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The Glass Barrier explained The Glass Barrier, review The Glass Barrier, trailer The Glass Barrier, box office The Glass Barrier, analysis The Glass Barrier, The Glass Barrier 8bd6 Growing Up Together In Close Intimacy, Exchanging Hopes And Confidences, Then Discovering That There Is A Barrier Between Them, Transparent But Impermeablethat Is The Situation Between The Young People In This Book The Situation Occurs Everywhere, But Here There Are Special Tensions, Because This Is A Book About Young South AfricansThis Story Has In It All The Light And Shadow Of The African Scene It Shows Us The South Africans, White, Coloured And Black, As They See Themselves Lady Packer, Who Attended Personally Throughout The Inquiry Into The Langa Riots Fully And Dramatically Reported In This Book Has Written An Absorbing Novel It Is Her Richest And Most Striking Book

  • The Glass Barrier
  • Joy Packer
  • 03 August 2019
  • 9780413424709

About the Author: Joy Packer

Packer was born and educated in Cape Town, graduating as a journalist from the University of Cape Town She worked initially as a free lance journalist, in 1931 becoming a reporter for London s Daily Express After this she spent time on radio in Hong Kong as well as a stint writing for British publications in the Balkans World War II saw her as a broadcaster to South Africa for the BBC, then lat

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    I really dislike love triangles Having read Nor The Moon By Night and loving it, I was hoping this one would also be suspenseful, and although there are some tense moments with the South African apartheid emergency of the 1960s, primarily this was a novel about two cousins in love with the same man The Glass Barrier refers to a subject so fragile, so charged with feelings that one must never cross it In this case, the two girl s love for Simon.Joy Packer can write, it s the subject that just doesn t click with me In some ways this novel is a cross between Robert Standish s Storm Centre , and Dorothy Evelyn Smith s Proud Citadel I don t know if that means anything to you, but it really struck me as I was reading.It s a good character study but I was a little disappointed with it The characters reflect the 1960s cavalier view of morality, and while accurate, it left a bad taste in my mouth I couldn t root for them.Content No sex shown to reader but characters are clearly promiscuous Abortion is mentioned as an option at one point.Violence Again, not shown to reader but there are riots and people are hurt.Profanity Not really an issue Very mild

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    Set in the early 1960s, this novel centres on the intense relationships between three cousins The characters are well drawn and believable and you get drawn into the complex web of relationships The glass barrier referred to in the title is the divisions that separated different cultures in South Africa at the time black, white and Coloured Packer sketches a realistic portrait of a country wracked by political uncertainty at the time, but still achingly beautiful The ending was a bit strange and in some ways disappointing, but the strength of the protagonist Maxie and the hope that she embodies made up for it.

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