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Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace) chapter 1 Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace), meaning Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace), genre Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace), book cover Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace), flies Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace), Just Grace Walks the Dog (Just Grace) 17ff373df5910 Everyone S Favorite Grace Is Back And This Time She Has A Dog Unfortunately, He S Only Made Of Cardboard And Rides A Skate Board Grace Is Determined Though To Prove To Her Parents That She Is Responsible And Dependable Enough To Get A Real Dog Things You Learn In This Book Sometimes It Is Okay To Be Sneaky If You Don T Get Caught How To Do Flashlight Morse Code What Happened At School That Was Exciting Nothing How It Feels To Walk Into Your Class After Going To The Principal S Office Many Other Things, But Most Important, How To Convince Your Parents To MAYBE Let You Get A Dog A Real One, Not One Made Of Cardboard

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    In the third installment of this charming series, Grace Stewart and her best friend Mimi return with a burning desire to get a pet dog Mr and Mrs Stewart are, as parents always are, less enthusiastic, while Mimi s parents are unshakably opposed The illustrations all purportedly done by the amazing Grace herself remain as delightful as ever, but Grace, still as empathetic and generous as ever, doesn t really shine in the way she did in Just Grace and Still Just Grace because her adventures are so lackluster While still worth reading, No 3 in the series isn t as fabulous as the first two books.

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    One of the most important skills we tried to teach our children is the art of a respectful appeal Just Grace learns many lessons in her wise approach at earning the privilege of a dog.In an effort to convince her parents to allow her to get a dog, Grace doesn t resort to begging, pleading tantrums A tip from her wise houseguest, Miss Dupre, sets Just Grace off on a plan to prove herself to be responsible and dependable She constructs a cardboard dog and goes through all the motions of having a real one She takes it out for walks made easier with a skateboard , feeds it, and takes it to the park to socialize it with other dogs While at the dog park, she begins to collect a pros cons list of the all the dogs traits to decide what type of dog would be best to choose when the permission is given Even her pretend dog s name is designed to evoke a positive response from her parents Chip up was the toddler word she used for Ketchup and was always sure to generate a sentimental Awwww.Other side stories a neighbor who climbs out of her window at night for unknown reasons, another neighbor s dog who loves garbage, and her budding friendships at the dog park all culminate to teach Grace that patience produces insight and that you can t judge a dog by its cover.This Just Grace book is packed full of good lessons, however Just Grace learns patience, sales skills, the rewards of hard work, and a caution about making hasty assumptions with people or dogs The author is unfailingly consistent with her glimpse into the mind of a young child that beams through all of the Just Grace series.If your child wants a dog, this book will show them the big responsibility in all areas of dog ownership and gives wise insight about researching and having practice in interacting with different breeds before choosing one.

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    Have you ever wodered of having a dog and showing your parents that you are responsible If so,then this book is just for you.This is about a girl who wanted a dog so she had to show her parents that she was responsible so they could buy her a dog.She even made a cardboard dog To show how responsible she was.My favorite part of the story is when she had to use her shoe for the to make the cardboard head.I liked it because it was funny and she had to go to school with only one shoe.My favorite character is Grace because she is funny.This book has very discriptive words and the setting is is her school and her house.The moral of this story is have responsibility if you want people to repect you.

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    Cute story about an eight year old girl who really, REALLY, extremely wants a dog reminded me a little of Lola in Charlie and Lola, but a bit older First, with her friend Mimi, she has to convince her parents that she is responsible and dependable enough to take care of one She comes up with a great idea with the help of her basement neighbor, traveler Augustine Dupre to pretend she has a dog that she and her friend build out of cardboard and tow around on a skateboard in order to show her parents responsibility and dependability Cute format, interesting voice, and engaging story The only time I got bumped out is when on p 89 the eight year old writes about not wanting her teacher in journal entries to think her dad was mean and bad At that age especially in this day and age most kids don t have any of that sort of other awareness yet, but I was willing to overlook it for the sake of story Otherwise, very enjoyable.

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    This book is about an 8 year old, Grace She and her best friend Mimi try to convince her parents that they are able to now get a dog, that they will be able to take care of it To show them that she is, she makes a dog out of cardboard and uses this to show her parents that she is responsible enough to get a real dog There are very small black and white illustrations incorporated in the novel, mostly just of characters They help the reader visualize who everyone is which could help them understand the novel , which would be really good for young readers who are just starting to read novels Their titles added to different paragraphs that also drawn in big bubble letters which makes them pop, making it easier for the reader to distinguish that they are titles and helps the reader be able to organize what is happening in the plot.

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    The Just Grace series is delightfully creative As we get to know Grace better, we also get to know her family, her neighbors and watch her circle of friends expand often due to her superpower for empathy In this installment, Grace REALLY wants a dog of her own She and Mimi decide to share a dog and go about gathering information about types of dogs by interviewing owners and meeting dogs at the local dog park The young reader will learn about dogs including how to care for them as well as meet Chip up, Grace and Mimi s cardboard dog Recommended

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    As Grace proves to her parents that she is responsible and dependable so she can have a dog, she makes a fake dog and names it Chip Up Soon after, her teacher, Miss Louis assigns the class to write a journal She writes about all of her thoughts and feelings, so she can look back at it when she gets old and starts to forget things about her life as an 8 year old.

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    This is the third book in the Just Grace series by Charise Mericle Harper We read the first two books in the series in fairly close succession, but never seemed to get around to reading this one There is a lot to like about this book I love that Grace keeps a journal even if it s part of her homework and I really appreciate that she tries very hard to demonstrate that she is responsible, dependable, and willing to take care of an animal the good and bad parts I also like that she is willing to do research about choosing a pet that fits her personality and lifestyle, and willing to make some compromises.It was very similar in style and theme as the other books, and I think our girls just got bored by them There is a lot of repetition in the series, with the author explaining again how Grace got her Just Grace moniker To be fair, I thought there was a lot that our girls could empathize with in this book, but they just weren t interested I discovered this book in our bookcases and thought I d give it a quick read, but even I found it hard to get into the book Once I set aside some time to read it, I was able to finish it in about an hour, but it just never drew me in I like the concept, but as our girls have grown out of this level of writing, I doubt I ll read any of the books in this series interesting quote Moms don t like it if you eat four or five cookies when there are only about ten minutes until suppertime, even if you are totally and completely 100 percent starving so you would eat all the food on your plate at supper anyway p 85

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    Reviewed by Harmony for TeensReadToo.comJust Grace is back and even hilarious than before She s still trying to cheer everyone up and she still draws Not So Super comics, but this time she s on a different mission She wants a dog and she wants one bad Her best friend, Mimi, also wants a dog They decide that Grace has a better chance of getting one, so when Grace does get a dog, they plan on sharing it Of course, it s not easy convincing Grace s parents that she s responsible enough to have a dog and there s also the fact that Grace and Mimi can t decide on what type of dog to get It turns out that getting a dog is harder than Grace expected JUST GRACE WALKS THE DOG is a great addition to the humorous JUST GRACE series Harper does a great job of capturing the voice of a young tween The writing style, while very simple, is perfect for the intended audience and makes the book great for those who are just beginning to tackle chapter books I recommend this to fans of the AMBER BROWN and JUNIE B JONES series.

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