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The Truth About James (Y.A. #2) quotes The Truth About James (Y.A. #2) , litcharts The Truth About James (Y.A. #2) , symbolism The Truth About James (Y.A. #2) , summary shmoop The Truth About James (Y.A. #2) , The Truth About James (Y.A. #2) 8aceed2d For James Lawson, Being A Popular King At School Was A Way Of Life Annabelle Should Have Steered Clear Of Him From The Beginning, But When The Star Baseball Player Kissed Her Right Before Their Senior Year Started, She Did Something She Never Should Have She Let Him Into Her Heart The First Day Of Senior Year Opened Annabelle S Eyes To Who James Might Be But As The Days Go By, It Was Becoming Clear That Mr Popular Wasn T Going To Let His Fireball Go, Not When She Belonged To Him Now It Was Up To Annabelle To Figure Out A Way To Say No To Those Beautiful Green Eyes, Once And For All But The Time She Spends With Him, The She Realizes That She Doesn T Want To Let James Go As If She Didn T Already Have Enough To Worry About, She Finds Out The Popular Queen Of Royal Heights High Had Her Sights Set On A Certain Popular King In Donna Tallins Eyes, James Was Her Perfect Match, But There Was One Person Standing In Her Way Of High School Couple Stardom And That Was Annabelle Warning Contains Sexual Scenes Recommended For Ages This Is Not A Standalone Novel Book In YA Series

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    OMG..I need the third book like now Throughout out the entire book I wanted to strangle both Anna and James James is a a hole who deserves to be punch in the face a couple of times and Anna needs to be slapped a couple of times too for being so damn naive I understand how she allowed herself to be used and toyed with, especially seeing she had low self esteem but at some point she should ve taken Jenna s advice and realized she deserved a lot better I am really rooting for Dean and Anna to work out their issues.

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    Drama drama drama..glad I don t have to deal with all that teenage stuff again

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    I feel like the explanation given to justify his actions was weak

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    Actual rating 3.5

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    SPOILERSReview originally posted on Aoibh Reads Annabelle is still losing weight but that s become the lesser of two battles Having fallen for James just before school started, she now returns to see him at the height of popularity and mixing with the Queens He doesn t want to let go of her, but Annabelle struggles to believe he really wants her when she sees him flirting in school and doesn t include her in his plans He always has an excuse and Annabelle wants to believe in him, but as he continuously lets her down, can she find the courage to to walk away for good I was glad I had this to read right after finishing Young Annabelle having felt like it wasn t a complete story Annabelle She was a lot frustrating and pathetic in this book James was her weak spot and I understand how she kept letting him back into her heart and although it was annoying to read again and again, it was realistic and we re all guilty of it But I hate when people jump to conclusions and it was all she did consistently throughout despite having sworn to trust him I didn t feel for her as much in this as I had previously She played Dean as well and that wasn t cool either Both main characters in this just weren t likable in the least.James Ughhhh sorry but no All his smooth talk and charm that won Anna over was just awful I didn t care for him at all His texting was that of a child and I couldn t imagine a male being so drama seeking The conversations of them going back and forth were just annoying with the petty I don t care and I m done with this blah blah They did superficial arguing than actually working anything out and getting to the point He was so disrespectful and arrogant, wanting a relationship with Anna but then not confiding in her and telling her of his plans and blaming her when she asks him about where he s been When Anna did walk away he d rock up the next day as suited him and act like nothing had changed between them Dean Ahhh. I didn t like him much at first as he just seemed like a player but he definitely had a lot respect for Anna He had his flaws but he showed emotion and a real care for Annabelle and I was sort of rooting for him to really show up how crap James was.Jenna I loved her so much She was a brilliant best friend and spoke so much sense She was such a crucial person for the story as she was the voice of reason reminding Annabelle of what she deserved and what she was worth, which is an important message to relay in a story like this, as Annabelle followed her heart rather than her head Story Meh, there isn t much depth in this at all It just childish arguments throughout The texting was frustrating with the wrong grammar Often there were exclamation marks in replacement of question marks The same phrases were thrown about and even conversations on repeat Overall I wouldn t really recommend this It s rather childish and just typical and predictable drama with little depth or story to anything I still stick to my original view when finishing Young Annabelle, that all of this was too broken up and thrown together It all would ve flowed a lot better being the one book See of my reviews here

