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    Excellent telling of the Marlborough story, and how Blenheim Palace came into being We are American expats living in England I am currently addicted to books about the American Heiresses, and any family concerning the great houses of England This is what our little U.S base library had, so this is what I read Not time wasted It enlarges and expands my knowledge of British history and people The Marlboroughs were so human, they could be present day A bossy and emotional wife, migraines, having it all, exile, money, power, greed, war peace, family What is particularly interesting is that these very rich folks couldn t spell worth a darn Highly recommended.

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    Fairly quick and easy read I think my only complaints are that the book focuses far on John than it does Sarah and that Hibbert relies perhaps a little too heavily on long, chunky quotes from letters and journals and such Though I do applaud him for managing to make Sarah at least a little sympathetic of a figure by the end Also, if you don t enjoy reading about military campaigns, then perhaps pick up a book on just Sarah Churchill herself, as John was, of course, a military man.

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    I found this disappointing It was interesting to get the bigger picture of court intrigue and the indications of changing positions However it would have been useful to have some maps to indicate where things were and indeed some maps for the battles which tend to be glossed over There is an assumption of prior knowledge about the political alignments particularly about the Whigs and Tories and their differences of policies which made it quite impenetrable at times.

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    This is an excellent well researched book which provides a detailed and well rounded portrait of two fascinating individuals in the context of the turbulent times through which they lived John Churchill, later the Duke of Marlborough, served a sort of apprenticeship in diplomacy by the accident of being born into a family of vehement Whigs and Tories in order just to get by he learned to charm and mollify some very difficult people, making friends on both sides of any quarrel His wife Sarah, n e Jennings, was inclined to be outspoken and she made many enemies in her life, including members of her own family During their lives, the Marlboroughs became spectacularly wealthy and influential by means of royal connections and patronage, his success on the field of battle, and her innate gift for financial management Sarah insisted that the Duke withdraw his funds from the scheme we know today as the South Sea Bubble, not only sparing them serious financial loss but realizing a handsome profit This is also a story of abiding love, and on Sarah s part of many years of devotion to her husband s memory.John entered the service of the Duke of York, later James II, when he was 16 years of age his older sister Arabella was a lady in waiting to the Duchess of York and sometime mistress to the Duke The Duke was a man with a strong interest in naval and military matters who may have influenced John s choice of a career, but it soon became clear that it was the right choice He served with bravery and distinction for a number of years, receiving a peerage and rapid promotion within the service John it was that was sent to suppress the rebellion of his sometime comrade in arms the Duke of Monmouth against the new king James II John s loyalty to King James II was to be tested at the time of the Glorious Revolution 1688 he chose the side of Protestantism, William and Mary, and self interest, deserting with 400 officers and men on the eve of battle but in spite of that choice he continued for many years to maintain tenuous clandestine links with the Jacobin camp John s desertion was part of a mass movement the King s own daughter Anne, later Queen Anne, fled by night in the company of Sarah Churchill, her closest confidante The Roman Catholic James II was soon to be compelled to leave England, leaving William of Orange William III and his wife Mary II the 3rd child of Charles I to occupy the throne to hold the kingdom in the name of the Protestant religion Having been the recipient of gifts and honours at the hands of the old king, John s rise continued under the new regime until he incurred the dislike of Mary who appears to have resented Sarah s influence over her niece Anne then Mary died of smallpox, and William as a result of a fall from a horse, and the fortunes of the Churchills took a turn for the better with the accession of Anne It is apparent from the Queen s correspondence that she had an almost childlike dependence on Sarah, addressing her in the most endearing of terms John s victories on the battlefields of Europe created a different type of dependence military successes are invaluable for the maintenance of the prestige of a monarchy, and he enjoyed the support of the common people The ascendancy of the Marlboroughs created much resentment in the court, and undercurrents of slander and political intrigue were ever present The Queen s relationship with Sarah soured over the years lacking Sarah s intellectual gifts, she tried the patience of her imperious and volatile companion with her pettish demands The War of the Spanish Succession kept John occupied on the continent for 9 successive years if I recall the figure correctly , and he was aging, sick, thoroughly weary of the life, and he longed only for retirement though he was still the consummate master of the battlefield till the end, respected by his enemies and loved by his allies The plotting of his enemies at court came to a head with his retirement, and he was tried before Parliament on charges of having prolonged the war to maximize his profits he later went into self imposed exile on the continent where he was feted by his allies, the public, and even some of his former military adversaries Having, over his years of campaigning, maintained excellent relations with the Electress of Hanover, mother of the soon to be King George I, he was well placed to return to England when the ailing Queen Anne died at last.He lived only a few years after his return to England, chiefly occupying himself with the building of Blenheim Palace at Woodstock, which was to be his memorial and the memorial of his victories Sarah never loved it, but for his sake she continued to work on it after his death She was a formidable manager, with a great mastery of detail Unlike John, she wasn t one to nurture relationships, and she fell out with many, including the architect John Vanbrugh who was never to see his masterpiece completed because she stubbornly kept him away After her death Horace Walpole summarized her life as Four score years of arrogance , though he acknowledged her remarkable understanding.This is a very rough summary of the content of Hibbert s splendid book He tells it much better than I do so if you like what I ve written you should read it for yourself.

