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Wild Ginger summary Wild Ginger, series Wild Ginger, book Wild Ginger, pdf Wild Ginger, Wild Ginger 05165ca14a The Beautiful, Iron Willed Wild Ginger Is Only In Elementary School When We First Meet Her, But Already She Has Been Singled Out By The Red Guards For Her Foreign Colored Eyes Her Classmate Maple Is Also A Target Of Persecution It Is Through The Quieter, Skeptical Maple, A Less Than Ardent Maoist Whose Father Is Languishing In Prison For A Minor Crime, That We See This Story To Its Tragic End The Red Guards Have Branded Wild Ginger S Deceased Father A Traitor And Eventually Drive Her Mother To A Gruesome Suicide, But She Fervently Embraces Maoism To Save Her Spirit She Rises Quickly Through The Ranks And Is Held Up As A National Model For Maoism Wild Ginger Now Has Everything, Even A Young Man Who Vies For Her Heart But Mao S Prohibition On Romantic Love Places Her In An Untenable Position Into This Sexually Charged Situation Steps Maple, Creating An Uneasy Triangle That Min Has Portrayed With Keen Psychological Insight And Her Characteristic Gift For Lyrical Eroticism

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    This book makes you think about the millions of young people who had their lives taken away from them To be hungry and impoverished is horrible enough, but to have your youth, energy and love stolen is another To grow up in the Cultural Revolution is to have lost all of everything.Some of the personal narratives of this period, Wild Swan comes to mind, tell of the deprivations and the humiliation, the power of the gang, but omit the experience of coming of age.Maybe this is all too personal a thing to have had stolen for a memoir, or maybe the experience was totally stolen, and maybe the these stories will come to us only in fiction.Wild Ginger never had a chance for life She channeled her discipline, did not allow herself to feel and out Mao ed the Maoists Everyone who ever cared about her suffered for her few moments of self esteem.The Cultural Revolution was a low grade civil war, where the angriest manipulators were given license to act out and act out they did This novel tells of the damage to people who lost such large pieces of their lives that they can never rebuild them.

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    Set in Maoist China during the Cultural Revolution, Anchee Min s Wild Ginger begins with two young outcast girls who find friendship as a means of survival They live in a hostile environment where anything different is considered anti Mao and can be grounds for death Despite their intense bond, as the novel progresses their friendship is torn apart as Wild Ginger pursues militant Maoism and Maple follows her heart to love This book is a fascinating look at how Mao s reign affected every aspect of society even the minutia of basic human relationships It explores Wild Ginger s inability to allow her love for Evergreen a local man and friend to both girls , while at the same time not fully embracing the emotional and physical isolation of complete Maoism Both Maple and Evergreen are caught in this political fire storm that almost destroys them A heartbreaking book, Wild Ginger is about love and politics at a volatile point in China s history.

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    After the Cultural Revolution, Maple s life in basic school becomes a hell Her father has been sent away to a labor camp and the girl gets beaten daily by a classmate, Hot Pepper, who is the leader of the Red Guard at her school Maple and her family are, according to the Guard, anti Maoists and it s Hot Pepper s job to beat the impure and bourgeois thoughts out of Maple s head That is, until Wild Ginger arrives at the school a girl equally unaccepted by the Party Having nothing to lose, the new girl is the first to stand up against the bullying Hot Pepper, creating the beginning of a deep and loving friendship between Wild Ginger and Maple Most impressive about this book is how palpable the yearning of each character s feelings are Maple s urge is to find something real than her belief in Mao Not simply something that will keep her warm spiritually, but the touch of another human being, something she so much misses in a community where love, dancing and festivities are labeled as bourgeois, unless they are used to express the brilliance of Chairman Mao.Even touching is Wild Ginger s search for approval As the daughter of a Frenchman and therefore labeled as an international spy, she is never good enough to be recognized as a true Maoist, no matter how hard she studies the little red book or how well she tries to lead her life according to the leader s rules.When, through luck, Wild Ginger uncovers a theft on the market where she works, her wishes suddenly come through Being beaten to within an inch of her life, she has sacrificed herself for the greater good and receives the rewards of being a hero of the Party Doors that were previously closed due to her mixed heritage, suddenly open and Wild Ginger does whatever it takes to remain in the spotlight the Party has put on her This is what she s been fighting for all her life.But feeling the pressure of having to be the perfect Maoist comes at a cost Disregarding every personal desire she feels, her rise to fame and her commitment to the Maoist movement pushes her further and further away from her friend Maple, who feels conflicted and restricted by the rules of the Party as her feelings for local boy Evergreen grow ever stronger.Set against the disturbing and cruel background of China after the Great Leap Forward, Wild Ginger is a beautiful coming of age story, the classic love triangle peppered with the harsh reality that hit the Chinese people after they started discovering how restrictive this new political system was.But it s the relationship between Maple, Wild Ginger and Evergreen that remains front and center in this book Wild Ginger is a moving, lovely story with an emotional, heartbreaking ending Pure narrative magic.

