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Live Today Well summary Live Today Well , series Live Today Well , book Live Today Well , pdf Live Today Well , Live Today Well 98c1dd9b98 Living The Christian Life Requires A Strategy Most Of Us Won T Get To Heaven Through Heroic Feats Of Sanctity, But By Learning To Live The Devout Life Through Our Everyday ActivitiesSt Francis De Sales Has Developed For You A Spiritual Plan Of Action A Plan That Will Help You Acquire Holiness Despite The Many Responsibilities And Mundane Realities That Take Up All Your Time And EffortIn These Pages, Fr Thomas Dailey An Oblate Of St Francis De Sales Gently Guides You Through St Francis De Sales S Spiritual Plan, Showing How You Can Balance Time Devoted To God With The Time Needed To Complete Your Many Tasks Each Day You Ll Learn St Francis De Sales S Technique Of Daily Prayer And Grace Filled Awareness That Will Transform Your Life One Day At A Time No Matter How Busy Your LifestyleFrom Making A Spiritual Retreat During The Day To Fending Off The Many Temptations You Face, Live Today Well Will Help You Commune With God Throughout Your Day And By Practicing The Little Virtues You Learn Here, You Ll Soon Find Yourself Moving Toward The Heavenly Heights As You Become The Saint You Are Called By God To BeYou Ll Also Learn Four Ways To Become Aware Of God S Presence Tips For Spiritual Time Management Simple Methods Of Praying, Whether In Church Or NotHow To Avoid The Three Dangerous Tendencies That Appear In ConversationsHow To Conquer Your Greatest Temptations The One Virtue Which Gives Greatest Assurance For Reaching Perfection The Two Critical Elements Of Any Good Confession

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    This is a solid contemporary review of St Francis de Sales s teachings on holiness A book with a lot of gems that I will be coming back to.One great one that I didn t quote in my progress notes can be found on page 70 The good life, then, does not consist in the absence but in the regulation of the passions because these interior movements are to our heart what strings are to a lute, they need to be tuned regularly so as to be in harmony Oeuvres, vol 8, p 355 cf Introduction, part 5, chap 7 That need for self regulation reflects the tension within us between the inferior part of our souls, with which we naturally seek gratification and avoid pain, and the superior part, by which we focus on what we ought to do as right and good even at the cost of experiencing pain Highly recommended for those seeking holiness.

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    To be honest I picked up this book based on the title Live Today Well , and did not even notice the subtitle St Francis de Sales s Simple Approach to Holiness until I went to read it But having read one book by de Sales last year and having two on my reading plan for this year I was very eager when I began the book For almost 20 years now I have signed off my personal emails with Peace and Strength Yours, learning to be I have seen my life purpose as learning to be and to become good at being Or as Mathew Kelly puts it so often to become the best version of myself and therefore the title of the book grabbed my attention, but the subtitle fits with my daily goals, each day to be better than the day before, to grow in holiness and God s grace And this book really lives up to my high expectations The sections in this book are IntroductionPart 1 Salesian SpiritualityThe Devout LifeSt Francis s Spiritual DirectoryPart 2 Our Daily RoutineOur Daily RoutineOn Rising Starting Your Day RightOn the Day s Preparation Looking to Be HolyOn the Direction of Intention The Key to Spiritual PerfectionOn Meals Finding the Extraordinary in the OrdinaryOn Work And Taking Spiritual ReposeOn Leisure Interacting with OthersThe Examen Reviewing Our Daily ProgressOn Retiring Practicing DetachmentPart 3 Sacred MomentsSacred MomentsPrayer Communing with the DivineLiving the Little Virtues Confession and the Grace of ReconciliationMass and the Grace of EncounterConclusionThe Universal Call to HolinessThe Spiritual DirectoryHelpful Resources for Living WellThis book begins with an excellent quote Let us be firmly resolved to serve God with our whole heart and life Beyond that, let us have no care about tomorrow Let us think only of living today well, and when tomorrow comes, it also will be today and we can think of it then St Francis de Sales, letter CXC, to Mademoiselle de Soulfour, July 22, 1603And the book only gets better from there Father Dailey states The seminal insight of the Salesian tradition remains as relevant today as it was in the saint s time namely, that a life of devotion is a universal human calling, that holiness is possible in all walks of life, that a meaningful and fulfilling existence awaits all those who live well And the book goes on from there to give real, concrete examples of what this spirituality is, and how to live it out, and through living it out learning to live today well.This book does an excellent job of giving guidance in living a spiritual life, but balancing that with living in the world and all of our responsibilities The book is very well written It is not a complicated theological treatise, it is intended as a simple guide and it meets that goal There are tricks and tips for the spiritual life You will learn about overcoming your greatest temptation, yow to make good confessions, yow to manage your time, and different ways to become aware of God s presence This book is an excellent read It is a great introduction to Salesian spirituality It was way than I expected and I was hoping for a lot from this book Father Thomas writes in a very engaging manner This is another excellent resource from Sophia Institute Press and I commend it to you if you are serious about growing in your spiritual life Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More Note This book is part of a series of reviews 2017 Catholic Reading Plan Note this books is part of a series A Year of Reading Intention Catholic Reading But did not get read until 2017.