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    Warning This review is all over the place The Truth About James was a good read, slightly better than the first book, but it wasn t earth shattering good Annabelle was a little less annoying and James, well he s still a tool and a coward I also thought that maybe he was Bipolar lol About Jenna,I m not a big fan either, too nosey I think that if it wasn t for her involvement in Anna s life, the problems between Anna and James would have already been solved and they d be together The mother She is a real piece of work But then the breakfast scene with the pancakes It was heart wrenching I didn t have time to see my tears coming I can t really explain why I started to cry like a baby while reading it It s not always that I shed tears for a book And I wasn t expecting to cry for this book because of the fact I don t really like the characters much.Then, there is Dean I can t really say I like him either He s done some douche move himself soHonestly, I would hate if Anna ended up with Dean It would feel like the two first installments were for nothing And even though James douchebaggery is immeasurable, I think that he has real deep feelings for Anna.Also, there was something that the book ended randomly, like for the first one In my book, it didn t feel logic to end it there nor did it offer any kind of solution to the predicaments I understand the cliffhanger endings and don t have much problem with them, but in this case it didn t feel natural to end the story where it ended Like I settled before, this isn t a GREAT read But the plot is interesting This book is filled with teen drama and as much as I d like to say that I don t like it, I actually enjoyed it and thought it was very entertaining I was like What s gonna happen now And what will be the Big Misunderstanding about now So yeah, I ll read the third installment And i ll probably enjoy it too because I m really curious about what s going happen next And finally know with who she ll end up with, because there are only three books in this series right Truthfully, if there are coming, I won t be on board any There s so much a girl can take.

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    4.75 stars rounded up to 5 starsThis is so much better than the first one Damn, I am sucker for couples who banter and go back and forth all the time Although, that can be annoying and exhilarating, Anna s and James banter is so bittersweet James has a way with words and I can t help but swoon even if he is arrogant It was also bitter at the same time because my heart is hurting for Annabelle The poor girl couldn t decide what to do with James hot and cold attitude For some, their relationship may come out as immature and annoying, but to me it is real They are high school seniors trying to be in the relationship and have fun at the same time There are a lot of couples who don t get the sweet and relationship goals thing at the first try I can totally relate with Anna here which is why I freaking love this book and this series There was a certain part in the book where I became Team Dean but just like Anna, I couldn t get enough of my dose of James Seriously, James what are you doing to me I am on to the third book in the series and I cannot wait to know the reason why James is such a sweet asshole if that makes any sense to Anna Whatever that may be, it does not justify his actions but it will bring some light and understanding I am so happy to say that buying this book was worth it.

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    Wow One word ANNOYED There s so much childish banter and even repeated phrases than the first book James is a straight up jerk keeping my vocabulary PG with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and Annabelle is so unbelievably and frustratingly brainless She makes mistake after dumb mistake and pretends like she s learning from it but NO that s not the case Her mom is another thing altogether She only loves her once she lost so much weight and became the ideal daughter Had she not lost weight, would she still have the approval of her mother and rest of the family No The only character I could stand was Jenna and even she got on my nerves Oh, boy No book has ever made me want to hit a wall like this one I m sorry for the bad review but I honestly don t get all the 3 5 stars this is getting Definitely not my cup of whatever I like My mind is speechless by this There are so many exclamation marks in this book that I just lost it I don t know about you but when I see an exclamation mark I hear the character yelling they yell 90% of this book I need to stay away from high school heroines I learned my lesson.

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    This was so angst ridden and I loved it I know that the characters were absolutely crazy in their teenage angst but I couldn t help but fall in love with every moment Annabelle and James together were a complete and total whirlwind I mean, yes, Anna was a little immature at times and possessed no backbone but I still loved it nonetheless James wasI don t know honestly I don t know if I m rooting for him and Anna to be together or if I want them to finally FINALLY go their separate ways One moment he s super sweet and then the next he s being a complete asshole But yet each and every time she ran back to him like it was nothing I would like to say that I wished she would ve been stronger and not run back but who am I kidding Her stupidness made this story what it was So no regrets This is the one time where a character s idiocy actually made me like the book better I do have one issue with the book that was grating on me Why were there so many damn exclamation points I felt like the characters were constantly yelling at me or at each other But it s whatever Can t wait to read the next one

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    UGH WHERE DO I START SPOILERS I completely understand where Annabelle was coming from with her insecurities when it came to her relationship with James I mean I can admit that I some points I was team James especially when it came to Annabelle constantly accuse him of basically cheating I hated that Annabelle would accuse him without actual prove..I mean Facebook picture don t count and don t get me started on Jenna, I definitely have a hate love thing going on with her With that being said I was also team Fireball because James never did anything to rule out that he was cheating. for me my heart broke when he suggested that they keep their relationship between themselves This book. matter fact this SERIES is..breathtaking, that only one word to describe how this series is Sarah Tork you have a loyal fan in me, continue to make breathtaking books for readers like me.

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