yay, the badass skinwalker again Jane is as just much fun as I remember I can t wait to see what she can do Ah, and I have to say this and I know some of you will hate me , but WHEN will she and Leo start being a thing I really can t wait for that to happen I appreciate this series not being about romantic relationships much , but I need my thing, I wanna see those two together The plot is just as interesting as always and the characters are just as wonderful I really liked Pinky too And now I can t wait to see what happens next Hope everything goes as I want them to, some really interesting stuff happen here

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    3.75 Almost 4 stars.AlmostThis is book 9 or like 327 if you read all the shorts, I haven t and that might be a slight exaggeration so I m going to keep this short since if you are in this series your IN and if you gave up on book 3 or 4 I totally get it.You know who is carrying this book for me now besides Beast who is always fantastic, its Bruiser He is amazing Not sugar sweet perfect or anything like that and he tells Jane when she is wrong but he is just genuine and says all the right things and does all the right things that I just love him Jane isn t bad or anything she just bugs me a little with how much she tries to take responsibility for the actions of everyone else and I swear she said the events in this book were her fault 15 20 times When in all actuality none of it was really her fault at all I blame Leo for everything, because it was all totally his fault.The bad guy in this one was SO BAD and I mean that in a He was crazy good as the villain kind of way He put the E and E vil and he needed to be put down.bad But I understood the dilemma in the political ramification that could happen if Jane ended up killing him instead of just capturing him The thing I never get about this series is how a friend of Jane s or an acquaintance of hers can go from regular everyday conversation to violence in 2.5 sentences There are a lot of times that the transition of the story seems really clipped for me and I wonder what is really going on One minute she is thinking of Molly as her BFF and then they almost seemed on opposite sides It was just weird.But beast as always is great and Jane is growing a little book by book The Younger brothers also add a little something to the mix Even though sometimes the banter between Jane and Eli is strange because she talks like he is her brother but then she flirts with him and for me that combo is awkward.But the best thing about this book was again the absence of Rick He has one phone call appearance and that is it Thank you Faith Hunter for finally pushing him to the side.

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    As long as I ve been reading the Jane Yellowrock series Faith Hunter as never let me down Each and every book filled with excitement and kickass action, Dark Heir is no different and I don t know how she keeps doing it This time Jane goes up against probably the biggest, baddest, most powerful creature yet The book starts off with action and never really slows down Jane, Eli, and Alex don t get much sleep and neither did I because once I started I couldn t put it down Jane has to deal with one of the most powerful Vampires that s ever been undead, her friend Molly who still doesn t have full control of her magic, angry police frustrated because they can t protect the humans, angry citizens wanting to kill anything not human, and worst of all Vampire politics She gets closer to understanding herself and Beast a little and also finds out information that makes her feel better about her future She does get just a little down time with Bruiser which made me happy Bruiser has been my favorite man in her life since the very beginning I think if you haven t been a Bruiser fan before now this is the book that will change your mind Faith Hunter is one of the few authors who can write sex into a book but not overwhelm the book with it, she knows how to get the mix just right One of my favorite things about Bruiser is that he s always let Jane be Jane, never trying to change her and never trying to coddle her but just stepping back, supporting her and waiting in case she needs him, then he s there for her This was one of my favorite books in the series and as always just makes me want .

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    This is the book where we finally find out what the thing in Leo s subterranean prison really is and then it escapes Jane is sent to hunt him down and bring him back There s a lot of Jane in this book and a lot of things going on with other plot threads Dark Heir is a great story if a little slow to get going At about 30% though, the book takes off and never looks back Problems between the humans and the vamps are coming to a head, as well as the feud with the European vamps No one does back stabbing, bloody, and deadly vampire politics quite like Faith Hunters vamps especially Leo Don t hear a lot from Beast, and that s a shame There s a reason, but I missed their interactions I really like Beast The practice of magic death magic black magic bending time is increasing in these books as the series progresses, something I m not sure I m completely on board with I miss the badass Jane and Beast who took on missions and hunted the bad guys without the aid of quite so much dark magic.Leo is his usual enigmatic self He shares only what he considers strictly necessary with Jane, and keeps far too much crucial information from her until it is almost too late.Jane is continuing to solidify her familial bond with the Younger brothers There is a lot of interaction with Eli especially, while they are tracking down Santana These interactions are both humorous and meaningful to the characters, and they humanize Jane.Jane s love affair with George is also going well, if not yet getting much deeper emotionally Looks like Rick LaFleur is finally out of the picture, something the Ricky Bo haters will surely appreciate.Jane again spends way too much time blaming herself and beating herself up for everything that happens to everyone It was tiresome in the last book, and it gets tiresome here This self flagellation and all the minutia and overdescription were the main reasons the first part of the book was such a slow read for me.

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    Little Janie is growing up From once believing everything in the world was black or white, including herself, she s learned that there is a lot lurking in the gray She s settling in with her new family, new beau, old shower, and just as things are comfy, the scary thing in the basement has reached the light The Son of Darkness is loose and so is hell, 52 people dead, and Jane has to find him and not kill him The Euro vamps are coming, the witch accords are coming up And Jane is right in the middle of it all.Fast paced action, killer descriptions, all the things we ve come to expect from Faith Hunter, and a developing Jane that adds new depth to the Urban Fantasy genre.