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    This introduction to the writing of St Francis de Sales synthesized many books and letters into one volume The book emphasizes the Salesian traditions of using attention and intention to focus on the spiritual, even while we do the most mundane of tasks St Francis de Sales emphasizes that holiness is not connected to our state in life, and that everyone can pursue holiness As intentional living is such a trendy phrase right now, it s good to unite it with its spiritual origin and seek to intentionally live in a way that brings us ever closer to Christ I m interested in reading the primary sources upon which this book is based.

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    Live Today Well is a wonderful book that I would highly recommend to everyone who is looking to learn about Salesian Spirituality and how to live a devout Christian life amidst the busyness of our day to day lives Through the charism of Salesian Spirituality and the life and teachings of St Francis de Sales, Fr Thomas Dailey s book offers the reader practical insight and tools to living a devout and holy life It is clear in Dailey s writing the inspiration that St Francis de Sales has instilled in him It is an easy and quick read that makes one yearn for Living in a day and age that is tremendously different from St Francis de Sales s time, Dailey was able to connect and relate all of St Francis de Sales s teaching to today By taking St Francis de Sales spiritual plan, Fr Thomas Dailey created a resource that can be read and used for a lifetime

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    Live Today Well Saint Francis de Sales s Simple Approach to Holiness, by Fr Thomas F Dailey, O.S.F.S is a gem This five star book offers anyone wanting to grow closer to God a practical means of doing so Fr Dailey takes the reader through Saint Francis de Sales Spiritual Directory, using contemporary ways of applying this ever useful, and timeless instruction of St Francis on how to live today well from one s first rising in the morning until one lays their head down to sleep at night This book offers prayerful ways that we can grow in virtue thus grow in holiness.My favorite line from Fr Dailey s book is this By seeking ways to practice a particular virtue throughout the day, we can counteract those imperfections toward which prior examinations have revealed we may be inclined page 113.How to Live Each Day WellHow often have we looked back on our day and said to ourselves, I should have been kinder to that person in the grocery store today, or I should have been patient with my co worker today We see our failings and wonder if we can ever grasp the virtue in question Well, both Fr Dailey and Saint Francis de Sales teach us in this book on Salesian spirituality that each day graced to us by God, is another opportunity to counteract those imperfections with renewed effort Since God is ever willing to forgive us seventy times seven an endless amount of times , we too, must be willing to leave the past in the past, focus on the present and work on one virtue at a time, each day, until we master it Then move on to the next virtue.This book is a must read for anyone seeking to grow in virtue and grow closer to God.

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    This is the first book that I have read about St Francis De Sales It provides great introductory level advice that is very applicable to everyday life For the advanced reader, or someone that is already familiar with the Salesian approach to spirituality, it might be advantageous to hop right into Francis s Introduction to the Devout Life , as it is referenced in almost every chapter of Live Today Well On the whole, a very good book that I want to read at least bi annually as a refresher.

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    Una excelente gu a para darse a la buena vida Ahora que tan de moda est el concepto de morning routine el Padre Dailey extracta y actualiza las ense anzas de San Francisco de Sales para incorporar la Presencia de Dios durante todos los momentos del d a Una consideraci n melanc lica despu s de 8 a os de estudiar en los Salesianos ni una sola vez recuerdo haber oido a uno s lo de los curas mencionar la espiritualidad salesiana y a penas si a San Francisco de Sales Y por eso nos pasa lo que nos pasa.

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    This book was a great introduction to the spirituality of St Francis de Sales It stresses the importance of sanctifying every moment of the day from the most glorious to the most mundane I would recommend it to anyone living in the world.

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