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Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series) summary Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series) , series Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series) , book Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series) , pdf Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series) , Savage (Episode 2- The Killer Novella Series) 16b1c700fc Doc Is Back At It And This Time He S Not Holding Anything Back His Actions Aren T As Predicable As They Were Before He S Stepping Out Of His Comfort Zone And Taking Detective Gwendolyn Anderson On A Murderous RideIt Has Only Just BegunGwen Is On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown This Case Might End Up Being The Death Of Her No Sleeping No Eating Living, Breathing, Only For This Case The Day Comes When She Finally Has A Suspect Is It The Savage Serial Killer That S Been On A Spree In Valentino County She Finally Realizes, It S Someone That S Right In Front Of Her

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    Crime thriller novellas are new for me and I m learning to love them thanks to Olivia Howe OK, this is a touch of The Following mixed with a smidgen of romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it These novellas are fast, pithy reads perfect for a lazy afternoon in the sun I read the first, had to read the second, and am anxious for the third episode There is just enough thrill, just enough surprise, just enough sex and just enough cliff hanger to keep me wanting A very enjoyable afternoon read.

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    Part 2 was just as good as part 1OMG so so good I just devoured the bookThe Doc was who I thought he was but I still enjoyed the journey and the the twist at the end I didn t see that comingCan t wait for part 3 and what comes next

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    I found so many no no no with this book I can t understand how it wasn t highlighted to the attention of others that wrote a review This is a Homicide Detective on a high profile case of a serial killer that drinks a lot of whiskey What is wrong with that picture It was understood that she have some kind of intelligence yet it is revealed she had numerous unprotected sex with the SERIAL KILLER I want to call Gwen a fib name so badly you wouldn t believe but in this installment she showed absolutely zero detective skills Nada I sorry but I not interested in reading the continuation Fugitive episode 3 by Olivia HoweI wish another author could pick up the slack and write Devon Sullivan his own story.Not to mention spoilers but their was this s ty part that had me grating my teeth.The entire location 117, The first page of chapter 2 I actually shouted, Lady did you forget you already did in Killer episode 1 My mom came into the room wanting to know who I m talking to Oh thank god the sex scenes were poor and never with my Devon.This story is has left me feeling sad not only because the heroine was up to par but because I have to say goodbye to Devon I also want to share..For example in regards to criticism EL James received she said, when a reader expressed a combustion of emotion hate anger frustrations tears joy All blow by blow over an author work it means that author did his her job tenfold And you are and excellent writer It s that stupid Gwen character I can t stand My sis suggested you probably based her on someone you know And now it revealed that she s pregnant for a psychopathic killer My God I want to scream, that how God you writing is I m R.C and here you have wondering about the future possibility about abortion, with Gwen again that s how good your work is And why you are and establish author today and I m not I may not want to continue with Fugitive episode 3 but I definitely want to of Olivia Howe work

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    4.5 Stars Savage picks up a week after Killer ended The Doctor is becoming bored with his killings and decides to take them up a notch He is still taunting Gwen and it s driving her crazyGwen and her partner Devon have finally found some leads which means Doc is getting sloppy and that is huge for them Even though Gwen is going crazy with this case she has been seeing someone that she could easily fall in love with He is supportive, sexy and wants to keep her calm But is this really a good time for dating And what about Devon He wants her and she wants him but it can t happen Ok Back to the case Gwen is determined than ever to find Doc because he is getting too close to her with phone calls and threats Can she find him before he gets to her I very much enjoy a good suspense thriller I think in my past life I was a detective so I like the puzzle of solving the cases I did solve this one but there are still some twists I didn t see coming I will say that The Doctor is very twisted and the descriptions of his killings are gruesome Wow Just wow This is a novella so it was a fast and addicting read to me Gwen is a complicated character but she is overall pretty kick ass Quotes What the hell is his issue today He s been so moody He must be on his man period Everyone probably thinks I m delusional Maybe you are in the mood to have fun.

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    This is the second novella in this series and they must be read in order I was completely sucked in after reading the first Novella and loved this one just as much I had a suspicion about who the Doc was and I was right This story pulls you in in the short amount of time it takes you to read it and leaves you wanting Gwen is determined to catch the Doc her whole life revolves around finding him He could be closer to her than she realizes Gwen begins to have a bit of a breakdown Why can t see just get a solid clue or lead on him Every time she thinks she has one it goes nowhere I highly recommend this series They are quick great reads Fantastic job Olivia Howe.I was given this book in return review.

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    This book is a 3 1 2 4 STARS for me This is a fast paced book which was a nice change for me Sometimes I want a quick read and this was it for me There was a twist in this book that I never saw coming which makes me ready to read episode 3 SPOILER ALERT I knew who the Doc was in book one but I am also the type to pay attention to details and question things I ve even been told numerous times I should have been a detective I did question how she never caught on but I guess sometimes love is blind There were hints throughout the whole book I also wondered why she never noticed the bite mark My only reasoning for that is because she was drunk Now, I will say the ending sure did throw me for a loop and I am ready to read Episode 3.

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    Knocking off a star for the editing here It was hard to follow at times because of the choppy sentences That being said this is a really fast and intense read and I immediately moved from book 1 to book 2 Gwen is sassy, arrogant and a pain in the ass On the heels of a serial killer that they ve nicknamed The Doctor, Gwen makes some crazy moves that leave the reader going seriously All of her choices culminate in the intense moment that ends book 1.and then again in book 2 It s a fast paced, crazy ride that left me gasping.

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    Savage by Olivia Howe was a great continuation of Killer This has been such a great series that I have enjoyed reading so far I can t wait to read what else happens for Gwen She has been through so much because of Doc I hope to see of a spark between Devon and Gwen The crazy twists and turns keep me on my toes for this great story Olivia is such a great author and I can t wait to read by her.

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    Loved itWow, this keeps getting better I feel so bad for Gwen, the Doctor has really gotten to her And the cliffhanger had me in shock Can t wait to find out what happens next.

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    Love it can t wait for the next in the series

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