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    Love this series But in compare to the other books from the Jane Yellowrock series a bit slow and boring In short 90% just about Jane 50% Jane with Eli 10% of this was the bad ass Jane, rest I don t know Almost no to none Leo action Almost no to none Best action or dialogues i really love Half of a page of some George action More practice of magic not really a good sign Jane spends way too much time blaming herself and beating herself up Where is the kick ass Jane All over a very slow book I don t know what the rest of the hard core fans will think of this book It was a long wait Let me know when you are ready

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    Things are really heating up between the New Orleans vampires and the powerful European Council.Deceptions run deep and it s about to bite the New Orleans vampires Jane Yellowrock is once again tasked with saving the day and her foe is one of the original and most powerful vampires The deeper Jane digs the machinations she uncovers Not knowing who is friend or foe, Jane struggles not to make enemies of her allies.I love the Jane Yellowrock series Dark Heir was another amazing installment in the fantastical adventure.Jane has really come into her own She is no longer trying to make it alone but has collected a team to have her back, and her team is truly amazing Many times Jane s survival lays heavily in her teams hands Sexy, strong and amazingly loyal, Jane Yellowrock is a persona you can really get behind Faith Hunter never fails to provide a nail biting adventure that has you white knuckle reading Her journey is always fast paced, so don t forget to come up for air Of course it isn t all action, we are also given a complex and intriguing mystery as well as some heat in and out of bed Dark Heir is a perfectly balanced storytelling and a brilliant urban fantasy I highly recommend this book and this series to any urban fantasy fan.I received this ARC copy of Dark Heir from PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL Signet Romance, DAW in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication April 7, 2015.Written by Faith HunterSeries Jane Yellowrock Sequence in Series Book 9Page count 384 pagesPublisher Roc Publication date April 7, 2015Rating 5 StarsISBN 10 0451465962ISBN 13 978 0451465962Genre Urban Fantasy ParanormalFind this book on Barnes NobleFor Reviews and More Check out

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    Jane Yellowrock, Cherokee skinwalker, is always ready to defend her friends, her family, and her city In the latest novel from the Jane Yellowrock series, Jane is up against even bigger forces than before Jane and her team and the whole city are in grave danger, but to figure out what to do about it, they must spend time delving into Mithran history As with her other novels, Faith gives us glimpses into the past and inner workings of Mithran society, while at the same time raising new and interesting questions about the supernats in Jane s world In addition, Jane embarks on new levels of self discovery As I have read through the Jane Yellowrock novels, I have gotten to care and for the main characters I love how character development progresses right along with the action in the story, so that the readers are brought to greater insight about the protagonists I was left at the end of the book feeling utterly satisfied, yet at the same time breathless for the next installment in the series Bravo to Ms Hunter for a fantastic read Reviewer s note I received an ARC of this novel, but am not being compensated in any way other than by the great enjoyment reading the book brought me.

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    This review is from an Advance Reader Copy ARC of Dark Heir, by Faith Hunter, due for release April 7, 2015 This review is directed to Dark Heir and presupposes readers are acquainted with the main characters and back story from prior Jane Yellowrock books.Though there are multiple plots that develop in Dark Heir, the story begins when a problem Leo Pellissier Vampire Master of the City of New Orleans literally kept in the basement the very deepest basement at Vamp HQ escapes his prison Jane Yellowrock and Yellowrock Securities the Younger Brothers Eli and Alex are called in to track down and recapture this mad, murderous ancient being and return it to Leo, without killing it true dead of course However, Jane has already promised the New Orleans PD to give them the creature s heart so it is an interesting story just to see if Jane manages to take the creature s heart without killing it true dead.While the chase is on, the actions of this ancient being as he terrorizes the city, stand to turn humans against all supernaturals, starting with vampires, who are supposed to be managing their own problem children To add to the commotion, a conspiracy to release this ancient entity is discovered just when the European Vamps are posing a challenge to the American Mithrans in a take over bid, and the web of intrigue brings Jane back into confrontation with an old nemesis who just willnotstaydead.Many powerful characters from previous stories appear in this adventure Molly, Jane s best friend a witch , Sabina, vampire witch priestess and Brute, a were stuck in his white wolf form, show up to help track the ancient one with Jane as both bait and weapon Each character plays a powerful role in this story, much to my delight, and Edmond the ex master vampire who admires Jane mightily, still aims to please.The main yet underlying theme in this wonderful story of justice, heart, loyalty and trust is the growing interdependence of Jane with her Beast, how transformations evolve and abilities deepen For those of you who love the Beast Jane aspect of this skin walker series, this book will fill your hearts with a full range of emotions as these two interact and save each other at the most desperate of times Oh, and yes, Bruiser is not only still around in this story, but he positively shines Faith does not lack in her romance writing The action is intense, descriptions of weaponry and anticipated actions, twists in plot regarding old acquaintances and friends keep the reader guessing This book is another fulfilling and exciting romp through Jane s world and I heartily recommend it You can pre order an autographed copy from or an unautographed copy at .com You can find out about Faith Hunter and Jane Yellowrock here

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