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    Interesting account Probably a leader who has been overlooked by people because of leaders who followed later Nelson Wellington etc The Churchill connection is fascinating and Diana Spencer ancestor.

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    I have no idea who is reading ugh this but nope, I just can t take it blurb John Churchill dumped James II when the latter was unceremoniously deposed through the machinations of his daughters Mary and Anne During the joint reign of Mary II and her husband William III John lived to regret supporting William, because the latter levered his Dutch compatriots into power positions However it was in Anne s reign that this hard grafting couple s ascent to power began Anne was besotted with Sarah, gifting the couple with money, position, land and property This is not to take away anything from John Churchill s achievements During the War of the Spanish Succession he and European allies defeated the French at Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet John was created Duke of Marlborough His home, Blenheim Palace, on the Royal estate of Woodstock, was designed by the architect and playwright John Vanbrugh Sarah elevated a cousin, Abigail Masham, to a position in Anne s court, a move she was later to regret Anne s preference of Masham, plus resentment of the over mighty Marlborough s Anne had given them huge pensions and paid their daughters dowries , led her to quarrel with and, eventually, dismiss Sarah Marlborough, who had served his country well, was caught up in this and suffered terribly His political enemies, fuelled by envy, had open season on him his political allies were removed from their posts and he wandered off to the countryside, a prey to his blinding headaches They finished their days in the reign of George I, rich and living the good life Marlborough, however, was a broken man The end of the book shows how Duchess Sarah, managed through her contentiousness to alienate her daughters, grandsons, architect, and new king.

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    A brilliantly researched history of one of the greatest generals England had ever know and the complex relationship between his wife and Queen Anne and the rewards and punishments that occur when you fall in and out of favour with the head of state.

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    Too much war details for me I would give it rating if I liked all the war detail but I don t I prefer on their personal lives I would recommend this book to a history buff.

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    More history.

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The Marlboroughs: John and Sarah Churchill 1650-1744 download The Marlboroughs: John and Sarah Churchill 1650-1744, read online The Marlboroughs: John and Sarah Churchill 1650-1744, kindle ebook The Marlboroughs: John and Sarah Churchill 1650-1744, The Marlboroughs: John and Sarah Churchill 1650-1744 e0eb040b1a21 The Most Successful British General Until The Advent Of Napoleon, John Churchill, The First Duke Of Marlborough, Was Also A Successful, If Devious Politcian, And A Commanding Figure Both On The Continent Of Europe And The English Court From The Time Of King James II King James Mistress Was Churchill S Sister Until He Married Queen Anne Whose Intimate Friend, The Beautiful, Gifted, Shrewed And Difficult Sarah, Was Churchill S Wife