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    John Baxter has written this biography like a Wikipedia article, with all the clunky play by play prose, obtuseness and errors that you would expect In Crimes and Misdemeanors, it is not Daryl Hannah s character shown in Cliff s documentary, rather the brunette introduced in the Writer s Room, and Cliff eats Indian takeout with Halley, not Chinese Jules Feiffer s comic satire of the Manhattan beau monde s response to Woody and Soon Yi s coupling was two colour pages in the New Yorker, not three Roughly a third of the book is taken up with bland summaries of each of Allen s movies with little analysis added, likely to make up for the lack of information occasioned by being an unofficial biography with very limited access to sources and private documents To top it all off, the central contention of the book, that the Woody of Allen s films is as remote from the real man as the Tramp is from Chaplin, is undermined by the constant highlighting of his films biographical borrowings as well as the many fictionally concordant anecdotes told about the real Woody Allen Yes, he is successful and driven, and often taciturn, than his comedic persona, but just because you take those few elements away does not mean Alvy Singer might as well be Rock Hudson.I am happy however that Baxter has dug up a beautiful summation of Allen, from Clive Barnes New York Times review of Interiors A serious and intelligent funny man but a lightweight and trite serious man.

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    This is a detailed description of the guy s life and workwhat else do you expect It s a biography Anyway, being the nosy nutcase that I am, I really would have liked on the Soon Yi element The book was published in 2000, I believe, and I had to read it for a Lifespan class and then write a paper on the developmental stages of his life I have been a Woody fan since 8th grade and I will simply overlook his narcissism in a way that only true Woody Allen fans can Next on the list the Mia Farrow story

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    I dig him but he s a weirdo.

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    This is an insightful and interesting read I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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    I ve never wanted to finish a book so badly.Okay, maybe Rule of Four was worse, but this was bad.

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    Good book, I ve read one or two Baxter biographies, they are reliable And I very much like Woody Allen films.

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Woody Allen: A Biography download Woody Allen: A Biography, read online Woody Allen: A Biography, kindle ebook Woody Allen: A Biography, Woody Allen: A Biography fe754daa36a8 He Was Born Allan Konigsberg In The Bronx, But His Personal Destiny And Some Of Filmdom S Most Celebrated Comedies Annie Hall, Manhattan, Crimes And Misdemeanors Have Made Woody Allen The Quintessential New YorkerThis Telling, New Biography The First Since The Tabloids Headlined His Rift With His Long Term Mistress, Mia Farrow, And His Affair With Her Adopted Daughter, Soon Yi Tells How A Reclusive, Melancholy Kid Achieved Unparalleled Success As A Screenwriter, Director, And Star It Also Explores The Real Woody Allen, The Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker From The Upper East Side, And His Amusing Movie Persona Of A Neurotic And Lovable LoserShrewdly And Effectively Deconstructing Woody, John Baxter S Biography Illuminates Allen S Preoccupation With Sex And Mortality, His Personal Quirks And Obsessions, His Manipulation Of Celebrity, And His Cinematic Achievement As Chronicler And Court Jester Of Manhattan S Intellectual Elite A Splendidly Written, Exhaustive Account And A Major Achievement The Observer Astute And Highly Entertaining Biography Daily Telegraph A Bracing Corrective To The Usual Po Faced, Sycophantic Studies Of The Cult Of Woody Mail On Sunday Full Of Interesting Information For Cinema Enthusiasts The Spectator The Saga Of Woody And Mia Makes Compulsive Reading The Guardian