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Straight Up (The Brazen Boys, #6) files Straight Up (The Brazen Boys, #6) , read online Straight Up (The Brazen Boys, #6) , free Straight Up (The Brazen Boys, #6) , free Straight Up (The Brazen Boys, #6) , Straight Up (The Brazen Boys, #6) 3c45f4605 I Have Never Wanted Something So Badly My Entire Body Squirms Beneath The Skin, Craving Him Craving The Attention, The Closeness Touch Me, I Wish I Could Say Move Your Hand Touch MeStraight Small Town Boy Benny Has A Secret He Is Miserably In Love With His Punk Roommate And Childhood Best Friend Trent When Benny Goes On A Date With The Town S Sure Thing Girl, His Night Is Wrecked By The Ever Flamboyant Charlie, Who Doesn T Seem To Buy That Benny Is Just Another Straight Boy Love, Longing, And Secrets Torment Benny, And When A Night Of Drunken Partying Goes Too Far, His Crush On Trent Might Become Than Just A Fantasy Note Each Novella In The Brazen Boys Series Is A Standalone M M Romance They Can Be Read In Any OrderE BRAZEN BOYS SERIES Dorm Game On The Edge Owned By The Freshman Dog Tags All Yours Tonight Straight Up Houseboy Rules

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    This Brazen Boy is chock full of laugh out loud lines that I think my push the others out of the top spot for the funniest of the series This one is about falling for someone you can t have which I think EVERYONE can relate to heck, it s my life in a nutshell I love the ending so much I really had no clue how it was going to go, but I m not going to give away even a little bit go enjoy it for yourself

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    When I heard there was a new Brazen Boy out I almost screamed I love these books Benny is in the closetand in love with his roommate and best friend, Trent who after reading his description I couldn t stop picturing the English diver Tom Daly for some reason Trent will always be the straight guy I can never have.Then there was the part..one of those parts that Daryl writes so, so well that had me gasping and saying NOOOOO..Don t do it.but he did, Benny went there Enter Charlie, the town gay guy who has put up with homophobic behavior all his life Benny finds solace in him and let s face it, he needs his help as he can t live his life a lie Fly birds, fly This is a tale of unrequited love and lust will Benny have his HEA Read and find out And now I m humming Paula Abdul thanks Daryl

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    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.OH MY FREAKKING GOSH i truly don t know if i should hate Daryl or love him even than i already do I have said he has a talent many times but daaaamnnnnn he has a talent This was the first time that i read such a short story and truly don t know what to doit was fullfilling as a book yet i wanted yet it was the exact amount of story needed.It wasn t the sex scene that this book had that moved me but the emotional and social aspect of the book.How gay people are viewed in small communities ,how friendship works ,how the strangest of people accept you for who you are before even you accept yourself.I don t know if i wanted Benny s dream with Trent to come true or if the ending Daryl decided to give to his story is enough for me but damn it this book was awesome I really really loved this book and i really love this series.Once again Daryl has outdone himself and gave us an exceptional book A must must must must must read

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    Oh I really loved this novella so much It is very relevant and relatable to gays and straights I think and along with some mega watt HOT sex holy cow there is a very deep and touching story of friendship and crossing lines, loyalty and discovering the basic truths about men and women and love.Another really good and emotionally challenging Brazen Boy with so much heat in some parts my kindle almost melted and also providing some huge comic relief OMG I love Charlie s character with a lot of really funny bantering between the boys Get it when it goes live this week 5 nobody is totally gay or straight stars

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    I am a huge fan of Daryl Banner The Brazen Boys is one of my favorite series As expected, I loved this story from start to finish 3 I found myself smiling and hysterically laughing while reading this A perfect afternoon read that is both funny and sexy Have you ever wanted someone so bad, maybe even loved that person, but you can t have them I believe anyone can relate to this story I 3 Charlie

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    Straight Up was my first Brazen Boys book I really liked the dynamic between Benny and Trent The addition of Charlie in to the mix was comical.This was a quick, fun to read story with a few steamy pairings I will definitely be checking out other books in the series.

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    This was my first time reading anything from D Banner and it was a good read Definitely ended a lil different than I expected, but I enjoyed it I would have loved for it to be longer But I knew it was a novella walking in Looking forward to reading .

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    Love the Brazen Boys series This one has me laughing out loud Great light read on a sunny afternoon.

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    What I want to know what is going to happen next Arrrgghhhhh Again, this author can do an amazing naughty scene My toes were curling just reading the story Whew

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