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    Every so often I have to read something about the Cultural Revolution This is largely an effort to understand my wife s background, since her early life was defined by that disgraceful patch of history I d previously read Anchee Min s Katherine , which is set in China after the doors opened but which pretty clearly betrayed the author s loathing for certain continuing aspects of Chinese culture This one closely resembles Ying Chang Compestine s autobiographical Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party .Essentially, it s a fictionalized dramatization, from the point of view of vulnerable adolescent girls, one of whom does the narration Every day, Maple suffers at the hands of bullies at her school who claim that her communist credentials are bogus since her parents were teachers instead of proletarian workers She feels that she must accept the abuse until a new girl arrives This girl, Wild Ginger, makes an even better target, because she s only half Chinese, but unlike Maple she doesn t mind fighting back She turns out to be than a match for their oppressors, and a friendship is born To outsiders, it might seem that the rampant injustice inspired by Maoism would prompt these girls to hate it Maple does eventually come round to that point of view, but Wild Ginger s response is to out Mao everybody else After a period of time in which she barely survives almost unimaginable privation, she evolves into the enthusiastic voice behind the megaphone in public places the person exhorting everyone to leave their places of work, their cooking, whatever tasks they might imagine to be important, and to join in endless public worship of the nation s great helmsman, Mao Like my wife, Maple notes the absurdity of telling children to shout for the destruction of America when nobody even knows what or where America is Like my wife, Maple concludes that this kind of zeal is antithetical to life The metaphor for life in this story is love, in the form of a young man both Maple and Wild Ginger admire However, there s no space for life, or love, when all conversations and even dreams are dominated by verses from that ever present Little Red Book, e.g., To attack the reactionary we must be merciless, we must not think of them as humans but wolves, snakes and locusts It is either us or them Now that I have written my own memoir, my wife hopes to build on that momentum and put some ghosts to rest with a book of her own I certainly can understand the impulse that has driven so many survivors to undertake the project.

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    A long time fan of Anchee Min and her keen insight on the Cultural Revolution, this novel rocketed to the top of my favorites quite quickly I could not put it down and resigned to doing things one handed She manages to pack a punch in less words Her descriptions of the oppressive atmosphere, the irony of the fractured solidarity of the Mao supporters, and how swept up in fear the adolescents are, is palpable and able to be touched It hurts to read about Wild Ginger is portrayed in the beginning as a little curbed and broken, but her wildness emerges fast Constantly, I was torn between pitying her and loathing her, although on the other hand, Maple as a character was irking in her acquiescence of her friend Evergreen straddles a line of being relevant and then being just as swept up in Wild Ginger s simmering insanity Admittedly, I didn t expect the dramatic end and to that end, I can t resolve my feelings about Wild Ginger as a character She s broken, different, but upon reflection, she was doomed to that wild, fiery end a firework, an explosion, a timebomb And she was bound to that from the beginning, even as a frustrated adolescent, rejecting her history to overwrite it with her new Maoist narrative What tugs on me is how helpless Maple and Evergreen feel in her wake, and never once did it seem to have to do with the granted authoritative power she had over them It had everything to do with Maple feeling guilty and simultaneously loving her Evergreen tries to escape by proposing the teaching idea, to no avail and I don t know how I feel about what those two do to Wild Ginger, betraying her Hot Pepper was a great person to weave into the end of the narrative, and it had a sense of full circle As a reader, I almost forgot about her but then, I bet that was the point.

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    Told by Maple, a teen growing up in China s Cultural Revolution under Mao, Wild Ginger has incredible insight on life under strict communist control Although the aspects of the culture were intriguing, the novel itself seemed to move towards a teen drama Wild Ginger doesn t want to accept the fact that she is sexually attracted to Evergreen because of her dedication to Mao purity teachings, even though Evergreen loves her desperately Her best friend Maple ends up with the person she is denying attraction to The book began developing through the love triangle, spite, and guilt All the characters I was supposed to love in this novel, I didn t I couldn t connect to Wild Ginger s plight or Maple s desire to be the rebound for the almost rapist Evergreen Hence, I wasn t connected to the twists of the story s plot The novel s emotions seemed misplaced, especially the unconditional love for Wild Ginger The ending had no emotional impact on me I do want to read about China s Cultural Revolution, but hopefully without the teenage drama.

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    This book is similar to her other book, Kathrine, except it really goes in depth into the world an psyche of what it was like to be a child teenager during the cultural revolution It was an amazing look at how a leader can create a following by influencing the children with rewards on one hand and severe punishment on the other It was a great look at how and why leaders dictators are able to gain and hold power over a large mass of people, even when those same people that supported them in the beginning start to realize that what the leader has been telling them isn t what their reality has become Very insightful and heartbreaking.

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    This book was a good, quick read about a teenage girl growing up during Chairman Mao s reign in China Books like these can be hard to read because some parts of history just aren t fair It provided a look into the Maoist years in China in the 60 s and 70 s, which I though was interesting because I don t know much about them While reading this book, I came across an article about how Mao had tunnels dug throughout China in case of attack creating an underground city beneath Beijing There were a ton of pictures, and it was pretty creepy.

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    I am a sucker for books about China and this one was a good read The life of Ginger and her cohorts in the Cultural Revolution is fascinating and the story well told It amazes me what people go through in this period The book is also an interesting coming of age story I think there are better Anchee Min books but this one is worth reading.

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    Completely absorbing from the start I began it late last night, and finished it immediately after waking up It s a bit melodramatic and unrealistic, but also erotic and very subversive.

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